Virginia prep safety commits to UH

November 21st, 2013

Yep, it's true. Aaron Glover of Princess Anne High in Virginia Beach confirmed to the Warrior Beat he has accepted a scholarship offer from the Rainbow Warriors.

Glover said the Warriors began recruiting him this summer, visited him two weeks ago when they played at Navy, and made a solid offer.

Glover is 6 feet and 205 pounds. He plays linebacker and safety, but was told he would compete at strong safety for UH.

To be sure, Glover is very athletic. His father, Deon Glover, said there are two important things to know.

Deon Glover: "Aaron had the opportunity to play for powerhouse schools like Oscar Smith or Ocean Lakes. He has stuck with this program (at Princess Anne) because  he gave the coaches his word he wouldn't leave. To me, that says a lot. For a young man his age, he's got friends who are (in) winning (programs), he wasn't moved by it. He held his commitment. That''s admirable in my book. That says a lot about his character, and I'm not saying that just because he's my son."

Deon Glover: "The one thing I will say also is he will not embarrass the program of Hawaii. There are players who go places and then end up embarrassing the coach and the program and the school because they've done something stupid. You won't get that out of Aaron. You won't."

* * * * *

The Rainbow Warriors will be without three key players for Saturday's road game against Wyoming.

Nose tackle Moses Samia, wide receiver Keith Kirkwood and right guard Ben Dew are not on the 64-player travel roster. The Warriors are scheduled to depart this afternoon for Los Angeles, where they will spend overnight before heading to Wyoming at noon tomorrow.

Offensive tackle David Griffin replaces Dew, Bubba Poueu-Luna replaces Kirkwood, and tight end Jordan Pu‘u-Robinson takes Samia's roster spot. Actually, Craig Cofer, who makes all the road trips, is now a full-time defensive end. So Cofer counts as one of the 30 defensive players on the trip, and Pu‘u-Robinson is one of 30 on offense. There are four special-team players, which means kicker Ceejay Santos gets to make this final road trip of the season.

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  1. Slugger:

    Good morning!

    Safe travels to the team.


  2. boolakanaka:

    Lets wrangle up those cowboys....

  3. wasabi:

  4. tommui:


    Howdy SLUGGER - conveyed your best wishes to Richard - missed the ribs?

  5. Papololoco:

    In order to save the program Chow MUST be fired, there's no other way around that.

  6. Luki:


  7. Papololoco:

    Dino Babers makes $175,000 a year at EIU. They can easily double his salary and still save money.

  8. Shoko:

    Hmm, Pu‘u-Robinson playing NT replacing a 300 pound Samia should be very interesting.

  9. Shoko:

    Or perhaps I misunderstood that Puu-Robinson is replacing Samia.

  10. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Safe travels to the Warriors and ST. Stay warm and hydrated.


  11. pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka.

    Good luck boys on the final road game. You will overcome the cold and elevation.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  12. Bulla:

    Laramie is a wonderful location....if you are in the Federal Witness Protection Program.... having been there twice while Ryan was's a nice place to visit....but...... so Warriors....LET'S GO.....JUST WHEN THEY THINK IT'S OVER.....WHA-PAH!!!! Sneak Attacke :)

    Stay healthy, stay warm, and stay focused......your very own stay-cay :)

  13. NYUHTX:

    Game will be streamed by the Mountain West this week.

  14. NYUHTX:

    Don't they ever demote people in football? Chow should be OC and we hire someone like... Rolo ... just for irony.

  15. NYUHTX:

    Got to admit that I really enjoyed the last game. Up until OT.

  16. Ipu Man:

    Hoe they brought along their long Under Armor?

  17. gobows:

    the problem with hiring rolo: does he have enough contacts to hire a coaching staff?

    evidently, norm chow doesn't so he's using ga's. but they seem to be doing good in recruiting. coaching not so good, especially the tackling, blocking, kicking (except for harding) and the catching.

  18. Shoko:

    I know there are folks that are high on Babers, and rightly so, but is that guy even remotely interested in UH if a head coach position opens up in the future?

    I mean, there are up-and-coming coaches that probably have a list of "interested" and "not interested" schools. If the guy is not interested, folks might be beating a dead horse. Just saying...

  19. gobows:


    rolo is a better oc than chow. rolo was not able to modify the rns under mack. dumbest decision mack ever made.

    chow hasn't been relevant since he had reggie bush.

  20. gobows:


    at least chow is #1 in someones mind.

  21. Shoko:

    Well, I know some Wolf Pack fans that no longer think too highly of Rolo after this season.

  22. Traitmanz:

    Aaron Glover commits to Hawaii

  23. PolyMom:

    ST how do you order the high school football games tomorrow online? Where do you go to order.

    Sorry folks I'm still trying to wrap my brain around Ben Jay being hospitalized. Is this the future of college sports in Hawaii? The land of Aloha? Almost like going to an NFL football game.

