Kaumeyer, Tuioti dismissed

December 10th, 2013

UH coach Norm Chow confirmed defensive coordinator Thom Kaumeyer and linebacker coach Tony Tuioti will not be retained for the 2014 season.

Both were on one-year contracts that run through March 31.

"I just want the players, coaches and fans to know that I appreciate the opportunity to coach at the University of Hawaii," Kaumeyer told the Warrior Beat. "I've really enjoyed living here in the community and being a part of the Warrior family."

175 Responses to “Kaumeyer, Tuioti dismissed”

  1. azwarrior22:

    Whoa !

  2. Buffoman:

    Wow, that's interesting about Tuioti. Okay, time to rebuild. Hopefully there will be good pieces to the puzzle added. Good luck to Thom and Tony going forward. They are good folks and hopefully they will land well.

  3. G-money:

    Choose wisely. May the odds be ever in our favor

  4. Luki:

    Kaumeyer yes, didn't see Tuioti going...

  5. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Gotta wish the best to both guys. Especially Tony who if I remember correctly has a big family to support. Sad, but it had to be done.

    Coaching college FB is a tough, tough business.

    Fair winds and following seas, guys.

  6. d1shima:

    Aloha and Mahalo Coaches.

    Let the speculations begin....

  7. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Rocky Seto

  8. Nana:

    Sorry to see them go but our defense was piss poor.

  9. Slugger:

    Mahalo, Coaches Thom & Tony. Hope the future is better for you.

  10. dannyp:

    Big no to Rocky Seto. Last thing we need is another NFL coach that doesn't know how to stop college offenses.

  11. Makai:

    Brian Norwood for DC and HC in waiting!

  12. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    He's actually a college football coach that went to the NFL.

  13. Whats up:

    I surprised that Chow actually fired Kaumeyer, but now I'm perplex about Tuioti? Did Tuioti lose some recruits? The LB corps had some injuries but did fairly well?

  14. dannyp:

    11. Hey you stole my idea :P

    12. So was Kaumeyer we all saw how that worked out for us.

  15. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    so once a cfb coach goes to the NFL he should never go back to college? sure thing.

    good thing seattle didn't have that hard rule when hiring pete.

  16. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    or dare I say june jones for that matter.

  17. madeinhawaii:


    If JJ hadn't come along and turn things around after Von Appen, maybe we wouldn't have become so spoiled and 1-11 would have been triumphant, eh? ;-)

  18. EastManoa:

    Dick Tomey for DC? Why not?

  19. ai-eee-soos:

    81. ai-eee-soos:
    December 10th, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    O K - who you want as DC?

    someone on another blog suggested Rich Ellerson.

    wasn't he the DC with Tomey during the Desert Swarm days?

    UH alum, coached here.

    Yeah, why not?

    400K as DC/asst HC.

    400K - can Handle?

  20. Buffoman:

    So we are now looking for an OC, DC and LB coach. Should be just as interesting as the recruiting news.

  21. Buffoman:

    #19 I believe that Rich Ellerson is where he wants to be. I don't think he'd be available, not unless he is released.

  22. madeinhawaii:

    Were TK and TT recruiting when they were informed of the decision to not renew their contracts?

  23. ai-eee-soos:

    # 21.

    Let's see what happens, after this Saturday's game.

  24. Inyoface:

    Too bad the defense and offense couldn't both play good in the same game this year.

  25. Derek:

    When a team is losing badly, 4 wins, 20 losses in 2 years you cannot stand pat. It's a tough business, but you have to have bodies in the seats to keep the entire athletic program viable. Let's face it, our defense sucked the last 2 years. Changes were inevitable and maybe more changes to follow. Now it's up to Chow to hire new coaches who will do a better job. His evaluation is key. I believe you can turn a program around in one year. It has been done at other places under Urban Meyer, Gus Malzahn, Tim DeRuyter, June Jones here, and even in the pros (Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh).

    Good luck to TT and TK for their service in the future.

  26. jeezy33:

    22. Not that I know of. The guys who do the heavy recruiting the past 2 years have been Demo, Powell, and Daronte....

  27. jeezy33:

    I'm sure Naeole has full control over his O linemen picks too since he took over o line coach.

  28. Makai:

    Norwood would be nice, he still considers Hawaii home. Baylor's D looked a lot better this year. Akina might be available if something happens to Mack Brown in Austin. These guys would open a recruiting pipeline to Texas. Could we afford any of these guys? NOPE. I guess I can only dream.

  29. Old School Dave:

    Best of luck to Thom Kaumeyer and Tony Tuioti. Unfortunate, but that is the nature of the game. Like the old saying goes; "There are two types of coaches: the ones who have been fired and the ones who are going to get fired.

