Wittek to visit this weekend

February 27th, 2014

USC quarterback Max Wittek will begin a recruiting visit to Hawaii tomorrow evening. Arrangements were finalized this afternoon.

Wittek is seeking to transfer after he earns a bachelor's degree at the end of this semester. Graduates are free to transfer and play immediately without redshirting. Wittek has two seasons of eligibility remaining.

Wittek visited Texas two weeks ago.

He is expected to make his decision in May, after interested schools have completed spring ball and evaluations.

* * * * *

The potential added competition does not appear to be fazing the current quarterbacks. Taylor Graham, Ikaika Woolsey, Jeremy Higgins and Adonis Phillips led a players-only, unsupervised workout yesterday afternoon.

Graham, who is recovering from surgery on his left shoulder, did not throw yesterday. But he was helpful in setting up plays.

Woolsey, Higgins and Phillips threw passes to the receivers, running backs and tight ends in attendance.




* * * * *

Wideout Marcus Kemp:


127 Responses to “Wittek to visit this weekend”

  1. PONO:

    Wittek visited two weeks ago and is coming again on his official?

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    I forgot the word "Texas."
    Thanks for the catch.

  3. Ipu Man:

    Your warm and sunny looking pics of the qb's should warm up anybody's heart
    on deciding where to play---in the freezing mainland or in Hawaii.

  4. PONO:

    ST got it. I thought to myself wow what a life. Visiting Hawaii twice in a month.

  5. boya_jr:

    Wow look at those stands surrounding the practice field. I've been away for too long.

  6. tom-warriornation:

    Hope we land all 3 QB's on our horizon! GO WARRIORS! Hi boya_jr.

  7. boya_jr:

    UH going to look like Iolani : )

  8. tom-warriornation:

    ST: that is great to have these players-only, unsupervised workouts--is there a limit on the number of these workouts allowed; or no?

  9. tom-warriornation:

    boolakanaka and NYWarrior: our Warriornation group here can match your $1000 to help Warrior football. was there anyone else interested; or did I miss any other pledges?

  10. tommui:


  11. Stephen Tsai:

    They're unsupervised. The players can do whatever they want to do.
    I was moseying along after volleyball practice when I noticed there were guys on the field.
    Apologies for the quality of the pictures. The setting sun was a problem. There was one time when I had the right angle, the right lighting and ... Ikaika Woolsey asked me to step back several feet. I did, and two seconds later Jason Muraoka ran a swing route where I used to be standing.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    I think a quarterback from the tryouts has a chance to be invited to spring ball.
    UH is in the vetting process — medical, academic checks.
    You need at least a 2.5 GPA to be a walk-on.

  13. jonj:

    Just got back from a snowboarding on Mount baker and ran into Solomon ellimimian. He's back wit the BC lions and his friend convinced him to try out snowboarding. Kinda funny he's been up there what 4 yrs and never tried till now.

  14. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Congrats to the BaseBows on their victory last night.

    GO BOWS!

  15. Lowtone123:

    Bring them all in! Having choices in life is good. Remember Bryant Moniz? Walk-on 3rd stringer became the starter after Alexander and Rausch were injured and the rest is history.

  16. NotNasti:

    JonJ, I'm JEALOUS! Mt. Baker is a nice, unpretentious place to board. How was the snow? Pacific NW has had a down season, but heard from my son that its been dumping lately at Steven's and Crystal Mountain.

  17. jm2375:

    "University of Hawaii athletic program gets NCAA certification"


    The remainder of the Ching Complex should be finished by the end of April, UH officials said.

    If you believe that, I have some land on the Big Island or a few bridges I could sell you...

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    It's a strange project. For months and months, nothing was going on. Then once training camp started, roads were blocked, things were happening. Then it slowed. Then panic, and it started again. Then it slowed. I think it's great to build more lockers and offices, but I'm not sure the purpose of the stands. What are people supposed to be watching?

  19. sofaking_blk:

    Any chance we can get Phillip Rivers lil bro?

