LSU QB interested in UH

February 21st, 2014

LSU quarterback Stephen Rivers, through an intermediary, has contacted the Rainbow Warriors about the possibility of transferring, according to people familiar with the situation.

Rivers, the younger brother of San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers, is scheduled to earn a bachelor's degree at the end of this semester. After that, he may transfer, gain eligibility without redshirting, and have two years to play two seasons.

UH coach Norm Chow, as UCLA's offensive coordinator, recruited Rivers when he was in high school.

Meanwhile, USC quarterback Max Wittek, in a similar situation to Rivers', is not expected to decide on where he will transfer until May. Wittek hopes to use all five visits allowed for a recruitable athlete. Hawaii remains among Wittek's choices. Wittek's last visit — officially or as a vacation — is expected to be to Hawaii.

A third FBS quarterback also wants to transfer and lists UH as a possible destination.

* * * * *

You're not imagining anything.

That is Cathedral High lineman Samiuela "Sammy" Lauaki visiting Hawaii this weekend.

Lauaki made an oral commitment to accept a UH football scholarship last summer. He was scheduled to visit on this month's first weekend. But he missed his flight. He then reportedly changed his mind, and was set to sign with Utah State.

But Lauaki supposedly got cold feet … cold hands, cold body. Basically, he preferred to attend school in a warmer winter climate. So, Lauaki did not sign with the Aggies.  He is expected to sign with UH.

Lauaki plans to go on a two-year mission beginning this summer. Although he may change his mind after he returns from the mission, the signing guarantees that he would need to receive a release if he went to another school.

Lauaki can play on the offensive or defensive line.

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179 Responses to “LSU QB interested in UH”

  1. Kaipo'i 1:

    This makes for an interesting off-season. Maybe Wittek, maybe Rivers, at least get chance.

  2. snoozer:

    I couldn't resist being first. Could I be called a shy one instead of lurker? I bleed green all the way and believe Coach and his staff will improve again this year but still need more W's than L's.

  3. snoozer:

    Oops, make that second.

  4. koakane ip5:

    hey hey hey morning 808

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    A JC quarterback really, really wanted to sign with UH. But UH couldn't offer because it already had promised a scholarship to a local high school quarterback who then decided to go elsewhere. So that JC quarterback signed with Boise State.

  6. 3-Prong:

    boo: Have gone to last 3 luaus and am going again this year. My #2 is graduating this year.

  7. whitey:

    good morning tsaikos. it does get interesting as the days go by.

  8. koakane ip5:

    yesterday was a good one for the Wahine and Kane teams. Lady rainbows victorious in sball and bball while men win baseball and drop heartbreaker in basketball.

    still good showing by all keep it up

    saw a few students at softball whic was nice

    kope calling

  9. 3-Prong:

    Hey koakane....

  10. jeezy33:

    5. The bummer about that one is that QB was a championship/All American QB with 3 years to play. Last time we got a big time JC QB with 3 years was Colt Brennan. Not saying this kid is Colt good but he is a winner and has the accolades to back it up.

  11. DaveLetterMan:

    Morning Tsaikos!
    Wow, Rivers is 6' 7" and 223 lbs.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    True. UH should have pulled the trigger and offered.

  13. Pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka.

    Too bad for not picking up the JC QB. Still get chance for W or R.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  14. tom-warriornation:

    50 yard line tickets for this year's road games, right behind our Warrior bench:

    Oct. 18 — At San Diego State

    Nov. 15 — At San Jose State

    Nov. 29 — At Fresno State

    Email me at:
    to reserve your spot now. This is the 4th year I will be doing this; as ST, SteveM, Al and others can confirm.
    Sit with 250+ other Hawaii fans wearing green to cheer our team on!

  15. Traitmanz:

    Rivers is in the 6"7 6"8 range

  16. Ipu Man:

    Nice to see kids wanting to come to Hawaii to play in the sun and surf.
    Now if those defensive 7 star prospects would only do the same.
    Go Bows!