    Names being thrown around (just saying): Rob Akkey, Nick Holt (trying to rebuild his career at Western Kentucky), Rocky Seto, Ed Orgeron (unlikely), Brian Norwood (may be headed to Texas with Briles?), Duane Akina, Brian Cabral (former CU coach). Any others?

  30. Maddog50:

    Wish both gentlemen the best. I am sure that that was a difficult sitiuation for all. Just hoping for the best for all involved....Go Warriors

  31. jonj:

    18 EastManoa

    Hiring Dick Tomey as special Teams coordinator is what lost Mack His job. Our Special Teams were horrible that year and we lost like 3-4 games by a few missed field goals or special teams TDs given up.

  32. ai-eee-soos:

    other news ...

    Boise State: Sources tell us Dirk Koetter is working out the details but we have not yet confirmed. Update >> Boise State's Rivals site is reporting that Bryan Harsin has withdrawn from the search process. Also, Jeff Tedford has interviewed for the job as well. 4pm ct Update>

    Sources tell us its down to Tedford and Koetter. We were told to expect resolution tonight.


    me: they both have HC experience.

  33. d1shima:

    Dirk Koetter back to Boise?

    What next? Dan Hawkins back to Willamette? :twisted:

  34. Traitmanz:

    Linebackers were terrible this year

  35. manoa2:


    Dirk Koetter back to Boise?

    What next? Dan Hawkins back to Willamette?

    What about June Jones back to Hawaii?

  36. jm2375:

    Best wishes to Coaches Kaumeyer and Tuioti.

    Congrats to Emily Hartong and Nikki Taylor on their All-Region selections.

  37. d1shima:

    ...maybe UH shouldna been so ticky tac about the half-year's pay?

  38. (Jesse)James:

    #33...D1...Larry Price back with the Hula T.... :-)

  39. Old Diver:

    Kaumeyer and Tuioti get fired for a substandard defense. Who will get fired for a pitiful 1 and 11 record?

  40. kakaako kid:

    Kaumeyer is a good coach, just not the right coach. He can scheme, but he was/is unable to teach fundamentals. He would find better success at a BCS or NFL level program, where you have highly skilled players and the main focus is on execution and positioning. Mac was a good DC at this level, but did not have the leadership skills to be a successful HC. We will evaluate the value of Tuioti when we see the new recruiting class in Feb. We seemed to have landed some good local recruits the past 2 years, but I am not sure who closed those deals.

  41. jr:

    maybe All noga and Niko WOULD TAKE THE COACHING POSITIONS.

  42. Kalo101:

    Letting go of personnel is always hard but sometimes a must to improve the product, but pls,
    no hire anyone (not knocking SR citizens) as old as the coach....I'm sure coach Chow knows enough contacts out there with great knowledge to choose from. He also should know by now what UH can afford for coaches so I'm sure he'll try his best with the budget he has.....

  43. (Jesse)James:

    #42...Kalo...I was being facetious....LOL :-)

  44. Shoko:

    Interesting that Harsin pulled out. I believe his buyout from Arkansas State was in the range of 1.75 million which means Boise probably had to offer a lower salary to compensate for the out-of-pocket expense.

    Anyway, good luck to Kaumeyer and Tuioti. No doubt they will land somewhere. Maybe they turn out to have success at another school like Dave Aranda.

  45. pu'uwai:

    Mahalo to Coaches Kaumeyer and Tuioti.

    It's always sad when it happens to "Good Guys." Wishing prosperity to both during this holiday season.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  46. Shoko:

    Also,congrats to Beau Yap for the conference honors as the others who made honorable mention.

  47. postmanke:

    Mack Brown dismissed

  48. Shoko:

    Tim DeRuyter replacement?

  49. Buffoman:

    #47 Saban to Texas?

  50. Shoko:

    Or, perhaps, Babers. ;)

  51. Warrior Dave:

    #47, please get your story straight. ESPN is reporting that Mack is expected to resign. He hasn't been fired or dismissed.

  52. Inyoface:

    Mack Brown has been fired.

  53. postmanke:

    51- Call it what you want. He's out!

  54. lowtone123:

    Promote Demo to DC. Was a prior DC at Tiffin in 2010. Seems S/T was the most consistant part of UH game this season.

  55. boolakanaka:

    Akina makes 400kplus, and Norwood makes in the high 300s.

  56. Buffoman:

    #54 didn't Demo's "enthusiasm" get him in trouble at his last school? I like his "enthusiasm" but I wonder if that translates to today's young men.

    I like the thought of possibly getting Cabral from Colorado. If he pans out he may be able to get his wish and become a head coach when Chow exits.

