Punahou LB seeking to join UH

March 13th, 2014

Punahou outside linebacker Tumuauatasi "Tumua" Tuinei is in the process of trying to join the Rainbow Warriors as a walk-on for the coming season.

Tuinei's father is Tom Tuinei, a former Warrior. His uncle was legendary lineman Mark Tuinei.

Tumua Tuinei is about 5-10, but he is considered to be a high-motor player who is  ferocious tackler. He was Punahou's defensive player of the year.

Click on the link  for his highlights: Tuinei video



159 Responses to “Punahou LB seeking to join UH”

  1. NorthShoreFan:

    Yeah!....another Tuinei?!?!!

  2. jm2375:


    Good morning Tsaikos!

    We getting more players from Punahou than Kamehameha? Wow.


  3. jm2375:

    Good morning NSF. Going softball this weekend?

  4. NorthShoreFan:

    One thing I do know about players from the 808....size no matter..they...NO SCADE!

  5. NorthShoreFan:

    sad....need to do a board meeting tonight and Friday got a family thing going at Dot's

    someone mentioned bread pudding on yesterdays post....reminded me of a certain Tsaiko lady volleyball/football fanatic...lol

  6. NorthShoreFan:

    smallest Warrior?...Richard Higa?..I think his handle was.. Timex

  7. jeezy33:

    Could see him being useful on Special Teams with his tackling and ability to run down the field pretty fast.

  8. A-House:


    another Corey Paredes in the making?

    tough, hard nose, nose for the ball, good lateral speed, quick of the ball

    with UH 3-4 defense - put the smaller, faster players on the outside

    hope he makes the team!

  9. A-House:

    of = "off"

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    True, sometimes you need role players.
    Then again, two of UH's best inside linebackers — Julian Gener and Tevita Lataimua — are both under 6 feet.

  11. boolakanaka:

    6--Possibly--but, Dino Arrellano and Mike Akiu were probably lighter than Richard at points of they playing careers.

  12. Lowtone123:

    #6-Go further back...Thomas Kaulukukui, 5'5" 145lbs. The only number (#32) retired by Hawaii, so far.

  13. boolakanaka:

    Possibly the two most instinctual linebackers that I have seen at UH, and both played inside lb, were Carl Kennybrew and James Elias. Both started and played at close 210, if 210 at all. But, they had great football IQ and could straight out hit--seriously, for their size they use to straight blow up folks at practice and during the game.

  14. boolakanaka:

    12---Nice catch lowtone123!

  15. al:

    mike singletary....5'9".

  16. tom-warriornation:

    did someone say that Tevita Lataimua was not used enough last year, until late in the season? GO WARRIORS--looking forward to our new defense; hope it can be unpredictable and troublesome for our opponents!

  17. al:

    glad to see another tuinei in the fold.

    ..."apple don't fall too far from the tree."

  18. al:

    10...aren't they both 5'10"?
    tough as nails, quick as silver, and hits like an anvil.

  19. Shoko:

    Sounds like he could be LB/S hybrid. High-motor is always good.

  20. Kilikili:

    Height matters, 2 or 3 inches taller and Tuinei perhaps gets multi scholarship offers...


    Terrific about Tumua!

    I used to follow the play of his Uncle Mark when he was with the Dallas Cowboys as well as ex-Warriors Larry Cole and Golden Richards.

  22. Lowtone123:

    Wasn't Solomon Elimimian under 6'0. That guy was a tackling machine.

  23. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Would be nice to see another Tuinei in UH uniform!

  24. Lowtone123:

    #20-Your right. That's how Hawaii can get guys like that. Another couple of inches and we're not talking about him right now. High motor. One of those things you can't teach. Either you have it or you don't.

  25. Andrew:

    Cal Poly up over UCSB 34-17 in the 1st half. Hopefully Cal Poly can hold on and pull the upset. UH matches up with Cal Poly a lot better than they do against UCSB.

  26. PONO:

    Anyone who is willing to pay their own way to UH and walk on is a winner in my book. Good luck to him.

  27. al:

    yo...let's not forget what a great career tom tuinei had.

