Graduation Day

December 21st, 2013


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George Daily-Lyles:


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Tavita Woodard:


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Craig Cofer and parents:


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Billy Ray Stutzmann and parents:


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Ikaika Cavaco-Amoy and Tavita Woodard:


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Futbol grads:


115 Responses to “Graduation Day”

  1. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congratulations to the graduates!

  2. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud morning..bootiful sunshine/rainy day, surf pounding the shoreline, lifeguards working like crazy...stay safe peeps...

  3. NorthShoreFan:

    repeat comment...

    tuition paid for, play the sport that you love, get a degree....that's what it's all about...IMUA WARRIORS!

  4. Former UH Athlete:

    Congrats to the Fall Graduates!

  5. Former UH Athlete:

    Looks like they are replaying the UH v Wyoming game.... but they are wearing different uniforms and has been relocated to Albuquerque, NM

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Let's hope the UH Alumni Association took names and numbers.

  7. Former UH Athlete:

    CSU is 3 for 3 on 4th down... The latest a 4th and 6... and it's the start of the 2nd quarter. I think the blocked punt on the first 4th down may have had an effect on McElwain's decision making.

  8. jm2375 (iPad):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Congratulations to the new graduates!

    Go Warriors!
    Go Wahine!

  9. tommui:


    Time to leave the "halls of ivy" and go out and conquer the real world.


  10. RedZone:

    Congrats to the grads.

    Go Na Wahine. Beat USC.

  11. bowwar:

    Congratulations to the UH Student Athletes!!! Mahalo for playing for the Home Team!! Best wishes in your future endeavors...We'll always be cheering for you!

  12. 3-Prong:

    Congrats Graduates. That's what it's all about!

  13. Boolakanaka:

    Kudos Men!! That paper is what's it all about ...

  14. SteveM:

    The Star-Advertiser online poll today is:

    "Should the upper decks of Aloha Stadium be closed at University of Hawaii football games?"

    The poll is on the S-A main page on the left side near the top.

  15. Old School Dave:

    Does anyone know what USC and UCLA pay to the LA Colosseum and Rose Bowl respectiely for clean up and usage fees?

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Gratz to the Grads!


  17. Former UH Athlete:

    USC has too much speed for Fresno. The quick horizontal pass game is nowhere near as effective than it was vs slow MWC defenses.

    Derek Carr just got bailed out on a deep ball. Good thing his WR committed the PI, that was looking like a pick.

  18. Former UH Athlete:

    The only reason the Las Vegas bowl is going to be close is Kessler's lack of pocket presence.

  19. Former UH Athlete:

    CSU's CB #23 is so small... He can't be more than 150lbs with his gear on.

  20. Whats up:

    Watching Fresno vs USC and listening to the praise ESPN announcers of USC Coach Ed Orgeron...

  21. markazulu:

    Fresno states defense getting picked apart

  22. markazulu:

    Colorado States Running Back is a good one

  23. dihudfan:

    Proud moment!!! Go Bows!!!

  24. markazulu:

    Fresno states offense better start picking up the slack

  25. markazulu:

    Derek Carr Missing a wide open receiver

  26. markazulu:

    The Fresno State game is looking to get really ugly but The Colorado state game is getting really good

  27. markazulu:

    28-6 USC over Fresno state 2nd quarter

  28. Haleakala:

    Congratulations to all the grads! Graduation marks a stepping stone to the next phase of their lives.

  29. Former UH Athlete:

    USC is doing something very creative on defense vs Fresno's quick pass game.... They are spying Derek Carr. Not because he's a running threat, USC is moving a defender to the flat and spying Derek Carr's eyes and trying to disrupt the passing lanes on the quick short throws.

    Wow... USC is absolutely punishing the WRs on the quick screens.

  30. markazulu:

    USC defense looks great seems to have rattled derek carr

  31. boolakanaka:

    OSU cockaroaching our boys:

  32. Former UH Athlete:

    I think MWC coaches will start doing what USC is doing with the spy in the flat vs the Air Raid style offenses. It's been very effective. The ball gets out too quickly to make sacks, but sending a guy to the flat on downs where you don't expect a deep ball seems to make sense.

