Gouveia on the job

February 18th, 2014

Kurt Gouveia arrived in town yesterday, and by that afternoon, he already was at work in the football office.

Gouveia was hired a week ago to coach the outside linebackers.

He is a former Waianae High, BYU and NFL player.

* * * * *

In a unique format, the first AD show (featuring Ben Jay) will be at 6 p.m. today on ESPN 1420 AM.

Bobby Curran is the co-host.


326 Responses to “Gouveia on the job”

  1. Hank:

    Go Warriors! Welcome Coach Kurt!

  2. Warrior Dave:

    Welcome home Coach Gouveia and Good luck!

  3. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos....soggy but nice day....

    Staff is looking up...IMUA WARRIORS!

  4. boolakanaka:

    3. Aloha Ola and welcome!! On that note: Larry Ginoza or Cal Chai?

  5. tommui:


    Welcome home Coach Gouveia!

  6. leron:

    Gouvea's or Redondo's?

  7. justsomeguy:

    Good on him, 99/100 times success begins with hard work. Here's to hoping this is one of those times.

  8. tom-warriornation:

    Welcome Coach Gouveia!

    Btw, where is he moving from? CA?

  9. ai-eee-soos:

    Teach em all how to TACKLE !!!

    Welcome back to the aina, Kurt.

  10. boolakanaka:

    6--Great one, Leron!! But, I would be remissed not to add Regos Purity brand to the mix. In my Ohana's hale back home, Regos is the preferred go to sausage.

  11. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Welcome home Coach Gouveia. Nice to have some Waianae on the staff. Way to hit the ground running.


  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Esquire, if I read you correctly you just mentioned a "go to sausage".

  13. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Chai... or Ginoza! Both were great.

  14. boolakanaka:

    12---DPK....keep it clean for the keikis.LOL

    BTW--Back home in a week.

  15. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Cool Boola - Must have cool beverage or two. Ya got my number. ;)

  16. boolakanaka:

    Roger that.

  17. tommui:

    #8 UTAH? :-)

  18. Kaipo'i 1:

    Memories of the Prep Bowls of the 70s.

  19. boolakanaka:

    Wayne Apuna or Ben Apuna?

  20. boolakanaka:

    Kaipo Spencer or Kaipo McGuire?

  21. boolakanaka:

    Hugh Jackman or Hugh Taufaasau?

  22. amela:

    Kaipo Spencer no honoree, too much dru...

  23. boolakanaka:

    Here is a hard one: Boyd Yap or Beau Yap?

  24. leron:

    "Go to sausage?"
    Hula's or Hamburger Mary's?
    Sorry for the juvenile humor.

  25. Aaron:

    Gouveia's. No Question... Redondo's is good, but Gouveia's is great.

    My current Portuguese Sausage power rankings:

    1. Gouveia's
    2. Kukui Sausage
    3. Redondo's
    4. Mo'ono
    5. Rego's Purity
    6. Pacific Sausage

    Also, it's not Portuguese sausage, but Aidells Andouille sausage is excellent.

  26. boolakanaka:

    OK, I'll give you an easy one: weight watcher's diet or Waianae diet?

  27. NotNasti:

    One finger salute? Or Kefe?

  28. obachan:

    #25 Frank's Foods Portuguese sausage - made in Hilo

  29. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #23 - Trick question! You can't have one without the other!

  30. boolakanaka:

    DPK...nice usuage on the laws of reproduction--and very diplomatic.

  31. boolakanaka:

    What , You like beef or you like fasi?

  32. Aaron:

    obachan, where can I find Frank's Foods sausage on Oahu? it sounds familiar but I can't place it...

  33. NotNasti:

    Mahu? or Fa'afafine?

  34. boolakanaka:

    Soul Sister or Sista Palakiko?

  35. boolakanaka:

    Fa'afafine mos def. But then again, I'm from Halawa.

  36. boolakanaka:

    This is an argument that stretches back 30 plus years: John Kamana or Leroy Lutu?

  37. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome home, Coach Gouveia.

    boola - #36 - as a UHS alum and a Punahou non-fan, gotta be Leroy Lutu! He wanted to go to UH, but his dad wouldn't let him, so he sent his son. :D

  38. A-House:


    How did Kurt get the office key?

    I tot UH goes "lock-down" on holidays?