  20. jacklegpreacher:

    ironic.... a 4 star top prep qb leaves usc without playing much after almost 4 years, an unrecruited qb heads to usc to attempt to play.....

  21. jm2375:

    ST - unless the upper floors are parking, no way it's gonna be done before summer.

  22. jeezy33:

    20. Every high school senior thinks they can be a starter... Once practice starts, ratings and stars get thrown out the window... And ratings really do mean nothing... If you can play, you can play.

  23. koakane ip5:

    lovely morning and howzit 808

    agree with jm# and we've been watching this thing for 2 years just existing there.

    have a good day and play nice

  24. justsomeguy:

    I have a feeling a certain qbs recruitment was in light of who he could help them recruit next year....

  25. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    It's too bad that they couldn't add in a couple more floors to the ching complex to build their athlete-only gyms and what not. would have been a good use of space instead of having to build from scratch atop Klum Gym.

  26. NorthShoreFan:

    ST...I was about to ask the same question about the stands. Maybe so fans can watch the scrimmages....track....lets see ... what else...me thinks upgraded metal bleachers would have ben enough for what ever is going on at a practice field...unless they looking to have HS football, soccer, track etc...there.

    Me thinks locker rooms for RWSS, extended roof line..better PA system etc. would have been better

  27. NorthShoreFan:

    UH has been really good at finding & developing unheralded HS players in the past and no reason it won't continue.....but lots of eyes from the continent are scanning the islands too...

  28. NorthShoreFan:

    Anyhoo, Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day

  29. gobows:

    In hawaii...end of april...really means...maybe by december.

  30. boolakanaka:

    TomWarrior I am actually in town this week, so let me know how I can bundle the money to the appropriate person/entity? Don Weir? Another person?

  31. A-House:

    jm your #17:

    couple friends purchased land in Florida decades ago and discovered is was in the "swamp land" covered by 4' of water

    I could sell someone the London Bridge.

  32. gobows:


    Quite often the local walk ons have more desire and a greater work ethic than the players on scholarship (moniz, torres, paredes, owens, lelie...).

  33. A-House:

    anyone considering securing Hawaiian miles by flying American Airlines - forget it - will neva happen cause their agreement says any flight originating from or ending in Hawaii is excluded from the program

    must fly east to west or north to south or vise versa

  34. Stephen Tsai:

    Remember a few years ago when somebody bought the land right below our winding road/ The guy figured he was pretty bright, like he was the first to discover a lot of available land in a beautiful area with the Koolaus in the background. And so he builds his house — really, a big manor-type house — and we all just watched and watched. And it's a gorgeous house in a gorgeous area. And, of course, the property is for sale. The reason the area is green is because it rains every day. And if you're in a low-lying area where it rains every day, well…
    Sometimes things seem like a good idea.

  35. boya_jr:

    Hello TomWarriorNation. We'll need to grab lunch.

  36. A-House:

    after running for many years, I met this guy who said running is fine, but run with a purpose to get better

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    Sometimes I think walk-ons have a greater desire to prove themselves.
    Other times I think they were mis-evaluated and should have been recruited.

  38. tommui:

    #31 - "I could sell someone the London Bridge."
    Make sure that the State of Arizona gives you permission! :-)

  39. A-House:


    I remember that! Always wondered how much water collected or high the water rose when it rained heavily and we do get a lot of rain!!!

    How do you like our nearly completed newly paved road? Only a small section of the winding road left and we are in like Flint!!

    Expect to enjoy the "full ride" going home today!

  40. A-House:


    I need to be careful cause me Buddhist!

    Certain Arizonians have unique ideas of what can be and should be when it comes to certain sociological matters

  41. Kevin:

    When was the new turf installed on Ching Field? Pretty sure 2008. Warranty? 5 years?

    By the time the complex is done, will we now have an issue with turf that needs to be replaced?

    Stay tuned.

  42. Buffoman:

    #39, you must be old! Most folks younger than us do not know the connection of the phrase, "in like Flint". That's an old one. Brings back hazy (purple) memories.

