JC linebacker picks UH

January 23rd, 2014

Fullerton College middle linebacker Simon Poti has accepted a football scholarship from the Rainbow Warriors.

Poti is 6 feet 1, 230 pounds, and capable of running 40 yards in 4.5 seconds, bench-pressing 325 pounds, and squat-lifting 425 pounds.

Poti began  his career as a preferred walk-on at San Jose State in 2011. He actually was atop the depth chart in the spring of 2012, but opted to leave because of the expenses.

He said he received offers from Fresno State, Utah State and New Mexico, but instead chose UH.

Here are his highlights: Poti video

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Jesse Sapolu, a former lineman for the Rainbow Warriors and the San Francisco 49ers, is synonymous with Polynesia and football.

But Sapolu will not be one of the seven members of the inaugural class inducted into the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame today. That's because Sapolu is a co-founder of the organization, and he purposely was left off the initial ballot because he wanted to see others celebrated and honored.

That's the lineman's code: Lay the ground work, without fanfare or ego.

That's Jesse Sapolu, a hard-worker and unheralded leader.


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  1. 1:


  2. PONO:

    Jesse is the man!

  3. tommui:


    Jesse is a credit to Hawaii, to Polynesians, and to himself and his upbringing!

  4. Fei Jai:

    Norm chow is the man? He ink deal where, uh win or losing season , uncle norm make $2.5 mill, regardless. In my book, that make uncle norm the man!

  5. boolakanaka:

    Jesse was a great player (seeing him everyday on scout team was no fun at all), but an even better human being and man--enough said.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Sapolu is a medical miracle, too. In his autobiography, he wrote about his heart problems.

  7. Fan:

    4.... Can't you think of something new to contribute?.....or at least change your screen name again to give some semblance of something novel

  8. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Mr. Sapolu is a great role model. Certain present-day players would do well to emulate him.


  9. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    top 10 =).

  10. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    would be something if sapolu could come coach for us. talk about some instacredibility when recruiting. I know, dream on.

  11. Haleakala:

    There are those that contribute to society. Some others just whine and complain.

    Jesse is one of the contributors to society.

  12. jeezy33:

    Looks like LB Simon Poti officially committed today

  13. boolakanaka:

    ST...on a unrelated note. NYC papers report that there is a sizable amount of interest in Mark Sanchez, and that if he were on the market a number of teams are ready to sign him---some as a starter.

  14. 808Fringe:

    #7 - AMEN! Jesse is the epitome of class. Met him back in 1999-2000 when UH came to play SJSU. Took a pic with him, he signed my #61 49ers jersey and even let me wear his SB ring! Buggah had some HUGE HANDS!! Always great to see him do his work.

  15. Ipu Man:

    Jesse for Governor!

  16. lowtone123:

    Jesse Sapolu much like Mark Tuinei and Olin Kreutz spent many seasons in the trenches...unsung leaders to teammates who finally got their well deserved recognition by the NFL.

  17. 808Fringe:

    #15 - Jesse is a Governor! Farrington grad right?

  18. jm2375:

    Is Oceanic taking the weekend off?? They're not televising HOME games for Wahine bb on Sat and Warrior vb on Sun.
    Bring back K5!!!

  19. gobows:

    Thanks st, now it makes sense. Thought it was another hawaii shaft, kinda like the avca and dave.

  20. UH4eva:

    #17 with that said it is "Jessie Sapolu Da Governor"!

  21. warrior650:

    #12 - Thanks for the update Jeezy. Hope we can hold on to him through signing day.

  22. boolakanaka:

    16---So, very true. Jesse, Mark Tuinei (although he played on the d-line in college), Bernard Carvalho, and Jim Mills, represent the best collective, and individual group of UH offensive of lineman, in the school's history. All had a stint, in the NFL. Moreover , they have over 400 NFL games between them, 40 playoff games,and 6 six superbowl rings. Not too shabby at all...

  23. hwynstyl:

    Shame we couldnt close on Lamone Williams from Kahuku. Maybe if we had a local or polynesian
    coach on defense we would have a shot. How does Hawaii not have Polynesian coaches?
    Dont try and tell me chow is, you need to act it too.
    Good luck to him at OSU

  24. boolakanaka:

    23--Huh, Chris Naeole, Ka'aawa, born and bred kanaka.

  25. kifi:

    Is that Hawaii's own Ashley Lelie on the staff at Alabama A&M?

  26. el burro sabio:

    Who's going to tell Lewis Powell that he isn't Polynesian?

  27. Kapaa Warrior:

    It is without saying that Jesse Sapolu was/is and is still a man of high integrity! Love you Jesse!

    On to the Pro-Bowl. Why is Roger Goodell turning this event that is supposed to celebrate All Pro players and their great play through out the year being treated like some clown WWE Wrestle Mania event. Goodell needs to know when to just leave stuff alone. The format was good! Bad enough he changes it before the Super Bowl. The problem is the play not the format? Roger.......enough bro!

