O-lineman leaning to UH

March 11th, 2014


Keali‘i Kauahi, an offensive lineman from Mission Viejo (Calif.) High, is projected to join the Rainbow Warriors as a walk-on.

Kauahi is 6-2 and 245 pounds. He can play center, guard, tackle and long-snapper.

Here are his highlights: Kauahi videos

His surname should sound familiar to long-time football fans. His uncle, Kani Kauahi, is a UH and Kamehameha graduate who played 11 NFL seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs. The elder Kauahi is an assistant head coach with the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League.

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  1. Bugaz:

    Aloha kakahiaka!

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, there, Bugaz

  3. Bugaz:

    Lovely morning Mr Tsai

  4. Bugaz:

    At first glance of the photo I thought yes QB. But then ok O-linemen needed too.

  5. tommui:



    Top of the morning, Mr. Tsai!

  6. boolakanaka:

    Aloha! Lets hope he is pulling all of the Kauahi genes---and if so, he is going to have a very productive career.

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    Kani Kauahi was quite a player.

  8. boolakanaka:

    ST--and quite the personality and dresser as well.

  9. Former UH Athlete:

    You can never have too many Olinemen... If he can effectively add weight over the next couple years, he could be good.

    His ticket to immediate playing time will be long snapping. It would be great to have a reliable 4 year snapper. I don't recall any issues with long snapping last season, so having an extra snapper in case of injury is always a good thing.

    Speaking of special teams, are there any kickers on roster that will put pressure on Tyler Hadden to get better or maybe surpass him as the regular kicker? Hadden was not good last year and missed way too many easy FGs.

  10. jeezy33:

    LB Teva Eldridge also with a walk on offer... Looks like a solid ST player at the very least.


  11. Nana:

    We need a long snapper that can make tackles on punts.

  12. Slugger:

    Good morning,ST!

    Morning, gangees!

    Hope Kauahi joins the Warriors. We can use O-linemen.

  13. Ipu Man:

    Kudos to Kauahi. But forget not what day it is today.
    Still over 2000 people missing from the great 3-11 tsunami in Japan.
    Could happen in Hawaii.
    RIP and hope you all stay safe.

  14. Kapaa Warrior:

    Let's hope he will pan out? He does come from good stock and his Uncle Kani Kauahi was a good O-Lineman as well. When I played college ball a long time ago, I was very fortunate to spend time with Kani Kauahi in Montana when I went to visit some friends there. He is a very kind and generous man always willing to share his mana'o.
    Go BOWS --!

  15. Warrior Dave:

    245 lbs oline man??? Eat more protein!!! Welcome aboard to Warrior Nation Mr. Kauahi!


    Keali‘i, welcome back to your roots!

  17. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day

    Aloha Keali`i...great to have another Warrior...IMUA!

  18. NorthShoreFan:

    Warrior Families...

  19. al:

    young kauahi looks lean at 245 lbs. i am sure that the beemer will get him to 295 lbs . a 50 lbs plus up muscle.

  20. leron:

    #11 team has a good one in Kawika Borden who also had a couple of the best hits last year. With one more year of Scott Harding, there won't be a lot of punts returned by opponents anyway.

  21. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    what al said at #19. Same for Seth Mello.

    I remember his Uncle from HS days - went from a lanky freshman to a hulking stud by his senior year.

  22. Pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka.

    Welcome Mr. Kauahi to your roots and the warrior ohana.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  23. jimmy the lock:

    Many take the natural way to put on the poundage. All you need to do is get older.

    Welcome to all the walk-ons, that show up.

  24. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana, Mr. Kauahi.

    NSF - #18 - LaBoy, Satele

    Any 3 generation families of UH athletes? I can only think of one right now and they played 3 different sports - the Kahuanuis, Harry Kahuanui (football), Shelley (Kahuanui) Fey (basketball) and Kupono Fey (Warrior volleyball).

  25. jimmy the lock:

    Can also throw in Purcell in the Warrior ohana bowl.

  26. jimmy the lock:

    Got the Pascua's in futbol.

  27. jimmy the lock:

    The Wong's in baseball and softball.

  28. al:

    "the apple don't fall to far from the tree."
    as told to me many times by a former kani kauahi oline team mate.

  29. jimmy the lock:


  30. A-TEAM:

    Good luck Keali'i , if any one knows about Jesse Sapolu "MEN IN THE TRENCHES (M.I.T.T)" lineman camp. Thats where he (Keali'i) spends his off season training along with Kody Afusia when he's home. Good fundementals.

  31. jimmy the lock:

    Monico in baseball and football.

  32. gobows:

    Black hi-top shoes in a white shoes era

  33. gobows:

    tj moe was the last long snapper that consistently made plays downfield.

  34. gobows:



  35. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Luke Ingram could get downfield pretty fast, too.
    The protection schemes were different under Mack. After losing to Cincinnati, UH developed the shield protection on punts. That meant bigger linemen on the unit. Scott Harding's mobility enabled the Warriors to go to faster players.

