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Clune report

January 17th, 2014

Here's the skinny on Kevin Clune, UH's new defensive coordinator:

• He will oversee the entire defense, but will work closely with the inside linebackers.

• Inside linebackers? Yes, the Aggies — for whom he coached linebackers the past five years — ran a multiple-attack scheme rooted in a 3-4. But there will be four-lineman looks, blitzing linebackers, man presses, zone blitzes … "That gives you the opportunity to bring people from a lot of different places," Clune said. "It'll be a mesh of all those things."

• He is admittedly a "loud" coach. He will teach overall concepts while allowing his assistants to coach the details. "They're going to have their own voice and their own role," Clune said of the assistant coaches.

• He will coach from the sideline during games. "It's about communication, and maybe seeing somebody's eyes when I'm trying to explain something."

• He previously joined three teams coming off one-victory seasons. "You look at everywhere I started," Clune said. "The record might not have been great. My job is to make it better."

• Yes, he is aware of  UH's deficiencies. "I'm not afraid of the issues, of what people may see as negatives," Clune said. "We'll overcome those things. And that's part of the challenge. That's part of the deal. Oh, the travel is hard? We'll, that's something you're going to have to overcome. We're going to do it. This facility is this …? Well, who cares? We'll find a way. I coached junior college. There were days we didn't have footballs. Well, guess what? We found a way to deal with it and practice. Whatever it is, we'll overcome it."

• He is a self-styled workaholic. "It's something where you sacrifice other parts of your life," Clune said. "I'm a single guy. I don't have kids. That's what we do. We coach ball. We coach kids. I don't have kids, but I have 113 (players) I need to get to class and make sure they're fed right, all of those things. Those are my kids that I have to take care of."

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