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    Good work again, Tom, on organizing the road tickets.
    But no Houston?
    That's a great trip. A little difficult on the arteries, but very good. And the best thing about Rice Stadium is the roominess.

  18. Inyoface:

    Should have a good QB competition in fall camp.

  19. gobows:

    Is rivers mobile? At 223 he must look like eli manning. I still like the 20+ y/o freshman.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Rivers is a drop-back quarterback.

  21. Darren:

    You mean just offer the JC QB and tell the high school guy "sorry, but we've got a better prospect that just came around." Isn't that kind of uncool? Wait a minute...

  22. BigWave96744:

    Check out my list of available "Free Agents" as of today.
    Lots of BCS QBs... Some can play immediate.
    Also other positions that could booster the roster and send us back to the winning edge

  23. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    The plot thickens... I am reminded of the days when JJ would have a large numbers of QBs in camp. Competition at the QB spot is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

  24. HawaiiMongoose:

    Re #12, yes UH should have pulled the trigger and offered. But it did not because until the eve of signing day, Larry Tuileta continuously reaffirmed that he would follow through on his commitment to UH. And then when Tuileta changed his mind it was too late to land the JC player. This is the kind of situation that makes it hard to be critical of football programs that promise more scholarships to kids than they actually have to hand out.

  25. boolakanaka:

    3-prong, nice, really nice!! What you more excited about: the luau, your daughter graduating, or not paying tuition anymore?/

  26. hossana:

    To all you naysayers that said Chow as H.C. and because of his record would be a detriment to UH recruiting. Well, all you do is sit on your fat know what.....and make critical comments but every year we have players wanting to transfer in because of Chow. To build a respectable and winning program takes time and patience and it just doesn't happen overnight esp. when UH lacks the resources and facilities other schools can offer their recruits. Just be patient and don't be a Monday morning Q.B. All you top BCS schools have gone through many lows and they still sell-out or you have fans still filling their stadiums. Hawaii's fans are really fickle and provincial. Win or lose, they should be coming to the games and supporting the players and team. Unfortunately, its easier for many of you to just criticize and wish things go bad. Just give it some time. Nothing more and nothing less.

  27. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy Aloha Friday!
    Congrats to both Wahine teams and the BaseBows on their victories.
    To the Warrior basketball and volleyball teams - one snap and clear. NEXT!

    GO BOWS!!

    ST - any info on the mvb recruit visiting last weekend? Believe he was from California.

  28. Lowtone123:

    #24 HM Agree with you. Word came out from sources close to the program that UH asked him several times right up to signing day if he was still committed and he affirmed so the couldn't pull the trigger. Good to know that several QB's are looking at UH. Wittek, Rivers, others???

  29. Warrior Dave:

    Jeezy is correct that Chow made a big mistake by not offerring the JC QB a scholarship, especially since he was so highly regarded and had the proven track record. Tuileta had potential but I think the JC was more game ready.

    That's just another head scratcher for this current coaching staff. But I believe in Taylor Graham so it's a moot point for this year. Now if the oline can just protect him and keep him upright.

  30. tommui:


    Airlines often overbook ...Correct me if I am wrong but we had a high school QB who did not have any offers except from UH and no one tried to steal him away until the very last moment. He had possibly great potential and the possibility of playing 4-years. He also could have been a star in another sport.

    We had a chance at a JC QB with 3-years to play and had proven himself somewhat on a collegiate level. We have a chance at QBs who can play two years but have actually been on the firing line on a D1 level.

    Other than the PR value of having a Hawaii prepstar signing with UH, was there a reason for not going after the "proven"ones? Was the potential greater than the "actual"?

    Just curious.

  31. Warrior Dave:


    I don't look at the QB situation as either the JC or HS player. Chow had 25 Scholarships to offer this year. I don't know what it was so important to just use one for a QB. This was a special circumstance and time will tell if it was as big mistake as I think it is.