  57. boolakanaka:

    Mack not stepping down, http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10115293/mack-brown-denies-report-stepping-texas-longhorns-coach

  58. Pete Jek:

    Chow's personnel decisions have been more questionable (bad) since the beginning more so than actual x's and o's & game management. Had to hire Price after a full season of impotence on offense. That was botched. Had to move Wiesehan who's obviously not qualified to coach the O-line. 2 grad assistants with no coaching experience are a significant part of game plans out of necessity. Now Tuioti has to go because Chow brought Powell in before he had any interviews with Mack's assistants. Realized Tuioti was valuable & got stuck with 2 young D-Line coaches. Unreasonable to expect quality coaching at the LB position when he re-assigned Tuioti to that group. That's like asking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to coach point guards.

  59. haka:

    Best wishes to Coaches Kaumeyer & Tuioti.
    Tough business, but a business nonetheless.

    Just because you pay a coach doesn't mean you get what you pay for.
    Just because you played the sport doesn't mean you can coach it.
    Just because you are a good coach doesn't mean you fit in.
    Just because you are a good fit doesn't mean you succeed.

    So many joke about how bad our coaches are.
    So many joke about how bad our administration is.
    So many joke about how bad our facilities are.
    So many joke about how bad our financial state is.

    Yet we want the top recruits.
    Yet we have the expectations.
    Yet we feel the right.
    Yet we demand high level success.

    When will the fans look in the mirror?
    When will the State realize the financial obligation?
    When will the sponsors ante up big time?
    When will the demand equal the supplies needed for success?

    Until everyone is on the same page,
    Until everyone takes it serious,
    Until everyone understands how much it takes,
    Until it is not a laughing matter anymore...

    Yes, it's a business.
    Let's Go Bows!

  60. Marleysdad:

    As of today Mack might not be stepping down. Let's wait until after their banquet to see if that's true. He could be fired tomorrow.....

  61. hon2255:

    The news should have stated ,"Chow not renewed" the man is incompetent, cannot hire people , most have not worked out , mostly the man at the top, major change needed by Ben Jay, pull the plug already, just watch all the non renewals on season tickets if Chow stays.

  62. innocent observer:

    believe this is a big mistake - who would take a one year coaching job? if uh does not do better next year, even if they should win a few games, chow will likely be fired. the best alternative was to "clean house" this year. the only scenario that could work is if miano was hired as DC and when chow is let go next year, he will take over as head coach, which will let him start new and select his own coaches.

  63. SteveM:

    Mahalo and farewell to Thom Kaumeyer and Tony Tuioti.

  64. boolakanaka:

    The one other item that is holding back Miano, that is an issue with upper campus folks, is that Rich Miano is does not hold a masters degree. Many programs hold a requirement that the HC position hold a terminal degree.

  65. LizKauai (mbp):

    Mahalo, Coaches, players, fans.
    Was a heck of a year for Rainbow Warrior Football.
    All the best to ALL of you!!! :mrgreen:

  66. ai-eee-soos:

    hoo !!! - plenty rumors ...

    Texas: Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Stefan Stevenson reports tonight that "Source close to Texas executive council of regents says Nick Saban will be the next Longhorns coach." Simply fascinating to watch this unfold...

    Alabama: Gil Brandt has reported that Nick Saban is in negotiations with the Crimson Tide for an extension in the $7 million range. Just a reminder that a deal isn't a deal until it is signed

  67. Kukui High School:

    Not surprising to see Kaumeyer let go, but shocked to hear (even though I heard rumors a week ago) that Tony was let go. Not sure how the program will do as a result of trying to recruit players without any definite answers to questions like, "So who is the DC gonna be?"

    I hope that the replacements have already agreed to sign on.

  68. ai-eee-soos:

    # 62.

    Miano was co-DC with Lumpkin for one year, under JJ.


    forget it.

  69. el burro sabio:

    I never bought the idea that Tuioti could not coach LB cause he played DL. Bob Wagner played OL in college and coached DB and LB here. Norm Chow played OL and coached several Heisman QBs. Duane Akina played QB but has been a defensive coach most of his career. Mike Leach, Paul Johnson, and Dick Tomey played....nothing, they never played college football.

  70. ai-eee-soos:

    some more gossip - this might have been posted before ...

    Eastern Michigan: Louisville running backs coach / special teams coordinator Kenny Carter has interviewed for the Eastern Michigan job.

    Eastern Illinois head coach *** Dino Babers *** has also interviewed and is considered by

    some, as we speak, to be the *** favorite *** for the job. Expect a decision this week.

  71. sdbowfan:

    Chow has NO UH Alums on the coaching staff. I knew he has no respect for ex-UH players. Chow is an egotistical coconut (brown outside/white inside)

  72. 808WarriorFan:

    I agree w/ the release of TK but not TT...HUGE MISTAKE...so who'll take the OC / DC jobs knowing that there is the possibility that Norm Chow could be in his last year if things don't change in one heck of a hurry...interesting names though...Duane Akina IF Mack Brown gets let go...Brian Cabral DC at Indiana State...I don't see Brian Norwood taking a pay cut to come here but it would be nice...and what about Cal Lee...