    Good job Coach G!!!

  39. kaimiloa:

    LUTU... fellow lab rat.

  40. Inyoface:

    Gotta go Redondo's.

  41. 3-Prong:

    Daisy Duke or Ellie-Mae?

  42. al:

    25...maui's no ka oi best portuguese sausage eva. only sold at ah fook market.
    too bad roger retired.

  43. al:

    chunky's or all-star drive inn?

  44. al:

    shakey's or chico's?

  45. al:

    burgerland or rainbow's?

  46. al:

    k.c. or donld duck drive inn?

  47. Ipu Man:

    Star Bulletin or The Advertiser?

  48. al:

    shige's or sekiya's?

  49. al:

    coco's or tops?

  50. al:

    top of the I or top of waikiki or la ronde?

  51. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!


  52. al:

    tiki's or beef n grog?

  53. al:

    hawaiian hut or hula hut?

  54. al:

    ok, nuff fo today...making me hunger

  55. al:

    ok, i gotta do this last one for the boys of mckinley and my auntie...

    torii store lunch or the lunch house?

  56. SteveM:

    Al -- is this a "Calculate your age" thing? :?

    #49: Coco's

    Lunch time now... got a craving for pizza and teriburgers.

  57. Pupule:

    Chow is going to have to work hard to get Wittek......

    USC quarterback Max Wittek told Orangebloods.com that his visit to Texas "exceeded" his expectations.

    Wittek said he wants to go back to California and talk things over with his family before making any final decisions.

    While Wittek said he wouldn't say he's leaning toward Texas, he said he wasn't sure what his plans were for taking visits to Louisville, Hawaii or TCU (other schools he has listed as being under consideration).

    "Everything about my trip (to Texas) was awesome," Wittek said. "From the coaches to the players, the school, the campus - it all probably exceeded what I thought it would be."

    Wittek told said he needed to feel a strong connection to the coaches, and that happened.

    "From the time I got to Austin on Saturday, Coach (Shawn) Watson and I were talking ball," Wittek said. "A lot of the concepts they are talking about, I ran at Mater Dei (high school).

    "So I already feel comfortable."

    Wittek said he was impressed by Charlie Strong and felt like Strong was a coach he would want to play for.

    "He looks you in the eye, and you know he's no nonsense. And I like that," Wittek said.

    Wittek was hosted by center Dom Espinosa and went to the Texas - West Virginia basketball game. He also went bowling with a bunch of Texas players and felt like the Longhorns had good chemistry.

    "You can tell the players really get along, and you can tell they respect Coach Strong," Wittek said.

    "I was impressed."

    C'mon Man !!

    Don't decide until after you visit Hawai'i !!! (We have beter looking girls here.)

  58. Inyoface:

    Texas won't play him, they'll probably play another McCoy.

  59. Whats up:


    Soo true! If Kurt can get the boys on defense to tackle and take better angles to stop the big plays. Then Hawaii defense will get some respect.

  60. Inyoface:

    Huddle or no-huddle? I say no huddle, speed kills.

  61. old808:

    Geez Al you one old f.t..but looks who's talking. Chico's wine coolers. Russell's Row Boat or Forbidden City

  62. old808:

    Oh yeah the pizza at Chicos,,,,,forgot about the Pizza...must be da wine coolers

  63. st. anthony trojan:

    lippy espindas ---or...???

  64. old808:

    Boolakanaka...ahhh Halawa housing..upper Halawa housing next to the old Aiea Intermediate....8th grade cut out of school with two of my friends who lived in the housing. Next day called into the office to see the vice principal who had at least three different paddles and one with holes in it. Never cut out again after bending down and getting a couple of whacks. I never found out who tattle taled on us.

  65. old808:

    lippy espinda.....eh mano...

  66. old808:

    cracking up at what ST started with all the this or that or

  67. st. anthony trojan:

    well this should lay it to rest...

    ST OR DR ??

  68. Marleysdad:

    Honey's or Club Rose?

  69. al:

    old808...chicos had pizza? i remember wine coolers and draft beer...er, by the pitcher.

  70. al:

    kuhio grill or um, um, um...nonpareil

  71. al:

    Club rose or club jade?

  72. jimmy the lock:

    Andriod or iOS

    Delta or Seal

    CIA or NSA

    DR stay waiting for someone to post on his blog.