  32. Manoa Mist:

    Good point hossana I agree it takes time to build the program and fans gotta be patient. But Chow has not impressed with his coaching ability as yet to most fans, even former players and coaches say that. And ain't no good QB come here yet. Lots of talk, but no action - yet. I am kinda proud of Schroeder though, we all blasted him but the kid hung in there and proved he was a DI QB. That is sweet.

  33. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    minds change. changed minds.

  34. Old School Dave:

    Wasn't this guy once a UH signee from Leilehua HS who went off to JC, then was supposed to play for UH, but signed with Oregon State? I guess he's doing well at the D-II level in Texas.

  35. oldie:

    If Chow had offered the JC QB, and Tuileta ended up not signing, Chow would have been accused of jumping the gun on the QB situation. He would have been accused of being responsible for Tuileta's change of heart. Kind of a no-win situation for Chow.

  36. Jeezy33:

    29. For me, it wasn't so much you can only have one or the other. It's about finding a Qb period. If you need to recruit 2 qbs to better your chances of finding one for now and future, then go for it. You can't win in college without a good QB. Maybe woolsey is the answer. But what better way to find out then have 3 QBs compete and see who comes out on top?

    I really do think Clune will simplify things and bring an aggressive style of play to Hawaii. As bad as out D was in 2013, I think we actually have some quality players on D. I think they will do good. Now if we can find a Qb to generate some offense, this team should be competitive. Would be nice to give Udub a run for their money with a new coach/system and some what new Qb. No seferian jenkins or bishop sankey

  37. al:

    i believe chow committed to the punahou kid that he would sign only he. the kid and family say they were all in. therefore, chow kept his word. however, the converse was not true as the kid and family were "cruising" the usc campus and got busted just days before nli day.

  38. al:

    so sometimes, being honorable as chow was can bite you in the butt. but, as it is written "things happen for a reason" and "all things are possible".

    believe that in the end all that transpired will be for the good.

    ...nuff said.

  39. Stephen Tsai:

    Benny Fonua will play a big role this year.

  40. al:


  41. al:

    good to hear about benny the jet. he has the tools.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    Verbal commitments mean something and they don't mean something.
    Of course, they're not binding. But they're used to gauge space. That's important now because schools are limited to signing only 25 players. Last year, you could sign 28, with the understanding some won't make it or some could be grayshirted. Not so anymore. If a guy says he's solid, then you count him toward the numbers. If a guy is iffy, then you get a get a backup in place. When a prep QB became iffy, then they worked on the next guy. But the JC guy already was looking elsewhere.
    People need to do what's best for them. I don't blame anyone for pursuing what they feel is their best option.

  43. Old School Dave:

    Looking forward to seeing Benny on the field. With some players it takes time to put it all together. Remember Mitch Kaaialii? Recruited as a tight end, offense changes under Wags, some wondered if he had a future at UH, but he worked hard and developed into an All-WAC offensive lineman in 1991.

    Gee, the 90s seems like just yesterday, but it's actually some 20 years ago. I get a lot of blank looks from young folks when I start talking about the 90s, let alone the 70s and 80s.

    8 track tapes anyone?

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    It's not an exact science. Imagine how things would have been if Bryant Moniz hadn't walked on? He was easily a top-5 UH quarterback the past two decades.

  45. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos....looking guud right now but...later?.. on...if you teaching young men to be need to take the lead...

    seems to me we do have some better prospects.

    Taau supposed to be a Warrior but me thinks he didn't qualify and had to go another route. He still might be playing on Sundays though.

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    I have no idea how things will go this season but Kevin Clune appears to be a hard worker. He's always watching video or writing notes. He's a really good communicator, too.

  47. JustAsking:

    Remember, Tuileta did not have a LOI from UH on signing day. It was a last minute change of heart by him, but Chow obviously knew before signing day. USC's new staff came in hard and stayed on him. Did UH make a late push for the JC QB? Who knows. Different from players who hold multiple LOIs on signing day.

  48. Stephen Tsai:

    UH ended up dropping the d-end because of a well-publicized incident.

