Sedore wins national honor

March 4th, 2014

Opposite attacker Brook Sedore was named the national volleyball player of the week.

He had 46 kills in a two-match sweep of UCLA this past weekend.

* * * * *

Running back Will Gregory is not expected to rejoin the Rainbow Warriors.

Gregory, who led the Warriors in rushing as a second-year freshman in 2012, was placed on probation by the school last year because of a dormitory incident. After failing to comply with terms of the probation, he was dismissed from school. Gregory has unsuccessfully applied for readmission. This past season, he was a running back at Mount San Antonio College, where he rushed for 382 yards in 10 games.

The Warriors used a one-back scheme the majority of plays last year. Joey Iosefa will enter as the top back. This offseason, Steven Lakalaka has lost weight and Diocemy Saint Juste has added strength. Faga Wily, who withdrew because of personal reasons, is back in school.

The Warriors have two intriguing possibilities at running back. Samson Anguay, fully healthy after two knee surgeries, still has the quickness, toughness and dependable hands. The feeling among those in the know is he better suited at running back. He bounced between running back and slotback last year.

Also, Daniel Lewis, who signed with UH last month, will enter his first training camp at safety. But the feeling is he also has the skill to be a very good running back.


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  1. tommui:


  2. tommui:

    Keep 'em running!

  3. A-House:

    Good morning, Tom Mui and wafan!

  4. A-House:


    why get up so early? school prep?

  5. whitey:

    good morning to the oldies, but goodies. hi col and counselor

  6. A-House:

    tom mui:

    we plan to make the men's BB game on Saturday - we'll be just a face in the crowd - usually sit in the upper section - either DD or LL - must go early to get good seats and parking space

  7. Ipu Man:

    Good for all the running backs...but he better...

  8. A-House:

    whitey - how's the cold weather on Maui? usually, Kahului/Wailuku leads the state in cool or high temp

    upcountry must have been really cold

    btw, know a Kajihara and Oda families - sons were at UH with us including your cousins (Ken and Mike)

  9. Haleakala:

    Okay guys, keep on working hard. That also applies when you are off the field.

    Then good things can happen.

  10. Haleakala:

    A-House: it has been cool in Wailuku. My wife says it is freezing. It was 60 degrees this morning. For the first time, I set our bedroom air conditioner to "heat". Otherwise it is always on "cool".

    I'm sure it is cool in Kihei also where Whitey lives.

  11. Shoko:

    Hope Chow makes good use of Bubba Poueu-Luna next season. I was really impressed with some of his plays he made last year.

  12. Inyoface:

    I thought Lakalaka had to gain weight.

  13. Stephen Tsai:

    On Saturday, this year's Circle of Honor class will be introduced.
    I think this will be Niko Noga's first time in the Stan Sheriff Center.

  14. jeezy33:

    12. No way... He needed to get more explosive. So whether that is cutting weight, or just cutting body fat, he needed to slim down some what while getting stronger.

  15. jeezy33:

    15. Based on what I've read, I hope Lewis plays RB. I think he can be an all conference type guy in a couple years. Other options seem more like situational RBs versus every down.

  16. Haleakala:

    A-house: in response to one of your questions to Whitey, I knew a Lyle K. when I was at UH, 1967-1971. Lyle was a teacher on Maui. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago.

  17. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all. Here is bit of information from Oregon State University and there recent fundraising effort;

    Oregon State University has raised more than $1.01 billion in its first comprehensive funding-raising campaign.

    The land grant university had set a goal of raising $1 billion by the end of 2014 but exceeded that target 11 months early, President Ed Ray announced. Oregon State is one of only 35 public universities in the country to have crossed the billion-dollar mark in a campaign, OSU officials said.

    The money will be used to create more than 600 new scholarships and fellowships for students; to attract and retain great professors with higher pay and endowed faculty positions; and to renovate dozens of campus buildings.

    More than 100,000 people have contributed to the campaign so far. Ray encouraged alumni and other champions of Oregon State and its work to give money during the rest of the year to broaden and deepen the university's impact.

    Donors from every state and more than 50 countries contributed. Almost 40 percent of them were first-time donors.

