Wiesehan leaves for Temple

March 17th, 2014

Assistant coach Chris Wiesehan has accepted the o -line coach's job at Temple.

* * *

On March 22, 2003, the lights went out in the Stan Stan Sheriff.

The outage occurred during a men's volleyball match between Pacific and Hawaii. While waiting for the mercury lights to regenerate, UH outside hitter Johnny Matt Bender began to breakdance on the Teraflex court. Pacific coach Joe Wortmann then answered with his robotic dance. It was a fun time when the arena rocked and the teams (at least Bender) rolled.

Now Pacific, which plays host to UH tonight and tomorrow,  is facing the metaphorical last dance. The program is folding at the end of this season.

Through the years, the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation has endured several departures. At various periods,  California, San Diego State, Loyola Marymount, and Saint Mary's were MPSF members.

Overall, the number of members eligible to compete for the 2015 NCAA Division I-II title will remain at 37, with Pacific's departure offset by McKendree University's addition to the MIVA.

Pacific's exit isn't fully a bottom-line issue. With teams limited to the equivalent of 4.5 scholarships and the Tigers' roster at 21 players, that means more than $884,000 is collected annually by the school from the equivalent of 15.5 scholarships paid by the student-athletes in tuition, room and board, and expenses.

Pacific has struggled in recent years and, in particular, it has struggled every year against Hawaii. UH leads the series, 42-1, and has won 33 in a row, including the past 16 in Stockton.

But the Tigers ran a clean program, graduated their players, always put up the good fight, and tried to be entertaining, even during outages.

They will be missed.

* * * * *

20001208 SPT UH WAHINE 6

Alan Hackbarth, the so-called "Rubberband Man," no longer will be performing his Gumby-like dance moves during volleyball matches.

He's been promoted to Honolulu Fire Department captain. Sometimes leaders can no longer be dancers.

For old time's sake: Rubberman dance video

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  1. PONO:


  2. PurpleMaple:

    Hi all

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, you are.

  4. Stretch:

    Bummed that Pacific will not be back at the SSC next year. It's more fun to give a team crap when you KNOW you are in their heads, especially when it's the head coach and assistant.

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm sure many of them still wake up at night screaming.
    Sometimes nightmares loop.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    I was surprised that Stanford's video stream was so inconsistent the past weekend. Isn't the school located in the heart of technology?

  7. obachan:

    At what point exactly does the HFD determine that what you do in your off-time and personal life interfere with departmental image? If Gov. Abercrombie who is an volleyball fan, decided to break out one of his signature dance moves during a match, who or what would stop him from doing so?

  8. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Ditto what Stretch said. The conversations Stretch had last year with the UOP coaches were classics.

    Will miss Mr. Hackbarth. Wondered why he wasn't at the games this year.

  9. tommui:


  10. Stephen Tsai:

    He's been at the matches, only he sits in the higher part of the lower bowl.

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    I don't think HFD told him what to do. He's just in a different role and now needs to set a different example.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Hmm. Maybe I should have prefaced it with: Congratulations on the promotion ...

  13. A-House:

    OK, Congratulations to Alan Hackbarth on his promotion to Fire Captain - for some this would be a very rapid rise in a short time

  14. BigWave96744:

    A while back, I wrote the before UH ever considers dropping football to FCS or DII, they should drop some other smaller sports, one of which would be Men's Volleyball.

