Audition for former Warriors

January 18th, 2014


Regardless of how Chris Gant and Sean Schroeder play in today's NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, the important work already has been done. This past week, as in most all-star weeks, the tests and interviews are the most significant in determining a player's pro potential.

Still, both can be seen when the game is played at 1 p.m. Hawaii time on ESPN2.

* * * * *

Unfortunately only 2,020 witnessed the Rainbow Warriors' best volleyball match in the past three years. (Last night's victory over fourth-ranked Long Beach State was not televised.) The outcome was significant because:

• The 49ers had kicked okole in the three previous meetings, including Thursday night's sweep.

• Brook Sedore regained his star status, and Kupono Fey showed why he's the next Tony Ching.

• Charlie Wade showed he's quite the strategist. He tinkered the rotation to open with serving specialist Johann Timmer starting in place of middle blocker Davis Holt. That rarely used strategy enable Timmer to later re-enter for a second service turn. Wade also brought in libero Kolby Kanetake for Sedore, allowing middle Taylor Averill, who also can set and play opposite, to hit out of the back right.  The move, in essence, provided a defensive replacement for Sedore for one turn.


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  1. azwarrior22:


  2. RedZone:

    NFPLA roster showing Diontae Spencer from McNeese St as wide receiver wearing the 81 number. ????

  3. Kirk Masuda:


  4. whitey:

    good morning and congrats to chris and sean

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm not sure how they calculate volleyball attendance, but it was funny the past two were 1492 and 2020.

  6. tommui:


    Wonder if OC16 videotaped the game even though they did not broadcast it.

  7. Bugaz:

    Great win for the Warriors last night. Best of luck today to Schroeder and Gant.

  8. bowwar:

    The more I read about Davone Bess' situation, the more I'm convinced that he needs psychological assistance. The man is obviously reaching out for help...I hope someone intervenes.

  9. Pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka.

    Good luck Gant and your stuff.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  10. Pu'uwai:

    Good win for the MV team last night.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  11. Shoko:

    Checked a couple days ago the American teams roster and saw Gant's name on there, but checked it today and he's no longer on the list. Not sure when the picture (above) was taken, but I'm wondering if he got injured since then and has been taken off the roster.

  12. Shoko:

    NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Roster:

  13. cocobean:

    #8. It is more about mental health issues rather a person making bad choices. Really don't think drug usage is the cause of his erratic behavior it goes deeper than that. His using drugs may be a means of self medication. He needs professional help.

  14. Old School Dave:

    Hope that Devone can get the help he needs and get his life back in order.

    Off topic, but kind of funny story (sent to me by a friend in Canada - why doesn't UH recruit Canada and the Pac NW anymore?).

  15. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Great game last night!
    Tom mui - don't think anyone from Oceanic, except Chris McLachlin, was there last night.


  16. tommui:

    #15 jm2375 "don't think anyone from Oceanic, except Chris McLachlin, was there last night."

    Life is hard!

  17. Kapahulu:

    Top 20

  18. Kapahulu:

    Wishing the best for Davone Bess. Hope he gets the help that he needs.

  19. tommui:

    Hope you bloggers go to the men's basketball game tonight.
    Not only does BJ need the crowd's money, but they are honoring the 2013 women's softball team tonight - Thanks to the boosters, Pomai, Kevin et al, the Wahine will be getting their championship bracelets tonight at halftime.

    Congratulations Wahine!

  20. Slugger:

    Howdy, Tsaikos!

    That is strange that Gant's name is not on the American roster...

    Yeah, I do hope someone reaches out to Davone to get him straightened out. Sad to hear that he's not stable.

    Too bad OC16 missed televising the game (& the revenue they'll miss from not having re-broadcasts.) The final Live Stats for the 5th set was incorrect last night. They posted the final winning point to LBSU & showed that UH won. :P

  21. A-House:


    family going tonight to the MBB game

    did some one post earlier that the WSB team were getting "rings"? main thing is that are recognized for their dedication and winning program for years - some players, like K Majam, will have 4 bracelets.

    congrats to Coolen and his staff

    so, now, it is up to each "booster group" to insure that team championships are recognized? What did the swimming & diving team receive? does BJ have enough $$ stashed to honor each championship team?

  22. Former UH Athlete:

    Hey, June Jones is the OC for the East Team in the Shine Game.

    This Garoppolo kid can really throw it. Very quick feet and big time arm. It's only a small sample, but he is the most impressive non-BCS QB I've seen this year. Better footwork than Carr and just as quick release. Maybe has a bigger arm than Carr also, but close.

    Oh my god, the announcers are hyping David Fales... Dick Tomey must be passing the notes in the booth.

    Tommy Reis has a noodle arm. Accurate, but has zero velocity. Jordan Lynch played terrible when he was in.

  23. Former UH Athlete:

    Yeah... Rees has no arm. Under threw both deep balls badly.