  24. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Wishing the team safe journey and an injury free win!

    Food for thought:

    “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again.” – Vince Lombardi

    “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  25. KapaaWarrior:

    I liked how Joey Iosefa ran last week against SD State. Let's keep it going big Joe! Good luck Rainbow Warriors! I have been to Laramie and I can say first hand.........Get in....Play the game.......Win.......Eat.......Get the Hell Out! Laramie Sucks! LET's GET THIS WIN BOWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  26. boolakanaka:

    The problem with this hypothetical scenario with Dino Babers is the assumption that Hawai'i is his first choice. Now, while it could certainly could be said Hawai'i is on his short list, the very same issues we are facing at present, tepid fan response, lack of significant institutional resources, and dubious sustainability of the program, will also factor into a possible decisions in the future.

    The fact that stands is that Dino is a very hot commodity, and programs, with all due respect, with much better infrastructure and deep pockets, are very interested in obtaining his employment. So, unless we fix some rather prominent structural issues in real time, I have some ambivalence whether we could actually attract him to Hawai'i.

    Now, this does not even consider we have a coach under contract through 2015......

  27. kulawarrior:

    New poster, long-time fan. Season ticket holder from Maui until economy fell.
    The team was much better this year. The scores show it.
    More depth is definitely needed, especially on the O-line.
    SS much improved, but too bad TG wasn't allowed to develop (esp in rebuilding year).
    Game management / play calling is not good.
    Will an OC help?
    Its hard to say, isn't it, as I'm sure no one thinks they would be given much independence.
    This staff recruits really well.
    I definitely think they should get a 3rd year.

  28. UHfan808:

    Good morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :)

  29. A-House:


    who is Aaron Glover? son of a famous Glover brothers who played for Nebraska or Oklahoma way back when?

  30. koakane ip5:

    nice article ST on Kawika and his dad Rus. coached his dad who also worked hard while his father watched. see him after every home game behind student section.

    like grandpa, like father, like son nuff said

  31. Leahi2:

    #15 and #20. Why do you guys keep talking (or writing) about Rolo? He's a has been QB who is not worth a damn. At Nevada he assumed all the left behind from that Pistol coach and is now flying high on that former coach's coat tails. Now remember when he was at Hawaii, he coached under Mac and was riding high on JJ's game plans. He never impressed me on anything. He was not worth a damn. To me his future is in the fire station.

    Now as for Dino Babers, you can forget it. He will soon be in the big times. Some other school with big money would soon make him an offer he cannot refuse. Hawaii cannot compete!

    Well anyway, Go RAINBOW WARRIORS! Yes Go! Go! Go!

  32. Kapahulu:

    Just in from SA:
    The Big 12 Conference has publicly reprimanded a West Virginia women's basketball coach for his part in the brawl that took place at Sunday's Bank of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine Classic at the Stan Sheriff Center.

    UH athletic director Ben Jay and arena manager Rich Sheriff suffered injuries in the post-game melee.

    WVA assistant Lester Rowe's actions were judged in violation of the Big 12 Conference's Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct rules, the conference said on its website today.

    "Coach Rowe violated Conference rules that prohibit coaches, student-athletes, athletic department staff and university personnel from committing abusive acts toward an opponent's fans," said Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby in a statement. "Coaches have the responsibility to refrain from behavior that incites negative fan conduct."

    The conference said, "Coach Rowe is also put on notice that future incidents may result in a more serious penalty."

    Jay was hospitalized Monday for fractured vertebrae and blood around his kidneys. Sheriff suffered several lacerations.

  33. NorthShoreFan:

    #13 Bulla....dat was the "Beast is doing good".

    The day our Warriors depart...the time when letters of intent are being discussed, they time when recruits are deciding where to go.....we get fans who are so don't think so...

  34. NorthShoreFan:

    WV has done their part. Are we going to do something? Someone must have a video of the fracas. Hope they pony up the file.

  35. jm2375:

    So the WVU asst coach gets a reprimand from conference officials? That's it? No suspension?

  36. jm2375:

    Can UH bill WVU for Ben Jay's medical expenses?

  37. jm2375:

    Big 12 gives the guy a reprimand for inciting a fight where injuries occurred, while the MWC gives Demo a suspension for protesting too much? Where's the justice?

  38. Kevin:

    The reprimand will be handled internally with West Virginia Unive…… sorry. Couldn’t keep a “straight face” while saying this.

    What a joke.

    Smoke and mirrors. A KISS on the wrist.

    Dem good ole boys out there is West Virginnie prolly patting each other on the back sipping on that whiskey.

  39. Stephen Tsai:

    If Babers does well, he's on to bigger programs.

  40. Shoko:

    So, I guess the assistant coach didn't strike BJ as some have claimed to witness.

  41. Dan-O:

    People....its all about the Benjamins! While Babers may only be making $175,000, doubling his salary to $350,000 to take the UH job, isnt saving UH any money.

