Spring practice schedule

February 24th, 2014

The Rainbow Warriors will open spring training on April 1.

The weekday practices will begin at about 7 a.m. The starting time has not been determined for the Saturday practices.

The practices are open to the public.

> Tuesday, April 1

> Thursday, April 3

> Saturday, April 5

> Monday, April 7

> Tuesday, April 8

> Thursday, April 10

> Saturday, April 12 — Junior Day

> Monday, April 14

> Tuesday, April 15

> Thursday, April 17

> Saturday, April 19

> Monday, April 21

> Tuesday, April 22

> Thursday, April 24

> Saturday, April 26 — Spring game

116 Responses to “Spring practice schedule”

  1. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Ta dahhhhhh!!! Foist!

  2. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  3. jm2375:

    Good morning!
    2nd poster

  4. Stephen Tsai:

    As you'll note, there will be no neighbor island practices this spring.

  5. boya_jr:

    I was thinking about how we are going to use our new and returning players on my way to work today. Good think I was walking and not running into street poles. Go Warriors!

  6. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Lookin forward to dem spring practices. How many of the new recruits will be around for those sessions? Any idea Mr. Tsai?
    Also, anxious to see how the returnees are looking. We do have some good ones!

  7. kifi:

    Do we seniors have our own day?

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Practices will be held on grass field (weather permitting). Ching field is the backup plan, as well as the site for the spring game.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Of course. Don't people who are freeway speed limits get discount days at Ross' and Denny's?

  10. kifi:

    #9 - Okay not there yet. But omos dea.

  11. BigWave96744:

    Ooop sorry Jeezy, my bad... It wasn't Will Gregory who committed to AzSt, it was Dejon Allen who committed to them, then changed his mind when Dennis Erickson was fired. Dejon came to Hawaii because of Will Gregory....

  12. kifi:

    #9 - So everyday is senior day. Starbucks, McDonald's, Kapiolani Golf Course, Ala Moana Beach Park, Fisherman's Wharf.

  13. BigWave96744:

    and Dejon came to Hawaii because he wanted to play for Norm Chow

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    Denny's trivia:
    > Richard Jezak and Harold Butler founded the restaurant in Lakewood, Calif., in 1953.
    > It originally was named "Danny's Donuts."
    > The name was changed to "Denny's" to avoid confusion with "Doughnut Dan's."

  15. BigWave96744:

    I wonder what kind of April Fools Joke Beemer has planned

  16. kifi:

    Should be a very interesting "Junior Day" this year. Hawaii's high school talent in 2015 is the best to come along in a few years.

  17. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Thanks for the sked, ST.
    Freeway speeds...

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, this group of juniors is deep and talented.

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    A couple of years ago, I needed to buy a shirt really quickly. So I went to Ross', on Ward. There was a line of old farts. Door opened, they did that old-fart hip block, you know, the high-screen that Tim Duncan always gets away with. Then the OFs filled up their shopping carts.I guess this happens every Tuesday.

  20. JLO:

    I will be at this spring game ! Can't wait!

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    I alway forget about him, but I think Lance Williams is going to have a good spring. He looks a lot bigger.

  22. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks for the heads up about all the senior stuff kifi and Stephen. I'm so dang senior, I didn't even know I was. Glad that I read the posts here. You guys have changed my life... again.

  23. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...looks like a bootiful day...


  24. koakane ®:

    morning good people of the 808

    have a nice day and play nice


    I went to the Maui island spring practice two years ago. Then a bunch of us went to Tiffany's to quench our thirst and to partake in some pupus.

  26. hwnstyll:

    Too bad UH has abandoned the outer islands. I thought that was a nice touch.

  27. cocobean:

    #26. No can afford to go.

  28. al:

    i believe that the decision to not have an outer island practice is just a sign of the budget restraints put on the athletic/football program. i imagine a lot of coin will be saved.

    too bad the lanai island mogul hasn't stepped up to the plate yet. would be nice for the boys to visit lanai city.

    i am sure ralphie would serve as a tour guide for free.