    "Tom Tuinei was an All-Western Athletic Conference defensive tackle at University of Hawaii and played for the Detroit Lions and the Canadian Football League's Edmonton Eskimos. "

  28. Andrew:

    41-20 @ the half***

  29. jm2375:

    #25 - they did a short segment on UCSB's Alan Williams this morning on NPR. At or near the top of most stat categories. Blocked by powers-that-be at work from even looking at the NPR site.

  30. jm2375:

    Congrats to Mr. Fotu on his NABC All-District selection.

  31. PONO:

    UH will not play Cal Poly if they win. The BWC tourney reseeds team after each round to ensure the highest seed always plays the lowest seed.

  32. NotNasti:

    Andrew: Thanks for the update. 41-20? Whoa!

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    Solomon Elimimian used to always complain to Derek Inouchi he was 6 feet. After a while, he started appearing in the lineups at 6 feet.

  34. Andrew:


    He is definitely deserving of the player of the year award. I really did not like UHs chances if they ended up having to face UCSB again.

  35. Andrew:


    Right, but in case both teams advance again and see eachother in the next round after. It looks like UH would face LBSU if Cal Poly wins.

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    I know that height and 40 times are valued, but at Pro Day, some players get eliminated during measurements. In the pros, hand size and reach are as important as 40 times. I think John Estes probably was hurt because his reach was incorrectly measured during junior day.

  37. NorthShoreFan:

    Ray Rice...5-8...215#
    Elvis Dumervil..5-11 260# lb
    Michael Wilhoite 6-0 240# lb
    Heath Farrell 6-0 235# lb
    David Hawthorne 6-0 246# lb
    Curtis Lofton 6-0 241# lb
    Taylor Reed 5-11 236# lb
    D J Smith 6-0 239# lb
    Steven Tulloch 5-11 240# lb
    John Lotulelei 5-11 233# lb
    Jordan Campbell 5-11 240# lb
    Sean Spence 5-11 231# lb
    Darren Bates 5-11 225# lb
    Damso Nunoz 5-11 219# lb

    main thing can play..

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    Two words: Nate Jackson

  39. NorthShoreFan:

    #20...true...but our good fortune we get him...no measurement for ...heart

  40. Stephen Tsai:

    Sam Mills.
    By the way, I did not realize Mills died.

  41. NorthShoreFan:

    oops...#37..all NFLers

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    Who's old enough here to remember Delmar Johnson?

  43. Andrew:

    Alan Williams is 3-10 in the first half. Surprising

  44. NotNasti:

    Delmar the 5'7" d-lineman? For UH?

  45. NotNasti:

    If I'm correct, yes, I'm old enough.

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm looking back at old UH rosters. Why don't I remember Lamar Young, UH's second-leading rusher in 1989?

  47. NorthShoreFan:

    Mike Singletary 6-0 230..didn't know he was that size..looked like he was bigger..the way he played.

  48. ai-eee-soos:

    ST: Is this coaching staff roster correct? Found this on one of the coaching search sites.

    It shows Luke Matthews as Wide Receiver Coach

    Chris Wiesehan as RB/ Tight Ends.

    *** Philip Rauscher is NOT listed. ***

    What's up ???
    Hawaii: Here is how the Hawaii staff shapes up for 2014. Kevin Clune (defensive coordinator / inside linebackers), Daronte Jones (defensive backs / defensive recruiting coordinator), Lewis Powell (defensive tackles), Kurt Gouvieia (outside linebackers), Jordan Wynn (quarterbacks), Chris Wiesehan (running backs / tight ends / running game coordinator / offensive recruiting coordinator), Chris Naole (offensive line),

    Luke Matthews (wide receivers),

    Chris Demarest (special teams coordinator).

  49. cocbean:

    #15. You must be confusing Samurai Mike with Sam Mills. Mike was 6' Sam was 5'9". Loved to watch these two guys play. Both were run through a brick wall kind of players.

  50. Andrew:

    54-31 Cal Poly with 10 min left.

  51. Jeezy33:

    "Height" and "race" shouldnt be the reasons to compare players.....

    Every short QB that can play isn't the next Russell Wilson...

  52. NotNasti:

    I hope UH can focus and win their first game. If they can get to the final against UCI, I like their chances.

  53. Andrew:

    Wow up by 32 points with 6 minutes left. UCSB did not show up at all

  54. Turfwar:

    Just read the Blangiardi rant by Warriormojo in the last blog and I couldn't agree more. Heard the radio spot by Blangiardi again this morning on 1420 and it's really starting to sound desperate. Mojo is right on so many points. And I've worked in television for almost 30 years with some of those years with both Blangiardi and OC16. And let's go Poly! Huge upset in the making if it holds.