    We would still have to buyout Norm's last 3 years ($1.5 million), and if Im not mistaken, arent we still paying off Macks contract too? When Mack "retired", I believe his final payout was to be paid yearly for the next couple of years.

    Like ST said....Norm is here for another year, whether some like it or not. Fiscally, Ben Jay's hands are tied.

    Best case scenario? Bring in Babers and have him agree to be OC/Asst. Head coach (in-waiting). Norm "retires" at the end of his contract, and Babers becomes the HC....already with parts of hi offense installed.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    Borden has delivered the two biggest hits this season.

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm sure if Babers came here and coached for $100,000, people would still bitch if he didn't start Higgins.
    People wanted JJ fired in 2004.
    That's life in paradise.

  44. Shoko:

    I think all debts are paid in regard to Mac's salary. UH only had to pay out his last year, if not mistaken.

  45. Kevin:

    No one said Lester Rowe assaulted Ben Jay.

  46. tommui:

    #30 A-House:

    Welcome back from the cold!

    Aaron Glover - if he is the right one that I googled, is a high school senior in Virginia, a linebacker, 205 pounds. Supposedly got two offers from Hawaii and Hampton. Some big schools have "medium" interest in him but no offers as yet.

  47. Shoko:

    Was thinking about the quote from Ka Leo that was later removed. Wasn't sure if there was any truth to that. Apparently, there was no evidence to that claim.

    “I had friends that were sitting up above, and they actually came down because they saw him getting just pummeled,” said Hawai‘i head coach Laura Beeman. “He was on the ground, and the West Virginia managers or coaches were hitting him.”

  48. Not an Expert:

    UH needs to plan 3 road trips a year playing 2 games at a time. Doing so will bring many positives.

    1) By playing 2 home games first and then 2 on the road and when they come back 2 more games, this
    will give Uh 4 games of the first 6 to be played at home. This should help attendance and 6 of the
    first 10.

    2) The team will get accustom to a routine of 2 at home and 2 away. Will know how to prepare for the 2
    road games in a row. Would it help the financial side of it? Do not know that answer.

    3) When returning for each 2 game series at home have a bye week for the players to recuperate. Other
    teams who travel to Hawaii should have to adjust more. Hawaii will have 12 to 13 days to adjust.

    4) Downside is the fans will not be able to see their team play in front of the home crowd for a 4 week

    5) The coaches can stay on the mainland a few extra days after the 2nd game and recruit when allowed.

    I believe the routine if done every year will get the team accustomed on preparing for the whole season. Hopefully will save some money and have the fans be able to watch more games in the beginning of the season and give UH a better chance of winning their first 6 games. If winning hopefully the momentum continues for the 2nd half of the season.

  49. NotNasti:

    Current temperature in Laramie, Wyoming: 14 degrees F, lightly snowing.

  50. Old Diver:


    Interesting list. This year it's possible Chow could lose to four coaches who are fired for non-performance, Lane Kiffin, Bobby Hauck, Rich Ellerson and Dave Christenson and be the only guy not fired.

  51. Papololoco:

    Nope, I would scrap TG and Higgins, keep Woolsey and the rest of the incoming QBs and bring in a good JC QB.

  52. boolakanaka:

    50...Not nasti...charming weather to play football. I have played in a couple of games where the temp was under 40, not under 20, and well, every hit is jarring. Worse off, for folks like me, who did not start, it effing freezing on the sidelines for 3+ hours. Good luck boys, pack some thermals...

  53. Papololoco:

    Well it was the UH Admin who created this s&!t storm by going over the selection committee's head and choosing Chow instead. They're the ones who created the mess so they're the ones who should pay for it.

  54. mauiwarrior:

    @44. ST

    Amen to that, can never please everyone........

  55. koakane ip5:

    Stephen Tsai:
    November 21st, 2013 at 10:34 am
    Borden has delivered the two biggest hits this season.

    ST not surprised

  56. jeezy33:

    After watching the SDSU game, I can finally admit I see some progress being made. SDSU is a physical team at the top of the MWC and I think we outplayed them for the most part minus the dumb penalty on KT and giving up the 4th down completion that probably would have got Hawaii the win...

    Good news is we do have some solid areas of talent. This recruiting season is going to be huge in determining our fate for 2014. O line has improved and we add Dejon, Hollis, Waa, Tupai next year. Wouldn't be surprised if Tavita Eli competes too. Interior D line should be solid. Gener back will be big although adding depth would be nice.

    1. We need 1 or 2 edge rushers who can come in and get pressure on the QB without having to blitz every time. Woodard was our only guy this past year and we need to upgrade even better than him. Castro shows promise but we still need depth.

    2. We need DBs who can come in right away and help us in coverage. We aren't very deep at corner. My guess is Trayvon Henderson moves to Safety to take over JHT. Tigi Hill signing once again would be huge.

