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And what's more …

January 6th, 2014

Back in the day, extra notes were added to the end of sports stories in the category, "And what's more …" (The ellipses were key because they allowed for easy trimming for the story to fit the space.)

Next year, the Mountain West and four other conferences will be labeled the "Group of Five," with that conglomeration's highest-ranked team earning a berth in an elite postseason bowl. Yes, the Group of Five — which means the MWC, which also means Hawaii — will be lumped into the "And what's more …" category.

It is football's caste system, with five conferences cast as don't-sue-us additions.

Thing is, that formula is actually good or as good for the Group of Five as the BCS system, which ends with tonight's final BCS championship game. A team from the group will have an improbable chance to qualify for the four-team playoffs and, if not, at least it has a seat at the adult table.

Things could be worse. Things were worse. And when the playoffs expand in the future, as expected, every Division I team will have the dream — in theory, at least — if it wins all its games and the stars are aligned, it, too, will have a chance to compete for a national title.

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