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Audition for former Warriors

January 18th, 2014


Regardless of how Chris Gant and Sean Schroeder play in today's NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, the important work already has been done. This past week, as in most all-star weeks, the tests and interviews are the most significant in determining a player's pro potential.

Still, both can be seen when the game is played at 1 p.m. Hawaii time on ESPN2.

* * * * *

Unfortunately only 2,020 witnessed the Rainbow Warriors' best volleyball match in the past three years. (Last night's victory over fourth-ranked Long Beach State was not televised.) The outcome was significant because:

• The 49ers had kicked okole in the three previous meetings, including Thursday night's sweep.

• Brook Sedore regained his star status, and Kupono Fey showed why he's the next Tony Ching.

• Charlie Wade showed he's quite the strategist. He tinkered the rotation to open with serving specialist Johann Timmer starting in place of middle blocker Davis Holt. That rarely used strategy enable Timmer to later re-enter for a second service turn. Wade also brought in libero Kolby Kanetake for Sedore, allowing middle Taylor Averill, who also can set and play opposite, to hit out of the back right.  The move, in essence, provided a defensive replacement for Sedore for one turn.


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