    3. We need a JC QB. I wanna play optimist and say Woolsey and Graham can figure it out this off season but I prefer playing it safe and adding competition to the mix.

  57. Andrew:


    Yes another experienced QB is much needed. I am also interested to see how Tuileta does when he gets to UH.

  58. jeezy33:

    58. Tuileta has talent but statistics will show that not many True Freshman just come in right away and have success. Not trying to be negative because I like Larry and his ability to play QB. The great ones all benefited from redshirt seasons.

    Year 3 is the year people want results and it wouldn't be good to throw out a true freshman out there. Although if his competition is Woolsey and Graham, I wouldn't be surprised if he's our best option.

  59. dannyp:

    We should just move Ewaliko back to QB and let him go full Taysom Hill on everybody. At the very least it would be entertaining.

  60. jeezy33:

    61. I think he's going to be a very good safety in a couple years. Best to keep him there.

  61. Former UH Athlete:

    42... Ain't no way any up and coming coach is going to take $375,000 to come to UH. Not a chance in hell.

    It's going to take a minimum of $500k to get an promising, but unproven coach.

    Chow is in the bottom 1/3 of MWC coaches pay. Deruyter is approx $650k, but I can guarantee that's going to go up significantly or he's on to a bigger program.

    The only coaches in MWC paid less than Chow is Polian (Nev), Caragher (SJSU), Hauck (UNLV) and Wells (USU). Polian, Caragher, and Wells are new coaches that inherited good teams... Nevada is way below expectations. SJSU and USU are floating along, but not playing at the level they did last year. They look prime for a drop off if Caragher and Wells fail to maintain recruiting at a similar level as their predecessors.

  62. Bowwar:

    I'd add a good JC QB & a high school QB prospect if still available...Pickings might be slim as many good QBs have already committed to schools.

  63. jeezy33:

    64. There's always solid JC Qbs available. These days, most programs want to develop freshman QBs so the good JC QBs are usually left without many offers and good opportunity for programs like Hawaii to get a quick fix. I mean we didn't have to beat out anyone for Colt. Greg Alexander was solid but had injury problems. San Jose St was gift wrapped David Fales.

  64. Former UH Athlete:

    61... If UH had a decent OLine then sure. Otherwise Ewaliko will be in crutches by week 3.

    Taysom Hill: 6'2" 220lb
    Keelan Ewaliko: 5"11" 175lb

  65. Andrew:


    Zwahlen is also gonna be coming in. I forget if that's in 2014 or 2015. He's a highly rated QB, but that time off for his mission might affect him as much as it affected Graham. Hopefully it doesn't though.

  66. primo123:

    So anyone know who hit Ben Jay?

  67. primo123:

    No video?

  68. UHAlum:

    blah blah blah blah FIRE CHOW bitch bitch bitch bitch FIRE CHOW.....seems like some people just love to bitch. I got it already. But Chow is here to stay for 2 more years minimum unless he goes 4-8 or worst next year. Hire a coach for $100,000? Really? 80 HC make minimum of $1,000,000. You hire a $100,000 and he turns program around in one year then he leaves because buyout is so low that he doesn't care. And you really think a $100000 HC already has the connections to recruit and hire quality assistant coaches? Nobodies happy with how the team is doing....but we seem to be able to recruit more of the top local kids and these players play with passion every game. These kids are not losers....

  69. papajoe2:

    Just read the Florida State's qb Jameis Winston's DNA was found on a woman that was sexually assaulted.

  70. Andrew:


    Was it proven that it wasn't consensual?

  71. Former UH Athlete:

    65... SJSU can thank Cody Fajardo for making David Fales expendable.

    I think you have to go JC route to get a QB that will be ready to play in 2014. Freshmen QB's are super unpredictable when they see D1 defenses for the 1st time. There's a pretty steep learning curve (even with a dumbed down playbook) for a QB to adjust to the speed of D1 defenses vs high school defenses.

    RE: Freshmen QBs.... Just look at Woosley during his time at QB this year... Just chucks the ball without making any reads or he predetermines where he's throwing regardless of defensive alignment or post-snap coverage. He's got a good arm and release, but the mental side isn't there yet. Unless you have an awesome defense, most college teams cannot overcome more than a few QB mistakes per game.

  72. Former UH Athlete:

    71, 72... DNA on panties only proves Winston had some fun... The real case is if it was consensual.

    I have no opinion until the case is complete. Seen too many people jump to conclusions when weirdo fans claiming something that may or may not be true.

  73. Kevin:

    Or proves Winston shares panties with this female and one of them doesnt do the laundry.

    The real scandal....

  74. wasabi:

    70- the kids are not losers....Chow on the other hand...Don't you want the KIDS to have chance????

  75. dannyp:


    Well he's probably a better playmaker then any QB we have on the roster right now...

  76. Kevin:

    Beeman's removed quote cites NOTHING about the WVU asst coach involved with the UH fan as the one that assaulted Jay. It says other members of WVU coaching staff or trainers did.