  73. bowwar:

    Kuhio Grill or Westeria Bar

  74. al:

    hubba hubba or arirang?

  75. st. anthony trojan:

    kalihi drive in or zippys

  76. bowwar:

    Chicos also had great fries (large kine) and fried chicken...More ono than their pizza.

  77. jimmy the lock:

    keoki's or ono ono

  78. Marleysdad:

    Gardenia Garden or Jubilees

  79. al:


  80. Marleysdad:

    Masa's or Masu's Cafeteria?

  81. jimmy the lock:

    Curly or Shemp

  82. jimmy the lock:

    silicone or saline

  83. Marleysdad:

    Matsumoto's or Aoki's?

    Neither, go Waikele & try Magic Mountain shave ice, mo bettah.

  84. jimmy the lock:

    saimin or ramen

  85. Marleysdad:

    Rock-Za or Femme Nu

  86. Marleysdad:

    Kramer's or Jeans Warehouse

  87. jimmy the lock:

    bulgogi or teriyaki

  88. Marleysdad:

    Rainbows or Warriors

  89. Andrew:


    Waiolas is better than matsumotos and aokis too

  90. jimmy the lock:

    Autobot or Decepticon

  91. Marleysdad:

    7-11 or Circle K

  92. st. anthony trojan:

    honolulu poi or waihole poi

  93. Marleysdad:

    Waimea or Sandys

  94. jimmy the lock:

    Elena's or Thelma's

  95. old808:

    Now we know what you've been doing in your off hours Al and Marleysdad...had a hard time deciding which one to go to first huh...

  96. Marleysdad:

    89, Waiolas about the same as magic mountain.

  97. Marleysdad:

    95, that was before I was Marleysdad. LMAO

  98. old808:

    Arirang and ping pong balls and cigars

  99. jimmy the lock:

    Alba or Biel

  100. Marleysdad:

    Eastside or Westside

  101. Marleysdad:

    99, both?

  102. old808:

    #92 hands down Waihole Poi

  103. old808:

    lehua taro

  104. rage777:

    Tat's is better than Waiola's

  105. rage777:

    Walmart or Kmart

  106. rage777:

    Alba, not even close

  107. old808:

    kabulgi or bulgogi eh where's my dog

  108. rage777:

    Sam's Club or Costco

  109. old808:

    or was that cat

  110. jimmy the lock:

    Marsha Marsha Marsha or Jan

  111. rage777:

    Kaneohe or Kailua

  112. rage777:

    Bruddah Iz or Bruddah Walter

  113. Marleysdad:

    Henry Huihui or Larry Mehau

  114. Marleysdad:

    Christina Applegate or everyone else

  115. Marleysdad:

    Pearl City Que or Ibso facto

  116. Marleysdad:

    Glen Medeiros or Bruno Mars

  117. rainbows4eva:

    todd crosby or bing crosby

  118. Marleysdad:

    Beat Street or Breakin'

  119. Marleysdad:

    Akebono or Konishiki

  120. st. anthony trojan:

    yea old808... lehua taro is the best.. that taro from kauai..always loli loli
    n the best lehua from maui.. waiehu..good fresh cold water there before time..

  121. Marleysdad:

    The Cover Girls or The Bangles

  122. moocher:

    mcdonalds or jollibee

  123. Marleysdad:

    LL cool J or Cool Mo D

  124. Marleysdad:

    Taco Time or Taco Town

  125. old808:

    sleep or nap ok I going nap

  126. st. anthony trojan:

    this one for TM

    shintaku or turk demello

  127. al:

    paipo or boogie board?

  128. al:

    inter island or velzy?

  129. st. anthony trojan:

    rocket 88 or power glide ??

  130. al:

    283 or 327

  131. al:

    409 or 429

  132. boolakanaka:

    I have ping-pong balls from ariang. And I had more than a few paddles at Aiea Intermediate.

  133. jimmy the lock:

    Airbus or Boeing

  134. jimmy the lock:

    xbox or playstation

  135. boolakanaka:

    Waihole or Waikane?

  136. boolakanaka:

    Watertown or Hanks Place?

  137. boolakanaka:

    K-Lake Trio or the Hui Ohana?

  138. jimmy the lock:

    Vampire or Lycan

  139. boolakanaka:

    Nedward or Ledward?