    And a substantial number of them were big givers. More than 1,000 donated at least $100,000, including 177 donors who gave $1 million or more, the university said.

    “The campaign is about developing and energizing a community of dedicated advocates, people who share our vision of what Oregon State can accomplish,” Ray said in a speech announcing the fund-raising milestone. “These partners have changed Oregon State forever – and I believe the best is yet to come.”

    While Oregon has roughly a little over 3 times the population of Hawai'i, I would hope that our leadership has both the verve and intellect to delineate a comprehensive plan similar to OSU, and have as it goal to raise about 20% of what OSU raised or about 200 million....(which would be the approximate size of our current endowment).

  18. BigWave96744:

    I like the enthusiasm that DaBroman brings... Alta HS's Max, that is.

  19. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy Fat Tuesday! Got malasada?

    Congrats to Brook Sedore on his MSPF PoW award.

    Lots of sports this week, starting tomorrow. Basketball senior nights, softball tournament, mvb against defending Nat'l Champs UCI, and the opening of the svb season.

  20. PONO:

    Bummer about Gregory but he caused his own problems so there is little sympathy there.

  21. jm2375:

    :oops: MPSF :roll:

  22. Former UH Athlete:

    Well, I guess that solves the mystery of where Gregory went. Major off-field issues, and was very unproductive back in JC, where he should have dominated after I saw his running ability in 2012.

    Such a waste of talent.

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    People insist Gregory has NFL-level potential. I'm sure he'll continue his career somewhere. The main thing for Gregory, as for all young people, is to earn a degree. It'll make life easier.

  24. Rodney:

    Wittek a warrior yet!!!!
    Please wittek, come to Hawaii!!

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    Fun fact: Mount San Antonio is known as Mount Baldy.
    Until UH started recruiting there a decade ago, I never heard of Mount San Antonio or Mount Baldy.

  26. Derek:

    I have said that Max Broman reminds me of Brock Forsey. That's not a bad comparison.

  27. Former UH Athlete:

    6... Definitely go early, senior night is always a big crowd and this year's seniors are very popular. Standhardinger, Spearman and Rozitis have been fan friendly players during their time at UH. I would expect a sellout or close to it since this year's team has been more exciting and fun to watch.

    Heck, last year's senior night had about 9600, and that's with a marginal senior class in terms of popularity.

  28. Shoko:

    Not sure if this was mentioned on the blog. Remember DB Shawn Kagawa that signed up with Army as part of Ellerson's 2013 recruiting class and was also offered by the Warriors?

    Guess military life wasn't for him cause he transferred to SMU last month.

  29. Former UH Athlete:


    Who knew Mt San Antonio was located in California prior to recruiting there?

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    And if Mount San Antonio is the highest peak of the San Gabriel Mountains, why isn't is just called San Gabriel?

  31. Shoko:

    Think Rocky Seto started his coaching career at SAC.

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    And on a sorta-sorta related note, why does my T-Mobile reception die on the turns near the Pali Tunnel, but not in the tunnel?

  33. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Good luck to Will Gregory.

    A safety that might be "a very good running back" per ST. Hmmm...this stokes the imagination.

  34. Shoko:

    Scratch that, he played football at SAC but didn't coach there.

  35. Stephen Tsai:

    And whatever happened to Carly Foulkes, the pink-clad spokeswoman for T-Mobile?

  36. Glenn:

    How about Faalologo, is he still in the mix?

  37. justsomeguy:

    16 - Haleakala: I believe I knew the Lyle k you mentioned. He was my physical science and chemistry teacher at King Kekaulike on Maui. He was also my drivers ed teacher. Mr. Kajihara was a very nice man, and certainly one of the better teachers at King K. I was sad to hear he had passed.

  38. jeezy33:

    26. No disrespect to your comparison because I haven't seen Broman run. But generally speaking, I don't understand comparisons to players based on skin color, height, race, etc... I still remember John Lister being compared by many Hawaii fans to Nevadas Chance Kretschmer.

    Black QBs always get compared to other black QBs.
    White WRs always get compared to white WRs...
    Short QBs like Manziel get compared to Russell Wilson..

    I learned my lesson after thinking Corey Nielsen has some Doug Flutie in him.

