The Warrior Beat

Making the grade

January 12th, 2014

The Rainbow Warrior football team seeks to continue a winning streak — in the classroom — when the spring semester opens tomorrow.

This past semester, the Warriors attained a collective 2.9 GPA.

Some of the credit goes to a man that few — if any — of the players ever met.

The Nagatani Academic Center isn't just another campus building. It is a tribute to a humble man who cherished words and deeds, who was smart enough to help others achieve their academic potential, and generous enough to donate the initial $1 million for an academic center for student-athletes.

Bob Nagatani was born in Chicago, graduated from Harvard and, as the bumper stickers say, lived aloha. He was the archivist for UH football and basketball events, typing out descriptive play-by-play for the statistical sheets. He loved music — especially strongly sung national anthems — and appreciated a good cup of coffee. His passion was education, and he often volunteered as a tutor.

Nagatani died nearly seven years ago. His legacy is the emphasis on the first part of "student-athlete."

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