  73. al:


    after polarizing himself amongst the greater majority of the local hs coaches over the past two years , he will never be able to successfully recruit locally ever again.

    ...nuff said

  74. postmanke:

    Question is who's gonna end up with the Alabama job?

  75. Shoko:


  76. al:


  77. Former UH Athlete:

    TK getting canned is the correct move. The defense progressively got worse as the season wore on, while the offense progressively got better and started scoring at a pretty solid clip. As I said in an earlier post, the offense was putting up 32ppg the last nine games (when SS retook the starting spot). That's more than enough to win a majority of those games.

    32ppg puts you right next to SJSU, Utah St, New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska. Teams with 31ppg include Oklahoma, Duke, BYU, UNLV.

    With the exception of SJSU and New Mexico, all of these teams are bowl bound with similar offensive production UH had with SS the last 9 games. In the case of New Mexico and UH, the defenses were awful lost a lot of games where the offense pulled their weight. SJSU was left out of bowl for political reasons.

    With Tony and TK gone, I don't think it disrupts recruiting much. Demo, Powell, and Durante do most of the heavy lifting in recruiting as Jeezy pointed out.

  78. boolakanaka:

    72..Actually Duane makes about 100k more than Norwood, his total compensation has been in the mid 400s.

  79. Shoko:

    I was a but surprised that TK was being paid 250,000 as a defensive coordinator, though. I think that made him the the highest paid assistant in the MW conference.

  80. Former UH Athlete:

    74-76... Wouldn't be surprised if Saban's #1 man Smart gets the Bama job should it be available.

    With the wacko fans in that part of the country, Malzahn might get murdered if he flipped over to Alabama.

    If Alabama doesn't promote Smart to HC, I think they go for a NFL coach. Alabama has enough money to lure one Jon Gruden out of the MNF booth if he ever wanted to get back into coaching. Can you imagine the hype the Gruden QB camp segments on ESPN would get if he's at Alabama? ESPN would probably help pay for his salary because ratings would skyrocket with Gruden commanding the sideline and the new SEC/ESPN network.

  81. Marleysdad:

    How much will Duane Akina be making if Brown is fired/resigns?

    My guess is zero.

    So in essence he would make more at UH after Texas cleans house.

  82. Shoko:

    Another Texas candidate to replace Brown would be Muschamp. I do recall at one time that Muschamp was the heir apparent to Brown like Jimbo Fisher was to Bobby Bowden.

  83. My take:

    I humbly apologize to Coach Chow for thinking he was going to keep TK. Whether it was actually Chow or Jay doesn't matter to me. Combine Tuiote and TK 's pay and start taking apps.

  84. Former UH Athlete:

    There's a lot of ifs in that last comment...

  85. Rodney:

    Duane Akina for DC!!!!!

  86. Whats up:

    Mack Brown is expected to step down as Texas Long Horn Head Coach by Friday:


  87. RedZone:

    Akina would be interesting because he has been an OC and a DC.

    Wyoming really wanted Tedford.

  88. Former UH Athlete:

    84... Meant my last comment on 80...

  89. RedZone:

    Last week in an interview JJ said that he had a contract extention in hand. He just needs to sign it. It was something he planned to do after the season.

  90. postmanke:

    If Saban does bolt the best possible replacement for the Alabama could be Jimbo Fisher. Ring-a-round-the-coaches.

  91. Rodney:

    Big things ahead!
    The chase of championship is on!
    Just hope recruits and Family's don't
    listen to negativity of so called fans !

  92. Rodney:

    Chow gotta recruit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Recruit hard!!!!!!!!!
    Recruit Big and Quick athletes!!!!!

  93. Rodney:

    Chow gotta recruit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Recruit hard!!!!!!!!!
    Recruit Big and Quick athletes!!!!
    Recruit Florida !!!!!!!

  94. Former UH Athlete:

    I hope to see Jason Gesser's application for either QB coach or OC. If he gets the QB coach job then I'd be ok moving forward without an OC. Gesser will have a positive impact both teaching and giving input to Chow.

    Not sure if the official job posting is up yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon if not already there.

    Either way, the critical pieces involved with recruiting are still in place and are working their butts off. So hope to hear good news in the coming days/weeks

  95. postmanke:

    Saban rooted deep in the middle of Texas high school football is gonna be epic.

  96. Boya_jr:

    Mahalo to TK and TT. My co-worker got canned last Friday. Beware of performance reviews on Fri. Don't get caught reading too many football blogs. Anyways, optimistic on who the new coaches will be. Charge!!!!