  36. jimmy the lock:

    Da Sai brothers.

  37. al:

    moe's, tui, mia, tj.

  38. al:

    tuinei 's

  39. bowwar:

    Any update on the QB candidate? Is Wittek still a possibility?

  40. al:

    george's, talbot, henry, and nolab

  41. al:

    will decide in may whence he graduates or the subliminal (after spring training. austin, tx).

  42. bowwar:

    Just think about it...The Fehokos could have been like the Nogas in UH lore, but chose to send their kids off to the mainland. Same as the Freitas boys...Too bad.

  43. al:


  44. leron:


  45. bowwar:

    I hate UH being a bride's maid...Forget about Wittek...Let him sit on the pine in Texas.

  46. Bryson:

    Can't believe you guys left put the Satele's...

  47. Bryson:


  48. jimmy the lock:

    Coach Lee's

  49. Turfwar:

    To compare the Fehoko's to the Noga's is ridiculous.

  50. old808:

    #40 I used to watch the George brothers play football at the old Honolulu Stadium for UH and later on with the Hawaii pro team. I think one of them lives in Kahana Bay.

  51. old808:

    Fehokos are no comparison to the Noga brothers. The Noga's were men among men and then some. Watching them play at the UH was something else.

  52. A-House:

    ST your #35:

    and that's the reason the Auburn punt returner decided to run that now infamous return from near the back end of the end zone

    he determined that most of the Alabama line were big guys he could out run and how true, how true - how will Alabama coach handle punt protection in 2014?

    maybe, this caused him to push for the "delay" between downs

  53. A-House:

    cobwebs in the head, but believe I saw Talbot and Nolan George play for UH in 1959 - sun-of-gun - long time ago!

  54. A-House:


    your opening headline reads O-Lineman leaning to UH - leaves open the chance that he may not come if he is offered a scholarship elsewhere?

    or, is it garans ball barrings?

  55. A-House:

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's home from work I go
    the sun is out and skies are blue

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

    ST: pray that the road resurfacing is complete for us - just a small part of the entrance to the valley when we left for work!

    glory! glory! glory! what a fantastic feeling to ride over a smooth road

  56. A-House:

    speaking of our valley - was a time when we moved in nearly 38 years ago that hearing emergency vehicles were few and far between visits.

    today, seems like we hear it once or twice a week - tells of the changing demographics of us residents.

  57. A-House:

    OK, rambling Rose - go already!!!!!

  58. al:

    50...thats when i first became a fan of the home team. 2nd grder.

  59. Buffoman:

    There was that something special about the Noga brothers. They always played like if they did not play hard the world as they knew it would end. I think the only other person that may have come close to that kind of every down sweat blood kind of play may be Jeff Ulbrich.

    Take nothing away from those who came before and after them but "playing like your hair is on fire" was the every down, every game effort from the Nogas. It was a thing of beauty to watch.

  60. 70'sgrad:


  61. Whats up:

    I agree, The Nogas were in another stratosphere when it came to football. There were many greats that played for UH but the Noga brothers were unstoppable legends on the field.

  62. al:


  63. 76SOUTH:

    Amosa brothers

  64. jimmy the lock:

    Jack and Marty Sims.

  65. cocbean:

    Tui and Houston
    Gerald and Ambree
    Bob and Bobby

  66. aiea boy:

    kolten goes yard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. aiea boy:

    sorry link below

  68. kawika49:

    Talbert George, the Naluai brothers and coach Pavitch(sic) had profound affect on me when I was at Kalaipohaku.

  69. Warrior Dave:

    Robert Kekaula is reporting that UH signed QB Beau Riley. He just got back from his mission and didn't want to go to Colorado St due to the coaching change while he was gone. Mountain West allowing him to transfer to another MW school without having to wait since Hawaii was not part of the MW when he originally left.

    Robert said its a good get for UH. I guess the door for Wittek is closed???

  70. NorthShoreFan:

    WD...me thinks if Wittek thinks he can beat our guys out and start, then we might see him. He's waiting till graduation to make his decision but...

    Stutzman family

  71. al:

    warrior dave...weeks ago st reported the beau reilly commit. he is a true freshman coming off his mission. chow is still wanting max wittek, who has said wait till may.

  72. al:

    kawika...it was waay back then when i first watched a rainbow football game. the george's were all in the backfield. talbot the qb and both henry and nolan were halfbacks. don botelho was also part of the mix at qb. on defense, they were spread across the defensive secondary.

    another guy was cliff orgrain a whopping 6'4/210# an offensive end. he was really good.

    ...circa 1957

  73. oldie:

    Little off topic...