  140. boolakanaka:

    Howdy Dowdy or Haupia?

  141. jimmy the lock:

    top or bottom

  142. jimmy the lock:

    Checkers or Pogo

  143. jimmy the lock:

    hamachi or maguro

  144. Kaimuki Kid:

    Ginger or Mary-ann

  145. st. anthony trojan:

    leahey or leahey

  146. jimmy the lock:

    Osmond's or Jackson's

  147. Jm2375:

    Once again, gotta go with fellow Jr. Bow, Konishiki.

    The late infamous Judge Shintaku was my relative. BTW, the owner of Green Growers (Hauula tomatoes) is his nephew.

    A cousin of mine was teaching Kindergarten in West Hawaii and one of his students was Mehau's grandson. Kid comes up to my cuz, gives him a big hug and says "Guess what? I have ukus!"

  148. Kaimuki Kid:


  149. jimmy the lock:

    'N Sync or Backstreet Boys

  150. st. anthony trojan:

    riley wallace or the gib ???

  151. st. anthony trojan:

    reno or vegas

  152. st. anthony trojan:

    jm 2375... that is hilarious the uku's he he he

  153. jimmy the lock:

    Danica Patrick or Ronda Rousey

  154. boolakanaka:

    Michael Carter or Anthony Carter?

  155. jimmy the lock:

    Kobe Tai or Kobe Bryant

  156. st. anthony trojan:

    usc or ucla ?

  157. st. anthony trojan:

    this one for witteck


  158. HaoleBob:

    Blue Goose or G-Man
    Panic or Sandy Beach

  159. boolakanaka:

    Bruins all the way. And Jimmy, you naughty boy--the Tai wahine.

  160. boolakanaka:

    Jimmy, while Danica could drive circles around Ronda, however Ronda, would place her in a pretzel, and then choke her out--Ronda.

  161. boolakanaka:

    Lighting Bolt or Surfline?

  162. boolakanaka:

    Loco Moco or Local Motion?

  163. Buffoman:

    Scotty's fries or Chunky's fries

    Neff Maiava or Curtis Iaukea

    Roller Derby or wrestling at the Civic

    Waikiki Biltmore Hotel or Royal Hawaiian

    Sterling Mossman or Ponce Ponce

  164. boolakanaka:

    The Krush or Society of Seven?

  165. Buffoman:

    Oh I forgot

    Calentes or Mop Tops

    Liz Damon and the Orient Express or Linda Green & the Tempo (or was it Temples)

  166. boolakanaka:

    Lex Luger or Lex Brodie?

  167. st. anthony trojan:

    sum good ones buffoman...

  168. st. anthony trojan:

    jim bowie or kit carson

  169. Marleysdad:

    155, Kobe Tai

  170. Rodney:

    Warriors of Rainbows

  171. boolakanaka:

    Brigetta Barrett or Gwen Loud?

  172. st. anthony trojan:

    roller derby at conway bowl.. was cool in the late 50's...
    used to work that..

  173. boolakanaka:

    Palaka or Reyn's reverse print?

  174. 702WarriorFan:

    scotty's or kdi?

  175. boolakanaka:

    Ben Villaflor or Andy Ganigan.

  176. boolakanaka:

    Liliha Bakery or Kapiolani Bakery?

  177. st. anthony trojan:


  178. st. anthony trojan:


  179. boolakanaka:

    Food cart or lunch wagon?

  180. st. anthony trojan:


  181. st. anthony trojan:

    kapiolani bakery used to make very good cone sushi.. have a string beans n carrot inside..and humungous.. they are still there n still make ?

  182. rainbows4eva:

    I think Kurt Gouveia should bring Niko Noga in to psyche up the LB core.

  183. Buffoman:

    Lynn'deli pastrami sandwich or Woolworth's roast beef sandwich

    Tanouye's saimin or Sekiya's saimin

    Chicken Alice or Magoo's chicken

  184. NotNasti:

    For A-House and Tommui: Primo or Oly?

    For guys my age: baby millers or lowenbrau?

  185. st. anthony trojan:

    lucky lager or acme

  186. NotNasti:

    My tastebuds misses Chicken Alice, the other end, not so much.

  187. st. anthony trojan:

    # 182... me second that motion..

  188. moocher:

    catsup or ketchup?

  189. NotNasti:

    Spin the bottle, or truth or dare.