  39. Stephen Tsai:

    Faalologo is indeed in the mix.
    He's a big buggah.

  40. Stephen Tsai:

    You know those battles "300" was based on?
    As it turns out, most died not from the opponent but from being stabbed by the guys from behind. Faalologo is going to hurt some defenders. I just hope he doesn't get too much acceleration and run into an offensive lineman.

  41. Stephen Tsai:

    They used to call Ikaika Woolsey "Baby Mo" because of his long hair.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    I wish Justin Alo (now at Mount SAC) had stuck around. He had a strong arm and was quite athletic.

  43. st. anthony trojan:

    be a nice gesture...if they started a tradition... with this class of have the moms of inductees included in the short walk when they are honored there at the sheriff...n in the nogas case be i think especially sweet for her to be included.. wearing # 54 jersey..
    ne one know if this is first time ever.. for two in family to be inducted together ?

    me always knew it as mt. baldy... wonder why so many names ...??

    kanaka... nice info about OSU... be nice if we can copy their "marketing plan" there ..n do the same here...

    seems like have more then a few on here from maui....??

  44. boolakanaka:

    ST and FUHA....Mt. SAC, had long been a JC powerhouse, even in my day, and along with Pasadena JC, a fav place for USC and UCLA to stash players. Their facilities do not look like a JC.

  45. jimmy the lock:

    ST, Mount Ka'ala is the highest peak in the Waianae mountain range, but we no call 'em just Waianae.

  46. jimmy the lock:

    And what is the name of the Aloha Kia girl?

  47. jimmy the lock:

    Kia girl or Kia hamsters?


    What happened to David Fangupo, the 300+ pound running back from the Big Island? Is he going to school somewhere and is he ever going to make it to UH?

  49. A-House:

    haleakala your #16:

    my time on campus was 1960-64

    many outside island guys dormed at Atherton YMCA - Ishigo from Hamakua coast - 4 guys from Kauai - 6 or 7 from Maui including C. Nihei

    years later - the guys from Micronesia - one became president of a country; another Supreme Court Chief Justice; gov and lt gov of Guam and Saipan

    interesting bunch of guys - including Barrack Obama, Sr

  50. A-House:

    one of the most interesting guys I met at Atherton was the late Stan Saka from Wailuku -
    I walked into the front door and I see this skinny guy with a cigarette in his mouth, smiling and walking toward me as though I was supposed to know him

    as he approached, he said, "hi, Stan Saka from Muai" - took my suit case and escorted me to the front desk to check in and I goes, whoa what a guy - since then, he was always a special person to me and I would met him every time I went to Maui in the 70s - later, he became afflicted with a bone disjointed illness and refused to see any of us who visited

    to this day, I am still trying to locate his grave so I can pay my proper respect to a very special friend and person.

  51. kifi:

    Congratulations Brook.

  52. Lowtone123:

    #14-I thought the same thing when I saw Lakalaka too. Looked slow his first couple of steps after the snap.

  53. jm2375:

    Congrats to Brook Sedore on his National Player of the Week award!!

  54. Kevin:

    Congrats to Brook Sedore! I remember his first season at UH. Hard to miss the guy serving with tons of athletic tape all over his hands! LOL. (Or was that someone else??)


    A-House: Clarence Nihei was my relative. He was my father's cousin. He coached and then later was principal I think at Aiea HS. Unfortunately he passed away about ten years ago.

  56. whitey:

    col a house, stanley saka, a very special guy. very active guy in the days of his youth, was with the jc's and aja. I remember him being on the cherry blossom queen committee. his job was to drive the queen contestants around. he was the only one the committee trusted and he did that for many years before moving back to maui. he moved back to maui as the maui supervisor of Plant Quarantine. He replace Lewelyn Akaka. He was responsible for not only State quarantine matters, but was also the USDA port inspector. He is the originator or first person to be at the maui airport inspecting outbound bags for USDA. USDA had no man stationed on Maui. He was very active in the Maui Jaycees and again on of their best workers and committee chair. Stan was hampered with Parkinsons while still working, but he put in his best effort every day. When his driving was terminated, he had help from Manuel Duarte who would bring him to work and take him home. There were others who helped whenever he needed. After Stan retired, out contacts with him was limited, but he came to most of the Dept of Ag parties to renew friendship and meet new acquaintances. He passed away quite a few years back, but his services was private. Yes, quite a guy and am glad you know him. How do I know all of this, someday when I see you, I'll tell you more.

