The Warrior Beat

Aggressive move

January 8th, 2014

A few years ago, a UH defensive plan was designed with a hybrid  in mind. He would be used as a stand-up defensive end — the "joker," the "Chad Brown-type" — who could create chaos because of his unpredictability. Is he a pass-rusher? Is he a drop-back linebacker? Will he be aligned on the strong or weak side? That was the goal, although it didn't have as much traction as hoped.

In the search for the next UH defensive coordinator, an unwritten requirement was experience with a multiple-attacking system. That scheme probably has the most flexibility out of a 3-4 base.

Kevin Clune, Utah State's linebacker coach the past five years, is familiar with those schemes. He also is familiar with the diverse offenses in the Mountain West Conference and how to attack them.

The expectations aren't necessarily to replicate the Aggies' success. The requirement, though, will be to make the best use of high-ceiling players such as Jerrol Garcia-Williams, Benneton Fonua, Beau Yap, Julian Gener and Jeremy Castro. For the Warriors to improve, the first step is to fulfill the wish of creating a defense that will keep offenses guessing.

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