  43. tom-warriornation:

    Boolakanaka: I actually created a UH Foundation fund (with Stretch's help) a few years ago called the Rainbow Warrior Fund to help the football team, and so far we raised over $6,000. Email me at: tomkitaguchi@yahoo.com. or call my cell anytime at 415-324-0585. Btw, I live in San Francisco now.

  44. tommui:

    #40 Ahouse:

    I saw the London Bridge at Lake Havesu. I never could figure why those people in Arizona wanted to buy the London Bridge when it was being dismantled. Probably they wanted a tourist attraction like the Queen Mary (Elizabeth?) over at Long Beach.

  45. jeezy33:

    37. I think another thing I notice is most high schools have their best athletes play RB or QB. Those kids might not be a D1 QB or RB but walk on and play a position that is more suited for them and end up being very good... Not being able to play full time at your best position has to hurt in recruiting. Not everyone can be like QB Keelan Ewaliko and get a scholarship to play DB in college because he runs so fast at combines and track.

    Chad Owens played RB.
    Lono Manners played RB.
    Corey Parades- WR and LB. Probably just undersized. But def over looked. Defensive POY.
    Richard Torres- QB/DB

  46. gobows:

    39 & 42

    Not calling you a moron, but...


    In like flint is also the title of a '67 movie.

    In like flynn...


  47. gobows:


    Good point.
    And sometimes the opposite happens like with HOFer Marshall faulk. he had big time offers as a db, only san diego st wanted him as a rb.

  48. DoubleB:

    I also knew the phrase as in like Flynn. Very interesting as to how the "In like Flint" confusion started... Thanks for the links.

  49. old808:

    If the state pays the contractors on time, maybe things could get done quicker. Well that's better said than done. Who wants to do business when payment is slow in coming. In reality I don't know if this is true in this case so don't mistake my utterance as fact.

  50. gobows:

    Lb Andrew moody was a star rb at waipahu.

    Lb michael beazley was a star qb at waianae.

  51. old808:

    With the success of James Bond movies, In Like Flint and other movies popped up.

  52. jeezy33:

    Speaking of RBs. Sanele Lavatai might fit that perfect walk on bill of a guy who could play LB or Safety in college...

  53. gobows:

    When lb punahou aina was at damien, he was the punter, punt returner, kickoff returner, qb, rb, lb and was on every special teams. He never left the field. Yeah thats right, his dad was the coach.

  54. Former UH Athlete:

    19... UH is in the running. I think depends on Wittek. If one commits, then the other won't & vise versa. But both of these guys are being courted by several other schools, so there's a good chance UH gets neither of them. UH is attractive for QB transfers based on that the new guy would be right in the mix to start immediately, which is the reason for them leaving their original school.

    As a certain blog host said, it's about opportunities.

    Regardless if any name transfer comes, UH will have a healthy competition for the QB job. Graham & Woosley are entering their 3rd year under Chow. Beau Reilly is a high potential wild card that could be huge down the road, plus if a transfer from a big school comes. Whoever wins the job, I think UH's QB situation is much better than last year.

    Last year Graham was the anointed starter, but his shaky 1st 2 starts (more due to terrible OLine play) plus the injury has opened the competition.

    Just going off gut feeling, I'd rather see Rivers come to UH than Wittek. Mainly because we've seen Wittek get beat out by a mediocre Kessler at USC. Rivers hasn't had a chance yet since he's been sitting behind a grizzled veteran (Mettenberger). That unknown factor is intriguing to me, plus he's been practicing vs the best defenses in the country every practice the past 3 years.

    Vs MWC defenses, Rivers (or Wittek) would be licking their chops.

  55. SteveM:

    RE: #31

    A-House -- ironically, my grandparents could have bought the swampland called Waikiki for 10 cents/square foot. They didn't.

  56. Warrior Dave:


    Ben Jay gave your rock garden a shout out on twitter lSt night. He didn't mention you by name but he was grateful in your donation.

  57. Warrior Dave:

    Regarding the competition between Wittick and the other QB Kessell (?). I remember reading the HC had a favorite that wasn't producing in the field so that why it was dual QB's to start the season. I just can't remember which one the HC was pulling for.