  49. Aaron:

    Hossana: would these guys be so motivated to transfer here if they didn't think they could beat out the holdovers and play right away? I think you are confusing "The allure of Norm Chow" with "The allure of playing right away". Correlation does not equal causation!

  50. NorthShoreFan:


  51. al:

    we should have a guess the qb game?
    door #1 max wittek
    door #2 stephen rivers
    door #3 mystery fbs qb

    interesting stuff.

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, here's the order:
    Prep QB makes verbal commitment.
    JC coach says his QB would be a good fit for UH.
    UH already has Graham, Woolsey, Higgins and the prep QB in the fold. And another QB returns from a mission in 2015.
    JC QB looks elsewhere.
    So, UH had a good shot at the JC quarterback, but it never got to the stage where he took a visit.
    As for the prep quarterback, he took UH visit the first weekend this month. He was undecided on the final day, so he wasn't handed a letter. But his spot was held until he announced his decision on signing day. Then UH hit speed dial for the next guy.
    No harm, no hard feelings.

  53. al: this case, its all of the above.

  54. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Surprised nobody has posted this yet - Rivers has good pocket presence and looks like he can scramble. His arm speaks for itself. This is old footage from HS but very intriguing just the same.

  55. al:

    i would have taken both.

  56. Stephen Tsai:

    We'll see what happens in spring ball.
    Graham expects to be ready.
    People have been praising Woolsey's workouts.

  57. JustAsking:

    ST- as always, thanks for the insight.

  58. Turfwar:

    And here's the JC guy.

  59. al:

    good to see lauaki back in the tent.

  60. al:

    couldn't we have signed the jc guy in december?

  61. al:

    well, i hope we don't get torched by this kid like others in the past.

  62. al:

    i think woolsey will emerge after the spring. although, graham is a great practice player.

  63. al:

    on another note...jordan wynn reminds me of peter parker.

  64. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Off topic, but for my brother al:

  65. jimmy the lock:

    The perception of what happens and transpires in spring ball could be extremely positive. However, remember last couple of spring balls the excitement was there, drill stations were done at a quick pace to simulate game speed and situations, but alas, the games and season results were not as anticipated.

    There were reports that so and so looked great during spring and fall but came time to play in the limelight, reality set in. Players played their butts off but somehow things did not gel. Can't blame the players so gotta blame the coach(s).

    So now this year we have a couple of newbies in the coaching ranks, let the hype begin...well the hype already started and many just want to see the bottom line.

    BTW, Coach Beeman or Coach Nagamine?

  66. Inyoface:

    If the JC guy does good at Boise State we'll be kicking ourselves, if not, then not a big loss. We shall see.

  67. Andrew:


    Beeman hands down no contest

  68. al:

    65...coaches coach and players play.
    if the players don't got it...even vince lombardi won't help.

    either you got talent to reach the level of expected play or you don't. coaching enhances the opportunity with teaching fundamentals, knowledge, technique, and more knowledge. but, what is received and produced is dependent upon whether the kid got it or not.

  69. boolakanaka:

    Boise State or Bose Stereo?

  70. boolakanaka:

    Hovercraft or interisland ferry?

  71. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    cheeseburger or hamburger with cheese?

  72. Lowtone123:

    Glad to hear that Chow's rep hasn't been tarnished with his turn as HC so far. Hopefully it pays dividends soon or ???

  73. boolakanaka:

    Porky Boys or Cheesy Gals ?

  74. boolakanaka:

    Swiss Inn or Pau Hana Inn?

  75. boolakanaka:

    Jolly Roger or Roy Rogers?

  76. boolakanaka:

    Hong Kung or Wo Fats?

  77. Former UH Athlete:

    I'm glad Wittek will be visiting UH last. In recruiting I think it's best to be 1st or last on the visit itinerary for recruits.

    The Rivers situation is intriguing. Looked at his HS videos and he's pretty mobile for his size. Moves a lot better than older brother Phillip and doesn't have a jacked up release like older brother. If I had to make a comparison, he looks like Ben Roethlisberger with slightly less arm strength (still a solid arm though).

