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Congrats to Princess Leila

November 27th, 2013

Congrats to the newest mom — Princess Leila.

* * * * *

In the past couple of weeks the Rainbow Warriors have secured commitments from two East Coast players —cornerback Nick Nelson of Suitland High (District Heights, Md.) and strong safety Aaron Glover of Princess Anne High (Virginia Beach) — and they might not be done in that region.

Daronte' Jones, who coaches the defensive secondary, has been the point recruiter in the D.C. area and, depending on the need, has several more prospects that could be added to the recruiting list. Jones was crucial in signing Kwamane Bowens (Virginia Beach) earlier this year.

Combined with special teams coordinator Chris "Demo" Demarest, who signed wideout Keith Kirkwood (Neptune, N.J.) to the 2013 class, the Warriors have shown a willingness to go far and wide in search of talent.

It would appear distance would be a hinderance in recruiting six time zones away (five during standard time). But the supply-and-demand factor — more talent than scholarship opportunities — works in UH's favor. In addition, there are some players who want to experience a different environment during their college years.

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