"This is just like Christmas morning"

January 29th, 2014

On the first pre-dawn of the offseason conditioning program, strength/conditioning coordinator Gary Beemer implored the offensive players to get through the drills at Ching field.

"This is just like Christmas morning," Beemer said of the first phase. "You're walking into the living room to open your presents. This time, the weight room is your present."














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And for Rainbow Warrior volleyball fans . . .



And the breakfast of champions . . .


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  1. Kam200:


  2. 1:


  3. Stephen Tsai:

    I was trying to go with the artsy look. Instead, the photos just came out dark.

  4. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!
    Top 5!

    Go Warriors! Work hard in the classroom, weight room and on the field!

  5. tommui:


    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  6. momo:

    had to sign in since I was so high on the number. Go men and lady bows. See you at the game.

  7. 808Fringe:

    Now that's what I'm talking about! Champions are made in the off-season!!

  8. Shoko:

    Weights. The gift that keeps on giving. At least until you get past the post-workout muscle pain.

    Probably got to adjust to shutter speed to get better pictures.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    I do like the T-shirt: "Rise."

  10. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...wet, cold, cloudy day but....bootiful

  11. Shoko:

    Sounds like Polian and Rolo were in Hawaii on Monday and just left yesterday.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    It was really windy yesterday.
    I was texting while in a parking stall on Ward, but my engine was still on. A cop pulled up to the side, and I think he was going to get out of his car, but it was so windy, he just shook his head and drove off.
    Thank you, Mother Nature.

  13. Shoko:

    Speaking of Leonard's, Polian said he had his first malasada and loved it.

  14. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    "You're a better man than I, Gunga Din." Thanks for getting up EARLY, ST!

    Nice to see the VolleyBow guys, too.


  15. Slugger:

    Hi, momo!

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    Polian also said he recruited Manti. Recruiters say a lot of things.

  17. jeezy33:

    9. It beats "just scrap"

  18. jm2375:

    Go VolleyBows!

    Glasses seems to be a fashion accessory this year among the vb team.
    Joby's dad is awesome!

    Very nice redesign of the player profiles on hawaiiathletics.com. Are they gonna do it for the coaches too?

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    "Just scrap" is good if there were more, you know, scraps in practice. I miss the good ol' days of practice fights. Actually, the best practice fight was between two soccer players. All of the football players were watching. Ah ... memories.

  20. Manoa Mist:

    Stephen I think get so many people texting and driving the cops sometimes just give up already. On my street, after 7 am, they tow you quick if you don't put them quarters in the meter. But right next to the meters on the street down the road, there are tents set up on the sidewalk with people living in them AND THEY NO NEED MOVE.
    What is up with that?
    And thanks for the pics, dark or however...

  21. Manoa Mist:

    Yup seen plenty practice fights.
    Once played in a basketball league and my and me team mate got into it in the layup line...before the game! Our captain runs over, scolds both of us, and breaks us up. Later, again before the game even starts, I turn around and the captain and the my team mate are throwing haymakers at each other.
    Agree. Those were the days.

  22. Warrior Dave:


    Is it a traffic violation if you are in a parking stall and text? What difference does it make if the engine is running or not? You're in a parking stall???

  23. Shoko:

    16. There may be speculation on who actually recruited Manti (Polian or the school name) but I tend to believe that Polian enjoyed his first malasada. Every mainland person that I introduced a malasada to all loved it, especially the ones with fillings (custard, haupia or chocolate crème). I think it puts a bear down on Krispy Kreme donuts.

  24. boolakanaka:

    Speaking of fights, at one point, I lived with three of the Kafentzis brothers. From computer games to pick-up b-ball, to who used up the all the hot water, it was a constant rush to break up the weekly "scraps"--and this was not even the football field.

  25. Former UH Athlete:

    Very impressive... they got some big boys to do the Asian squat

  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Great pics Mr. Tsai. Mahalo! Did it feel like Christmas for you? ;) It was a proper metaphor, considering what a nice chilly morning it was. Good to see the Warriors out there ready to do the hard work!

    And as far as the police/texting post - don't blame the weather! It's you Stephen Tsai, media figure that you are. As seen on TV and in print, everybody knows that you're a "heavy". The thing at the traffic court and now the texting scofflaw incident - people are afraid to cross your line Big Daddy!

    I dub thee the Teflon Tsai! :lol:

  27. boolakanaka:

    The last time I saw someone in that advanced posture of the "tagalog power position", I was deep in Waianae valley working a concession stand at a large chicken fight--outstanding!!

  28. cocobean:

    UH soccer players scrapping at practice = catfight. No wonder the whole football team stopped to watch.

  29. cocobean:

    I'd bet if boola was at practice when the two Wahine soccer players got it on he'd be taking side bets on who would win.