  29. HawaiiMongoose:

    It would be nice to sit in the new seating area built into the Ching Athletics Complex to watch the spring game. Somehow though I'm guessing it won't be ready for public use by the end of April.

  30. Jeezy33:

    Seeing under recruited guys like Khalil Mack and Dri Archer destroy it in the MAC give me reasons to be optimistic about our Florida recruits like marquis Fairchild and darrian josey. Fairchild is about same size as Mack out of high school and both out of Florida. Josey a track guy like Archer. Obviously I'm sure their games are completely different but just gives me hope of optimism if they can develop. Mack and archer really doing well at combine

  31. 808bowler:

    I thought the spring practice flight to the outer islands was donated by Hawaiian air?

  32. al:

    bowler...the agreement with Hawaiian air is a contra account contract.
    in exchange for flight arrangements to the uhad, Hawaiian gets advertisement at a like value. there could also be some cash involved coming to uhad.

    like a trade off if you will.

  33. al:

    therefore, not a freebie.

  34. al:

    upon watching the state final D1 basketball game.

    I'd be after Jacob McEnroe as a future tight end prospect.
    and the semisi kid re-affirmed my belief that this kid deserves a scholie.
    pumba definitely athletic but needs to beef up. perhaps a grayshirt followed by a redshirt would suit him well. maybe d-end down the road.

    there was another reserve who's name escapes me, another big, who looked the part of football player with athletic skills...?

  35. A-House:


    your remarks in #34 reminds me of the Seahawks TE who was a basketball player in college

    are you thinking along the same lines for TE at UH?

  36. jeezy33:

    34. Just on size and athleticism, McEnroe is 10x the athlete Pumba is based on how they moved on the bball court. He could probably grow into a hybrid LB/Safety.

  37. A-House:

    Jr-day at UH:

    hear u-all saying great 2015 recruiting class

    how many will actually sign with UH? 10% or 20% or less? if you pundits say the players are talented, will they stay and play for the home team instead of a BCS school for all the name recognition however small it will be in Hawaii - it would be even less if the Star-Advertiser did not produce the local athlete section in the paper

    those who go away are fortunate that the local paper produces a "local athlete" section, but I don't read it cause they are not playing for UH - small minded - perhaps, but all I really care about is reading how UH players doing - even if they are from out-of-state.

    in my last assignment before my retirement from the Army, I had 8 Colonels working for me and I constantly asked "why" during/after their presentation - one finally asked me why do I use the word "why" so often - simple, cause you and your staff do such a lousy job in your research/analysis and presentation leaving out so many details - drop a pebble in water and it generates continuous little waves that extend outwards - if you don't cover all that it transcends, you have much work to do

  38. papajoe2:

    Why why? Ooooooooohh das why.

  39. A-House:

    reading the article on "power ball" - tie it into the "national" power ball drawing - I am convinced that it would be good for Hawaii - all proceeds after paying the winner and/or expenses goes to a special "education" fund for CIP at all public schools in Hawaii

    location that sold the winning ticket would receive $100,000 from the $1 million paid nationally - balance is put into the power ball fund

    I do not know how much money this will generate, but it will certainly be a big boost in reducing the State budget while insuring that public school real property will be continuously funded into eternity - DOE, with the input from all islands, will compile a priority list of all projects to justify its priority/ranking

    the money WILL NOT go into the State's general fund where our greedy Legislators can get their greedy paws to spend - it will go into a special fund at a local bank and a separate company established to run Hawaii's power ball operation

    I volunteer to be the first Chairperson of this committee.

  40. A-House:

    hoe you got it #38!!!!!!!!!

  41. A-House:

    hoe =s hope

  42. A-House:

    tom-warrior nation:

    will contact you later if need tickets - unsure what Panda Travel will set up - hope they set up for Rice game - would like to visit Houston and eat them ribs!!!!!

  43. Turfwar:

    Al I think you're referring to Seu Luafatasaga. About 6'4" 215 quick athletic and only a junior. Noticed him this hoops season too. A young DE in the making. I don't know the deal on Jacob Mac and why nobody has this kid signed but he will make a difference where ever he ends up. If it's at a JC we may not get him back. And I too believe we are missing the boat on Semisi. Would love to see this kid mixing it up on the scrimmage line in a Warrior uniform. Huge and mobile. Bull in a china shop on a basketball court.

