Take offense

March 8th, 2014

Answer: Tight end.

Question: What's Tui Unga's position?

Unga, whose background is at defensive end/outside linebacker, will compete at tight end this spring training.

He is a legit 6-5 (ask Jeezy), and probably around 230 or so. Unga, who initially signed with Fresno State, is the younger brother of offensive lineman J.J. Unga of the Baltimore Ravens. Their cousin is Reno Mahe, a former running back for BYU and the Philadelphia Eagles.




UH's other tight ends are Harold Moleni, Jordan Pu‘u-Robinson and Josh Long.

Punahou's Dakota Torres will compete there in training camp.

Justin Vele and Penitito Faalologo play F, which is a hybrid tight end/fullback/H-back position.



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  1. el burro sabio:

    uno, ekahi, ichi, one

  2. el burro sabio:

    ST, I believe you said Meffy Koloamatagi and Austin Slade-Matautia were supposed to be tight ends too. Is Chow going to use a 5-tight end set at times? :)

  3. el burro sabio:

    And I thought F was the slot as in Scott Harding. Am I mixed up?

  4. al:

    sounds good to me.

  5. Old School Dave:

    Interesting comment from the Kahuku High Principal:

    "Kahuku High is creating the whole package academic, extracurricular, cultural, arts so parents don't have to look beyond their own community," Masaniai said. "(Leslie) represents the connection for all of our students and the bridge for those who choose to pursue college and football opportunities in the mainland."

    How about UH?

  6. al:

    there was a concern on my part regarding the tight end position.
    unga's size is exactly what we want at the position.

    hopefully,, he will make this a position that will take him to the nfl as well. it would be an "about time" we pay back the opponents for all those year's that we constantly were being pounded by opposing tight ends.

  7. tommui:


    ST: who is doing the passing at the workouts?

  8. al:

    2...we need to be constantly searching for talent. perhaps other candidates aren't exactly what we are searching for.

  9. Old School Dave:

    Maybe I'm reading too much into the Kahuku HS principal's comments, but Coach Torres has been very good about encouraging his players to attend or at least consider UH during his time as Kahuku's head coach. His son Richard was probably the best example of an outstanding student-athlete and person who prospered at UH. Hope it doesn't return to the June Jones/Siuaki Livai feud days when the security guards at Kahuku High gave visiting UH coaches a hard time.

  10. oldie:

    Congrats BaseBows! 6-1 over Texas in game 1 of doubleheader.

  11. hossana:

    Re: Kahuku's Principal's philosophy in the direction of Kahuku H.S......just how is it any different bringing in that new varsity coach than having Reggie Torres there as he built discipline, respect, perseverance and saw to it that his players played the best they could be in reaching their goals of going on to a college and that meant preparing them for the SAT's...bringing in the UH coaches and other Div. 1 coaches to meet with the kids to ensure they meet eligibility requirements etc...I mean what is the difference.....when Reggie talked..the kids listened...so is the Principal saying that the kids didn't respect Torres and there was a breakdown in discipline...WHAT'S THE REAL DEAL, HERE!!!
    Now, I hear the Varsity girl's volleyball coach will not be retained as she is moving on, also........geezus!!!

  12. oneseason:

    5. maybe not intentionally directed at UH as a response to recent public school marketing for intra&interisland recruiting?

  13. Shoko:

    F as in the multi-purpose F-back that Chow looked for while at UCLA. The goal was to create mismatches using a hybrid block, catch and run. UCLA Athony Barr was recuited to fit that role but as soon as Chow was released, Barr never performed like he did at that position during his freshman year.

  14. Shoko:

    I think Kahuku's new principal is just saying 'if' players want an opportunity to play on the mainland, they have a coach that has connections that can help get them there.

  15. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Tough to know what to make of the whole Kahuku "transitioning".

    Good luck to Coach Torres - a great man and a terrific coach.

    Best wishes to the Red Raiders going forward.

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sounds good to me too, al-san.


  17. BigWave96744:

    The TE position has always killed Hawaii. Time for some payback

  18. Andrew:

    UH up 2-0 in the 2nd game. I'm very impressed by the way they're playing on the road.

  19. jeezy33:

    Unga def passes the eye test of a future NFL prospect somewhere…. Who knows where he will end up come opening game though… Options look good.