  58. Warrior Dave:

    Surprising but good that Wittek is coming for a visit sooner verses later. I think we have to put all 3 QB's in the clock. First one to accept gets the scholarship and then everyon moves on.

    Doesn't make sense to bring in more than one, even with Graham's injury. HOWEVER, if Graham's injury is severe enough and won't play next year, then Chow could consider bringing in two but that's a non-confidence vote for Woosley.

  59. Former UH Athlete:

    57... I believe Kiffin was pulling for Kessler, but I'm not totally sure. I know my USC friends wanted Wittek, but they didn't have much confidence in him after his poor performances at the end of 2012 filling in for Barkley.

    Graham should be ready for fall camp. It's his non-throwing shoulder that got worked on.

  60. Derek:

    Everybody who have lived in Hawaii a long time knows that things get done very slowly as far as the State of Hawaii, or even the City and County of Honolulu. I don't believe in deadlines that have been thrown about about the Ching complex or even the Les Murakami stadium new scoreboard. I will believe it when I see it. This whole thing is ridiculous.

  61. OC Warrior:

    59 - FUHA it was actually the opposite. Kessler had been much more consistent and did not commit many turnovers in Spring and Fall practice but Kiffin loved Wittek because he had the stronger arm and all the measurables. Kessler definitely won the job but Kiffen kept it open hoping that Wittek would come around but he would always have at least one turnover a practice and his completion % was always around 50%. That is my concern with Wittek, similar to Graham, there completion % are always around 50%. Although like you said, Wittek was going against one of the best defenses in the nation. However, Kessler faced that same defense and was usually above 60%.

  62. jacklegpreacher:

    24: that's deep....

  63. A-House:


    I take serious exception to your calling me a "moron" - who da hell are you to do that?????????

    your references don't mean doots to me as we used that phrase way back in the 50s and who cares if Hollywood made a movie called In Like Flint??????????

    our Hi-Y club in 50s adopted the name Blue Angels - so what if the Navy, years later, called their special unit Blue Angels??????????

    this is a public blog, but when you get personal - then it's a whole different ball game!!!!!

    Next time you see me, introduce yourself.

  64. A-House:

    Warrior Dave:

    Thanks for the info - I don't know the contents of his "twit" and will not make an effort to look it up.

    Jim D already thanked me for what Mrs and I did - that's good enough!

  65. BigWave96744:

    #53, reminds me of Benson Maafala @McKinley back in 1983 (I think that was his senior year)

  66. Shoko:

    Yikes, what's happening to this blog?

  67. BigWave96744:

    In HS, Joey Iosefa was played Quarterback, Linebacker, Free Safety, Kicker and Punter

  68. Shoko:

    What I read about Witteks situation last season was the Kiffin wanted to give him as many chances to take the starting position for fear of losing the OC pipeline for recruits. Not sure if that's true, but I seem to recall that rumor being spread on one of the Trojan forums.

  69. OC Warrior:

    68 - Shoko what I heard was that Wittek was more likely to transfer than Kessler and Kiffin favored Wittek so he strung them along. Any strong coach would have made the decision that was best for the team. However, now that the USC QB competition was officially opened by Coach Sark, Wittek did indeed transfer and Kessler is staying put.

  70. Kannakattack:

    ST... I'm hearing rumors that the mystery QB is headed to Oahu... any truth? Who is he?

  71. Musashi:

    Hey, speaking of walk-ons or even recruits deep on the depth charts. Remember Gary Allen. Recruited as a WR, not must action. Down on the depth charts, then one day he was used as a RB on the scout team and woo-la. He becomes a Fr AA.

    Sometimes you never know what you have until a coach looks "outside the box". Sometimes they (walk-ons and even recruits) just need that one opportunity or that foot in the door.

  72. Former UH Athlete:

    66... It's the offseason, and not a ton to talk about now that 2014 recruiting is just about done... So comments are going on all kinds of tangents.

  73. cocobean:

    #63. Don't think GB was calling you a moron. I knew the expression should have been in like Flynn but thought it was too minor to correct you on it. It indeed was a reference to Errol Flynn - to be in like Flynn with the women, to in like Flynn when it comes to saving the day.