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    Too many AugieTV commercials. I keep saying, "Mean da green..."

  45. UHAlum:

    ST...what is the status of the QB transfers...and what was the big announcement

  46. A-House:


    u tink UH coaches see da same potential in the 2015 basket ball class to sign for football?

    hope their grades are up to snuff!

    after all we have witnessed the past 30+ years of local football players, which year, if any, did UH score the mostest of the bestest?

  47. A-House:


    maybe the "big announcement" was that Wittek still has UH on his list - me tinks he's just waggin Chow's tail, but who am I 2 know?

    why so little chatter on Reilly? u tinkie Chow has sights on Rivers and Wittek and Reilly in the rearview mirror?

  48. gobows:


    kapiolani golf course?

  49. al:

    jeezy33...j-mac is solid and very athletic. played some cb, too. not sure his status, perhaps a jc transfer for the future.

  50. gobows:

    i recall the resident scout evaluator did not have a high opinion on wittek's body of work at usc.

    i agree with the notion that wittek is looking forward to a free trip to hawaii and will sign with louisville, he'll probably sit the bench at texas.

  51. al:

    turfwar...that's the one i believe. i was thinking left tackle. isn't he left handed?

  52. old808:

    #43 I'm sure the coaching staff looked at those players that you mentioned but with limited scholarships hard to give to everyone. There could be issues with academics so those kinds of info is not available to the public in respect to the potential recruit. As we all know recruiting is not an exact science. You will win some and lose some and I believe the coaches do a tireless job of evaluating each recruit which goes beyond just athletic ability.

  53. al:

    the way i look at it is...
    one, if wittek wanted texas or if they wanted him, he'd have committed already.
    two, louisville has a stockpile of qb's as is always the case with petrino.
    three, his best out is at Hawaii, if his wanting to play is the most critical denominator.

    then, i disagree with mr. ahouse (again). i am thinking perhaps more lean towards Hawaii than one would think.
    then, again is he our first choice?
    what about this rivers kid?
    what about gb #3?

  54. old808:

    kifi #12 did you mean the Ala Wai Golf Course since no mo Kapiolani Golf course.

  55. al:


  56. al:

    you can tell that kifi is not a hacker.

  57. old808:

    Our quarterback may just be in house already.

  58. al:

    oh and congratulations to michelle wie.

  59. al:

    her hands look a lot more relaxed and the whites of her knuckles have disappeared.
    ...a good sign.

  60. old808:

    I enjoy hacking it up.

  61. al:


  62. al:


  63. old808:

    I still don't like her putting stance

  64. al:

    in any case...if kifi wants to call it kapiolane gc, i say let him.
    i never argue with him.

  65. Stephen Tsai:

    Wittek is going to try to take five visits.
    Hawaii will be his last visit, either as an official visit or on vacation.
    He will not decide until after this semester. He wants to see each school's situation after spring ball.

  66. Stephen Tsai:

    Here's UH's situation.
    The job if open among Ikaika Woolsey, Taylor Graham and Jeremy Higgins.
    No decision will be made until this summer.
    Woolsey, obviously, would have an edge if Graham, who is coming off shoulder surgery, is not healthy.
    Beau Reilly and/or/nor a transfer will join this summer.
    Game on.

  67. Old School Dave:

    Wittek seems to be enjoying the recruiting process.

  68. d1shima:

    Great Afternoon All!

    There's a hint of Spring in the air!

  69. d1shima:


    Maybe consider that the Homegrown Report includes updates on many keiki o ka aina who have gone afar to continue their playing careers at other than D1 level schools. Those opportunities are not available in-state and it's nice to be able to follow these student-athletes as they progress as Ambassadors of Aloha...

  70. Rodney:

    #57 amen!!!!!

  71. A-House:


    yep - is #2 son still interested in going to Wisconsin in 2015?

    so far no takers in my household.