  55. Andrew:

    It's over Cal Poly will win. 69-35 with 2 min left

  56. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    Watched Tuinei play a couple of times in person last season. The guy is a straight up beast. He'll be a hella Special Teams guys if not a very solid LB.

  57. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #54 -

    Warrior Mojo gives the best rants on the WB. Reading one of his classics can clear your sinuses, like hot mustard and shoyu. And as usual, he's right.

  58. Stephen Tsai:

    Like it's been said, it was a poker game, and the buy-in was $2.3 million.
    Cash money.
    If there was any indication that there would be a serious bidder against Oceanic, UH would have opened it. Of course, UH would prefer a bidding war.
    What UH didn't want was the promise of second-party money only to find that it didn't exist and, worse, Oceanic then come in with a lower offer.
    As the activist once said: "Don't promise me a pie in the sky. I want my meat on the street."

  59. OC Warrior:

    42 - Delmer Johnson? Was he the 5'6" DT back in the day?

  60. Lowtone123:

    Always appreciated Sam Mills I guess because we're about the same size but he played in the USFl & NFL at a very high level for many years. RIP.

  61. boolakanaka:

    Speaking of smaller guys at UH, I would be remissed not to my mention, my old roommate Vince Sides, I know for a fact he was around 162 pounds when came-on at UH....and saw plenty of action.

  62. Lowtone123:

    Cal Poly 69, UCSB 38. Wow!

  63. Kapahulu:

    Is that the Final Score?

  64. Lowtone123:


  65. jm2375:

    38 pts for the whole game? Wow. Hard to believe.

  66. Lowtone123:

    15:01 1st half...LBSU 8, CSF 1

  67. Ratbird:

    Beau Phillips is 6'5", Stephen Rivers is 6'7" tall and Max Wittek is 6'4". Kinda starting a small basketball team. Stephen is likely to go elsewhere and Max might opt for Texas. Max is a 5 star athlete. Stephen is a 4 star and Beau is a 3 star rating.

  68. Lowtone123:

    9:19 1st half...LBSU 15, CSF 9.

  69. Punaluu:

    I read that the basketball game would be on Fox Sports Prime Ticket and didn't know what that was. However, I have DISH and see the UH game on the schedule for Fox Sports, channel 408 (I'm on Big Island). Not positive it'll come on, but for those with DISH, we may be able to see it.

  70. Lowtone123:

    5:30 pm Fox Sports Prime Ticket Oceanic CH 31/228.

  71. tommui:


    Welcome Mr. Tuinei!

  72. Lowtone123:

    LBSU 29, CSF 25 Half

  73. redraider4life:

    Anyone know why uh has not offered 6'4 mika tafua from kamehameha. His dad just passed and. Little birdie told me he wants to stay home now.

  74. bowwar:

    Do you need the sports package to see Fox Prime Ticket on Oceanic? Anyone know any good bars to watch the game?

  75. Lowtone123:

    #73-Looks like he verbally committed to BYU. Because of that, he may have to contact UH first as they typically back off once a player has committed.

  76. sofaking_blk:

    Redskins LB London Fletcher is 5'9"

  77. sofaking_blk:

    Anybody remember WR Carl Roaches, he was 5'8"/168lbs

  78. Lowtone123:

    13:47 2nd Half...CSF 41, LBSU 39.

  79. Turfwar:

    Mika committed very early in his soph year so he may have already told the UH coaches of his intentions to go to BYU. But no doubt they would take him in a heartbeat.

  80. NorthShoreFan:

    Fletcher 5-10 242#..mean doggie

  81. Lowtone123:

    1:08 2nd...LBSU 66, CSF 56.

  82. fshnpoi:

    Another tough bugga considered too small as a lb....waianae's own gouveia! HTTR!

  83. Lowtone123:

    LBSU 66, CSF 56 Final

  84. Andrew:

    Looks like UH will play LBSU if they beat Northridge

  85. NotNasti:

    IF. Knock on wood.

  86. AllG:

    Tuinei I think would make a ideal fullback! Fullbacks need to love contact and at that height he would have a leverage advantage. Plus blocking runs in his bloodlines.