    If Pacific would save $884,000 by dropping MVBall, I would expect Hawaii could save almost 1 Million because of our added travel cost and the cost to staff the SSC during their home games. This could go directly to the Football team, annually to help compete with other Mid Majors (we will never compete against the BCS schools when it comes to $$$$)

    Many schools funded by their BCS football team has already dropped Men's volleyball.
    There are only 29 DI teams and of that only 9 have football teams
    (Ball St, BYU, Hawaii, Ohio St, Penn St, Rutgers, Stanford, UCLA, USC)

    Here are the 29 (soon to be 28) DI teams
    Division I Men's Volleball Teams

    Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association
    George Mason University
    Harvard University
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Pennsylvania State University
    Princeton University
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark
    Sacred Heart University
    Saint Francis University of Pennsylvania

    Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association
    Ball State University
    Grand Canyon University (Began transition from NCAA Division II in July 2013)
    Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)
    Lewis University (NCAA Division II)
    Lindenwood University (NCAA Division II)
    Loyola University Chicago
    Ohio State University
    Quincy University (NCAA Division II) McKendree University, a Division II member, will join the MIVA in the 2015 season.

    Mountain Pacific Sports Federation
    Brigham Young University
    California Baptist University (NCAA Division II)
    California State University, Northridge
    University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    California State University, Long Beach (Long Beach State)
    University of the Pacific
    Pepperdine University
    Stanford University
    University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine)
    University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego; NCAA Division II)
    University of California, Santa Barbara (UC Santa Barbara)
    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    University of Southern California (USC)

  15. oahu resident:

    Men's volleyball is the only sport where UH competes with the likes of UCLA, USC, Stanford, and BYU every year.

    There are so few teams that every team has outstanding players and matches are highly competitive, something that cannot be said about the Women's volleyball team.

    It is the only sport that UH plays against the top teams in the country every year.

    I believe it to be the best sport for the fans among the offereings of UH, and strongly support its continuance.

  16. Lowtone123:

    Hey, congrats to Alan on the promotion. When you're in a position of authority, you have to live by a certain decorum. I can only act silly in front of my kids these days.

  17. Musashi:

    Hey, if people buy tickets and attend games instead of complaining, UH sports would not would not be this bad financially.

    Anyway, when UH sports was successful, there were those who still wanted them to cut some sports and still drop a division.

  18. BigWave96744:

    I can't see the UH MVball team as a making money sport.
    In fact, around the country MVball is not a high priority sport and many schools are moving it to a "Club" sport.

    I'm not hating on the sport, but I think any efforts to make the Cash Cow (Football) more competitive, needs to be looked into. Moving Football to a lower level will kill every sport except Women's Volleyball

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    Big Wave:
    Actually, Pacific doesn't lose more than $800,000, it gains that amount from the student-athletes
    Only the equivalent of 4.5 scholarships are covered for 21 players. The players pay the remaining equivalent of 15.5 costs in tuition, housing, etc.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    As long as you charge admission, a sport has a chance to be profitable.
    Unfortunately, the one sport that is in danger is men's swimming. They have more people on scholarship and it's a non-revenue-producing sport.

  21. BigWave96744:

    Thanks Stephen..

    Do you have a ball park figure of how much it is to cover a MVball Team
    (All Coaches salary, 4.5 scholies, Travel expenses, equipment, cost to use and staff (security, custodians, ushers, etc) the SCC during practice and home games.

  22. BigWave96744:

    #20, which goes back to the old question, "Should they charge admission for the Softball games?"

  23. tommui:

    After the ball (dance/volleyball) is over ... (an old song - you can hear it at Show Boat at HCT coming soon).

    Unfortunately for us, Senator DMK and that some other fellow Senators, doesn't seem to realize that UH football is the cashcow that finances all the other sports at UH (except baseball and Wahine volleyball). If that gets reduced to a DII or III, or eliminated, all the other sports will be reduced or eliminated.

    And AL is right when he says it is up to us - not for some $$$ savior to come in. In short, don't rely on someone else - it is up to us.

  24. jm2375:

    BigWave - #14 - NCAA tournament will expand to 6 teams this year: conference champs (MPSF, EIVA, MIVA and Conference Carolinas [DII teams]) and 2 at-large teams. Tournament is at Loyola-Chicago this year, which is currently ranked #1.

  25. jm2375:

    #20 - dang. Men's swimming is pretty successful. Would hate to see it axed. Kinda ironic for a team from Hawaii not to have a swim team, don't ya think?