    Garoppolo back up for the east... Check down for short gain then a beautiful touch throw on a corner route.

  24. Former UH Athlete:

    Wow, that ball comes out so quick out of Garoppolo's hand. Extremity impressive. His release is similar to Aaron Rodgers. OLine doing a good job also, Garoppolo has had a very nice pocket on every play.

  25. HODAD:

    Devonne Bess still at it (Saturday). Please get him the help he obviously needs.

  26. Haleakala:

    UHA, reading your updates since I don't have cable.

    There must be somehing seriously wrong with DB. He does need intervention before he gets into bigger trouble.

  27. markazulu:

    Should maybe have june jones and his old teammates talk to D Bess

  28. markazulu:

    Sean Schroeder is in.

  29. markazulu:

    The Announcers are praising everything about schroeder QB IQ, Smarts, quick release, accuracy but said the 2 things going against him is his Arm Strength, and his height.

  30. boolakanaka:

    SS balls do float a tad, although he appears very poised and moves with purpose.

  31. Former UH Athlete:

    Besides the lack of arm strength (we all knew that already), SS looks pretty good so far...

    Give SS a line that can protect, he's a good QB. Too bad they ran it on 4th and 2, but good 1st drive for SS.

  32. markazulu:

    On that drive he threw the ball about 3 times 2 of it was PERFECT passes 1 of them was a little low and the TE had to go back to it. But Schroeder is looking good he even had a scramble when the pocket broke down. Sounds like he is impressing people.

  33. oneseason:

    #31 ... yup ... 2 runs up the middle for no gain ... flashbacks :)

  34. markazulu:

    Yeah SS really came thru this season.

  35. Sofaking_blk:

    SS is dealing now

  36. markazulu:

    Another drive Sean Schroeder isn't making big plays but he is being consistent looking good getting noticed.

  37. Sofaking_blk:

    SS Throws a TD

  38. oneseason:

    Nice job by SS!

  39. markazulu:

    2 drives 7/8 68 yards 1 td

    Sean Schroeder is getting a lot of talk and camera time

  40. Former UH Athlete:

    If SS keeps this up, he might make a NFL roster next season. Showing excellent timing and getting the ball out on time. Accuracy has been solid. Good pocket presence. Everybody knows he's got the IQ to absorb play books and read coverage. Just a matter of him getting a tryout on a team that uses a west coast offense concepts.

  41. WY:

    Maybe Devonn Best is suffering from head traumas. He's been in the league a while.

    Why can't the UH Athletic dept devise their own TV Channel. Only in Hawaii we overlook the obvious.

  42. NotNasti:

    From what I've seen so far, and with my experience representing involuntary hospitalization defendants, I'm fairly certain Davonne is suffering from a mental illness. Often, illicit drug use is an attempt at self-medication. You or I may be able to handle a joint or two without any severe side effects, but if you're already suffering from auditory and/or visual hallucinations, illicit drug use tends to exacerbate the hallucinatory experience. The onset of mental illness in men is from the late teens to the late twenties, and in women it's from the late twenties to the late thirties. Many famous actors and artists suffer from bipolar disorder, which is also know as manic depression. IF he is suffering from bipolar disorder, it is treatable with medication, and he should be able function quite normally. Let's pray that he get the help he needs.

  43. al:


  44. al:


  45. boolakanaka:

    40-FUHA I do agree he has a chance to play on Sundays, the thing that worries me, is he ability to throw the out pattern in the pros. The out and deep out is an integral part of most pro offenses. Moreover, is the closing speed of DBs in the NFL, where everyone has great quickness, thus there is very little room for mistake on this staple throw....Your thoughts?

  46. boolakanaka:

    42--Counselor, I concur entirely. There is no doubt, that he is in throes of what looks like of bi-polar or Schizophrenia. His drug usage, while again providing some form of mitigating properties, are only magnifying his current state. He needs to check himself in and avoid checking-out AMA. Long term care coupled with cognitive behavioral therapy, are usually the course of action. Be well Davone....

  47. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud afternoon Tsaikos....waves pounding again.

    SS drawing a lot of praises. Good job!

    What happened to Gant?

  48. Luki:

    Tuned in late to NFLPA game and caught the Schroder led touchdown drive, he's playing solid. Did Gant get any touches?

  49. Haleakala:

    Instead of punishment, DB's team and the NFL better start looking at treatment for his very apparent mental problem.

  50. boolakanaka:

    49---I agree with you. Moreover, if DB is indeed diagnosed with some form of mental illness, from a labor and HR perspective, the league would have to address the situation as one would, as applied to any other form of serious sickness.....

  51. st anthony trojan:

    wilfred you from holualoa ?

  52. Inyoface:

    Props to Sean!

  53. oneseason:

    Very nice win by Rainbow Wahine.

  54. WarriorNY:

    Not one of us will know what Davone is going through at this time. But I'm proud that I haven't seen one negative remark about him on this blog. It proves to me one thing; people might say "Hawaii fans are fair-whether fans." BUT....
    Once you are a Warrior, Hawaii will always be behind you...