    In Like Flint was a sequel to Our Man Flint. A secret agent parody of the James Bond movies. The title was to play on the popular phrase as the hero,Derek Flint, was shown as a swashbuckling ladies man.

  74. st. anthony trojan:

    yup seem like we are loaded with talent...for our division.. n should be represented well on the field of play.. n plus sum additions to our coaching staff.. but always in the back of my mind... what is the next thing that will go wrong with the athletic dept...hate to be negative... but so very many negative things go on up there...it is hard to have a positive outlook from the players point of view.. but have to admit..they do a damm good job of it...seems like the women's sports have it all under control.. but the men's seem to be lacking n lagging behind a bit...IMUA

  75. st. anthony trojan:


    best lay that to rest.. now...thanks coco for ur explanation...

  76. st. anthony trojan:


    best lay that to rest.. if both sides agree...now...thanks coco for ur explanation...

  77. NotNasti:

    A-House, GoBows meant you no harm. He said "not calling you a moron, but . . . " because the Urban Dictionary link he provided goes on to say that the term "in like flint" is used by morons who don't know that the real saying is "in like Flynn." Basically, he was letting you know that the Urban Dictionary says "used by morons," but that he would never call you that.

  78. tom-warriornation:

    Who are the returning key players? Football is almost here!

    OL: Shigematsu, Afusia, Clarke, Lefotu, Loyd Jr., Griffin

    DT: Samia, Malepeai, Friel
    DE: Yap
    LB: Garcia-Williams, Gener, Lataimua, TJ
    CB: Phillips, Maggitt
    S: Jackson

    TE: Moleni
    WR: Haynes, Harding, Kirkwood, Kemp
    RB: Lakalaka, DSJ, Wily

    Did I miss anyone? Can any of these new players crack the lineup:

    4 star LB Jeremy Castro
    4 star WR Quinton Pedroza
    3 star DE Kory Rasmussen
    3 star WR Don'yeh Patterson
    3 star RB Daniel Lewis
    3 star RB DJ Riggins
    3 star S Jerrell Jackson

    WR Darrian Josey (2 star)
    MLB Simon Poti (2 star)
    WR Devan Stubblefield (2 star)
    LB Jahlani Tavai
    LB Malachi Mageo (2 star)
    LB Tui Unga (2 star)
    DE Luke Shawley (2 star)
    OL Elijah Tupai
    OL John Waa
    OL Leo Koloamatangi
    OL Dejon Allen
    OL RJ Hollis

  79. A-House:

    #73 & #77:

    sorry, but we did use the term "in like flint" to denote that everything was alright or great

    we never thought of Errol Flynn who was, BTW, one of my fav actors from the late 40s into the early 50s.

    Ok, let it rest

  80. st. anthony trojan:

    tom-warrior.. that only com,es to 35 stars..
    maybe need 15 more to make 50...lol
    witteck is how many ?
    n them others maybe ?

  81. jimmy the lock:

    So who was Flint in the 50's?

  82. RB:

    Glad to see Mike Edwards sign with a team may not be the NFL but at least it's something.


  83. st. anthony trojan:

    James Coburn was flint...

  84. st. anthony trojan:

    THANKS RB..always glad to see a former coach..pick one he has coached before..
    me read from the link you posted.. that he sign a 2 year deal.. but no more how much kala he going make.. why is that always seems to be missing when players go up north..????

  85. RB:

    @84 That's so true we never see how much they signed for. Maybe it's a CFL thing LOL yeah I think coach Daronte’ Jones had something to do with Mike getting looked at.

  86. justin:

    ST, any information on Tago and Falemalu's status with UH football. Have they started practicing with the team?