    I believe the decision makers in this State should understand Larry Ellison and America's Cup before saying if he wants the race in Hawaii, then he should pay for it all himself. A good place to start is the book by Julian Guthrie that is referred to in today's Star Advertiser. I just bought the book today.

    Hopefully, Ellison is serious about using Hawaii as the venue and something can be work out that is beneficial to both the State and America's Cup.

  74. Truman:

    Aahh, those early 80's. UH had some great athletes in the various sports. My interest was at an all time high with all the high flying players in football like the Nogas (in this era they may suspect that you're high on something, lol). Who can forget Alvis Satele flying thru the air trying to sack the QB. Not as exciting but we also had one of our best players in Jesse Sapolu. We also had those fabulous wahine vb teams with Dietre Collins and back to back championships. Talk about family, don't forget the Pulaski sisters. Little later we had the Tita Ahuna teams with one on my favorite little players, Mahina Eleneki (she was cute in her day). Of course, a little earlier were the Tatsuno teams but don't forget that 1980 team that had to be beaten twice for the World Series title.
    We even had one of our great track and field athletes in Gwen Loud, Jeanne Childs in swimming and the list goes on.
    We probably had our best AD at the time in Ray Nagel.

  75. Truman:

    Wes Nakama also had an article that said the 1980 high school class might have been the greatest group of athletes. Here's an excerpt from that article:

    ""I'm a little biased, obviously, but I haven't seen a group of athletes from one single year as good as ours," said Rich Miano, a 1980 graduate of Kaiser and current associate head football coach at the University of Hawai'i. "It was just a phenomenal time in local high school sports."

    The list of premier athletes who graduated in 1980 includes some of the most recognizable in Hawai'i sports history: Mike Akiu (Kalāheo), John Kamana (Punahou), Leroy Lutu (University High), Eric Morales (University High), Falaniko Noga (Farrington), Kaulana Park (Kamehameha), Boyd Yap (Kamehameha/Kaiser) ..."

  76. Leeward Side:

    Congratulations to Farrington High School alumnus Shawn Lauvao who was reported to have just received a four year, $17 million contract with the Washington Redskins.

  77. kapakahi:


    That's one Gov OL that Cav missed on. Attended most of the UH home games his senior season.....with fellow Gov buddy John Fonoti......but apparently wasn't offered. Gained 50 lbs from his junior to senior seasons.....kinda like former Gov OL Vince Manuwai.

  78. Boolakanaka:

    If I'm not mistaken, the Kafentzis family had 3 generations, and/or 7 different players.

  79. Boolakanaka:

    75, please add to that group: a John Haina, Sam Johnson, Richard Hainesch, Alvis Satele...etc among others.

  80. al:

    "•Kahuku (Hawaii) defensive end Tuli Wily-Matagi committed to Utah."

  81. Truman:

    #79, I'm sure if you think about it, others will come up. That's why it's a little disappointing that UH athletics has not progressed more. For me, it started with the Fab 5 and of course we had a bump in the road when Bruce O'Neil's team got in hot water. That staff included great coaches like Pete Gillen and Rick Pitino starting their careers.
    I think if we had Ray Nagel for a while longer, we may have laid the foundation for better things. Who knows, maybe we would still be stuck in this bureaucracy of ours.

  82. homey ℞:

    Since we're throwing out names I'd like to recognize a familiar name on the 1977 Hawaii High School Football All-State team:

    OL - Keith Ah Yuen

    Correct me if I'm wrong since I'm getting up there in age.

  83. SteveM:

    RE: #82
    Hiya homey!

    ...I wonder what he looks like today... :?

  84. Warrior Dave:

    Thanks for the clarification Al. I though the name sounded familiar but I guess Chow was withholding it from the list, rightfully so.

    So the Wittek clock continues to tick.

  85. Warrior Dave:

    Btw, good job ST for getting the scoop on Beau Reilly.

  86. BigWave96744:

    Alvis Satele was a 1981 grad from Castle. Came to UH with fellow Knight Aui Fatistemanu
    His brother John grad in 1980 and Faalata (Samson's pop) grad in 1982

  87. BigWave96744:

    More UH father-son combo
    Agenhart Ellis Sr & Jr
    Kika & Duke Bukoski
    Jim & Josh Donovan
    Jim & Jeremy Higgins
    Jack II & Jack "Willis" Wilson III

  88. BigWave96744:

    Ana & Tuiatua Tuiasosopo

  89. BigWave96744:

    Marco Johnson & Devion Volta Johnson

  90. BigWave96744:

    Richard and Giovanni Stevensom

  91. BigWave96744:


  92. Pu'uwai:

    #82, Ahhh...Keith Ah Yuen. He worked part-time with me while playing for UH. His heart was as big as his stature. My son joins him on Saturdays for a church group meeting and gathering.

    Great football player and friend.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  93. boolakanaka:

    Tuinei, Elias (Rocky and James), Palakiko (Sista and Nathan Fletcher), Donovan, Derby...etc