  26. jm2375:

    Kinda wish the premium seat license fees would go directly to the sport and not to general AD fund.

  27. PONO:

    I think softball should charge admission. A small fee like $2 to collect some type of revenue. Find a volunteer to be the gate/money person to keep admin costs low.

  28. 3-Prong:

    Nooooooo,... If the President can sing "Let's Stay Together", surely a Fire Captain can continue the Rubberband Dance!

  29. Warrior Dave:

    Congrats Capt. Rubberband Man Alan!

  30. Former UH Athlete:

    I always thought he was the Rubber-man? Oh well, Rubberband-Man will be missed!

  31. JFByers:


    March 17th, 2014 at 11:02 am
    Kinda wish the premium seat license fees would go directly to the sport and not to general AD fund.

    -this is the last thing uh admin wants. they already dump on coaches for reaching out to donors for what they need for their program because the uh head honchos want those corporate dollars for the bottom line.

    some coaches at uh are told specifically what corporate donors they are not allowed to contact.

  32. Down with....:

    Why does he have to stop dancing? everyone knows who he is already. Kind of silly to stop doing what everyone knows he does just cause he made captain. Shoot if my captain (boss) was known outside of work as almost a UH celebrity, that would garner more respect. It's not like he became captain and then decided, "I'm gonna dance my ass off like a rubberbandman".

  33. Balut:

    Come on captain. You can do it. It a your day off. Please don't stop. We love to see ya

  34. Ipu Man:

    Wonder if Alan Hackbarth is relate to the Wisconsin quarterback, Dale Hackbarth, who played pro ball with the Green Bay Packers and was blind sided by a vicious head slap after he was down by a Cincinnati player. Result was broken neck bones and a lawsuit that made x-ray machines mandatory in all NFL locker rooms? Good genes if that is Alan's grandpa.

  35. st. anthony trojan:

    Why is MVB and WVB limited to only 4.5 scholarships...as mandated by NCAA ?
    And why only 4.5. Why not say 7 or 10 or 15?

  36. Derek:

    I believe UH Men's volleyball was profitable when Yuval Katz was playing. They had very large crowds. The thing is, if UH can get the superstar, the pied piper, people will come. It's just like Colt Brennan or Kolten Wong. They bring out people to see them play. Unfortunately, very few and far between those people are out there. We are still waiting for the next Holy Grail since Colt. I don't want to put pressure on him, but maybe Beau Reilly. Sorry, I've seen the other QBs and they are not it.

  37. Kevin:

    Only men's volleyball is limited to 4.5. Women's volleyball is more than 12 I think.

    Why? Because football has 80+. That's how it all adds up when the male schollies compare to the women schollies per TITLE IX.

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    It's the equivalent of 4.5 so the money can be split. Everybody usually ends up paying money out of own pocket.

  39. Stephen Tsai:

    The women can make one-for-one switches. Three graduate, you sign three. If men lose three starters you have to watch how you replace. If you spend all the money this year, you might have problems recruiting in the next couple of years. Charlie spoke of "young money" a couple of years ago.

  40. st. anthony trojan:

    If l was Mr. Ellisons son..and I wanted only half a schollie...from the sailing team...could the other half be used for one of my mates ???....Why are they no 1/2 or 3/4 schollies for FB ??

  41. jeezy33:

    Apparently Wiesehan just took at Temple..

  42. jeezy33:

    took job at temple

  43. st. anthony trojan:

    So you are saying Kevin, if we added more women sports and more women schollies, we get more men schollies ? There must be a limit for all sport teams ?

  44. Kevin:

    Yeah sure go ahead.

  45. Former UH Athlete:

    43... NCAA has max scholarship limits for each sport.