  190. moocher:

    when there were both........
    hawaiian or aloha airlines

  191. moocher:

    getting lickins'
    slippa or belt?

  192. cocobean:

    Old futs only.....

    Captain Honolulu or Sgt.Sacto

    Sheriff Ken or Chubby Roland

  193. moocher:

    cockroach or kakaroach

  194. moocher:

    datsun or nissan

  195. moocher:

    gremlin, pacer, or pinto?

  196. st. anthony trojan:

    seems like to me ne way..they have all the pieces in place as far as coaches go.. just hope they can make the pieces fit n cohesive in the offensive n defense.. be nice to start with a win.. n shock a lot of people...me think realistically it can be done...they will have qa lot of positive energy there..in the new coaches,, n i am sure mr. gouveia will be guiding them in the right direction..as far as linebackers are concerned..

  197. moocher:

    old futs....skateboards
    steel wheels or clay wheels

  198. Old School Dave:

    Sky Slide on Dillingham or Keikiland in Ala Moana?

    Kaimuki Inn or Wiki Wiki Coffee Shop?

    Rolled up newspaper or rubbah slippah for kill one B-52 cockaroach?

  199. duffer:


    Turk DeMello was a family friend. His wife was one of my teachers @ Baldwin

  200. moocher:

    skateland pearl city or roller world (IIRC) waipahu...was it skate world or roller world? or something like that

  201. st. anthony trojan:

    ha ha moocher.. was guava stick. had plenty around always he he he

  202. moocher:

    ha-now-ma bay
    ha-na-ooh-ma bay

  203. Old School Dave:

    For Maui folks:

    Tasty Crust or Sam Satos?

    Tasaka's Guri Guri or Krispy Kreme?

    Sadly, no mo Shishido manju.....sob, sob. :-(

  204. moocher:

    guava stick.....ouch, sakit.
    we had guava tree, lucky moms and pops didnt go for the guava.

    but along those lines.....
    wire hanger or wooden hanger

  205. Buffoman:

    Wigwam or Holiday Mart

    Kramers or Nuuanu Tailor (Sera's Surf & Shore)

    Seventeen Brillanteen or Three Flowers Pomade

    Holsum twist top bread or Loves Bread

    Tasty Broiler or Flamingo's

  206. Buffoman:

    #200 Rainbow Rollerland was next to Scotty's Drive-in.

    K-Poi or.... heck K-Poi was the best!

  207. boolakanaka:

    184--Notnasti--loaded brah.

  208. moocher:

    at the stadium....
    tell people sit down in front of you, or stand up and cheer also

  209. boolakanaka:

    205...Buffo, I use to pile on the 3 flowers pomade in elementary school. If I went to my uncles house, I would borrow some Hai Karate.

  210. moocher:

    doctor J or michael jordan
    my choice is obvious....great video here, grab a beer and watch


  211. Buffoman:

    #209 so wot, Duck tail or box cut? Hai Karate, ah yes, the chick used to dig the smells.

  212. boolakanaka:

    200--Moocher I use to go skateland all the time back in the day. Actually use to go with STs good pal, Lei Colburn, most weekends in the fall. She was a helluva volleyball player, played on two national championship teams at UH-Hilo, and one of the sweetest people around.

  213. Old School Dave:

    Too bad about Vavae Tata. Coaching career ends before it began. Hope he can get the necessary treatment he needs.


  214. boolakanaka:

    211--As much as I put it on--it did no good for me, as I was a big V until college, even playing fball...lol.

  215. boolakanaka:

    205--Buffo, Kramers, from when I was from, was only for private school kids or brave shoplifters. Had to wear toughskin jeans like 2-3 years in a row, and you can't sneak up on anybody or run really fast, as they were so damn stiff.

  216. st. anthony trojan:

    yea duffer.. i think they lived at the bottom of vineyard street..his dad was a cop..

  217. boolakanaka:

    198--Old School, I use to love Kaimuki Inn, thought that was fine dining.

  218. duffer:

    Tasty Crust for pancakes plus I know the owner. Many a comp meals

    Sam Sato for Manju and mini turnovers.

    Tasaka's hands down.

  219. duffer:


    My 1st car was a Datsun 240Z

  220. boolakanaka:

    If you had to choose only one: Arakawa's General Store or Tamashiro Supermarket??

