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State of relocating

February 19th, 2014

The good news with the state system is that roughly 15 days after you leave your state job,  you will receive a paycheck. And then roughly 15 days after that, you will receive another paycheck. And, maybe, 15 days after that you will receive another paycheck.

The not-so-good news is after starting a state job, you might not receive a paycheck in  15 days nor, possibly, in 30 days.

It's the procedural lag that affects everyone from custodians to professors to administrators and, yes, to coaches. And it's not just limited to the university.

Also, in many cases, an employee hired from the mainland will be allowed to stay in a hotel for three days at UH's expense. After that, the stay becomes taxable income.

The lesson: Before coming to Hawaii, save some money and find a good Realtor.


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