    Other eyewitness posts have said similar things.

    The only thing somewhat "proven" is the reprimanded asst. coach didnt assault Ben Jay.

    One eyewitness posted on WSN that another coach from WVU assaulted Ben Jay and possibly the husband of the female that fainted during the mess.

  77. dannyp:


    IDK where you got your info but Ewalkio is listed at 185 by UH. He's bulked since he got here so I assume he's closer to 200 now. All I know is that Ewaliko would pwn Mark Banker next year...

  78. jeezy33:

    77. At this point, you don't wanna keep switching this kid back and forth and screwing his development. How big of a play package is he even capable of handling? Don't think we know that....

  79. primo123:

    if WV Assistant coach didn't call the heckler to come down here, would any of this have happened?

  80. jeezy33:

    John Ursua on the other hand might get a look

  81. primo123:

    UH needs more hecklers.......more passionate fans......create home court advantage....

  82. primo123:

    UH bb fans sit on their hands too much.

  83. primo123:

    Where's the guy that used to pep up the student section at bb games??

  84. UHAlum:

    76. If the kids didn't believe they have a chance they wouldn't be playing hard at the end of every game....I don't see quit in any of the players. If the recruits didn't see a chance, we wouldn't get anybody. The coaches are not losers, they are losing games. Life is not fair, but if the kids believe why shouldn't we.....we all want to win games but the kids are the most important.

  85. NorthShoreFan:

    #75...too funny....lmao

    well it's alright now, ....learned my lesson well, can't please everyone so, to please yourself.

    might have some coaches on the blog who willing to take the $100k and make us one contenda next year....mho

  86. NorthShoreFan: told to sit down and keep quiet....was disturbing the elderly

  87. NorthShoreFan:

    #86, your priorities are too pono for some n this board...

  88. NorthShoreFan:

    Now that WV reprimanded the coach, will the MWC suspend him?....
    Demo wen act stooped, dis guy wen get violent..same same? think not.

  89. Rodney:

    #86 right on!!!!!!
    On Saturday where playing
    against two opponents
    Wyoming and 7200 ft elevation.
    Don't give in warriors!!!

  90. Andrew:


    MWC has no jurisdiction over the WV coach. That's all the punishment he's going to get unfortunately.

  91. NorthShoreFan:

    #92, das right, my bad....den only criminal charges but...neva happen....

  92. primo123:

    All the WV assistant coach did, was to yell at the heckler.....

  93. primo123:

    Who hit Ben Jay?

  94. Kevin:

    Jamie Smith is back home in the UK working as a scout for Great Britain Basketball.

  95. cocobean:

    I liken the coaching staff's performance to that of Graham and Woolsey. Their inexperience shows during the most crucial times. It's not that they can't handle their job descriptions it's more that they're still in the learning process. At this point most of the assistants are better recruiters than they are teachers. As a staff they seem to be getting players from a wider variety of areas while increasing the number of top10 local players. While as a staff they have not corrected what are correctable in game errors.

    A lot of people have lost patience waiting for the staff's coaching abilities to catch up with their recruiting abilities. In their eyes the coaches have shot themselves in the foot so often that all ten of their toes are gone and now they're gonna start cutting off their thumbs.

    So is the state of UH's coaching situation in my eyes.

  96. primo123:

    Agree....the coach's game management skills gives me pains.

    They just need one good OC that knows what to do.....AND... a new DC that can make better in-game adjustments.

  97. primo123:

    Hopefully, with the better recruits.....the PLAYERS will make the COACHES look good, despite their flaws.

  98. cocobean:

    primo. When it comes to the offensive and defensive staffs, Chow and Kaumeyer are one man shows. They don't have anyone they can consider their peers to ask for meaningful imput in terms of game planning and in game adjustments. It's hard for them to bounce ideas off their staffs and get feedback they can rely on.

    The previous staff had an offensive brain trust and a defensive brain trust. The cooridantors had input from veteran position coaches who they could bounce ideas off of and get feedback they could trust. Not so at this time with Chow and Kaumeyer.

  99. Palolo locomoco:

    How you like dat (102)

  100. Shoko:

    Oh, right on. Seems the UH-UH Hilo game will be streamed on the Big West TV.

  101. Shoko:

    Well, Chow also said that Derek Carr will be a number one pick in next years NFL draft.

  102. Shoko:

    Seems its easier and faster to lose the fan base and much more difficult and slow to rebuild it back up. I think San Jose State is a good example.

  103. Andrew:


    agreed. And most people don't have the patience to get through the rebuilding process.

  104. Manoa2:

    It used to be possible ro recruit a JC QB who can come in and play. But today, there is interest even from SEC teams like Alabama, Auburn, and LSU in recruiting the college rankds, even for quarterbacks-- needless to say they get the best like Cam Newton. However, the quarterback who can play right away is still very hard to find, especially for a prostyle offfense since JC's do not run the prostyle since it takes too long to teach the reads and calls. Some JC's use prosets, but many are now running spread offenses-- often the kind where the QB runs. Better to recruit a high school freshman to train for a year and have two to three years to play. JC guys will give you a year if you are lucky.