  221. duffer:


    Think was at Sand Hills. Had a few lectures about "stuff" from him

  222. st. anthony trojan:

    yea his dad lived there on vineyard st .. n him before he got married..
    n tasty crust was just a small bakery at the corner of he road in front of st anthony n wailuku sugar before they moved n became famous he he he

  223. st. anthony trojan:

    yea n kamiyas had good food also.. n the brothers were good people..we used to go iao valley n get pipiao after big rain .. n sell to them...

  224. duffer:

    Geez I remember Kamiya's. And the restaurant a few buildings down that had the breaded teri. Plus Tonai'a pool hall

  225. rainbows4eva:

    The Podagee-Hawaiian mixture produces good athletes like Kurt Gouveia. You find it in other sports as well like Tony Moniz in surfing. How many Podagee-Hawaiian Rainbows can you name? And you can't just say last name like "Silva" cuz get choke.

  226. rainbows4eva:

    Tony Rita. All the Rita's

  227. rainbows4eva:

    Another podagee Hawaiian surfer ... Sunny Garcia

  228. Down with....:

    Fun factory or mitsukoshi's...
    Turtle bay or kuilima.

  229. old808:

    #172 Pau nap...Roller Derby at the Civic Auditorium

  230. old808:

    Wrestling at the Civic with Neff Maiava

  231. leron:

    #200 roller world was on King street across from where kitv(one archer lane) is now. And "Da Rink" was in the Chinese cultural plaza. Townie skate places, yes.

  232. old808:

    Hawaii professional basketball at the Civic. Lasted only one year I think.

  233. old808:

    Before the Ala Moana Shopping Center, there was a kiddie land with rides and a roller derby show. It was facing Atkinson Blvd.

  234. old808:

    #132 hope you washed da ping pong balls

  235. old808:

    Hollywood pomade and the skinny comb and side pocket on a stiff kahki pants....bell bottoms

  236. old808:

    #163 man you old..ahhh wait a minute I old too because I remember all that stuff you listed....loved the Queen Surf..you walk in and a beautiful round bar and go upstairs and listen to Barefoot gang and the show room in the back open to the beach

  237. old808:

    I used to love Scott's french fries and chocolate shake

  238. old808:

    Primo was good than got junk and Oly took over as da beer

  239. old808:

    we used to drink San Miguel Beer senior year because thats what my friends father drank

  240. Jm2375:

    Shari's or Mr Burger?

  241. Ipu Man:

    Ben Jay and Bobby Curran now talking on 1420 about UH sports.
    Sounds like UH should "sue" the state government to return the
    stadium to the UH football team. Wonder if some enterprising lawyer
    can do it as a class action suit because we know the state will never,
    never do it.

  242. old808:

    Maybe someone will remember this but there was a popolo running back for Waialua High School who had only one arm. Man he was some running back hardly ever fumbled and was fast. This one has slipped my mind.

  243. old808:

    I think his name is Beatty

  244. Stephen Tsai:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa.
    Gotta ease up on using the names of Big Island ranchers.

  245. Stephen Tsai:

    I covered a Nanakuli game, and the QB kept fumbling the ball.
    After the game, I learned he only had one hand.

  246. Stephen Tsai:

    But after that slow start, that Nanakuli guy was ballin'.
    We came very close to naming him as our athlete of the year.

  247. Truman:

    #243, That is the way his name was pronounced but I believe the spelling was different. Too long ago but his first name was Bob. He had pretty good size for those days.

  248. Pu'uwai:

    Can't Bust'em jeans or Buster Brown shoes!

  249. al:

    you guys so old.

    bob batie.

  250. al:

    old808... i am old but you and st anthony got me beat by a decade.

  251. al:

    some of you old guys need to slow down...you guys repeating the ones from earlier today, yesterday, and the like.

  252. Truman:

    old808, you got me going on the research for that guy's name as he played just before my time. I found a Bob Batie (which I believe is the correct spelling) on the University of Utah roster as a defensive back which makes sense as he probably would be less of a liability but still take advantage of his skills. He is listed as from Honolulu but I was sure if he came via the military as I don't think he grew up here.

  253. al:

    queen's or publics?

  254. al:

    canoes or number 3's?

  255. al:

    courts or kewalos?

  256. al:

    bowls or bomboras?