  28. NorthShoreFan:

    Me thinks having a Polynesian coach may not be a priority for some ballers from the 808.
    Coach Chow got some Polynesian blood no?

  29. boolakanaka:

    28--Possibly, but we do have the North Shore's very own Chris Naeole.

    27--Part of the Pro Bowl problem, is that the most of the pros selected, do not want to exert themselves or moreover, risk injury, for a game which is conscripted to the enjoyment of fans. Thus, it has evolved into more of a rough flag-football game, more than anything else.

  30. kifi:

    Vavae Tata to Vanderbilt to coach the defensive line. Congratulations.

  31. boolakanaka:

    Just a side-note, when talking about our two most celebrated and talented O-Lineman in UH history; Jesse and Mark. While Mark was just an incredibly natural athlete, (for those of you who use to make the Wed night basketball games at Punahou, can attest to his fantastic coordination and dexterity--he was all ILH in b-ball too), who literally could have made the pros in a number of positions: DE, DT, TE, and O-line, Jesse was true grit and had innate sense of leverage. Jesse played most of his career at 270 or so, but had incredible core strength, before the term became all the vogue in fitness circles.

    Jesse, no doubt was country strong, but he was a supreme technician, and willed his way to greatness.

  32. NorthShoreFan:

    We got some good ones in the making...Duane, Chad, Chris, Norm ... to name a few

  33. boolakanaka:

    30--Wow, just a little big ago, I think, 2006, he was the d-line coach for McKinley HS. Nice job sole!!!

  34. NorthShoreFan:

    Jesse used sports to mold himself into a great one... but he is now an "All Pro" in another arena today....one that really matters to all...

  35. kifi:

    I agree that it would be great to have Jesse Sapolu as a coach. But I think that he has moved on to bigger and greater things beyond the football field. Definitely a person that we in Hawaii can all be proud of.

  36. koakane ip5:

    ditto kifi

    morning 808 needless to point out its chilly out there which made for a brisk walk and even quicker swim this am

    lots of pro bowl peeps at kolina and crap some of dem huge

  37. PurpleMaple:

    Don't forget Larry Cole, DE, Dallas Cowboys. He retired at the end of the 1980 season (1968-1980), becoming along with D.D. Lewis, the first three-decade players in franchise history. He is one of only eight NFL players who have played in five Super Bowls: (V, VI, X, XII and XIII). Cole helped the Cowboys win 2 Super Bowls and 5 NFC Championships. He played in 26 total playoff games, a record when he retired.

  38. Warrior Dave:

    What a success and inspirational story Jesse is. Hard work and never give up attitude paid off in multiple Super Bowl rings. Proud to say he was a UH Rainbow Warrior!!!

  39. PONO:

    So Poti is an ex SJSU player who didn't take care of his business, cleaned up his act at JC and now is coming to Hawaii? Is he a good get jizzy?

  40. boolakanaka:

    38...Oh, did not forget about ole Larry Cole, who was an ole skool gangsta with the Boys. But, my comment was made in context, first in reference to Jesse, and also, the great offensive lineman in warrior history.

  41. Jeezy33:

    39. He was a preferred walk on at San Jose St. Who was running with the 1st team after his redshirt season and couldn't afford tuition. San Jose was going through coaching change so new staff made mistake in my opinion not putting him on scholarship . He has ideal size and can cover so I think he is a big upgrade over Daley. Well see though. I'll find the article about his situation

  42. Jeezy33:


  43. boolakanaka:

    25--Kifi, yes that is the former Radford Ram in the heart of Alabama.

  44. ALLAN:


  45. LizKauai (mbp):

    Sapolu ROCKS!

  46. jeezy33:

    ST, Fullerton.......

  47. Stephen Tsai:


  48. Stephen Tsai:

    Just spoke with him. Nice guy. Too bad for Utah State, which was recruiting him.

  49. jeezy33:

    48. I think having to walk on at San Jose and earn everything will pay off now that he's on scholarship... MLB was my biggest worry on D so I feel a lot better now.

  50. Warrior Dave:

    Thanks Jezzy for your recap and the article on Poti.

  51. Boolakanaka:

    49-jeezy, I'm still concerned about our corner play, depending on the new scheme brought in by new DC.

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    Yep, I had my head up my Butte.

  53. Stephen Tsai:

    Doesn't Poti sound like a really familiar island name?
    He says he had relatives who attended UH, but did not play sports here.
    He's totally a Cali guy.


    Simon Poti sounds like he will be good, on and off the field. I'm looking forward to seeing him play.