  20. Andrew:

    bottom of the 3rd*

  21. jeezy33:

    Would love to see Hawaii line up up in the slot on occasion like New Orleans will do with Graham. MWC LBs don't have ability to cover a guy this size in my opinion.

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    F is the hybrid. Clark Evans was the F last year; Moleni was the TE. Meffy is now a D-end

  23. kapakahi:

    Meffy now a down D-end?.....or a hybrid rush DE/OLB?

  24. tommui:

    At Kahuku, who will "represents the connection for all of our students and the bridge for those who choose to pursue college and football opportunities in the (University of Hawaii)?"

  25. st. anthony trojan:


  26. Andrew:

    tied 2-2 going into the 8th. game has been suspended and will continue tomorrow due to weather

  27. Former UH Athlete:

    Unga certainly has a great frame, and better yet, great football genetics.

    Hopefully Tui turns out to be the best in the family

  28. Old School Dave:

    Maybe BYU is trying to reestablish the pipeline they once had on the North Shore. Two of their coaches are from Kahuku High.

  29. AllG:

    I'm I the only one concerned about our D line depth? It doesn't seem the coaches are as the keep moving DL to other positions. But the last two seasons we have run thin on the DL. I know we are moving to a 3-4, but the 3-4 takes more of a toll on the DL and we need solid depth to be able to hold the point of attack.

  30. A-House:

    with all the experimenting by football coaches, especially at the college level, wonder how many players actually perform to their best while constantly changing positions during Spring and Fall practices?

    seems like many here agree that the coach knows best, but does it really work to the benefit of the player? if the coach needs a TE, example, why recruit and sign so many players who cannot perform as a TE, per the coach's standard? seems like the criteria/characteristics/standards should be changed and target a recruit on that basis - not do a daily conversion of a DE/OLB/rush end to a TE

    I have never played HS or College ball or ever been a coach - does this make me unqualified to set standards and seek those who meet most if not all the criteria? some, I'm sure on this blog, would more than welcome the opportunity to pounce and beat me down just to "strut their knowledge" and show their own idiosyncrasies

    ah, such is life and time to move on!

    some will point out to a few experiments that worked, but what about all those that did not and the player is done at the college level?

    will the NFL scouts really consider those who changed positions so often and never really got playing time because of the coach's philosophy?

    that would be a sad legacy for the player and coach

  31. A-House:

    Go BaseBows! beat them 'short-horns'

    make 1 and 1 record be 3 and 1 in your favor!!!!!!!!!!

  32. gobows:


    i thought chow ran some plays with a te in the slot…had ss out there too.

  33. Curious:

    Mr. Tsai- Speaking of taking offense, do you have any towards Don Robbs condescending comments about you on the radio yesterday morning? He expressed his displeasure that you're on the Circle of Honor selection committee and was disturbed by your insistence to have more football players; especially the Noga brothers and with Al's criminal history.

    Bear in mind, he totally trashed Hawaiian Airlines' inflight meals as well. But, as soon as he got called on it by the Sports Animals he realized how much of a jerk he sounded like and began praising Hawaiian Air vehemently. I've never known Donn to be a jerk on air, but recently, he's gotten lax with his thinking and exposing his true colors.

  34. A-House:


    perhaps the HC is more interested in the "3" holding their positions and let the "rush ends" swoop in and gobble up the QB or RB - even count more heavily on the LBs to seal pukas and crunch the RBs who come up the middle or around the corners - provided, of course, the LB is fast enough to contain the RB

    would it not be interested in being a mosquito on the wall or under the table and listen to what the coaching staff really think of their own players or opposing players/coaches and the philosophy they use to stifle their opponents.

    we need a 007 to plant some high tech electronic equipment - yep, bug-da-room!!!!!!!!

  35. Ipu Man:

    Is it August 30th yet?
    Can't wait.

  36. ai-eee-soos:

    ... Aaron Price ... ???

    Tulane: Head coach Curtis Johnson has officially announced the hiring of

    Aaron Price as quarterbacks coach.

  37. st. anthony trojan:


  38. whitey:

    Col, without tsaikos, would your life be more or less entertaining?? Lurking, reading, inputing, etc is a part of our lives and it makes us look forward to another day or future. Das why we TSAIKOS'!!!!!!!!