  87. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good luck to the BasketBows!


  88. Old School Dave:

    Dat Nguyen: Texas A & M All-American Linebacker, 7-yr NFL vet: 5.11 238 lbs.



  90. chopsueyboy:

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!!
    Honda Center is fantastic...saw a couple of Anaheim Ducks games. Efficient parking, fast getting in and out

  91. Imua45:

    #42 Stephen, do you remember two impact players, LB Tim Buchanon & RB Edward (Skippy) Dyer, one of the best RB that ever played for UH, which includes the likes of Gary Allen & Larry Scherer. I once had Skippy's autograph but have lost it since.

  92. jonj:

    Any live feeds of the game??

  93. Andrew:

    19-8 Northridge

    UH not playing well. This can get ugly very quickly.

  94. Andrew:

    Now it's ugly

  95. whitey:

    UH got off to a bad start, but is now playing much better.

  96. AlaWai:

    UH can't find an answer. We look gassed.

  97. whitey:

    UH starting to close the score

  98. whitey:

    8 pt difference at 3 min

  99. whitey:

    6 st 2:44

  100. whitey:

    -6 at half. Go Bows

  101. Maile Tsai-Russ:

    RE: Halftime UH 36 vs. Northridge 42

    Frustrating first half. Lots of bad calls, phantom calls, incompetence by refs overall. But what is most disturbing is Northridge getting 28 POINTS IN THE PAINT, plus 3 fouls in the paint resulting in 4 made free throws. Total points inside by Northridge 32 of their 42 first half points. Lousy defense by the 'Bows, poor coaching adjustments by Gib.

  102. whitey:

    not at game, so not much to say except that the Bows are coming around after being down by 16. will see if they can pull this one out and in the meantime, Go Bows!!!!!

  103. Seaside:

    Tuinei is a great defense player UH needs him! Punahou's defense was untouchable.....They were way better than UH....

  104. whitey:

    +7 at 7:30. Go Bows

  105. whitey:

    +11 at 7. Go Bows

  106. 3-Prong:

    Let's Go Bows.........Gunfunnit!

  107. 3-Prong:

    70- 64 3:42 remaining.

  108. AlaWai:

    "How much do you want it?"

  109. whitey:

    Tie at 12 secs. Yikes. Go Bows

  110. Andrew:

    I'm sorry but that was a stupid last play. horrible

  111. AlaWai:


  112. whitey:

    OT, Go Bows!!!!!

  113. whitey:

    dum, dum, dum, duuuuuuuuummmmmm!!!! dragnet song. Go Bows!!!!

  114. Willie:

    Gib might have blown another one. How can you not go to Stanhardinger in a tie game with 11.8 seconds to go and about 7 seconds to get a shot off. Why?

  115. Willie:

    Also "rope a dope" with 6 minutes left when you had the Matadors on the run. Why?

  116. whitey:

    sheesh, whoosh, ahhhhhhhhh, dum, dum, dum

  117. Andrew:

    114. I don't think that was the play Gib drew up. I think Shamburger held it too long

  118. whitey:

    poooooffff, yikes, ai yah yah yah. Go Bows

  119. whitey:

    grunt, grunt, ouch, Go Bows.

  120. AlaWai:

    Comes down to heart. Who's is bigger?

  121. whitey:

    block that kick, block that kick. oh oh, wong game. Go Bows!!!!!

  122. AlaWai:

    Let's go Gib!

  123. AlaWai:

    Turn over! Can't watch.

  124. whitey:

    scratch, scratch, bite, bite, aroooooooo. Go Bows!!!!

  125. AlaWai:

    Lost composure.

  126. AlaWai:

    I am ill!

  127. Andrew:

    Shamburger blew it

  128. A-joe:


  129. 3-Prong:


  130. 3-Prong:

    Go Wahine.........

  131. whitey:

    No can say anything. Game pau.

  132. whitey:

    time to go work on fishing gear.

  133. Inyoface:

    Gave it away.

  134. AlaWai:

    Reardon had a point. You gas your starters and you pay the price. Loss of composure happens with fatigue. Some of the bench guys should have been used to give the team a blow when the lead was at 13.