  46. A-House:

    do not contact certain corporate donors - who's decision was that? why?

    it's a fact of life that very few UH grads who do well financially will not make a donation to UH - why? most of "local" UH grads are still "tied" closer to their high school than UH - Why?

    fact of life that there are many, many millionaires in Hawaii - by some, perhaps the most per capita in the US of A - however, most are real property millionaires; not cash rich millionaires who can donate large sums of $$$ to UH; for whatever reason/cause.

    thus, the continued dilemma of working with a small base who's cash coughers are limited and they are targeted to their heirs; absolutely nothing wrong with that as most of us are 3rd or 4th generation compared to the mainland who may be in their 12th or 13th generation.

    also, many Japanese immigrants came to work the cane sugar fields with the intent of returning to Japan and most did send monthly sums to relatives "back home" - I know my maternal Grandpa did that - my parents, back, in the early 60's tried, in vain, to contact relatives or contact banks to check on accounts - if the relatives were deceased.

    so, where can UH turn to? me no sabe!

  47. A-House:

    most of the young mega-millionaires or billionaires are young and made their mark in the "high tech" industry and that seems to be closing rapidly

    do we that kind of "brainpower" in Hawaii and would they be willing to donate some of their $$ to UH athletics?

    I don't know and my mind is getting tired from posting!

  48. st. anthony trojan:

    Me been wondering 4 eons.... Mr.A-House..."Sabe" is what language - -or we stole from Tonto ?
    From small kid time we all use - - Akua Sabe - - or Tonto stole from us ?

  49. Boya_jr:

    Larry Ellison and Mark Benioff (Salesforce) both are battling for the future of the cloud and both love Hawaii. I love Hawaii too.

  50. A-House:

    "sabe" is from: "me no sabe, me no tell, me press button, go like hell"

    best I remember it is a concocted word from the cane fields and most likely from the Filipino and/or Japanese language - that's what I was told growing up in a plantation camp

    and tonto, must have been part Hawaiian to use Kimo before Sabe

  51. islandman:

    Another site reports Chris Wiesehan , rb coach, is leaving to be offensive line coach for the Temple Owls.

  52. whitey:

    col, didn't know you were a master at different languages. honest, i not laughing, bbbhhaaa.

  53. whitey:

    ok col, i wen make laugh.

  54. st. anthony trojan:

    it's a fact of life that very few UH grads who do well financially will not make a donation to UH - why? most of "local" UH grads are still "tied" closer to their high school than UH - Why?
    Good point A-House - -my take is they never had a president there that was long in his term to start traditions for sum kind of "give back" programs...Mr. Matsuda (?) may have been the last that embraced the community n the last that had a personality that people would rally around when they asked 4 help...Nainoa Thompson, his dad, rev. Akaka, Mike Nakasone (pearl city band), and many others were people with integrity, as was Mr. John Burns. These people could all rally people around them. Very hard to find that kind of leaders today. Only mealy-mouthed, weasel grand standing politicos are abound now. You see them daily on tv...etc. etc. etc. mouthing off 4 their own benefit...just my take to part of ur question...

  55. Giversgain:

    Sabe is equivalent to "Savvy" in spanish or portuguese. It means "compehend". During the plantation era, the field boss would say to the workers "you Savvy?" Or in other words "do you comprehend?" In time it changed to "sabe" because the All of the ethnic immigrants could not pronounce "V". So eventually it became "you sabe?"

  56. st. anthony trojan:

    Dang...now Tonto is a podogee indian....thanks giversagain....

  57. boolakanaka:

    I have to say the frequent mention of Mr. Ellison is a presumption and rather presumptuous one at that; he is businessman and his most obvious objective is the bottom-line--period. He has shown no real interest in the university, and frankly, at this juncture it serves him in no real substantial way, except for him being a good neighbor and a potential benefactor. i.e. its rather one-sided. That alone is not sufficient; like many things in life, most answers are obtained internally.

  58. Buffoman:

    With coach Weisehan leaving for Temple, does that mean we have another opening for hire? How long would it take to fill that slot if so?