  97. postmanke:

    Speaking of coaches rooted in the middle of Texas high school football.. still SMH on Brian Norwood slip.

  98. Former UH Athlete:

    RE: Texas job...

    I hope nothing happens and Mack Brown is still there one more year and Saban still at Alabama. Not because I'm a like Mack Brown (I couldn't care less) but more because I want to see ESPN take some shots for pumping out headlines with bad information again.

    It's becoming a regular occurrence for them to fly with a story that ends up not being true.

  99. boolakanaka:

    81...You make the assumption that he has no other offers and/or feelers, just two years ago, UArizona tried to sway him to their program: http://tucsoncitizen.com/wildcatreport/2011/01/16/reports-akina-to-return-to-arizona-to-coach-the-secondary/

    Now, that is not to say he might not have an interest coming home, but Duane is a fairly known quality in coaching circles.

  100. blunite:

    With Chow's tenure in question he will have difficulty in obtaining a quality defense coach for possibly 1 year. Additionally, he does not have time to do a 6-12 month search. That leaves only untested wannabes applying. Or a retired coach who doesn't care about the money or the 1 year stint. Dick Tomey bleeds UH green, is retired, is financially independent, and is not worried about his next job. He is experienced at the college level having coached in the PAC-12 as a DC at UCLA with Dick Vemeil, as a Head coach at Arizona, as a Head coach at San Jose State, and as a head coach at UH. Chow, being a first time head coach, could use Tomey's knowledge, both in defense and as a head coach. True, JJ hired Tomey for special teams; however, JJ also meddled and changed whatever he wanted.

  101. Marleysdad:

    99, yes, I know. Quite a nice resume. But a job is always better than no job. And IIRC, he has applied every time the UH HC job has been open. We all know Chow will only be here 3 more years max. I'd think an associate HC/ DC position might attract him.

  102. Marleysdad:

    100, JJ did not hire Tomey. That was Mac. Nobody wants Tomey back.

  103. RedZone:

    Chris Klieman for DC.

  104. al:

    jeff ulbrich

  105. A-House:


    if Chow can hire "grad assistants" and make them assistant coaches - what will happen next - history will repeat itself - as Lucy says, "aargh"!!!

    if UH's defense against the pass was #11 in 2012 and then over 100 in 2013 - you fire the LB coach? guess it makes sense to Chow!!!!!!!!!

  106. Maile Tsai-Russ:

    Best wishes, coach Tony. I still find it hard to believe that Chow feels that there are absolutely no qualified UH alums to be a part of his staff. Somehow I get the impression that he feels that he should just have more former Utah players on staff.

  107. mo808:

    Wish the best to Thom & Tony and hope they land something soon!

  108. al:

    duane would land on his feet with or without uh.

    bottom line is we have to up the ante if we expect a good hire.

  109. al:

    i hear rolo has a year to year contract, too.

  110. al:

    and yes...best wishes to thom and tony.
    two good guys.

  111. AllG:

    How about Jeff Ulbrich for DC?

  112. Old School Dave:

    Duane Akina profile:


  113. AllG:

    Ulbrich is currently LB and Special Teams coach for UCLA who had one of the best LB cores in the nation

  114. al:

    AllG...whoa brah we think alike, no?
    see 104.

  115. Shoko:

    If Chow can find a person that can fill two pairs of shoes (DC and LB coach) it would increase the salary and therefore the quality of the incoming DC.

  116. RedZone:

    Chris Klieman.


  117. jeezy33:

    Ulbrich was making 225k this past year so if we can up the ante a little bit, it might be possible..

  118. XKamaaina:

    A big mahalo to Coach Kaumeyer and Tuioti! You both took a lot of heat as the team did not attain the level of success desired, but you still went about your business of shaping the young men on the team the best that you could. I hope you land on your feet soon, many blessings, and thank you once again.

  119. uh realist:

    Amazing to hear all he negative comments on TK and TT, especially when they are both excellent coaches. Lets look at the real issue, no offense or OC to call plays. Look at the turnovers and lack of offensive production. If Chow wasn't from Hawaii he would have been fired last year. great OC but horrible head coach. I would have fired Chow and moved TK to head coach, at least he has balls to be aggressive and not be satisfied with average performance like the team has now. There is no drive to win or succeed on this team and it starts with the head coach. UH needs a head coach and players that want to win and put out effort. Sorry if your pissed off, but this is a dose of realism in the world of college football.

  120. Buffoman:

    #116. That guy is pretty good. Is he in the running or just a wish list candidate?