  135. andbacktoreality:

    worst 20 win UH team ever...overrated Major

  136. PONO:

    Gib is amazing. Give him a raise and an extension. I love when we always pull a one and done in the post season. Fib Arnold for mayor.

  137. warriorsfan:

    well the biggest bone head play that cost us the game Stanhardinger lob to Fotu How dumb was that
    should have ran the clock
    Well in some small way I am happy its over.
    As Charles Barkley say Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

  138. frankie:

    I am sorry gib should b fired..why foul when up by 3 and send a 92% free throw shooter to the line. Also, where was the press that caused a lot to @Northridge?

  139. warriorsfan:

    I am with you on that one
    should not have gotten to that situation in the first place
    well the bigger Dog Bark

  140. Andrew:

    138. Even with the decision to foul, I think they did it too quickly. Should have ran the clock a little more. Although they really should have just played D. Even if they hit a 3 at worst, they could possibly have time to go back and hit the game winner or go to another OT

  141. frankie:

    Let's go Wahines!!!

  142. al:

    at five minutes ...we stopped playing to win. we took our foot off the pedal.

  143. al:

    although singletary was listed at 6' o"...many alternate info listed him at 5'11 1/2". however, gary campbell who played alongside of singletary, swears he invented the 2 " rule.

  144. frankie:

    Gib can recruit, but not a game day coach (x & o's). We lost it on the bench...agree Christian's lob was the turning point. He should have taken it on his own...gotta b a little hog cheese since he was in the zone...he did not shoot the last few minutes & ot...

  145. al:

    nah...not gib fault. the true reality is we have no depth on the bench. we still lack some integral talent on the court and on the bench.

    the best team ever to don the rainbow uniform was the fab five. that team had talent like none before or thereafter.

    this is true

  146. BigWave96744:

    Didn't a generously listed 6'0" LB out of the University of Maine want to join the Warriors but was told he was too small.
    So he pops called his Alumni which led his son being a standout Trojan and Seattle Seahawk?

  147. kev-1:

    Need a bigger big man in the middle. Fotu is athletic and offensive, but his has a tendency to get pushed around a bit. I really feel like that is the missing piece. Not necessarily someone to replace Fotu, but someone to come off the bench with some weight.

  148. kev-1:

    Let's face it. We put the smallest guys on the floor most nights. And I'm not necessarily talking height. I am talking bulk. UH basketball has always seemed to be on a different workout plan than their opponents.

  149. NorthShoreFan:

    Dang it ... tough day for UH sports...

  150. al:


  151. kruzen:

    Zach Thomas 5'11"

  152. 152.:


  153. ai-eee-soos:

    o.k. - back to football ...

    coaching change?

    Has Philip Rauscher left the coaching staff?

    on a coaching search site:

    Chris Wiesehan is listed as RB/ Tight Ends.

    and Luke Matthews is listed as Wide Receiver Coach.

    No mention of Rauscher.

    any birdies out there?

  154. wafan:

    Happy Aloha pi Friday!

  155. boolakanaka:

    89--while not NFL tall, the vietnemes tackling machine was not, more like 5'11. See: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/players/4735/

  156. Shoko:

    Tough loss last night. Watching the postgame interview with Gib, Spearman and Standhardinger was pretty depressing to watch.

    Question remains if there will be any postseason play.

  157. A-House:

    al your #145:

    gotta disagree with you - not Gib's fault? who does the recruiting and makes the final decision on player selection?

    if bench is weak, it's falls to the HC to insure that the bench players can contribute and this all starts with off-season and in-season practices

    should Gib substituted when 13 points up and rest Fotu and Standhardinger - point well taken

    last few minutes of the game - seems like UH wanted to pass the ball only to Fotu who was not having a good game instead of going to Standhardinger who was hot all the way

  158. old808:

    Good morning....Mahalo Rainbow Warrior Basketball team for a good season despite all the arm chair quarterbacks that have that know how about how to coach and play the game. I remember in the Fab five days, Red Rocha had his share of negative comments whenever the Fab Five lost a game.

  159. Old School Dave:

    Old808: I have a relative who graduated from Weber State. Never heard the end of it when the Fab 5 got blown out of the water by Weber in the first round of the NCAA Western Regional at Pocatello, ID back in the 70s. UH was looking ahead as the winner of that game was to play UCLA with Bill Walton, Keith (Jamal) Wilkes and others.