    Hopefully his footwork is better after a couple years at LSU... He tends to jump pass on some throws on his HS highlights.

  78. Lowtone123:

    Graham or Woolsey? It's gonna come down to makes the bigger leap in the spring. Not just physically, but mentally. I think Schroeder made that leap.

  79. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    char siu or sweet roasted pork?

  80. boolakanaka:

    Pork Guisantes or Pork Adobo?

  81. Whats up:

    Wittek and now Phillip Rivers little (Big) Brother Stephen Rivers interested in playing for Hawaii? Come on? Seriously! Thats 2 big name QB's is the same year, after a not so great 2013 season? Norm may not be winning games yet but he does command respect on the College Football World.

  82. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Boola - we'll have to set up a CC when you are in town. You've got food on the brain! Don't worry, many Tsaikos suffer from that same syndrome.

  83. Stephen Tsai:

    it's not just about talent. Familiarity has a lot to do with things. A guy has to find the right system. I think the spread offenses are making more drop-back quarterbacks available. It was like several years ago, when option quarterbacks had difficulty finding places to play.

  84. boolakanaka:

    DPK--no 73 was drafted with you in mind, and the KSBE ohana.

  85. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Jimmah - Jimmah tha lock...

    I agree with the hype part. Lotsa excitement with some of these new recruits and transfers. Spring ball will start to tell the tale, but as the very wise Koakane sez, we won't know until we see the first few games and who's on the field. I think the Coaches can do the job, but we'll see soon enough. In the meantime, it is very exciting to see the quality of recruits and transfers we are now able to attract.

  86. jm2375:

    wise and Koakane - 2 words I never thought I'd see in the same sentence. :lol: j/k Gramps.

  87. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    RE: #82
    I'm in... :)

  88. Don Weir:

    Cathedral High has been putting up some great seasons and winning CIF titles in California. Prior to being Cathedral High in North San Diego it was located across the street from the University of San Diego and called University High. In the late 60's, off one season ('68) it put out some great players from a student body of 800: Tom Daniels/Joe Amaral (UCLA), Pete Adams (USC), Steve Lebherz (UOP), Pat Quick (UNR), Dan Sexton (Santa Clara).

  89. al:

    dpk...thanks for the link. but, i did not read any quotes and recollections from the local boys/girls?

  90. Don Weir:

    Tom Kitaguchi,
    I will see you in San Diego.
    Just like the last time in SAN, on game day I will be hosting brunch at one of the Busalacchi restaurants (probable zucchero or fantastica) for all Letterwinners (as well as sportswriters/newscasters from Hawai'i).

  91. al:

  92. NotNasti:

    Boola, you miss home. I know you do.

  93. Manoa Mist:

    Steve Murray reporting UH basketball recruiting violations much more serious than is being mentioned. Is Akana still out?

  94. jm2375:

  95. Old School Dave:

    Alex Drive Inn or KC (car hop service)?

  96. Old School Dave:

    Waialae Drive Inn (faceless ghost) or Kam Drive Inn? Young folks going, "You actually watched movies dat way?"

  97. Lowtone123:

    Did not see Akana on the UH bench last night.

  98. kaimiloa:

    93... Is he "reporting" on violations or is he still just leaving hints on another board?

  99. Inyoface:

    Chow doesn't know what a spread offense is, he's been spreading defenses his whole career.

  100. old808:

    Who is Steve Murray?

  101. st. anthony trojan:

    me thinks he writes 4 mid week old.. not sure

  102. al:

    i am hoping that the intermediary is brother phil rivers.

  103. al:

    my fear is that if we wait too long for certain ex-usc qb we could be left standing in the corner of the ballroom with no one to dance with.

  104. bowwar:

    I wish if there are potential violations they should come forward...The Akana situation seems a bit fishy and its too bad that he's the only "local" coach on the UH basketball staff.