    Mental illness and self-medication is a bitch to go through... It tears people apart...

    I'm proud to hear that all the Tsaiko's wish him well...

  55. WarriorNY:

    Oh and when did Sean Schroeder turn into Chad Pennington?!?

    Haha... I hope everyone is having a great new year...

  56. Former UH Athlete:

    45... SS doesn't have the arm to make deep out routes beyond 10 yards or drive the ball deep on the seams or sideline.

    I don't know of he will get drafted but he's definitely earned himself a free agent tryout at the very least. Like I said earlier, SS has to be on a team that uses the west coast style of offense that doesn't require a lot of deep throws to have a chance of making a roster.

  57. 3-Prong:

    Someone please help Davone before he hurts himself.

  58. 3-Prong:

    Let's Go Bows! Time for a conference win!

  59. Warrior Dave:

    Tony Solitto is a terrible color man in TV. he's got to go. I'm happy with Kanoa and Artie.

  60. SteveM:

    Flashback to 7 years ago today on the Warrior Beat... we were talking of another UH quarterback. it was the day after Colt Brennan announced he will forgo the draft and return to the University of Hawaii for his senior year...

    Stephen Tsai wrote:

    Posted on: January 18, 2007 at 9:51:16 am
    Redskins, Dolphins wanted Brennan

    The Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins said they were interested in taking quarterback Colt Brennan in the first round, said Rich Miano, UH's liason to the NFL.
    A Miami offiicial told Miano: "We have the ninth pick, and we'd love to take him."
    A Washington official said: "We'll take him in the first round."
    The Redskins have the sixth pick in the first round.
    Brennan announced yesterday he is returning to UH for his senior season.
    * * *
    An interesting scene at yesterday's news conference wasn't the people at the podium but those in the gallery.
    Among the most vocal was wideout Jason Rivers.
    It was a pleasant surprise to see Rivers, often reserved in large groups, showing unabashed enthusiasm. It appears his record-setting performance in the Hawai‘i Bowl is spurring him to assume a leadership role on the team. The lesson of last season is it's good to have several leaders.
    * * *
    Brennan's decision should not be linked to UH's renewed optimism in filling the three empty dates on the 2007 schedule.
    To assume that would be to inaccurately link his decision to the scheduling delay. The two are not related.
    With ESPN taking a lead role as a matchmaker for UH, maybe the schedule will be finalized soon. Or at least some verbal commitments can be reached.
    * * *
    If UH has any idea of how many home games it will play in 2007, then it would be wise to start sending out renewal forms to season-ticket holders. You can't start the new ticket drive without knowing the number of renewals.
    * * *
    UH came up with a clever approach to recruiting cornerback Keith Lewis of Chicago. It was set up so Lewis would have back-to-back visits to Wyoming and UH. The first part worked out in UH's favor: Wyoming was very, very cold. But the second part? Well, Lewis' flight out of Denver was canceled because of snow. He finally arrived in Honolulu — without his baggage. The airline then sent his bags to the wrong hotel. He left yesterday before Brennan's announcement. Still, Lewis, who will visit Arkansas State this weekend, lists UH among his top choices.

  61. wow:

    Warrior Dave is a terrible Blog poster, he has got to go. I'm happy with the other blog posters....

  62. Moocher:

    said it since SS came on in chow's first year...if your car has flat tires, a broken radiator, broken starter, etc. no matter how good or bad the engine is, the car just wont go. that was SS. we never knew how good he would really be, could really be, when so many broken parts surrounded him. not saying he was perfect, but was not really given an opportunity to succeed with so many other broken parts.

    year 2, chow recruited bigger receivers, receivers that could separate, later the line got better, and SS lit things up. still, he wasn't "the holy grail" but SS sure tested the boundaries of creating a few miracles. i for one do regret that we will never know how good or great SS could have been with all the other deficiencies in other positions. but still, SS was damn good enough in my opinion and i hope he gets more opportunities.

    right on SS, success to you always!

  63. boolakanaka:

    For those of you who have Showtime, just saw a great documentary called "Against the Tide", narrated by Tom Selleck. Very entertaining. One forgets what a great athlete Joe Namath was before he had chronic knee problems. Man, could straight jump and run.

  64. boolakanaka:

    Oh, more Duane Akina citings, last seen talking to folks at CAL.

  65. Shoko:

    64. Yep, they demoted Andy Buh to linebacker coach and are looking to replace him. Akina might be a solid candidate.

  66. Shoko:

    Hmm, wonder what happened to Gant. Saw only the first half of the game and didn't see him on the field or register any stats in the box score.

  67. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos.....25-35 foot safe

    SS did himself a lot of good ... hope he gets a look see in the NFL.

    is Riverside that bad or are we that good?..both of their teams.....

  68. NorthShoreFan:

    Gant not listed on roster