  87. st. anthony trojan:

    CFL players make between $30,000 to $300,000 a year. Rookies earn $30,000 annually while veterans earn $32,000. Starters earn between $60,000 to $120,000 depending on their position. Quarterbacks are the highest paid as they earn between $150,000 to $300,000.
    Reference: http://www.darrenbarefoot.com

    Non skill players make on average 50,000 or less, QB's make in the 6 figure range with Ricky Ray of the Edmonton Eskimos making a spectulated 400-450,000. The salary cap is 4 million and change so divide that by the roster and see there aint too much to go around.But really a good LB can make 90,000 so these guys arent starving either.

  88. st. anthony trojan:

    he he... now we know..huh rb...

  89. RB:

    @87, 88 Wow that was fast LOL Well now we know Mr Edwards is making something. I wonder what Chad Owens is making.

  90. ALLAN:


  91. st. anthony trojan:

    my guess would be 300,000 plus.. he is all around...plus endorsements i am sure ..

  92. NorthShoreFan:

    A-house...anyone who knows you and your family knows your love of Warrior Football and UH athletics in general and btw...we know you ain't no m....IMUA! brother IMUA!

  93. Papakolei-n:

    #45 not trying 2 get u mad, because I really enjoy all the info u have on recruits, transfers, ect. But Owens was not the starting rb his senior yr, he played wr,db,kr,pr,and some rb, he pretty much, did not come off the field. The starting rb Owens senior yr was a guy buy the name of Paul guzman and he was a pretty darn good rb 2 and if I'm not mistaken he was a 2nd team all star that yr, to bad he Neva have the grades, but then agin he is just another 1 in a long of papako bradaz that had the talent but Neva have the grades!

  94. JustAsking:

    Re Wittek: he was also facing strong competition from RS Freshman Max Brown. #1 rated PP QB in his class, went to HS in Washington, and was heavily recruited by Sark. Kiffen did like Wittek a lot, and blamed his own play calling for the problems experienced by Wittek in the Sun Bowl (one of his few starts). Horrible winds at that game, but Kiffen pressed the passing game. As mentioned by OC Warrior, strong arm but accuracy issues.

  95. wafan:

    Good evening!

  96. Shoko:


  97. Shoko:

    Wittek at the 2012 Sun Bowl against Georgia Tech.

  98. Shoko:

    Hawaii at Long Beach tonight.

  99. wafan:


  100. wafan:


  101. wafan:

    2nd century!

  102. Shoko:

    Warriors killing it at three-point range.

  103. toofunny:

    why even think we have a chance when Punahou has better facilities...he just left USC and went to TEXAS...come on guys...stop wishing on a star.

  104. Shoko:

    Hawaii leading 35-33 at the half.

  105. RB:

    Can Christian Standhardinger dunk? He looks so scared to dunk the ball.

  106. oneseason:

    Ferd's article was interesting, but I figure when Coach Chow was hired that the powers that be/were figured by year 3, Coach would have UH ready to impress the Pac-12.

  107. al:

    so now that wittek will be here tomorrow, thus. removing any speculation of his wanting a hawaiian vacation should be removed now. he is seriously considering hawaii as the place to "prove it"

    and why not hawaii?
    a legitimate opportunity does exist here.

    ..nuff said.

  108. nope:

    and why not hawaii?

    lol I can give you 1-11 reasons why not hawaii.

  109. tommui:

    re: #103 toofunny and #108 nope

    Probably the same guy with two-face identities but ...

    Texas has great facilities and so does USC. Cincinnati probably has better facilities than Hawaii.

    The question is what does Max Wittek want. Does he want to have a great place to change? A great place to sit? A great stadium to look at while he reclines on a soft bench?

    Or does Max Wittek desperately want to play football? If he or Mr. Rivers want to play football to prove to the world that he can, you don't choose a place where you will probably sit.

    Ask SS for confirmation.

  110. st. anthony trojan:

    can sum one give me one reason why.. no one is posting
    about our live basketball bows that is doing battle..
    n who is winning the war there at the sheriff ?

  111. tommui:


    Men lost by a point at Long Beach
    Women ahead by 7 (Long Beach) with a lot of time left.

  112. kev-1:

    Having seen Wittek play, I am more intrigued with Rivers. Not because I think Wittek is a bust, but simply because I have never seen Rivers play.