  105. jimmy the lock:

    al, I agree about talent and if the players got it, but many many times the past 2 spring camps came word from the street that players were making unreal runs, catches, passes, interceptions, moves...takes two to block him, gets by the tackle...

    Then came show time and for some reason if something bad could happen it happened. Sacks, fumbles, penalties, interceptions, missed tackles, out of position, wrong play call, and so on.

    I don't know, could be the players were over-matched, could be they were aligned incorrectly, could be many things but one thing I didn't see was coaching adjustments. But then again maybe there were adjustments but the wrong one at the wrong time. Like I said, no gel.

    And den, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston...Brad knows.

  106. bowwar:

    I don't think we have a chance for Wittek...He's just playing us. Rivers is another matter and I think we have a better chance of landing him.

  107. al:

    jimmy the lock...that is all true.
    i read you now.

    the competition has a lot to do with it like you said. we are a bit too slow, undersized, for the most part.

  108. Chee Hoo:

    Andy's Drive Inn or Byron's Drive Inn?

  109. al:

    l & l or m & m?

  110. al:

    won ton or gau gee?

  111. al:

    chi chi dango or gau?

  112. boolakanaka:

    Just my piddly 2 cents, but I think, 6 wins, while certainly challenging, is doable. Six wins will allow for the proverbial "monkey" to get-off Chow's back and will solidify a greater fan base and recruiting. A couple of bounces will have to go our way, but there is a core nucleus there that have the potential to get it done.

    Conversely, I think, something below 5 wins, and well, the waters get murky and he (Chow) will have an up-stream swim, despite contract assurances.

    And yes, Notnasti, missing home a whole bunch.

  113. al:

    mai funn or chow funn?

  114. al:

    we were either the best 1-11 team in the nation or the only 1-11 team in the nation.

    but, seriously, how many of those 11 were winnable had it not been for a turnover here and there?

  115. st. anthony trojan:

    bowar me agree you... u know if a slip occurs outside etc.. for a major company.. first thing a public relations firm will tell you to to call a press conference n speak up about it.. before the rumor mills get a holds of it n blow it all apart..this piece by piece crap the ad office up there tells us or the press is bull crap...first he not on bench..then not make trip..why not gib get sum testacles if his call or the fighting pake.. man..let it all hang out.. give the press the truth the whole matter.. n it be over will all come out eventually..why prolong the it is inescapable....give us the no more rumors n other bull crap about this..just making the man look bad..

  116. boolakanaka:

    Cake noodle or see min?

  117. st. anthony trojan:

    al... spot on... just how the ball bounces huh.. they will get 9 wins this year.. n get lucky...

  118. Whats up:


    No lie, Hawaii Football in 2013 had so many close losses, Fresno escaped with it's life, Wyoming was a shootout and so many other games that was so close but no cigar! But Sean Schroder was the reason the offense was scoring points and now he is gone. Hence the need/excitement for a QB and Witteka and Rivers just make the offseason more interesting and exciting! The defense started out strong last season and ended in a fizzle. Kaumeyers defense lost Hawaii many games last season... but that is the past. Clune and Gouveia are the future for the Hawaii defense.

  119. 3-Prong:

    25 boo: Luau is nice, graduating is great and no more tuition is da bomb, but looking most forward to Spring King fishing again. Shhhhhh. Don't tell my daughter. Hehe!!

  120. WWF:

    103. al

    Ask the best one available when the song starts, never mind the prettier ones already dancing.

  121. WWF:

    We did not offer a JC National Championship MVP QB, that wanted to come to Hawaii, for our last day de-commit?

  122. ponojr:

    Plate Lunch or Lunch Plate
    Shave Ice or Ice Shave
    Beef Tomato or Tomato Beef

  123. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    why or what for?

  124. hwnstyll:


    We wanted to offer the JC QB but after looking into his personal life Chow found out that he was not a A Mormon or a Punahou graduate, other than that he was just what UH needed.