    I'm surprised by Carr's lack of touch on downfield throws. He's great with the quick passes (screens, slants, hitches), and on throws requiring velocity, but he struggles on touch throws over 15 yards. Most of his deep throw TDs this year usually come off a decoy screen and the WR breaks wide open.

  33. Former UH Athlete:

    Wow, MWC defenses stink.

  34. markazulu:

    This year i think one part of our defense that i thought was pretty good was our red zone defense

  35. Former UH Athlete:

    I repeat.... MWC defenses stink.

    Both USC and Wazzu just scored TDs.

    Fresno is getting embarrassed.

    I think USC has figured out the way to neutralize the smoke screens and short hitch throws, which is a big part of the Air Raid offense. Be interesting to see if their scheme is incorporated by DCs next year vs Air Raid style offenses.

  36. dannyp:


    Thats a good way to get gashed in the run game...

  37. Former UH Athlete:

    34... ???

  38. Former UH Athlete:

    36... Fresno barely runs the ball.

  39. Former UH Athlete:

    36... Spying the flat isn't something you do every down. USC is mixing their defensive look well and blitzing from all different angles or decoy back into a short zone.

    Carr can't hurt you deep without the short pass game to set it up.

  40. Whats up:

    Could Hawaii get USC DC Pendergast? That USC defense looks good and the game plan is on point so far!

  41. Former UH Athlete:

    In other words, USC isn't tipping off what they are doing. The flat defender is either a DE dropping wide or a LB/safety coming up, but it's never the same person doing it the same time.

  42. dannyp:


    That doesn't nullify my point though. If USC is suffocating the flats with their backers then they're prone to getting gashed in the run game. If they're walking up safeties then they're prone to the deep ball. The problem is Carr can't hit a 9 route to save his life today. If he makes USC respect the deep ball it'll open up the short stuff.

  43. Former UH Athlete:

    Fresno better stop with the horizontal stuff... USC has too much speed for that.

    Uh oh.... Palmer is cracking on Carr's lack of pocket presence and ability under pressure. Which is what I saw when UH was making their run in the 4th quarter in the UH v Fresno game.

  44. Slugger:

    Congratulations to the graduates!

    Hiyah, Tsaikos!

  45. Former UH Athlete:

    42.. I'm with you, but that type of offense just doesn't run the ball. The smoke screens and quick passes are in lieu of the run game.

    And Carr should have been picked there... Draft stock is dropping. Carr's only chance to succeed in the NFL is if he gets drafted to a west coast offense.

    TD Fresno... Good thing the CB misplayed that under thrown ball.

  46. dannyp:


    True, this game is exactly why I prefer running spread sets out of the pistol. Maintaining a downhill running game is too important a facet to ignore. Rolo was ahead of the game in 2010 imo.

  47. Former UH Athlete:

    Damn... Ty Isaac is a big RB.. 6'3" 225lb freshman.

  48. Marleysdad:


  49. NorthShoreFan:

    CSU to make the 2 pt conversion though.

  50. Former UH Athlete:

    46.. Getting back my original point, USC has laid out the blue print to take away a big part of Fresno's version of the Air Raid.

    I do have a feeling Kessler is going to give up a turnover soon to make this game a little more interesting. He's got a nasty habit of holding the ball too long if his primary isn't open

  51. NorthShoreFan:

    CSU just got jobbed....ruling try was not good....but ball hit the pylon and runner was in thinks it was a good 2 pt conversion...

  52. NorthShoreFan:

    2 pt conversion good!...don't know what that ref was looking at...right in front of him and he signals no good....he should be "retired" next year...

  53. Marleysdad:

    Wow again. And again.

  54. NorthShoreFan:

    overtime....NO...WSU fumble kick off..CSU got the ball inside the 20....FG time!!!

  55. Former UH Athlete:

    OMG... WSU just fumbled the kick return!!!

  56. Former UH Athlete:

    Uh oh, ESPN just put out the jinx on the kicker...