  105. Andrew:


    Most fans also look at progress as purely a measure of the record and disregard other factors such as scheduling and overall total quality of play. Yes they are 0-10 right now but you gotta admit they are playing much better than they were last year. Had last year's team played this schedule, they would be 0-10 as well, plus the games would be pretty much all blowouts and decided by halftime. Unfortunately for the sake of the team's record, they do not have a Lamar or a South Alabama to play this year and get easy cupcake victories.

  106. Shoko:

    The thing is I just don't see too many head coaches, that initially signed a five-year contract, get fired after two years. The Jon Embree fire is the only one I can remember. How things went down for him was kind of screwed up and a lot of people in the sports world agreed. I think most AD's understand that firing a coach after two years is being a bit overzealous and can have just as bad outcomes.

  107. 76south:

    I get not handing the ball to a freshman QB, but didn't we lose to Nevada and Utah St. and they both had freshman QB's?

  108. Shoko:

    What funny, or rather not funny, is that next years schedule will be just as tough.

  109. primo123:

    #101 I believe what you say is TRUE.


  110. Shoko:

    In the Nevada game, Graham and Iosefa got hurt and after that things just went to hell. Chow started rotating quarterbacks which I'm sure wasn't the original game plan. With Utah State, that new quarterback was highly talked about coming out of Arizona. Not too mention Utah State had a decent supporting cast on offense and defense.

  111. primo123:

    We should fire the guy that made our football schedule!!!

    OH wait....we did already............ughh

  112. primo123:

    we going to get better players..........we know already........

    hopefully, they can play thru the coaching mistakes.

  113. Shoko:

    I dunno, maybe I'm just coming up with

  114. cocobean:

    papo...always said our record is on the coaches, no disagreement their job performance has been dismal. Never said we need better recruits but that never hurts if you can get better recruits. Have said we need better recruiting in certain positions to create depth and more competiton. Our talent level is on par with the middle of the pack schools in the MWC and rising when you consider the redshirts, greyshirts and the recent commits.

    Where we disagree is looking into the future. From your point view it'll be more of the same with Chow at the helm. Losing record and dropping revenues. It's a very resonable conclusion based on what has happened up till now. Your solution is to cut our losses and bring in a new coach.

    From my point of view it's financially less risky to give Chow another year. Bringing in a new coach does not come with a money back or winning record guarantee. It'll be a financial armageddon if the new coach is a flop. you have faith in the people who will be making the the selection and faith in the process they'll use?

  115. wasabi:

    The best predictor of the future is the past..

    Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it..


  116. Former UH Athlete:

    Just flipped on the UNLV - Air Force game... Its -11 degree windchill.

    Holy balls that is cold! Trying to make tackles on kick/punt coverage has got to be painful.

    Good thing UH plays on Saturday because Laramie, WY and Colorado Springs, CO have similar weather and the storm should be done by tomorrow. Laramie is going to be a balmy 32 degrees for the high.

  117. NorthShoreFan:

    Aloha Aaron Glover..looks like we got one quality Student Athlete....IMUA WARRIORS!

  118. Former UH Athlete:

    110... The team is way more competitive this year, have you not been watching the games? Last year, UH was getting blown off the field by just about everybody in the losses. UH has been in position to win at least a few.

    Also the offensive numbers are way ahead of last years stats.

    UH is 0-10, no way around that, but the team has improved. The losses this year are more because of self inflicted wounds rather than being completely inferior like last year.

    Saying the team has regressed overall is like the stupid Yahoo writer that says Kaepernick is the worst QB in the NFL because he has the fewest passing yards since week 2, even though the 49ers have attempted fewer passes, and Kaep's critical numbers have been nowhere near the bottom of the league.

  119. wasabi:

    126...well we all know you are like Chows nephew or something....your unconditional support should be much appreciated.
    Seriously, Chow is on everyone's hotseat and is dragging UH football into depths never before seen...I mean, they're laughing at us...come on dude....

  120. Shoko:

    I think its safe to say, unless something catastrophic happens in the second half, that the Rebels will be bowl eligible this season after, what, a 13-year bowl drought. Only took Hauck three two-win seasons to win the Fremont Cannon back and reach postseason play.

  121. Old Diver:

    While the offensive stats are a bit better than last year every team Chow played last year improved much more. Because of this Chow's offense has fallen even further behind the competition this year. There will need to be a quantum leap in Chow's offense next year just to get back to last year.