  57. whitey:

    haleakala, you related to the nihei's in omaopio???

  58. ran:

    Another obstacle for Colt Brennan. I heard he was placed on "Unable to perform list" due to hamstring issues. Saturday is the cut date....the LA Kiss may release him!!

  59. midnight:

    Hey, Stephen - in response to your inquiriy about the lack of communication in the Pali area. No response in the turns, but good in the tunnel. Could it be that while you are in the different turn areas, you do not have a good communication link with the various telephone towers of your provider? Then the tunnel area may have a better geographical position in relation to the towers and therefore good linkage with your telephone provider.

    Warmer today. 54 degrees about 3pm. Can you believe it? The other day when the polar vortex dropped South, we had a temperature differential of 71 degrees drop. In the low teens, as I remember.....

    Love to all from Barbara and me.


  60. Luki:

    @ #55 Clarence Nihei was my P.E. teacher at Aiea High School...Quiet, unassuming man but cool to us Mr. Nihei

  61. bowwar:

    Wasn't one of the incoming Freshmen recruits from Florida a potential running back option too? I do think we need other options aside from Iosefa who is injury-prone due to his running style and still fumbles alot.

    It will be nice to see mama Noga accompany two of her boys to the Circle of Honor...I loved watching her cheer the boys in her 54 uniform.

  62. A-House:


    thank you for your input #56 about Stan

    yes, would very much like to meet and talk about my very special friend

  63. boolakanaka:

    55 and 60, Mr. Nihei helped with my tennis backstroke at AHS. Not that you have too much need for it in Halawa--solid man.

  64. A-House:


    thanks for your info about your cousin, Clarence Niehi!

    he was the back up QB to Casper Schitel( sp ) from the mainland - heard he later went into the Air force and retired as a "full bull" (Colonel) - for a while, he was stationed at Hickam but was unable to meet with him

    and, I believe you're right that he was the Principal at Aiea HS.

  65. A-House:

    I was certainly blessed to have met so many great individuals while at Atherton YMCA.

    Daniel Izuka from Waimea, Kauai and "Butch" Hironaka and Clarence always hung around together - when I went to UH, they were already Juniors. Dane was an OL guy, got hurt his senior year, but still garnered an invite to the Hula Bowl ('60)

    Also, got to know several guys from Johnson Hall - one was from Waialua, Oahu who married a Kanda girl from Maui, both earned PHD's from UH and now lives on our street - between ST and me

  66. ai-eee-soos:

    Ikaika Malloe :

    Utah State: The school has announced the hiring of Portland State defensive tackles

    coach / special teams coordinator Ikaika Malloe as defensive line coach.

  67. ai-eee-soos:

    PAC-12 kine money ...

    Utah: According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah offensive coordinator Dave Christensen

    received a 2-year deal worth $500,000 annually.

    Christensen was fired as HC from Wyomin after 2013 season.

    Looks like Utah going "open up" their offense.

  68. Old School Dave:

    Looks like the position of defensive line coach at USU opened up for Ikaika Malloe after the previous D-Line coach, Frank Maile took a similar position at Vanderbilt. That position opened up after the coach initially hired, Vae Tata, was let go after being arrested for DUI.

  69. ai-eee-soos:

    # 68. Yup, there are plenty of opportunities, and lost opportunities.

  70. ai-eee-soos:

    gossip for da 49er fans, if they're still around ...

  71. PONO:

    Looks like USU will be an even bigger player in Hawaii with the addition of Malloe. Just what we need.....more competition for the local boys.

  72. Old School Dave:

    Utah State gets approval for stadium renovations. UH had better not fall too far behind in the facilities race within their own conference.

  73. ai-eee-soos:

    don't know if this was posted ...

  74. nutmegger:

    ST - The wires running along the center of the tunnel ceiling arch carry the signal into the Pali tunnels.