    Just showed the graphic that the kicker is best in CSU history

  57. NorthShoreFan:

    ooops...inside the 25...4 sec to go...CSU FG try.

  58. Former UH Athlete:

    Way to not center the ball in the field (or kickers preferred side)... Kick coming...


    I love to see pictures of student-athletes at UH actually graduating! What I donʻt like, is hearing only ONE of Rainbow Warriors coaches attended the ceremony. So damn sad.
    Not even a single cosh in the pictures withe kids who were "walking" today…..So sad.

  60. NorthShoreFan:

    IT'S GOOD!....CSU WINS IT!....Great comeback!...exciting game!

  61. Marleysdad:

    Great googlie mooglie!

  62. Former UH Athlete:

    FG good! CSU pulls a miracle.... Or more like WSU imploding.

  63. Whats up:

    Wow Colorado State pulls the upset!

  64. PurpleMaple:

    Great win for Mountain West !!!

  65. NorthShoreFan:

    brudda Abe, not the way to get air time...focus, pancake...go getum...

  66. NorthShoreFan:

    #62, yup ...up 15, 4:00 + to go and fumble da ball twice.....implosion..

  67. Hodad:

    #15 Old School Dave:

    USC took over running the Coliseum this year I think. Don't know about Rose Bowl.

  68. jonj:

    i think its safe to say that the USC we played and the USC we see now are to different teams!

  69. Hodad:

    Here is the LA Coliseum deal: 98 year lease to USC.

    it is located next to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Exposition Park, across the street from the University of Southern California (USC). The stadium is jointly owned by the State of California, Los Angeles County, and the City of Los Angeles, and is managed and operated by the University of Southern California. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, which has board members drawn from the three ownership interests, provides public oversight of the master lease agreement with USC. Under the lease the University has day-to-day management and operation responsibility for both the Coliseum and Sports Arena. The 98-year lease took effect on July 29, 2013 and was signed by the parties on September 5, 2013. The agreement requires the University to make approximately $100 million in physical improvements to the Coliseum, pay $1 million a year rent to the state of California, maintain the Coliseum’s physical condition at the same standard used on the USC Campus, and assume all financial obligations for the operations and maintenance of the Coliseum and Sports Arena Complex.[7][8]

  70. Inyoface:

    Who's our DC?

  71. Former UH Athlete:

    Whoa... Somebody on USC almost went pick 6 on the smoke screen... Just missed

    And Carr just lost a few hundred thousand worth of draft status on that end zone pick.

  72. Former UH Athlete:

    Looks like USC's defense is getting a little fatigued, plus their best DT was ejected a while ago. But may not matter with Carr's interception to kill a nice drive at end of 3rd quarter.

  73. NorthShoreFan:

    pick six Fresno St.

  74. Former UH Athlete:

    See 50, paragraph 2

  75. Former UH Athlete:

    That pick 6 has made USC very conservative... Momentum with Fresno.

    Uhhh... Palmer just said it was a two possession game.... Somebody tell him that you can't get 18pts in 2 possessions with the football rules that I'm aware of.

  76. Whats up:

    Maybe momentum has changed for Fresno after the pick 6, lets not have the top 2013 MWC team lose. SDSU should win, Colorado State already won, MWC 3-0 in bowls, 2-0 against the PAC 12 would make statement of level of competition in the MWC.

  77. NorthShoreFan: thinking the same thing....his math is very bad...first thought I heard it wrong..

  78. Whats up:

    Hawaii and Utah State played the Lane Kiffin coached USC tougher, Tim Deruyter Fresno and Coach Orgeron inspired USC are different teams now before Hawaii played them both, but geez, Deruyter's Fresno is getting spanked.

  79. Rodney:

    Anyone know where the broncos
    and beavers practice and times?

  80. Whats up:

    Fresno learned that when playing better teams you have to have a legit running game. Just like Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl the RnS pass happy team QB gets lit up by better opponent talent, Carr was running for his life and not comfortable in the pocket against USC. No running game to help Carr/Colt was doom for both pass happy teams.

  81. Old School Dave:

    Hodad: Thanks for that info about USC and the LA Coloseum.

