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Friendly advice

January 2nd, 2014

Because some of the best advice comes from other people, one of my friends offers these suggestions to UH officials:

• Secure a high-level sponsorship from the company that owns the 76 stations in Hawaii. I've lost track of who actually owns it — I think A&B merged with a company that had merged with another company — but somewhere along the way, Walter Dods Jr. is involved.

• Secure a high-level sponsorship with Ala Moana Center and/or its tenants. We know the mall is doing well because Louis Vuitton is always packed and every fourth woman is carrying a Michael Kors bag. If MK can make iPad cases, it surely can help out the state's only Division I athletic program.

• Of course, UH was suckered into paying travel subsidies for visiting teams. But why not turn it in to a marketing tool or, at least, an irritant? Leave H-logo pens or other items on the plane. Then play videos of Gib Arnold, Dave Shoji or Norm Chow showing how to buckle up and use seat cushions as flotation devices. Also, show some videos of Hawaii's tourist sites. You never know when a Colorado State linebacker might be thinking, "Hmmm. There's a warmer place to play football?"

* * * * *

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Tracey Saiki, the director of military affairs for the Chamber of Commerce,  was largely responsible for helping the volleyball Rainbow Warriors train at Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam this past weekend.  She arranged for the players to stay in hotel-styled rooms, tour a submarine and have peer meetings with military personnel. Saiki was there at 5 a.m. when the Warriors had the early wake-up for training exercises.

On New Year's eve, Saiki suffered a serious medical problem.

Thoughts and prayers for a wonderful woman's recovery.


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