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Training days

December 19th, 2013

Football players with college or pro aspirations won't have to travel very far to train.

Former NFL players Chris Kemoeatu and Ma‘ake Kemoeatu will be opening a 6,000-square-foot training facility next week in a complex near Windward Mall.

Anthony Piroli, who has trained several Pittsburgh Steelers, will be the facility's conditioning coordinator.

There will be programs designed for youths through pro players. One of the specialities will be helping former college players prepare for combines and pro days.

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"Forrest Gump" was produced for $55 million. It earned about $677 million in box-office receipts. Its net profit was nada. According to "Hollywood accounting," the film "lost" money. That's important to Winston Groom, whose book inspired the movie. Groom opted to have his royalty share derive mostly from the film's profits, which, according to the bean-counters, was zip.

As long as the Stan Sheriff Center electricity works during events and coaches continue to get raises and construction continues, it's difficult to grasp that the athletic department is in a financial hole. I'm sure projections more than six months from when the fiscal-year books close are accurate, I suppose, but like poorly dubbed kung fu movies, the words and actions aren't synchronized.

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