  30. boolakanaka:

    Coco--mos def--chinatown has a line on everything!

  31. cocobean:

    boola. funny you should mention Detective Dwight Sato, HPD, yesterday. I know him and his family well. His two daughters call me "uncle". Not biggest guy but very intense.

  32. Leron:

    Yesterday, a shooting a Roosevelt. Today, they're shooting Hawaii 5-0 there. Go figure.

  33. boolakanaka:

    Coco--I had the same thoughts, playing as soph, I think he was a senior, and we faced some really good guys that year. I still remember playing Farrington, they had dudes like Tali Ulufale, Peter Tomas, Matt Karratti, etc..they all looked like they were men in their mid 20s, who just did a nickle at OCCC.

    But, Dwight did stand out in my mind, very tenacious, sound technically, and did not back down. Tell him, someone still thinks he had an A game, and for me, better then Matt at Farrington (all due respect) who was 1st team all-state.

  34. Buffoman:

    #29 would boola have given "jess"? I have been to "long bridge" and Hakimo road for the cultural experience.

  35. boolakanaka:

    Cultural experience huh??! LOL....that's what we told the lookouts to tell the popo: "we are having a cultural exchange--the mediators are the chickens"

  36. boolakanaka:

    34. Buffo--I got some ohana that live right down the road on Paakea.

  37. Turfwar:

    Soccer girls fighting? Interesting blog today just got better!

  38. boolakanaka:

    37--Indeedio, and who were the feisty culprits?

  39. Ipu Man:

    Best Weigh Room ever: Leonard's Bakery.
    Go Bows! thar often...


    Reading ST's theme this morning reminds me of my favorite Christmas movie -The Polar Express. It's message was to BELIEVE.

  41. JordanWynnFan:

    BREAKING NEWS: Just saw on Facebook a picture of Jordan Wynn holding a signed contract as a paid UA football coach. Go HAWAII. !

  42. NorthShoreFan:

    JW...let the good times roll!....

  43. Truman:

    #34, Never realized until your blog post, that there also is a Hakimo Rd. in the Waialua Sugar Plantation area and also a "long bridge" around the Haleiwa Elementary School area too. Don't know if that is the official name as we used to call it that to distinguish the different bridges in the Haleiwa/Waialua area.

  44. gobows:


    Malachi mageo, olb, verbal commit?


    Beemer = strength, speed, endurance.

  46. gobows:



  47. Truman:

    Ok, it's already late Wednesday so who are the recruits coming in for this final weekend before LOI day?

  48. Truman:

    #44, I believe it was jeezy who broke that on this blog yesterday. He looks pretty good.
    I felt kinda stupid when I first saw his name because I thought what an unusual name and thought his first name was pronounced something like ma-La-chee. I am not a biblical kinda of guy but it dawned on me later that it was pronounced MAL-a-ky. I am a guy who made fun of a friend in our fantasy draft for calling Chone Figgins, cho-nee. lol.

  49. gobows:


    Malachi mageo was a stabbing victim in 2012 and lost a kidney.


  50. wafan:


  51. wafan:

    It really was a good afternoon.

  52. wafan:

    Thanks for the pix, Mr. Tsai!

  53. whitey:

    JWFan, thanks, he now QB coach. Cheers, I'll drink to that.

  54. ai-eee-soos:

    Jordan Wynn's pix.


  55. jonj:

    Yo jeezy what u think of Adam amosa?? I think he should be extended a grey shirt or walk on.

  56. Buffoman:

    #43 sorry about my geography. Hakimo was on the Wes side. Should have used the plural "experiences". Two separate places. Each had its own character. Back then it was safe to go.

  57. Shoko:

    Congrats to Jordan. Now he's a lot closer to affording Hawaii's high cost of living.

  58. jeezy33:

    55. No idea... Seems like were done recruiting though. Can't offer too many grey shirts because that minimizes your scholarship count next year... This years class has to account for Tago, Falemalu, Castro, and Pedroza. Next years class already has Lambert and Furuta. Wouldn't want too many grey shirts.

  59. Andrew:


    Funny how Utah releases the announcement before UH does. But yes congratulations to him.

  60. jonj:

    58. Got good bloodline (Amosa Amosas son) and highly regarded by brian derby and olien krutz. I think atleast a preferred walkon. needs to bulk up



  61. al:

    isn't adam amosa a relative of amosa amosa?
    doesn't amosa amosa, jr play wr at campbell?

  62. kapakahi:

    #60 & #61,

    Adam is Amosa Sr.'s nephew......son of younger brother Tuli......who also played OL for Rainbows with Amosa Sr.

  63. wafan:

    Good morning!

    It is Aloha Friday Eve.

  64. Ipu Man:

    Go Bows!

  65. leron:

    Malachi goes to the same high school that Keith Shamburger went to