  59. st. anthony trojan:

    Mr. Kanaka - agree 100%....now if they started to offer a degree in sailing at the Ellison School of Sailing ....after he donates a yacht and sum other goodies...lets just say...it is a beginning...and a foot in the door...

  60. tommui:

    There are clouds and there are clouds and never the twain will meet.

    The Kindle cloud, for example, cannot annex the cloud for B&N Nook; Microsoft has a cloud and Adobe too as does Amazon etc.

  61. al:

    two positions open...lets hire reggie torres!

    and while we are it, tony gonzales te coach.

  62. al:

    maybe mark atuaia misses the north shore?

  63. al:

    how about stutz1?

  64. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Afternoon Tsaikos...bootiful day.

    learn something new erryday over hea.

    officers need to present a certain amount of decorum as you are representing the office...but a the same time you are leaders...Capt. Hackbarth is just leading the cheering section das all...no harm...no foul...except if you get yo bvds all bunched up in da middle...like some stiff necks..
    Capt Hackbarth..no scade..rock um!...rock da hale!
    I notice you rock da house mo den the cheerleaders!

  65. Lowtone123:

    I guess Chow gotta look for another coach.

  66. 3-Prong:

    .......actually his name is Rubbah-Ban-Man! hehe
    Alan, you show up, you gone haf to dance, you kno dat right?

  67. Shoko:

    Just put Keith Uperesa back at RB coach. That's if he's interested.

  68. kawika49:

    #54 It is always easier to spend some one else money that is not yours.

  69. A-House:


    yep, no mo "V" in Japanese - matter of fact when you pronounce "V" in Englay softly you get a "f" sound

    forgot all about the Portugese "lunas" who had to communicate with all the Japanese and Filipino workers.

  70. kawika49:

    Whew... read St's headline and I thot about it for a while and figgered the buggah; when get circumscribed...at his age? Good thing I wen read the whole story

  71. oldie:

    Off topic again...

    A week or two ago, in light of Larry Ellison showing interest in having the finals of America's Cup in Hawaii, I mentioned that decision makers in Hawaii should read the book by a Julian Guthrie, "The Billionaire and the Mechanic". I just finished reading and feel that it's a good read for anyone interested in what makes Ellison tick. Probably need some interest in sailing to fully appreciate the book.

    As al and boola have suggested, it's no use expecting Ellison to fund the UH Football team or a stadium. It's not going to happen. Ellison is very focused. He's not going to divert his attention to something he has no connection with. His purchases in Hawaii are in line with his vision of transforming America's Cup into a premiere world wide competitive series much like exists with Formula One racing.

    As mentioned in Guthrie's book, Ellison envisions yacht races all over the world culminating in the Louis Vuitton challenger final and the America's Cup defender final here in a Hawaii. His preferred venue is the area between Maui and Lanai. As in San Francisco, he wants the races close enough to shore so that spectators have great views. Don't under estimate Ellison's will to get it done. His biggest obstacle is probably our government red tape.

    I'd love to see him pull this off. Always been fascinated by America's Cup since my Hobie Cat 14 days.

  72. PowderPuff:

    Good win by the Warrior Volleyball team. YAY!!! Thanks for the update on Capt. Rubberband Man. :) Congrats to the ladies for being selected for the WNIT. Excellent...go Wahine!

  73. SteveM:

    Aloha and good luck, Chris Wiesehan!

    Congrats to Captain Hackbarth!

  74. SteveM:

    Happy Birthday Esme Woooosh!!! ;-)

  75. ai-eee-soos:

    Go! airlines to stop Hawaii operations on April 1.

    see SA ...

  76. Inyoface:

    Wonder why he left. At least the running back position will be deep next year.

  77. Inyoface:

    Or this year I should say heh

  78. BigWave96744:

    Funny that Wiesey is going to coach Oline again.
    Many said he didn't kno anything about Oline and that's what caused Blake Muir to transfer.
    If he does well at Temple then the saying holds true, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

  79. BigWave96744:

    Al, what is Chris Fuamatu-Maafala doing now days?