    Following from Wikipedia -
    A tunnel transmitter allows wireless reception in tunnels. It consists of a receiving antenna which receives the signal to be radiated in the tunnel, and a transmitting antenna installed in the tunnel, which is either a Yagi antenna or a line antenna. In principle, a tunnel transmitter can work purely passively, in which case the received signal is passed over a cable to the antenna in the tunnel.

  75. boolakanaka:

    As you recall Ikaika was one of the local boys I had previously stated we should target for our openings on our staff. That said, hard to go wrong with Ola.

  76. jimmy the lock:

    You can always look at the T-mobile coverage map for the Pali areas. There may be a few dead spots or low reception areas in that vicinity.


    Whitey: All the Nihei's on Maui are related. They are in Omaopio, Pukalani, and Kahului.

  78. Buffoman:

    I had t-mobile and always had that problem on the town side of the tunnels. So I switched carriers and have not had that problem since.

  79. Buffoman:

    Anybody had Mr. Brown at Washington? That was one mean, old school guy. I saw once a kid made him mad and he called him to his office. I think he deliberately dropped a quarter on the ground at his office entrance prior to summoning the kid. He had the kid walk in front of him and when he got to the entrance asked the kid to pick up the coin. Yep, he laid a swift kick in the kid's butt.

    Can't do that today, but they could get away with it back then.

    I think Ed Kawawaki was also there along with Mr. Mana and Ed Kiyuna may have been there for just a year. Ed was another mean guy. Mr. Mana and Mr. Kiyuna were great with us. That was when the teachers actually played with us during P.E., my favorite class.

  80. al:

    buffoman...washington intermediate? when?
    ed "soupy" kawawaki a.k.a. "sensei" and of uh's upset at nebraska fame?

  81. Warrior Dave:

    Buffo an,

    Haha your stories of Mr. Brown etal brings fun memories. Used to drive Mr. Brown crazy when class used to go Bowl O Drome and the guys used to slide everywhere. He used to yell "you got to slide towards the alley, not to the scorer!!!" in his accent. RIP Mr. Brown and Mr. Mana.

  82. Buffoman:

    #80 I think was in the early 60's. I remember 'cause my friend had Beatles boots and I could only afford "fliers" . I was in the 8th grade.

  83. Buffoman:

    #82 You remember Mr. Matsumoto, wood shop used to tell stories about surfing with Duke Kahanamoku? He had that old wooden hollow surfboard in the shop.

  84. nana:

    Did Mr. Brown ever eat a backstore hamburger?

  85. al:

    wow i remember mr matsumoto. i made a paipo board.

  86. al:

    buffo...i was dea, too.

  87. al:

    wd, buffo...remember the "beefs" at the stadium parking lot?

  88. whitey:

    ed kiyuna still plays a great game of golf and is a regular at the sr hi cal in sept. if i not mistaken, he carrier a low hcp.

  89. al:

    boola...i hear you. just like when i was urging folks to pick up chad kauha'aha'a when he was still at weber st.

  90. al:

    i think ed kiyuna was a qb at mhs. a three sport guy. no wonder he is a low capper.

  91. Buffoman:

    Al, there was a big one at that little go cart place where the the McDonald's and 76service station now stands. I went to Washington before Zippy's and Tesoro were there. Was good fun back in the day.

    btw we bowled at Kalakaua Bowl, corner of Kalakaua and Young didn't go to Stadium Bowl.

  92. Warrior Dave:

    Al, I don't remember the fights at Stadium parking lot. But I do remember the day when one of those Kalihi schools gang came to fight on our campus. I was in lock down but a good number of of Washington intermediate boys were ready for the beef. I think it was in 1969 or 1970.

    Al, good to know you went to Washington too. I also made a paipo board but I don't remember the teachers name in wood shop. All I remember is a gruff older Japanese man. But I thought he was alright.

  93. Warrior Dave:


    I went to Washington just after you. The Zippys was just built but Back Store was better with their 25 cent hamburgers and suicide sodas for lunch or after school snack. My friend swears burgers were 5 for $1.

  94. al:

    zippys opened while i was at mhs. washington saimin stand was still in full swing at its original location.
    those tamashiro's ran an awesome place. not to mention the good looking daughters, too.

