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Spring break: New Jersey

March 24th, 2014

Whenever wideout Keith Kirkwood goes back to New Jersey, the first stop is to see his grandmother, Mildred Kirkwood.

She celebrated her 90th birthday last month, grateful for good health, family and friends. "She's still living the life," Kirkwood said.

Last season, Kirkwood wore No. 89, in tribute to her age. This season, he requested No. 9, for her ninth decade.

Kirkwood also makes sure to stop by an oceanfront area in Hazlet, N.J.. He said he goes there during the day. "I like the view," he said. "I can go there and just let my mind free."

Even in New Jersey, Kirkwood said, he sticks to a workout schedule in preparation for next week's start of spring training.

"To be honest, Hawaii is feeling like home," Kirkwood said. "I'll always have my family here (in New Jersey). Hawaii has that family feel. The brotherhood of the team … that's my team."

Besides, Kirkwood remains in daily contact with his grandmother.

"We FaceTime," Kirkwood said.



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