  122. oneseason:

    #129 ... I think that quantum leap is most likely a forbidden transition

  123. UHfan808:

    Hope you all had a most wonderful Thursday, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :D

    If you'll join us, please RSVP to TsaikoTVgate(at)gmail(dot)com by 1pm tmrw 11/22 with the following information:
    1) Name & Number ppl attending
    2) Your fuud selection (optional pre-order; see attached menu)

    Game Day vs. Wyoming TV-gate Details:

    • Date: 11/23/2013 (Saturday)

    • Start Time: 9a HST (for 12p MT at Laramie, Wyoming)

    • Location:
    Sports FanAddicts Bar & Grill
    1201 Kona Street
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
    (Ocean side of McKinley H.S. Near Ala Moana Shopping Center; after Wedding Ring Shop on the right, bar is down the street on left-hand side)

    • Parking Choices:
    a) Front of building
    b) Street parking opposite Sports FanAddicts wherever mo tow-away sign
    c) Paid parking down Kona Street on Piikoi on left-hand side (attached find parking cost and hrs of operation)

    • Please Note: My apologies in advance - If you do not RSVP by 11/22 1pm, you will be seated after those who have a reserved seat. (1pm also helps the bar know how many staff they'll need to wait on us)

    This is indeed a time to ban together for greater 12th man team strength - Hope you will be able to make it for Tsai-ko camaraderie, fellowship, and support!! If not, enjoy the game and cheer *supa* loud!! Hehe GO WARRIORS!! :D

  124. UHfan808:


    Thank you for coming alllllll the way home to watch the last away (11/9 vs. Navy) game with us at Anasia's!!!

    What a treat!!!


    :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :) :D :)

    :D :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :D :mrgreen: :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :) :D

    :mrgreen: :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :D :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :mrgreen: :) :D :mrgreen: :) :) :D :) :) :mrgreen:

  125. 3-Prong:

    That's what I thought, a slap on the wrist for the thug WVU coach.

  126. Former UH Athlete:

    My point is that when you're looking at the team's progress, the W-L record is not the all encompassing item. It's the easiest to point at, but there's a lot more to it... Strength if schedule. Stats. Margin of victory/loss. Are points being given up by a few mistakes or is the other team blowing us off the line all game.

    Last years margin of defeat in 9 losses... 27.2
    This years margin of defeat in 10 losses... 13.5

    Last years ppg... 21.2 including the 54pt win vs Lamar... 18.2 not counting Win vs Lamar
    This years ppg... 22.4

    Last years offensive ypg... 297
    This years offensive ypg... 376

    Last years avg yards per play... 4.3
    This years avg yards per play... 4.9

    3rd down conversion... Not much difference.

    FG make % is bad both this and last year

    Last years red zone... 50% TDs (27-38 overall; 71%)
    This years red zone... 54% TDs (20-28 overall; 71%)

    Last years passing TDs... 13
    This years Passing TDs... 21 (2 games remaining)

    -- defensively, no improvement statistically. Defense not getting blown off the field, it's been more about bad mistakes leading to big plays. I'd say about 85% of plays are good, but it's the other 15% that's been the killer.

    -- Although UH has slightly improved red zone efficiency, it's still a poor number and way too few attempts. FG kicking has been a disaster.

    -- turnover margin has also been a disaster, although not as bad this year... 2012 was -14; 2013 is -10 with 2 games left
    **just seems like the turnovers have been more costly as the games have been closer.

    All stats are straight from UH's website.

  127. Shoko:

    CSU improved quite a bit as most prognosticators thought but UNLV really surprised me this year.

  128. Former UH Athlete:

    Still watching UNLV v AF... That turf has got to be horrible to play on... I think there's been at least 2 or 3 concussions when guys have hit their head on the frozen concrete of a field.

  129. Former UH Athlete:

    135.. If you watched UNLV last year, you could tell there was a decent chance of a turnaround. I didn't think it would result in a potential bowl game, but gotta give Hauck some credit for keeping the team's spirits up and continuing to play hard.

    Also, Hauck hired his brother as defensive coordinator this past year. That's been biggest area of improvement for UNLV. The other key to UNLVs turnaround was the resurgence of Caleb Herring. He's being a good game manager and when he doesn't make mistakes, UNLV has won. When he has to force the issue, that's when they get in trouble (ala Alex Smith at KC).

    Other than the the new DC and Herring, this UNLV team has no better talent than last year.

  130. Shoko:

    Yea, think the hiring of his brother and the new offensive coordinator were the reasons for the big turnaround. Figure if you're on your third DC and third OC during your fourth year, you're bound to get it right.

  131. Former UH Athlete:

    135... CSU is doing the right thing is making a major commitment to the football program. McElwain is getting paid $1.35 million and is the second highest paid coach in the MWC.

    On top of that, CSU is planning to build a brand new on-campus 40,000 seat stadium. Whether or not CSU can successfully raise the money remains to be seen, but CSU is committed to elevating their program.

    McElwain was one of Nick Saban's top assistants at Alabama from 2008-2011. So $1.35 million sort of sets the market for wanting to hire a top flight assistant as a head coach.