  72. A-House:

    there are a lot of open spaces on Kauai, Maui and the Big Island - perhaps, way into the future, those open spaces will be homes, increase the population, create more D 1 or DII schools with football

    5-7 million can easily fit into the Kona coast from the airport to Kamuela - developer must create many large drainage area for "lava" as isle is still growing

  73. Turfwar:

    Good one Al. Never thought left tackle but it wouldn't be surprising to see him gain the needed weight in a couple of years. A couple of guys I like at tackle in the junior class are Mililani's Jordan Agosiva a Farrington transfer who is very mobile and quick on his feet at 6'4" 270 and Kapolei's William Auwae 6'5" 280 who is already attracting a ton of interest along with his younger brother Sean Auwae 6'4" 270. Another Kapolei tackle Pesi Savea stands 6'7" 290 who may or may not return to Damien for his senior year. Hard to find those guys. Will make an effort to be at Junior Day this spring and see who attends.

  74. Warrior Dave:

    We may have Jeremy Higgins in camp but let's be realistic. Based in Chows reluctance to get him on the field with l the injuries last year, Mr. Higgins will not see the playing field IMHO. Right or wrong, He doesn't fit into Chows plans.

  75. 76SOUTH:

    Speaking of GOV'S, I hope they move Justin Vele back to linebacker!!

  76. Manoa Mist:

    Okay heard the scoop on Akana and UH recruiting violations. Feds involved. Here's the question? What did Gib know and when? Regardless, this is a heck of a lot more than "absolutely nothing," as the Gibster has been quoted. Akana not coming back this year.

  77. Warrior Dave:

    So Manoa Mist, can't you give more information than that?? Hate it when people talk in code.

  78. tommui:

    #76 Manoa Mist seems to know more than any of the responsible newsmedia people know.

    However, I don't know how the Feds would be involved in a recruiting violation

  79. Boolakanaka:

    Aloha all! Y'all get a whiff of Jadeveon Clowney 40 time?? The 268 pounder clocked a 4.47 and a 4.48--breathtaking!!!

  80. A-House:

    greater concern is what will happen to the UH BB team when NCAA hands down its sanctions

    UH being a vey small potato - look for the NCAA to empty both barrels - no patty, patty on the hand like it did for Miami's violations

  81. Scoop:

    #76, 77,78......Apparently Akana tried to break in to the White House and recruit Barrack Obama. The Prez was about to give his verbal when the secret service caught wind of the scheme and intervened Zero dark thirty style. So naturally the Feds are involved. The Prez is consulting with Larry Tuileta about how to proceed. Best as we can tell it is only a soft verbal at this time.

  82. Warrior Dave:

    Thanks Tommui for your comment. You are right that it doesn't make sense to hVe the Feds involved in a NCAA violation. I just remember Bobby C said that he is aware of the problem and didn't think it was anything.

    Manoa Mist, I wish you wouldn't come here and spread false rumors.

  83. Boolakanaka:

    Now, not starting rumors, but Feds could be involved if there was US Mail or any interstate violation in relation to the exchange of monies.

  84. Truman:

    I thought Semisi was a 2015 recruit. Wow, I am surprised that he did not get any offers.
    As for Akana, if he did commit interstate violations, I don't think Gib or Bobby Curran would have called it minor. Anyway, hope it doesn't affect the team as the program is starting on an upward trend especially with the recruits already in house.

  85. Truman:

    #30-jeezy, it must be close to spring if you have hope and optimism for some of these recruits. Good to hear that.

  86. kapakahi:

    #34, #36 & #43,

    Yup.....gotta agree that McEnroe is very athletic and explosive. A buddy of mine teaches at Farrington HS and says that McEnroe is a very good student......so academics shouldn't be an issue.

    Meanwhile Gov OL Mason Semisi already signed his LOI with Virginia Union.....

  87. Truman:

    I think if Wittek is scheduling Hawaii as his last stop, we must have a good chance. He's already been here and played against us so I think unless he finds something better or comes across something that he wasn't aware of, he probably feels he has the best chance to play here. He is just being thorough in his recruiting efforts.

  88. Truman:

    Ok, my bad. I was thinking of Semisi Uluave from Punahou not the Farrington kid.

