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Virginia prep safety commits to UH

November 21st, 2013

Yep, it's true. Aaron Glover of Princess Anne High in Virginia Beach confirmed to the Warrior Beat he has accepted a scholarship offer from the Rainbow Warriors.

Glover said the Warriors began recruiting him this summer, visited him two weeks ago when they played at Navy, and made a solid offer.

Glover is 6 feet and 205 pounds. He plays linebacker and safety, but was told he would compete at strong safety for UH.

To be sure, Glover is very athletic. His father, Deon Glover, said there are two important things to know.

Deon Glover: "Aaron had the opportunity to play for powerhouse schools like Oscar Smith or Ocean Lakes. He has stuck with this program (at Princess Anne) because  he gave the coaches his word he wouldn't leave. To me, that says a lot. For a young man his age, he's got friends who are (in) winning (programs), he wasn't moved by it. He held his commitment. That''s admirable in my book. That says a lot about his character, and I'm not saying that just because he's my son."

Deon Glover: "The one thing I will say also is he will not embarrass the program of Hawaii. There are players who go places and then end up embarrassing the coach and the program and the school because they've done something stupid. You won't get that out of Aaron. You won't."

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The Rainbow Warriors will be without three key players for Saturday's road game against Wyoming.

Nose tackle Moses Samia, wide receiver Keith Kirkwood and right guard Ben Dew are not on the 64-player travel roster. The Warriors are scheduled to depart this afternoon for Los Angeles, where they will spend overnight before heading to Wyoming at noon tomorrow.

Offensive tackle David Griffin replaces Dew, Bubba Poueu-Luna replaces Kirkwood, and tight end Jordan Pu‘u-Robinson takes Samia's roster spot. Actually, Craig Cofer, who makes all the road trips, is now a full-time defensive end. So Cofer counts as one of the 30 defensive players on the trip, and Pu‘u-Robinson is one of 30 on offense. There are four special-team players, which means kicker Ceejay Santos gets to make this final road trip of the season.

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