  113. kev-1:

    People talk about landing both, but I think if we grab one, the other will choose to go somewhere else.

  114. kev-1:

    BTW . . . I think Wittek is doing himself harm by voicing that he is waiting until after spring to get a better feel after schools he is eyeing have evaluated what they got. Maybe schools will see what they have during spring ball and decide against bringing in Wittek. I know he can't play until after graduation, but could he sign prior? If not, maybe he should make his intentions clear to keep him in the running.

  115. 3-Prong:

    Don Robbs autograph. Check. Let's go bows. Right now!

  116. st. anthony trojan:

    thanks tommy..

  117. 3-Prong:


  118. 3-Prong:

    Rally cap is on!

  119. Slugger:

    Congrats to Mike Edwards! Glad he gets to play some more.

    Good luck to Saui & BRS in their future endeavors! Hoping the best for the guys going to the UH Pro Day!

    Hello to the gang!

    Go Warrior!
    Go Wahine!

  120. kapakahi:


    Both in school.....working out with LBs.

  121. kapakahi:


    Forgot Kennedy.

  122. st. anthony trojan:

    tell me the good news 3 prong ..or tm ...

  123. leron:

    #78 also forgot Fonua. He's gonna finally live up to his potential this year. The one play where he blocked a Wyoming player into one of Harding's punts last year was some great quick thinking and overlooked.

  124. tom-warriornation:

    Corrected list:

    Who are the returning key players? Football is almost here!

    OL: Shigematsu, Afusia, Clarke, Lefotu, Loyd Jr., Griffin
    DT: Samia, Malepeai, Friel, Tulimasealii
    DE: Yap, Uti
    LB: Garcia-Williams, Gener, Lataimua, Taimatuia, Fonua
    CB: Phillips, Maggitt, Pierce, Higdon
    S: Jackson, Henderson, Ewaliko
    TE: Moleni, Robinson
    WR: Haynes, Harding, Kirkwood, Barker, Poueu-Luna, Kemp, King
    RB: Lakalaka, DSJ, Wily, Iosefa

    Did I miss anyone? Can any of these new or redshirt players crack the lineup:

    4 star LB Jeremy Castro
    4 star WR Quinton Pedroza
    3 star DE Kory Rasmussen
    3 star WR Don'yeh Patterson
    3 star RB Daniel Lewis
    3 star RB DJ Riggins
    3 star S Jerrell Jackson

    WR Darrian Josey (2 star)
    MLB Simon Poti (2 star)
    WR Devan Stubblefield (2 star)
    LB Jahlani Tavai
    LB Malachi Mageo (2 star)
    LB Tui Unga (2 star)
    DE Luke Shawley (2 star)
    OL Elijah Tupai
    OL John Waa
    OL Leo Koloamatangi
    OL Dejon Allen
    OL RJ Hollis
    OL Sai

  125. wafan:

    Good morning!

  126. kannakattack:

    Good morning wafan!

  127. RainbowCliff:

    Good morning Tsaiko Nation, Having a lot of rain pouring down here in Los Angeles as it continues to pound all over Southern California with high winds and mud slides in the beach areas. Hopefully it will stop by the weekend as I just stepped out side my door and the rain is being pushed by the winds in a diagonal direction as my palm trees I have never seen them moved with so much velocity. By the time it all stops a lot of cleaning will be taking place as many homes will get flooded and have severe damage. With this down pour academy awards personal are quite concern but it all should be back to sunny days when Sunday comes around.

    I see on the blog that everything is normal with you good folks as Hawaii football is gearing up for the spring. Bows basketball lost a tough game to the Beach last night and at this point it looks like they will be matched with Northridge in the Big West Tournament. Conference is tough from 1-5 and you can't sleep on Cal Poly as they can knock any of the top teams off.

    Athletic BIGS is what wins in the Big West and UH needs drastically to improve in this area. Remaining games vs. Santa Barbara and Fullerton won't be easy. Here's hoping for a 20 win season as a split will do just that.

    Have a SUPER morning Tsaiko Nation as the rains has stopped with quiet sounds outside my home. Hope it continues that way !