  39. whitey:

    Col, you may feel you may not know too much about football, but you are wrong, you do know a lot, but what you know more is that somehow wen going fishing, the other person "steals" your record catch. ahahahahahahhaaa

  40. whitey:

    sa trojan, get couple guys going be in balibago next week for about 10 days.

  41. whitey:

    sa trojan, meant couple of guys from maui.

  42. Jeezy33:

    23. DE. Meffy is 6-5 and apparently got big.. Perfect for 3-4 DE.

  43. Jeezy33:

    Ironically, I thought unga was gonna be DE and Meffy TE

  44. st. anthony trojan:


  45. Pu'uwai:

    Sure would be good for the defensive line to have (2) 6'5 DE's in Meffy and Unga as the team needs some height to go up against opposing teams big offensive linemen.

    The UH hasn't had that kind of height at DE since the (2) basketball players switched to football.

    I thought there was enough TE's already? Oh well, I guess the coaches know best.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  46. Andrew:

    Both teams in the sand volleyball semifinals for the tourney are UH teams, so they are guaranteed the title. Congrats ladies!

  47. al:

    er...do you mean the finals?

  48. Truman:

    Andrew, what two UH teams? Is it the one with the two new girls (one from Florida) and the other with the Kaiser girl? Forgot her name (having a senior moment). I didn't want to wait till I remembered her name because I might forget to post. lol.

  49. kapakahi:


    Yup.....was nice to have 6-5 bookend DEs Melila Purcell and Ikaika Alama-Francis back in 2006.

  50. BigWave96744:

    Aaron Price will get to work with Sr QB Nick Montana (Joe's Boy), who guided the Green Wave to their first Bowl Game since 2002 when the Wave came to the Hawaii Bowl and beat the Warriors in a game that featured the first ever Team Haka.

  51. Truman:

    I did a little googling on the Kahuku situation. It seems like the new principal, Pauline Masaniai is a capable administrator. She was the Windward district principal of the year when she was at the elementary school. I checked to see if there were any ties to UH that could help the Warriors with recruiting but she is a BYU-Hawaii grad and seems very grateful to the school for her education. She is married to Te'e Masaniai (also a BYU-Hawaii grad) so no UH connection there. They seem to be strong with their Mormon faith so the only connection would be Norm Chow if any.
    Of course the new coach has no UH ties that I'm aware of. So, not aware of the politics in Kahuku but it seems like UH has their work cut out to cultivate the relationship again.

  52. Pu'uwai:

    #49 What was the name of that other basketball player that came over with Alama-Francis? He was about 6'6 to 6'9 from Angola I think.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  53. WWF:

    52. Tony Akpan

  54. kev-1:

    When Price was negotiating his pay with Tulane, I wonder if he was like . . . "just pay me whatever. I collected a butt-load of money from UH last year and didn't even work. So, I'm good with whatever you offer."

  55. kapakahi:

    Wahine softball beats Cal 6 - 2.

    Pacific up next.

  56. ai-eee-soos:

    Was Aaron Price "working for free for Tulane", while collecting pay from UH ?

    Got this from a Tulane site ... "We have hired Aaron Price as our quarterbacks coach", HC

    Johnson said. "Aaron is a proven quarterbacks coach and spent last year with us

    as a consultant."

  57. kev-1:

    #56 . . . Oh hell no!!!! If I was UH, I would look into the legality of that. He was working for Tulane while still technically under contract with Hawaii?

    I know there are plenty of lawyers on this board. Is that legit, or what?

  58. Old School Dave:

    Kahuku QB Tuli Matagi-Wily (2015) commits to Utah.


  59. boolakanaka:

    57---As with most things legal--it all depends. Anecdotally, I would say, it is probably above board, but just depends on what his contract looked like, and his termination agreement.

  60. Shoko:

    I don't think its a problem if it's free consultation. Lots of coaches do consulting work without any pay.

  61. Shoko:

    Congrats to the seniors (Stanhardinger, Spearman and Rozitis) in last night's game.

  62. dabowman:

    #57 not worth the time an effort in my opinion

  63. Pu'uwai:

    #53 WWF...That's the one. Mahalo.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!