  80. Manoa#1:

    #76 Inyoface He left cause he knows next year chow and his staff will Be fired.

  81. lonomakana:

    I don't know anything about plantations days but I know that Sabe/Sabes means "to know" as in know how to DO something, in Spanish and Portuguese.

    40... Sorry, Ellison Jr. would have to pay full tuition. Scholarships for Sailing banned for all schools, though service academies get around that. UH used to be the only school to to give scholarships but other programs complained since UH could take their pick of top athletes. Coach Johnson may have been one of the last scholarship sailors. He gave up college Hockey to sail in Hawaii. No brainer.

  82. al:

    bigwave...last known whereabouts was his involvement with thr us army dependents. i'll ask a little birdie tomw.

    i hear your subliminal message. another utah guy would drive some folks nuts. however, i like your idea.

  83. kapakahi:

    Hopefully UH starts recruiting efforts on this guy.....


  84. ai-eee-soos:

    Kekaula confirms: Rauscher and Weisey have left the program.

  85. tommui:

    Wasn't Coach Wiesehan our recruiter for the Florida area?

    Oldie #71 It would be great if we could get the America Cup in the Islands. Not sure where one could get a good view of the race short of spending $$ for a Lanai hotel - of course there is always the Lanai Inn (Hotel?).

    I have always been surprised that there isn't much sailing in Hawaii - other than the big boats.

  86. dannyp:


    Nope he recruited the northwest...

  87. ai-eee-soos:

    # 85.

    I thought Jones and Demarest recruited Florida and the "Atlantic Seaboard".

  88. ai-eee-soos:

    So, now these positions need coaches: RB, TE, and WR.

    Student Asst Luke Matthews is/was still here as WR coach,

    or has he been promoted?

    any lil birdies or big birdies know?

  89. rage777:

    Football may be the cash cow for athletics, but the money they bring in doesn't compare to the money that the university gets from grants/research/etc. If UH wants to be a top tier school you need to get research and development money from the federal government. Improve UH's medical and engineering schools, then you don't have to worry about how much money the athletics bring in.

  90. 3-Prong:

    After flying at a loss for 2 years and pushing Aloha out of business, Karma reared its angry head sending GO Home. Lesson learned that it's not only what you do, but how you do it in Hawaii. GO was never embraced by the local population. Too may had family and friends working at Aloha.

    ........back to regular programming. Go Bows!

  91. Cutting Sports Won't Work:

    "me no sabe": sabe is just an improperly conjugated form of the spanish verb "saber" which means "to know."

    if you don't know spanish then please, at least use google.

  92. Indepdendent Thinker:

    I guess not everyone has had a Saint Louis education and then matriculated to law school like I did.

  93. whitey:

    sheeesh and i though google was what i put on my eyes wen i go diving.

  94. whitey:

    good morning tsaikos

  95. whitey:

    d1, another work day.

  96. oldie:

    #85...TM, Ellison bought the Palm Springs golf tournament for $100 million. He then bought an estate with 19 bedrooms for $43 million and had it completely refurbished so he could entertain friends and some of the pro golfers. I think he would do the same on Lanai. Build something nice near the water that could be used for viewing and housing. Something that could be used by race teams and tourists during the events and as a normal hotel after the races are over.

  97. BigWave96744:

    Hmmmm anyone in Utah hungry, go check out the L&L.
    While there go see if the owner, former Kahuku/BYU/SeaHawk TE Itula Mili, would like to join his college coach as a TE coach

  98. Buffoman:

    Do you think UH can fill the vacancies by the summer?

  99. koakane I5:


  100. koakane I5:


  101. koakane I5:

    kope time

  102. tommui:

    ##89 Rage777:

    I agree BUT - I doubt if the medical school or engineering school or the research people on the upper campus will send money down to the Athletic Department.

    The Legislature and Chancellor, in its infinite wisdom, wants the AD run as an independent business so the AD has to generate its own cashflow.