  125. jimmy the lock:

    glock or sig

  126. st. anthony trojan:

    124 funny... u can send him here to manila on a catholic mission.. can hapai the cardinals ...oops better stop here he he he

  127. oldie:

    The site that Turfwar pointed to shows that JC QB commits to Boise St on Jan 19. I think that was before Tuileta took his trip to USC so it might have been too late to offer. Plus we don't know how serious he was about UH. As WWF says, better to look forward than backward.

  128. Manoa Mist:

    Steve Murray does the radio show with Scott Robbs. Think he does a Midweek column too. He's leaving "hints" on another board, but if you're a journalist and you put it out there even as a hint you better have some info or I'll never believe anything you ever say again.
    Remember Duane Shimogawa and him saying Dirk Koetter was the new UH football coach? Yeah okay buddy.

  129. al:

    120...i always believed that if you no ask you no get.

  130. A-House:

    is UH facing a milk and car problem again?

  131. al:

    ahouse...explain milk and car?

  132. kapakahi:

    DonYeh Patterson also visiting this weekend.....along with Lauaki.

  133. tom-warriornation:

    Isn't that JC National Championship MVP QB, that wanted to come to Hawaii, from Butte College--the same school that Aaron Rogers played at?

  134. tom-warriornation:

    Yes; Don Weir, I will see you in San Diego this year.

  135. tom-warriornation:

    ok ST; I will do all road game tickets--I strongly believe if a UH fan wants to come support our team on the road anywhere; then I want them to have the best seats available as close to our Warrior team as possible.

    Not the junk end zone nose bleed seats that the UH ticket office gets--my last bad experience at UNLV a few years ago.

  136. st. anthony trojan:

    tom-warriornation....if you can get good seats at the 50...then please pray tell ...why cant the warrior office get the same..instead of the nose bleed seats they get... i know is a logical question.. so maybe to hard for the ticket office n mr. jay to explain ?? ...i am sure those that sit in back to our bench as close as possible really appreciate all you do for them.. but that not what they are getting paid to do.. to do sum leg work for the loyal fans that will travel n get good seats for the fans who want them ?? mr. jay... care to explain please???

  137. SteveM:

    RE: #135 & #136
    I have wondered the same thing...and although I do not the official reason, I have formed this theory/guess... so FWIW...

    Schools playing each other must guarantee the visiting school X number of seats. When the seats number into the multiple hundreds or thousands, the home school might assign them seating by sections (for logistical and fan separation reasons).

    Of course, the 50 yard line and "good" seats are purchased by their season ticket holders first. Then travel agencies that might bring in tours might be allowed to purchase small blocks/rows in between, along with any booster type club or major sponsor. Then whatever is left over between the 20 yard lines might be available for general sale. This leaves the block of tickets for the visiting school to be allotted in a section outside the 20's or in the endzone.

    Of course, this would vary by stadium and how much their local sales demands are.

    tom-warriornation (and Rich2176 to some extent) came in and dealt with the opponent stadium ticket office directly... taking smaller groups of seats on the sidelines where available. As the relationship with the stadium sales contact develops, they are given more seats on demand, since they have gained the reputation of showing up and buying all the seats they asked for...
    - - - - - - -

    Related to this is, say, how many tickets is UH required to buy at XYZ stadium for their regular scheduled game? Hopefully someone else can explain this...but if you were UH, would you want to stuck with the most expensive tickets in the house if you can't sell them?

  138. NorthShoreFan:

    Spring training to remember we practicing against our own no get too excited.
    During the scrimmages, when the offense scored a lot of td's...I was worried.
    When the D got a lot of hurries and sacks, I was worried.

  139. 99club:

    tom-warriornation: Thanks in advance if you include the Rice game (Houston) in your ticket buys.

    For Tsaikos who like live music, the Austin City Limits Music Festival's first weekend starts on Friday, October 3rd and runs through the weekend. So, one could go to the festival on Friday and Sunday with the game in between. Not for the faint of heart. :)

  140. 99club:

    Forgot to add: it's going to be warm that weekend. I'll bet it'll be in the 80's.