  257. al:

    chun's or laniakeas?

  258. Truman:

    #249, Al you beat me to it. Yeah, lot of oldtimers especially by MacDonald's standard, lol. Oldtimers also tend to repeat things.

  259. al:

    sunset or waimea?

  260. al:

    pipe or velzy's?

  261. al:

    track's or makaha?

  262. al:

    makapuu or sandy's.

  263. al:

    truman...see i not that old.

    but, if memory serves me right...ping pong balls or raw eggs?

  264. Warrior Dave:

    #241 Ipu Man,

    I was listening to the same program and didn't hear anything close to UH sueing the State to get Aloha Stadium.

  265. al:

    pops or graveyards?

  266. al:

    haleiwa or baby haleiwas?

  267. al:

    cromwells or kaisers?

  268. al:

    okay, i going in my garage and stare at my surfboard.

  269. kekaha:

    cowboys or redskins? gouvea played LB for redskins and won superbowls too. so, gotta go with the redskins.

  270. lonomakana:

    244... I drive past a certain ranch, everyday. The speed limit drops down through the property due to the cattle crossing. Funny thing is nobody's seen a cow cross that road in decades.

  271. Truman:

    #268, al, you starting to get old if you only can stare at the board and not use em. j/k, I way past that stage.
    Funny, how the comments reflect people's personalities or interests. Jimmy the lock, we neva meet but your comments are unique at times. They may not be as eloquent as Boola but you expect that from an attorney especially one at Yale :), but yours are very insightful and funny. I do enjoy all the various personalities.

  272. obachan:

    #32 Sorry Aaron, I Don't know if Frank's Foods sells their product on Oahu. Locally made in Hilo and I've only purchased it from the Big Isle grocery stores.

  273. Jm2375:

    Redskins! HTTR!!

    #270 - my sis is an insurance agent in Waimea. Dunno if she still gets them, but she used to get "black cow" claims. Guess who usually won? :lol:

  274. old808:

    Yes that's his name Bob Batie from Waialua High School back in the sixties

  275. old808:

    He also ran track. Back then it was the 100 yard dash. I think his time was around 9.5

  276. old808:

    Yeah getting old. I'm starting to play music with my lips using my pointer finger going up and down my lips horizontally and trying to remember the song but no such luck....hmmmm

  277. NorthShoreFan:

    #242...Robert Batie....used to have his arm taped. It was amazing to see him run the ball. Hand offs or pitch outs. He ran with "high" knees. and was very fast. I think he ran track too.
    Truman probably remembers him too.
    We had a 75th reunion for all Waialua High a few years ago and I was able to talk with him and his patnah. The guy looks like he could still run the ball although a bit grey now. He still has that twinkle in his eye and a great big smile. Totally cool dude.

  278. old808:

    No Al it was hard boiled eggs but than again it was a long time ago. I wonder if that was why I never acquired the taste for hard boiled eggs but maybe you're right. It could have been raw eggs and never broke the shell. Good thing it would have been a drippy, sloppy mess.

  279. NorthShoreFan:

    #272..obachan...try Don Q's...they used to have some items.

  280. old808:

    Anyway getting back to sports, although Arirang could almost be a sports story, I am very happy that Coach Chow added Gouveia to the staff. On the baseball side, I hope Coach Traps keeps Doi in left field and Flores at 1st. I also hope our hitting coach fixes Flore's swing. Oregon kept throwing breaking pitches at Flores. The coach from Oregon could see his flaw.

  281. old808:

    It was the top of the 9th inning against USC and Hawaii was leading by one run with Tatsuno on the mound. There were runners at 1st and 2nd with two out. Tatsuno did the best pick off move to first base. It was like he just flicked his left wrist and caught that runner off guard. End of game.

  282. kev-1:

    Wow! Bum my trip. I pull up the Warrior Beat and see 281 posts and thought something big happened that people were commenting on. And then I got to read about 200 "this or that" questions.


    Offseason sucks.

  283. el burro sabio:

    #272 & #279 - Frank's Foods products at Marukai.

  284. 3-Prong:

    Awsome surf footage to change it up a bit.


  285. al:

    old808...9.5 in the 100 yd dash would have equaled bob hayes' world record.
    whats in your water?

    10.3 would have been awesome. my bud art isaki ran a 10.5 back in the day to win the ilh meet.