  95. al:

    sounds like buffo and i went around the same time. maybe we have lunch at zippys one day.

  96. al:

    so. no news may not be good news in the case of the quarterback.
    what up?

  97. kev-1:

    Yeah! How come no report about Wittek's visit? After he visited Texas, there was a whole piece about how the visit went. Did he not talk with anyone out here?

  98. al:

    kev-1... yah he went virtually unnoticed. chow thought he was basketball recruit and never got to meet him.

  99. kev-1:

    If Will Gregory were to be back, he would quickly be our best RB. He and Joey are completely different. Gregory has an everything that Joey lacks. Elusiveness and quickness. Joey has the power and ability to burst holes. He is a bit too rumblin and stumblin though.

    I remember watching Gregory play and just thinking "just wait until this guy gets more experience." Oh well. I hope he lands somewhere. I get that it was his fault, but I think it is commendable when a guy gets kicked out and wants to come back to the same school. That shows that he knows he made mistakes and really wants to play for that school. I'll take a kid like that over one who is always looking for the better fit.

  100. kev-1:

    al . . . that would be funny. I mean the media.

  101. kev-1:

    I can't imagine a guy who has been out so much with injuries (Anguay) having an impact at RB having not seen much time there healthy. Most of his pt when healthy has been at the slot, right? If he goes to RB, he would probably be limiting his playing time.

    AND, I had no idea that Wiley withdrew. I missed that one. Does back at school mean still on the team too?

  102. kapakahi:

    Re: RBs

    Hopefully UH can re-establish recruiting ties with perennial CIF-Southern Section contender Long Beach Poly HS that former NY Giant LB and ESPN Commentator Antonio Pierce (and father of returning UH true soph CB Anthony Pierce) is the new HC getting an early recruiting start on Jackrabbit RB prospect Jeremy Calhoun '15.....before the other MWC and possibly some Pac-12 schools start gaining interest.....

    Kinda even reminds me of Will Gregory.....from his Dominguez HS playing days.

  103. cocobean:

    #94. The Tamashiro sisters MHS. Not sure if it's the same family that owned Washington. I knew the youngest sister, Susan, MHS 68' or 69'. She had two older sisters one was named Charlotte. One or both of her sisters were song leaders for MHS.

  104. cocobean:

    #11. Agree. In my opinion I thought Bubba was under used. Don't know if was because of injuries. In my eyes he appeared to have the most speed of anyone with the ball in his hands.

  105. Warrior Dave:

    I are at Washington Saimin but didn't notice any pretty girls. Dang I must have been too focused on saimin and barbecue sticks!!!i attended McKinley HS in the early 70's.

  106. Warrior Dave:


    I would be so happy if Wil Gregory could return for the UH football team. But due to the severity of the offense I have moved on with no regret. I just hope he can turn his life around and like ST said, works hard and get his college degree.

  107. jm2375:

    Dang, you guys are ancient. :lol: *ducking for cover*

  108. wafan:

    Good morning!

  109. davonne bess is a thug:

    Dayum. Davonne Bess cut from the browns because of his off field issues. i grew up with him. always knew he was going down that route. to the mothers that paid to the homies in the grave, keep a glittered 150 in your memory, sitting sideways.

  110. Steve:

    I was taught that if a man has 10 bad qualities and one good one, we should ignore the bad completely and concentrate only on the good. In this way it gives that person the chance to expand the good. Not a bad idea. D. Bess was a really good receiver and a pretty nice guy here while in Hawaii.

  111. Buffoman:

    #107 I resemble that remark (in the words of Curly Howard). No need duck, old is old and can't complain as I had and am having a great life. One day you'll be where I am and I know you'll look back and say the same thing while looking forward for more good things to experience. Such is life.

  112. Shoko:

    "Fame has a fifteen minute half-life, infamy lasts a little longer."
    -Mike Wallace

  113. Shoko:

    Was looking at SDSU's early, early spring depth chart and I would say they have a strong possibility that they come out on top in the western division of the conference.

  114. Inyoface:

    Bess should play for the Chargers, I think he would be comfortable in San Diego.