  121. Chow's doctor:

    Norm much bad boy today. He forgot take energy drink become angry a fire good coach to deflect responsibility away from him. Remaining coach much advised jump ship now before ship sink with captain norm at helm. Dementia make norm believe others to blame, not him, the captain of ship.

  122. uh realist:

    Hey Former UH Athlete, you need to start playing the or violin because you football takes are ridiculous. Your views on UH are not even close and other college football programs....you sound like an idiot. Please stop posting and save us from reading your idiotic posts

  123. postmanke:

    Wonder if Chow considering Chad?

  124. 3-Prong:

    To everything - turn, turn, turn
    There is a season - turn, turn, turn
    And a time for every purpose under heaven

    A time to build up, a time to break down
    A time to dance, a time to mourn
    A time to cast away stones
    A time to gather stones together

    The Byrds - Turn Turn Turn

  125. RedZone:

    He is just someone I would go after. I actually wanted his HC as DC but he will be Wyoming's next HC. I would rather see Chris on our side of the field. He could end up on the cowboy's staff.

  126. RedZone:

    I just feel that if you just sit back and wait for people to apply for the position you are just limiting your choices. If I saw someone good out their I would at least give them a call to let them know that. I am interested in them.

  127. kev-1:

    Wow. Lots of talk about firing TK, but TT came out of the blue for me. I was under the impression he was important to local recruiting.

    Gotta hope that this is a good thing.

  128. RedZone:

    I like that the coaches are out there recruiting players. That is good. But I also think it is the HCs job to go out and actively recruit assistants. Especially when he has so many positions to fill.

  129. Maile Tsai-Russ:

    122: Agree wholeheartedly. This is the same 'expert' who proclaimed that Chris Peterson was "not going anywhere."' Tired of the pseudo-intellectualism.

  130. kapakahi:

    Dismissals from Chow were somewhat predictable......since TK and TT were the only assistant coaches that never coached with and/or played for Chow before UH.

  131. kapakahi:

    Somewhat predictable......in the same way that......AP had never coached with and/or played for Chow before becoming OC.

  132. kapakahi:

    Somewhat predictable......in that Chow has displayed loyalty......to "his" players.....and "his" coaches......but not necessarily to those who are not "his".

  133. WWF:

    I like the idea of Jeff Ulbrich for DC/LB coach. I think UH's budget could handle that. Besides, enough with Utah alums on the Coaching staff already . . . If Norm is grooming Wynn for OC, then let Jeff pick a GA to help with the LB's.

  134. mo808:

    Hey! I like the Jeff Ulbrich as Defensive Coordinator! I have found memories of him getting stitched up on the sidelines and then going back out and making more plays! That get should certainly bring back a few fans! :-)

  135. kapakahi:

    #113 & 117,

    Not 100% certain......but kinda recall that JU's wife is a local girl......that he met while at UH......so that might be a consideration.

  136. Old Diver:

    Chow was 11th out of 12 teams in the MWC for scoring offense. An improved defense can only do so much for a team that can only put up big numbers against the worse defenses (Wyoming,Army) on the schedule. It ain't just the defense.

  137. Fan:

    122.....uh realistic.....playing the violin?.......methinks you have been playing with yourself too much....you sound like you've lost your marbles.....and I mean the ones in your head......your other marbles were probably lost long ago....which explains a lot about you!

  138. WWF:

    132 kapakahi that is old school and Chow is old school.

  139. Old Diver:


    And there lies the real problem. Creating a polarizing atmosphere between (his) players and the other players. Hiring coaches who were fired, out of a job, retired, were getting coffee for real coaches or just graduating seniors. Despite Mack's faults every coach he hired were on UH's staff or another schools staff. He wasn't checking out the soup lines like Chow.

  140. cocobean:

    BJ knew if Chow was staying someone had to go to appease the fan base. Standing pat on the coaching staff was not an option for the UHAD. BJ always said Chow's job was safe and they'd meet at seasons end to talk about the situation and evaluate personnel. Whnever he said that I took it to mean TK was a dead man walking.

    Chow can't afford to strike out on his next hires - OC, DC and LB coach. It'll be interesting to see who comes on board. Ideally at least one of newbies will be someone with name recognition to stir the fan base.

    My advice to Chow remains the same when it comes to personnel - hit up the Punahou mafia for funds to get quality.

  141. kapakahi:

    BTW......Naeole is the only remaining assistant coach that never coached with and/or played for Chow before UH.

  142. Inyoface:

    If Mac is bored of retirement and wants to get back in the action, it wouldn't hurt to ask him! He was our best DC ever.

  143. kapakahi:


    While maybe mafia not included.......the word among the Pun football community is......that Chow didn't do right by KU......by being re-assigned to an administrative position.

    The Pun football community includes KU's nephew and former Warrior OL Dane......who now coaches the Punahou OL.