  89. Truman:

    Hey kapakahi, you have an email address that I could email you at. Just wanted to talk about some non football matters that probably shouldn't be on this blog.

  90. kapakahi:

    Yup.....McEnroe is very athletic and explosive.....


  91. kapakahi:

    #89. Truman,

    Just e-mailed you.

  92. Truman:

    kapakahi, got it. thx.

  93. NorthShoreFan:

    not to high on Wittek....he didn't impress me against the Warriors....jmho..
    how would he do with our offensive line?...hopefully the line gets better..but how much can we expect?...spring will tell....
    this off season will be telling come spring ball.

  94. Truman:

    NSF, I wasn't impressed either but there must be a reason he was a 4 star out of hs. I just think we need more competition at that position and maybe he will show more progress at another school.

  95. NorthShoreFan:

    I don't pay attention to the "star" ratings...hs and D1 is totally different. That said, me thinks Coach Chow is able to develop players and yes, competition at that position is critical. The ability to assess players and develop their potential is not easy.
    The nfl is full of players who never had any "stars" attached to them out of hs but some good coaches did great things for them.

  96. Truman:

    I don't take the star ratings as gospel but it is a starting point. I am hoping that this is a reverse situation where this a highly rated qb that never got the proper coaching. As there are unknown qbs who excel, I am sure there are those who were rated highly but for whatever reason, did not excel. It's the time for optimism before things get back to reality. lol.

  97. NorthShoreFan:

    yup....spring, summer & fall will tell..IMUA!

  98. al:

    have we enough qb's to have spring game?

  99. st. anthony trojan:

    slow sports day 2 day...me not 2 high on him.. but never can tell what mr. chow can do.. he trained very many good ones...sure he can see.. he saw in schroder what very many did not see..most important me think is leadership n guts.. which SS had tons off...

  100. al:


  101. al:


  102. al:

    st. anthony trojan...whoa you throw me off.

  103. Truman:

    how come some times your name seems like there is a link to it (blue color) and sometimes it's just plain black? Is one the impostor?

  104. Truman:

    I know you had people posing as you before. Too bad that cannot be controlled.

  105. st. anthony trojan:

    one is republican point of view.. n other one is democrat... neil's party.. tomorrow he will get one for hannemans party...he he he what that name his party ne way ??

  106. st. anthony trojan:

    yea sorry me throw u off ur # 100..there many sleep now...here only 6 pm yet.. just go eat spam n cabbage now he he he

  107. al:

    naw...it depends if i am using the ipad or laptop.

  108. al:

    st. anthony...but the kalamungai is fresher.

  109. st. anthony trojan:

    yea here kids need piso.. n go n pick sum leaves n go sell to the small vendors that cook street food..

  110. st. anthony trojan:

    he he...yea one fish head some leaves n water.....n we good for a week he he he

  111. al:

    we made chicken adobo tonight.

  112. st. anthony trojan:

    yea when me first come here.. go eat different vendor food n restaurant... wow adobo..
    so many very different taste.. not like there.. more or less one basic taste we are used to..
    here not so...some times me ask.. what is this... n they say adobo..he he he..especially with pork..
    most places make a chicken curry.. that is very good...

  113. wafan:

    Good morning!

  114. maddog50:

    A-House, regarding whether I might attend a tail gate that would be attended by the members of this sight....yes if offer extended. I am looking forward to seeing as many folks as I can....including former teamates, Na Koa folks etc. The chance to see a game at the stadium is a highlight, looking to attend a practice and tour the facilities. So looking forward to it. A number of Mature Warriors will be at he Washington game unfortunately I will miss that......so looking forward to it as I sit here in 20 degree whether!!!!

  115. A-House:

    consider this an offer to attend our Tsaiko tailgate for the Washington and Oregon St games

    keep watch on this blog for location information as time gets closer

    Don Weir, who lurks and posts on this blog, may be able to assist in your getting to meet former teammates - he is very good at helping all former teammates!

  116. Shoko:

    Something to do with recruiting violations and a federal agency?

    Maybe it involves recruitment of an foreign-born student athlete that shouldn't be here. Or it could be completely separate and not related at all. I dunno, but its interesting stuff.