The Warrior Beat

Field or dreams?

March 16th, 2014

Critics have been questioning UH's exploration of the feasibility of building a 30,000-or-so-seat, on-campus stadium. Money aside — and whatever the projected cost,  add 30 percent for the final expenses — does it make sense? Consider:

> Space: There actually is room, but construction would involve reclaiming the areas recently built for sand volleyball matches and practices. If soccer is included in the stadium, it probably would mean moving the track to the current soccer practice field.

> Parking: Aloha Stadium has about 8,000 parking stalls, and that's not even close to being enough. Other parking can be found at Richardson, neighboring streets, and satellite sites. UH-Manoa has 5,700 stalls. It's already a struggle to accommodate the 15,000-student enrollment. Another parking structure probably would be needed.

> Student attendance: The assumption is if you'll build it, they'll come, because they're already there. But are they "there"? There are about 3,700 students living in UHM-run housing.

> Management: UH actually does a good job managing its sports complexes — the Stan Sheriff Center (thanks to Rich Sheriff), Les Murakami Stadium (thanks to Glenn Nakaya) and Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium (thanks to Bob Coolen).

> Accompanying projects: A new stadium would mean additional plumbing, parking, a visiting locker room and new areas for sand volleyball.


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