The Warrior Beat

No rest for the Warriors

February 1st, 2014

Rain and darkness did not stop the Rainbow Warriors from participating in this morning's offseason conditioning drills.

When the schedule was posted, there were no objections, even though it meant the players were required to report by 5:45 a.m. They brought two pairs of shoes — a pair for Ching's turf, another pair for workouts in the weight room.

"The goal in the winter is to set the stage for the summer," said Gary Beemer, the Warriors' strength and conditioning coordinator. "We want to put as much muscle mass on them as we can. Then you also want to make them as tough as  we can. We want to help the team find its identity. The only way you can do that with a football team is put them through discomfort, kind of like gold refined in a furnace. There has to be a crucible involved. That's what winter training is."

Beemer said summer is "performance time." During winter drills, there is an emphasis on metabolic drills involving tumbling and constant motion.

"It's very uncomfortable for the guys because they're always in a state of movement, and (the drills) have to be done perfectly or else they have to be done over again," Beemer said.

Beemer said there are general workouts and drills that are position-specific. He also said there are varying ways to deal with each player.

"The players who are adults, I treat like adults," Beemer said. "The players who act like kids get treated like kids. We have a very large spectrum of athletes on our team. There are a lot of guys who are very mature and a lot of guys who need to grow up quickly."


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