  141. d1shima:

    Great Evening All!



  142. Kaimuki Kid:

    Teri King or Suzy Q

  143. Kaimuki Kid:

    Kulolo or Gau

  144. al:

    ok, ok, ok...what pthe heck is a " milk and car problem...ahouse"????

    i googled and only found this:

    help me out here.

  145. d1shima:

    top or yoyo

  146. d1shima:

    ...and the ever-recurring

    Ginger or Mary Ann

  147. Inyoface:

    3 California games next year, been awhile since that happened if ever. Going to the SD and San Jose state game. Fresno depending on how the season looks and if we have a winning season not just competitive, that was last year.

  148. whitey:

    air travel to the mainland games has always been a problem, but be interesting if someone or a group talked to one of the carriers to make it easier for the boosters to get to the game. The airlines would only provide the transportation to the game on Thursday and return on Sunday. The fare would be dependent on how much the booster donated to UH football for the season or year. In turn the airline would become a major major sponsor of UH football. Whether it works or not, nothing will be gained until initial contact is made. Just thinking, a booster who donates 100-200 gets $25 off ticket, 2 $201-500 $50 discount, $600 and above $100 discount.
    Baggage waiver for 1st bag. Just looking from another angle.

  149. Kaimuki Kid:

    I think that A-House is referring to the Fab Five ' infamous car commercials

  150. old808:

    I don't believe the car commercials were in the fab five time. It was during Bruce O'Neil's time.

  151. st. anthony trojan:

    whitey..ur funny.. that makes 2 much sense... will never be adopted...that would be so very beneficial for the traveling boosters... so wont work they will tell you...why do you want to complicate the process be being so "right n logical" be to easy.. boosters should have to jump through hoops first...thjen maybe .. they will think of all you that like to cheer on the team...

  152. st. anthony trojan:

    wow a name from the past... bruce.. where is he now ?

  153. old808:

    Bruce O'Neil coached for 3 seasons before he was let go and Rick Pitino coached Hawaii for a few games because of the violations. Red Rocha was the coach during the Fab Five days

  154. old808:

    O'Neil has a basketball academy on the mainland.

  155. st. anthony trojan:

    oh that is good for vegas.???. him n reilly are friends ?

  156. kruzen:

  157. kruzen:

    scion tc or toyota celica

  158. boolakanaka:

    Nike waffle or IHOP waffle?

  159. boolakanaka:

    Aina Haina or Kuliouou?

  160. boolakanaka:

    Box lunch or bento lunch?

  161. boolakanaka:

    Salisbury Steak or Hamburger Steak?

  162. boolakanaka:

    Haden, common, perry or mango?

  163. boolakanaka:

    Papakolea or Hawaiian Beverly Hills?

  164. boolakanaka:

    Mokoliʻi or Chinaman's hat?

  165. boolakanaka:

    Paleo or BBQ?

  166. 3-Prong:

    Game at the Blaisdell or game at the Stanley?
    gotta do the PIP flip flop!

  167. boolakanaka:

    Kahe point or Kaena Point?

  168. boolakanaka:

    NBC...cause I also saw Earth Wind and Fire there......

  169. 3-Prong:

    boo: You mean Pulehu?

  170. boolakanaka:

    Best song when you come home from college back in the day: Honolulu City Lights or Celebrate (Kenny Loggins)?

  171. boolakanaka:

    dats da spelling in Makakilo.

  172. oneseason:

    Fremont or California?

  173. boolakanaka:

    If with the ohana, then California, if with the boys, then Cosmopolitan.

  174. Pu'uwai:

    Hawaiian Punch or false crack?

  175. al:

    rev. bulla or boolakanaka?

  176. al:

    boolakanaka or bula'ia?

  177. al:

    eh, pun intended. just for the sake of gamesmanship.

  178. old808:

    #155 O'Neil is in Oregon.

  179. boolakanaka:

    al--no e kala mai necessary--I like it. And its easy, its the Rev. Me, I am not a great model for the keikis, sort of R rated.