    Important to note that CSU is doing all this with a declining funding from the state.

    Also, my business professor at UH told us that you can only grow business by investing in yourself. You cannot cut your way to prosperity.

  132. Former UH Athlete:

    138... At least they're trying something.

    I do think there will be at least one new offensive assistant will be hired to help the offense. The universal consensus is that UH is way understaffed on offense. I would mind if TK gets replaced, but I think he gets one last chance to improve the D. Plus it'll be cheaper to fire him after 2014. 2 years is a little quick to be firing assistants at a low budget university. If UH had Pac12 funding, he'd be probably is fired in season this year.

    Man, you gotta be a hard core fan to be still in the stands in this game... Gotta be near -15 wind chill now. The fans might need an ice cold beer to warm them up.

  133. Former UH Athlete:

    --- I wouldn't mind if TK got replaced---

    Sorry, auto correct is a B sometimes

  134. amela:

    For a team who hasn't won a game they sure can recruit good people/players. The recruiters are doing a damn good job. If they don't turn this thing around next year it definitely is a coaching problem. No excuses next year. System learned and more seasoned.

  135. Shoko:

    When it comes to head coaching salaries, you get what you pay for sometimes. Once in awhile you get a diamond in the rough, but they usually off to greener pastures when achieve success.

    Will be interesting to see how long DeRuyter's tenure will last before some big school starts courting him with bigger $$$. I think Pat Hill was paid 1 million before he left. In fact, I remember him taking a voluntary pay cut due to cutbacks and the following year he was terminated.

  136. Shoko:

    Well, will be interesting to see what, if any, changes Chow will make at the end of the season. Hauck kept his initial offensive and defensive coordinator for two years before he let them go. Someone posted on another board that he heard Bobby Curran saying he thinks Chow will promote Wynn to offensive coordinator. I think that would be a mistake and seal his fate.

    Anyway, watched as much as I could of the Manoa-Hilo game and its looking to end as expected.

    A Blowout. So good night!

  137. Former UH Athlete:

    142... I'm with ya.. But you never know how the kids turn out. Every team strikes out on promising players for any number of reasons. Recruiting classes typically take 2-3 years before making their impact. If your team is starting a ton of underclassmen, like UH had to do, your going to be in for a long season because that means you don't have good players with experience.

    With the 2013 class being pretty good and what appears to be a promising 2014 class shaping up, UH will likely have a top half MWC roster in terms of talent in the next few years.

    The biggest problem UH has going into next year is the QB position. Everybody has lost confidence in Graham's potential, Woosley is pretty far from being ready, and Higgins isn't much of an improvement over SS. Tuileta, in my opinion, isn't going to magically light up defenses right away.

  138. Former UH Athlete:


    I think Deruyter will be gone to a bigger program soon unless Fresno steps up and offers him McElwain type money. Deruyter had a similar resume to McElwain's before getting the Fresno job (top assistant for big time coach).

  139. Former UH Athlete:

    144.. Wynn to OC? Interesting.... Put me in the "wait and see" camp on that one. On the plus side, it would be the cheapest possible option should UH hire an OC.

    Basically Chow would be putting his job on the line if Wynn does get promoted, but after getting stung by an outsider (Price), I don't totally blame him for wanting to promote from within.

  140. Old School Dave:

    Does Coach Chow have the will (and money) to bring in an experienced OC like Kyle Whittingham did at Utah with Dennis Erickson, and Rocky Long did at SDSU with Bob Toledo and let him run the offense? I think that Jordan Wynn has a lot of potential, but it is too soon to become an OC. Heard former USC HC Lane Kiffin on the radio recently, and he said that his biggest mistake he wish he could take back was not delegating coaching responsibilities more and trying to oversee everything. Can Chow swallow his pride and hand over the offense to someone? That is the big question.

  141. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Busy day for me.

    Going sleep early, with another busy day tomorrow looming.

    Love hearing positive recruiting news. I'll catch up on the rest tomorrow.

    Good luck and safe travels, Warriorz!

  142. kev-1:

    How the heck does a coach with ONE year of experience coaching (this year, btw) even get considered for an OC position? IF it is true that Chow said that or is considering it in the least bit is proof that Chow has lost his marbles.

  143. kev-1:

    I have been thinking about it and am starting to come to a conclusion . . . I may be wrong, but I am just wondering out loud.

    It is pretty much known that Chow thinks very highly of his level of football knowledge. He has said it himself on many instances. If you look at his staff, he there really isn't that much experience around him. Sure, TK has been around, as well as Demo and a couple of the other guys. But other than that, he has taken the "I'm gonna give young guys a shot" approach. Young guys that he has some experience with.

    I figure these young, inexperienced coaches come with the Chow says jump, they say how high mentality. Maybe he loves that. Maybe he thinks that his football know how is enough and he doesn't need to waste time with other heads conflicting with his decisions.