  82. NaKoaMike:

    19 Rainbow Warriors graduate:

  83. Former UH Athlete:

    78... Don't forget, Deruyter and Carr were spanked just as bad last year vs JJ's SMU

    MWC west division could be wide open next year... Looking at the west offenses... Fresno no more Carr, SJSU no more Fales, UNLV no more Herring & Cornett, SDSU was a mess this year at QB, and Nevada was inconsistent, and UH is what it was.

    Defensively in the west division next year: Fresno stinks, SJSU a little stinky, Nevada-Reno stinks, SDSU is so-so, UNLV is not bad, and UH is what it is.

    The Mountain division appears to be way better on the top end with Boise, Utah St, and CSU now on the rise

  84. Former UH Athlete:

    SDSU beings back Muema for one more year. He might be the best offensive player in the west division.

  85. Former UH Athlete:

    SDSU putting on the surprise of the early bowl season... Buffalo clearly didn't come ready to play and SDSU has jumped on several mistakes... 21 pts off turnovers

  86. gobows:

    no assistant coach as a bcs school, and especially usc, will come to hawaii, unless they one old futt.

    start looking at coaches in the fcs, div II, div III and do some wishful thinking.

    would you quit your job to go work for a minimum wage position at mcdonalds? then why would an assistant coach go from a bcs school and take a pay cut to coach at hawaii, the most expensive place to live and hardest place to get too.

    michigan states pat narduzzi was the dc at rhode island. rhode freakin island.

    auburns ellis johnson was the dc at appalachian state.

    arizona states chris ball was the dc at idaho state.

    oklahoma states glenn spencer started out at university of west georgia? i highly doubt any of you heard of west georgia. what conference are they in?

    there are a lot of "dave aranda" types out there. just gotta give one a chance.

  87. gobows:

    #59 iana

    could they be out on the road recruiting? no, they better be.

  88. papajoe2:

    #87 gobows~ I wish but dead period now.

  89. UHfan808:

    Happy Graduation Day, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers!! :)

    Bestest of wishes and Greatest luck in all you do, Senior Warriors! :cool:

  90. papajoe2:

    What's up with Devon Bess?

  91. UHfan808:


    Nice pics - thank you for sharing the momentous fuutball and wfuutbol graduate's day with us, ST!

    Did George Daily-Lyles really wear shorts and a tee-shirt to his own graduation!? At least there are shoes and socks! Lol

  92. 3-Prong:


  93. Bowwar:

    Sorry to hear about Devone Bess...I hope he turns things around.

  94. Fei Jai:

    Gobows. Not many people here agree with you that $500k annually is minimum wage mcdonalds work. Many of us live well here on $200k per year.

  95. gobows:


    No take da comment in a literal sense. In the land of fbs football, coaching at hawaii is a minimum wage job.

    Head guy make $500k, thats a little more than top assistants at usc make...or alittle less.

    Fei jai why would a guy take less than half the pay to work at the most expensive place in football and the team is amongst the worst in the nation, just to be an assistant under a losing regime?

    Are you that stupid to make a move like that?

    People want these good coaches from big money programs to come coach at hawaii, the point is no mo anybody that dumb.

    Hawaii is the mcdonalds of the fbs, and people asking for roy yamaguchi to come flip burgers.

    Recognize. Hawaii is not on the coaching map of football. Its a starting point for a career at best.

  96. Former UH Athlete:

    Wow... I think I just witnessed the worst throw I've ever seen a college QB make. The ULL QB made an ill advised throw to try to throw it away and did not go according to plan.

    If you didn't see it, I'm sure it'll be on the not top 10. Definitely YouTube worthy

  97. Former UH Athlete:

    Man, Tulane got some speed on defense. They are really undersized but they fly around the field. The DC blitzes like crazy but they do a good job of bringing pressure of all different angles and gaps. Tulane sleepwalked through the 1stQ but since then the defense has been lights out.

  98. jm2375 (iPad):

    Welcome to UH, Stefan Jankovic!