  144. WWF:

    139. He hires who he knows and trusts, instead of the most qualified candidate for the position. That in itself restricts the field of qualified candidates.

    The manini budget that upper campus budgeted for the Coaching staff didn't help, but clearly his bias and decision-making was horrible.

  145. Inyoface:

    I enjoyed watching the offense this year, its definitely a lot more enjoyable to watch the different formations than the RNS on ever play, and they did put up points. I do however believe the defense looked undersized at the LB position. We haven't had that intimidating LB presence since Paredes and in every defense the LB position is the most important position. We have the line set and the DB's seem to be fast, hopefully Tigi Hill will suit up next year.

  146. kapakahi:


    Chow didn't know AP......just his dad.

  147. d1shima:


  148. kapakahi:

    LP and DJ are definitely safe......being that they are the main point recruiters for the highest defensive recruiting priority areas.......DE and DB, respectively.

  149. Chow's doctor:

    Mediocrity (BJ), begets more mediocrity (Chow). This Lao tsu said.

  150. manoa#1:

    Now Chow needs to dismiss himself and the db coach Jones.

  151. cocobean:

    #140. Are you confirming or denying the existence of such an organization? And is there any truth to the old rumor that CS would have been the starting QB if he didn't get busted for DUI. Heard that was one of the favors they were calling in for backing Norm.

  152. Chow's doctor:

    Despite what many have said, I do not agree that FUHA is a full of carp crack or gambling addict.

  153. Konoman1:

    KU was lucky Chow brought him here.. Did it probably as a favor... You only heard one side of the story Kapakahi..

  154. Konoman1:

    Everybody keeps throwing names arou d but the reality is UH doesn't pay enough. Many coordinators make more than our head coach...

  155. jeezy33:

    154. That's why Hawaii will most likely hire a position coach who is ready to be a DC. Just gotta hope we hit big on one. Sometimes you hit big on a Dave Aranda. He was scooped up from Delta St. I think. I don't know where Chow's connections are at... But I rather Chow trust his judgement and go with a good candidate with upside over a guy with a better resume on paper...

  156. jonj:

    155 jeezy

    We have to hit big on 2 both OC and DC! and the odds are against us! Everybody who thinks chows offense is looking good is delirious! Chows offense was IOSEFA!! who thinks Iosefa will be able to play 12 games averaging 30+ carries a game?? Next years offense will be more of the same crap we saw in the beginning of the season.

    And Chows offense was the Reason the Defense was so bad! how did our team start off good defensively and progressively through the season get worse?!?!?! Its becuz chow didn't have a offense in the 1st half off the season and The defense took major blows to personnel!

  157. NotNasti:

    145. Inyoface: While I agree that Paredes was a good LB for us, he too was undersized. At 5'10", he was not physically imposing, and struggled when teams ran at him. He did however possess a huge motor and overachieved on the field. Daley, at 6'3" & 250lbs, was not undersized.

  158. jeezy33:

    156. I'm more worried about our recruiting class than our offense. We need players. Finding good players makes coaching a lot more easier.

    Good news is Iosefa is still on the team. So the offense will still run as long as he's healthy. We do need depth at RB though. That's why I want a full court press to land DeAndre Mann. George Naufahu as plan B.

    Also the offensive line will also dictate how much our offense improves. It has improved and we should add some solid pieces with Elijah Tupai, Dejon Allen, and John Wa'a.

    And the offense had nothing to do with how bad the D was late in the season. Hawaii does well against teams that run pro set offenses. Hawaii struggles against teams who spread you out and have gimmick plays. They don't practice against it and aren't prepared in the game.

    You can't blame the offense for Hawaii's defense not getting stops versus Navy, Army, SDSU, UNLV, and Wyoming. Those games were all on the defense.

    Defense and Offense didn't get it done against Fresno, San Jose ST, Colorado St., UTah St., and Nevada.

    Offense didn't get it done versus USC, Oregon St.

  159. jeezy33:

    And of course, we need to find a QB or Woolsey needs to step it up....

  160. jonj:

    Defense got it done Vs Navy and SDSU. SDSU they scored 21pts in regulation and 7 was on a botch play and once Yap and Woodard was injured in 2nd half they could run the perimeter. Chows offense didn't get it don't those games. He played like he was ahead and ran the clock. I cant back TK because I didn't like his D style.. to much man and crappy blitzing. IDK how Art Laurel goes from sack master in freshmen/soph year to what hes now with a better line. Shows that coaching is the problem all around. I agree that good players make coaching easier... but we have never had problems like we are now!

  161. jonj:

    and against UNLV and Fresno there was absolutely no Offense till the 4th quarter. CAnt blame the D for those games!

  162. jeezy33:

    It's not about how much points a game you average or give up.... It's about getting the job done with the game on the line.