  286. 3-Prong:

    Curley Joe or Shemp

  287. old808:

    Lol Al...I think Bob Hayes ran a 9.3 in the 100 yard dash. Back in 1965 it was 100 yard dash and not 100 meter dash. You have to remember that 100 yards is shorter than 100 meters. Most of the 100 yard sprinters were under 10 flat. So back in your day than Art Isaki ran a 100 meter time.

  288. old808:

    Al what year did your friend run a 10.5.

  289. st. anthony trojan:

    me ran a 10.3 one time..when in high school...but that was for the 40 yard dash...he he he

  290. st. anthony trojan:

    have to drum up sum business here for st..to hit 300 he he he
    the star advertiser gives him a bonus....but he not want to share that yet...

  291. st. anthony trojan:

    here in maila getting close to 5 pm.. n there guess all the old farts.. are or should be snoring like crazy by now...

  292. old808:

    Houston McTear in 1975 set a high school 100 yard dash with a 9 flat time. Bob Batie in 1965 without being able to find the ROIA track and field information, could have run a 9.5 or up to 9.8 but I believe it was closer to 9.5

  293. st. anthony trojan:


  294. st. anthony trojan:

    thast is fast considering he is missing one hand or arm ?

  295. NotNasti:

    Summer school, or summer fun?

  296. old808:

    He was very fast and did more than one event in track and field.

  297. cocobean:

    Jimmy Kneubuhl 9.7.

  298. SteveM:

    RE: #276
    old808 -- if karaoke doesn't help, you can team up with A-joe, who does great bass/percussion with a mike. You can do melody. :)

  299. SteveM:

    So, who's gonna snag the 300 spot? The first 300 in a very long time...

  300. NotNasti:


  301. st. anthony trojan:

    well lots were very active early on today..
    lots of old timers.. bringing up lots of old
    n some not so old memories also...

  302. kruzen:

    Jack Lord or Alex O'Loughlin

  303. kruzen:

    Zulu or Grace Park

  304. wafan:

    Good morning!

  305. wafan:

    Aloha to the News Building.

    Another one (partially) bites the dust. Tsigh.

  306. boolakanaka:

    225 Actually Fred Hemmings is da original Pocho Surfer.

  307. boolakanaka:

    Concessions or Big Rights?

  308. boolakanaka:

    Rock Piles or Bowls?

  309. boolakanaka:

    Tonngs or Ricebowls?

  310. boolakanaka:

    For lawyers: Pass the bar or Korean Bar?

  311. Buffoman:

    Had some Holy Pie this weekend. Yeah you got to bake it, but is that a great, buttery (apple) pie! Of all the places to get it, you can only get it on Oahu at the "Hawaiian Style" surf shop, on Kapiolani.

  312. boolakanaka:

    Deidre Collins or Tee Williams?

  313. boolakanaka:

    Christmas Holiday or Dwight Holiday?

  314. boolakanaka:

    Jerome Williams or Jerome Freeman?

  315. boolakanaka:

    One scoop mac salad or two scoop mac salad?

  316. Shoko:

    I seem to recall there was another position to be filled on Chow's coaching staff. Specifically, an assistant head coaching position.

    Please correct if wrong on this.

  317. rage777:

    Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa

  318. rage777:

    Koko Head or Diamond Head

  319. rage777:

    Marukai or Daiei or Shirokiya

  320. Buffoman:

    Hisago or Fukuya delicatessen

  321. Buffoman:

    Butterfish misoyaki or butterfish kasuzuki

  322. Ipu Man:

    Alfred Shaheen or Crazy Shirts

  323. Buffoman:

    Kulolo or haupia
    V-apple or mountain apple
    Half ripe common mango or half ripe Hayden mango
    moi or ahi
    Aku palu or ake

  324. A-House:


    both - loved the taste of Primo!

  325. boolakanaka:

    320--Fukaya for me. But they always run out early. I usually get a couple boxes to go, on trips back to the mainland, and the flight attendants are always super jealous. Then I pull out the 2nd box, and smiles appear--as do any upgraded seating.

  326. A-House:

    Love's Bakery on Kapahulu Ave - about 3:30 am we would "pool" our $$, ride down to Love's and buy loaves of fresh, baked bread - back to the dorm with the butta and jelly waiting

    oh my oh my - what a great taste and soft and warm!