  99. Fei Jai:

    Seems hawaii has the money. It shelled out $1 mill annually for Mack. If can do that for Mack, can come up with the $1.5 mill to rid itself of bad luck chow. Seems admin and na koa doesn't have the stomach for it.

  100. Fei Jai:

    At this point I'm starting to think bj might need to go. He's in charge of the football program. The program has suffered two losing seasons. Changes are called for. Chow fired his assistants. It's time for bj to fire his assistants. If not, then it's time for chancellor to fire the guy in charge of uh athletics.

  101. 3-Prong:

    gobows: Using your McDonalds analogy, we can't keep paying Dollar Menu prices and expect to get the Big Mac Meal. This goes back to my point yesterday. We need to raise prices all around. Tickets, PPV, Student Activity Fees. No one wants to pay more including me but I am willing to do so to put a winning team on the field.

    Let's Go Bows!

  102. cocobean:

    #94. #99. #100. Are you related to Indy Thinker? You really sound like him.

    #86. That's what I've been advocating. A DC from a lower level school or a young position coach from a D1 school. Someone young and hungry but with at least 5-10 yrs experience, below 40yrs old.

    Man didn't realize shopping is a sport in itself. Best to have a good game plan rather than trying to wing it.

    A big "way to go" to all the grads. You all EARNED something valuable that can never be taken away from you.

  103. Derek:

    PA announcer next year at UH basketball games is going to go crazy saying Stefan Jankovic and Stefan Jovanovic. It's a good thing Jim Leahey doesn't do play by play for TV on OC16.

    What a great NCAA women's volleyball final. Great athletes, amazing digs, etc. etc. etc. Congrats to Penn State. Wisconsin will be back the next 3 years with a freshman setter who is terrific. Not hard to figure that UH is not in the same class. The difference is the blocking and the hitting. The top teams hit the ball so hard and intimidate opponents. They also make less errors.

    Wazzu blew it today. Sure win and they implode in the last 2 minutes. USC dominated as expected. Also, San Diego State.

  104. kev-1:

    It's always good to piss away opportunities because you'd just rather burn.

  105. Robert:

    #102 cocobean, all are Steve.

  106. Enough:


    Steve.....why don't you just be Steve? one really listens to you no matter what handle you just wind up sounding like the same tired windbag......your attitude is your doesn't change because you change your name.....your presence is like a mosquito bite.....mildly annoying but mostly irrelevant.

  107. justsomeguy:

    Fei consistently demonstrate your lack of knowledge about the business of college football. I'm asking you to please, please allow things to play out a bit more before you so heavily criticize those who you don't even know. Despite my knowledge of the game, don't take it from me, just look at history, these things take time. Have some patience. Aloha.

  108. 808WarriorFan:

    Congratulations Graduates...this is what college football is all about; not the wins and losses which we all get wrapped up in but that piece of paper that says you received your Bachelors Degree. All of us 'Bow fans are "darn" proud of you. God Bless and best wishes on you future endeavors

  109. kruzen:

    congrats to all the graduates.

  110. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody! Up early for Christmas shopping.

  111. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Belated Congratulations to the Graduates.

    Saw a feature report on D3 coaching legend John Gagliardi this weekend.

    One of his talks to his team: he held up a dime against the sun and said, "This dime represents football. The sun is your education. Keep that perspective in mind."

    Good thought.

  112. Boolakanaka:

    Sad to hear, if indeed true, that only one coach showed up for graduation. It is a horrible reflection on the priority of a program that is solely supported by a unviersity.

  113. Fei Jai:

    Congrats! All grads yesterday. You all now have a very bright future. Now go forward and serve, young men. Better yet, go to grad school.

  114. Old School Dave:

    #112: Got to agree with you, Boola. Got to call a spade a spade. Feel very bad for the players. It's a terrible reflection of the head coach and the program, in general. So much talk about grades, making players go to class, sitting in the front rows, and punishing players who miss class. The head coach can't even spare a couple of hours on a Saturday to honor his players?

  115. Old School Dave:

    Congratulations to all of the graduates! Your hard work and perseverance will surely benefit you in your lives.