    Hawaii was up 7 against SDSU going into the final drive.... It's up to your defense to get the win for you... Whether the score was 21-14 or 42-35, your defense needs a stop.

    Hawaii was up 1 against UNLV going into the final drive. Hawaii defense needed a stop. Couldn't get it done...

    Don't be that fan who is denial of the truth.... Hawaii's offense wasn't consistently good throughout the year. But they performed in enough games to win 3-4 ball games.

    I really don't feel like pulling up all the numbers but SS ended up being a top 35 rated QB in the country. The O line showed improvement. The defense started out pretty good. Then just declined as the year went on. If you think Hawaii's defense got it done against Navy giving up almost 400 yards rushing and 42 points then I guess I can't sway your opinion no matter what. That isn't getting it done on my eyes. I guess if our OC could make FGs then we would have scored more... But hey, what do I know about FG kicking..

  163. Warrior:

    Jeezy you are right on. As usual.

  164. kruzen:

    Aloha, mahalo and best of luck the Thom Kaumeyer and Tony Tuioti.

  165. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    There is a wise, very imposing man whom I respect that would not/is not surprised or even in disagreement over these two firings.

    That's that.

  166. uhfanboy:

    how about Miano for DC?

  167. nuff already:

    # 166.

    sheesh - nuff already.

    Miano was DC for JJ.

    He proved he aint no DC.

    nuff already.

  168. gobows:

    finally a smart move

    a former warrior who is available…craig stutzman. receivers went without a coach this year.

    doubt if chow is ready to give up offensive duties, don't see him hiring an oc.

    shoulda, coulda, woulda…dave aranda. biggest mistake of chows career.

    any good ga's out there that played defense?

  169. hossana:

    Chow has an inferiority complex and doesn't or won't hire a defensive or offensive coordinator that is much better or more knowledgeable than he is which is the reason why Price was terminated and Kaumeyer, who was simply an idiot and didn't know how to make adjustments, was hired even though he was supposed to be knowledgeable in defenses being a coordinator in the NFL but we all know that he was a fluke in the NFL, also. When people questioned why Dave Aranda was not retained, Chow said that Kaumeyer has the expertise and NFL experience that Aranda doesn't but Aranda has proven that he is more adept and is as sharp as a D.C. can be which was proven when he was at Utah State and now at Wisconsin and was said to be an up and coming D.C. in the Big Ten. Chow doesn't want to have people on his staff that is superior to him which is the reason why he has g.a.'s on his staff so he can play the Big Man on his staff when, in reality, Chow is another idiot and now we know why he was never hired as a Div. 1 H.C.

  170. PurpleMaple:

    Many teams are now going to a quick offense so the defense cannot make player adjustments. This is one reason for the defense giving up big yards. Hawaii started implementing the same concept on offense with the same level of success as Hawaii started putting up big points. If anything, Hawaii got caught in the wrong formation at times that allowed for big plays. But overall, I thought the defense played good and even great at times. They do need to improve at defensive end and at cornerback; thus, that is where the staff is focusing the recruiting on defense. Kaumeyer's contract was not renewed because some change was needed after a 4-20 start for this coaching regime. Since it wasn't to be Chow's, then the next one up was Kaumeyer.

  171. sofaking_blk:

    A new HC is ALWAYS gonna be his own guys in and there's nothing wrong with that. But his guys have to get the job done and they didn't. It's like Jeezy said, your Defense has to make stops PERIOD and if they can't then it doesn't matter how many points the Offense scores.

  172. Chow's doctor:

    Norm blood pressure too much high from losing too much. He must retire soon and refund uh money to get better luck neck life. This I tell he must do.

  173. Boolakanaka:

    I rather fancy the idea of JU, however there are some realities to the situation. One, UCLA is a program that has returned to some of its former glory and will compete for a PAC 12 championship. Two, Moras extension and raise, undoubtably means raises for his staff. Three, UCLA has fabulous facilities and boosters. And four, as I recall JU has a large family with many school aged kids---

    All things considered, UH would have to up the ante in a very sweet way--my guesstimate, mid 300s--and that is if he is indeed interesting.

  174. wasabi:

    155- come on jeez, trust his judgement? Thas what got us 4-20....Denial ain't just a river in Egypt! :-)

  175. jeezy33:

    174. Maybe I worded that wrong... I rather we go for a guy that is the better coach but might not have the years of experience or resume on paper. I think many Hawaii fans were like HUH???? when Dave Aranda was brought in. On paper, it didn't seem like a great hire. But he's blown up over the past few years to be a very good DC. I don't want to hire a DC just because that candidate has 20 years experience and he was good 8 years ago.. I would take a chance on a guy with 5-10 years and is a up and coming smart coach.