  55. Jeezy33:

    51. Concerned too but I think scheme and better pass rush should help. Lot of the DBs who started last year didnt get to redshirt like nequan and trayvon so it's unfair to judge them fairly.. On most teams, nequan would have been a redshirt fr, and trayvon redshirts. Anthony pierce was a redshirt freshman. Having no pass rush and asking them to go man all game was a bad schematic fit for inexperienced players . So I'm curious to see what clune can bring. We don't know a lot about fermin but he should add depth. Nick Nelson looks solid and Barry higdon will be a redshirt fr. year 3 is the year to see what daronte jones recruits got though. If Castro, yap, and jgw can get to the qb, their jobs will be a lot easier ....

  56. Jeezy33:

    I'm guessing his name is pronounced "see- moan" ??

  57. Boolakanaka:

    56- who is the JC kid we just signed at corner. He looked like a good sneaky corner, he had big ears--I like players with pronounced ears....they hear a lot of the play calls we don't'

  58. jeezy33:

    haha Cesar Fermin... I'm guessing he is already on campus... Looks like we just got another big time high school DB.... I'll wait for ST to release this one though ....

  59. boya_jr:

    Go Warriors!

  60. Boolakanaka:

    Jeezy, glad you enjoyed that, although I like his vibe--good DBs are always sneaky. Think Reed... Sneaky buggah!

  61. dannyp:


    I really didn't expect this one...

  62. 808Fringe:

    #58 - You kill us sometimes jeezy with your insider knowledge. It's always appreciated of course.

  63. Robin:

    And I don't know, how I knew it.
    But I knew it, somehow.
    You're the answer, to the question, No one's answered till now...

  64. wafan:

    Good evening!

    Kinda feel like Hitchcock. HA!

  65. ai-eee-soos:

    Timmy Chang ...

    Jackson State (MS - FCS): Timmy Chang will be the new offensive coordinator at Jackson

    State. Chang worked with the running backs at SMU this season.

    ... not confirmed yet ...

  66. dannyp:


    The DB is Jerrell Jackson. Flipped him from SDSU.

  67. jeezy33:

    62. Considering its out now...... Big pick up in my opinion... Gives Hawaii a real physical presence in the secondary. I assume he does not redshirt

  68. boolakanaka:

    Rather wild to think that two of the more noteworthy names in recent Warrior history our now in the deep south, Timmy Chang at Jackson St. (the alma mater of Walter Payton) and Ashley Lelie at Alabama A&M. Who would have thunked it....??

  69. Bryson:

    I wonder if this means we have a good shot at Cory Turner as well...I believe both of them are coming the weekend of the 31st...

  70. st anthony trojan:

    good 4 timmy if so..

  71. al:

    amazing who lurks in north america...at the same time and same place.

    ran into the ahouses in a casino store.
    talk story.

  72. al:

    equally amazing to steal one from usu and sdsu!
    great gets indeed.

  73. al:

    how about a great running back like a marshall faulk.

  74. st anthony trojan:

    i guess no more rice for timmy... but grits he he he

  75. RB:

    Saw Mike Edwards today at Koko Head with Nequan Phillips and Tony Grimes. Said he's here for the Pro Bowl.

  76. NorthShoreFan:

    It's great that former Warriors are getting a chance to coach. Too bad we couldn't groom them here because they didn't have a "name" in the business.

  77. jeezy33:

    Looks like Hawaii doesn't have to worry about losing Jackson. SDSU fans are trashing him already and Ezell Ruffin has no class and trashing him publicly...

  78. azwarrior22:

    Who's Ezell Ruffin?

  79. NorthShoreFan:


  80. Warrior Dave:

    Hope we can get a handful of stud oline men that are coming in the next 2 weekends as ST stated. To me, success and wins start in the trenches.

  81. Derek:

    Waiting for that Holy Grail of a QB next weekend.

  82. NorthShoreFan:

    he may already be here...

  83. jeezy33:

    Timmy Chang named OC at Jackson St.

  84. RB:

    June Jones made the top 10 worst dressed head coach at number 7.


  85. Jm2375:

    Congrats to both bb teams on their wins tonight!

    Go Warriors!
    Go Wahine!

  86. kapakahi:

    Sounding like Corey Turner.....Jerrell's in-state buddy.....also still intending to trip to UH.

  87. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great posts today, thanks to everybody for the news on Hawaii Coaches across the mainland.

    Poti looks like a real catch - can't wait to see him play. Some nice looking recruits so far.

    Jesse Sapolu - one word - awesome!

  88. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #80 - Warrior Dave -

    I'm with you on that! Always love news about the big boys. Considering the quality of recruits at other positions, I can't wait to see what shakes out of Chow's recruiting net in terms of line men.

  89. maddog50:

    # 44 I think you are referring to John Gordon who was all of 6' 7' or so. Do not think Hoffman was that big.....just FYI. He later spent some time in WFL

  90. maddog50:

    Just checked some facts on John Gordon.....had a brief career with Detroit Lions

  91. gobows:


    Was kani kauahi part of that group

  92. Shoko:

    Interesting news about head coach James Spady (former Nevada TE coach) taking Lelie with him when he got that head coaching gig at Alabama A&M.