Spring break: New York Metro

March 26th, 2014

Special teams coordinator Chris "Demo" Demarest knows how to evaluate — and  not just in football recruiting.

Demarest, who is doing work on the East Coast this week, has managed to swing by the New York metropolitan area, where he was raised.

"On the East Coast, there's a deli, bagel joint and pizza shop on every corner," Demarest said. "It would be unjust to name just one (as the best) because there are so many great places to eat."

When it comes to pizza, Demarest's taste is simple.

"Plain pizza," Demarest said. "That's what I got the other day. Sometimes, I'll get sausage on it. The difference between (New York pizza) and anywhere else is the sauce and the cheese. They're unbelievable."

At the deli, he will order turkey and Swiss cheese on a hoagie roll.

"They cut the meat right there for you," he said. "Everything is sliced and fresh. The bread is fresh. It's nice bread."

He said he does not have to go far to find his favorites.

"They're all over the place," he said. "It's like getting a plate lunch or loco moco in Hawaii. They're everywhere."

* * * * *

Former UH punter Alex Dunnachie is on the move.

After competing in a regional combine in Seattle this past weekend, Dunnachie will be training in Memphis. Dunnachie hopes to be invited to the super regional in Detroit in a couple of weeks.


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  1. 1:


  2. PONO:

    Any prospects in NYC? Seems like a basketball town.

  3. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!
    Top 5.

  4. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all! Speaking of sandwiches, this is where I go in the city:


    Its like a kosher sandwich for samoans.

  5. boolakanaka:

    2...Pono there are still players in NYC, but not as abundant as yesteryear. Part of that is that the premier players go to prep-schools for basketball, e.g. like Oak Hill Academy, or just play primarily on elite AAU programs.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    We went there during the trip for the Army game.
    Interesting that they charge more if you try to share a pastrami sandwich.

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    Which brings up another point: Where can we get good pastrami in Hawaii?

  8. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!
    Happy Kuhio Day! Especially for all those who have today off.


  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Speaking of going someplace to play, what's up with Bishop Gorman?

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    Credit unions — open or closed today?

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    Sounded like Charlie was in an airport yesterday.
    Word on the boulevard is he's in the hunt for a tall setter.

  12. Ipu Man:

    I hear Irish setters are tall...

  13. Creative721:

    Credit union's should be open today since it's not a federal holiday.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks. I got my state tax refund. I want to cash it before the cost of finishing Ching complex goes up.

  15. Haleakala:

    Demo is my kind of guy. He likes to eat.

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    Irish Setters — "Lively, playful, energetic."
    Those actually might be good qualities for volleyball setters.

  17. jm2375:

    ST - they need another setter. Only 2 on the roster now and Joby is graduating this year.
    Any word on the local recruiting efforts *coughMaaTuiletacough*?

    Dang, I forgot about the banks being closed today. I guess I can wait till tomorrow.

  18. Haleakala:

    Boola: I've eaten at Carnegie deli. I can never ever finish a sandwich in one sitting. The last time I was there, I split a pastrami sandwich with my sister-in-law. In fact we split half the sandwich between us. The other half I took out and gave it to the first homeless guy that I saw.

    It's good, but the portions are too much!

  19. Haleakala:

    I've heard people say that Kats Deli is better or that they enjoy it more. I haven't been there yet.

  20. PONO:

    Boola I know that the prep schools and privates are eating up a lot of the basketball talent but I didn't know guys were skipping high school competition for strictly AAU. On the west coast most of the guys on the top AAU teams like the Oakland Soldiers still compete for their high schools during season.

  21. boolakanaka:

    19--Kats is good, but I don't think my palate is not sufficiently sophisticated to know the difference--thus, bigger portions are my priorities!

  22. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day...wet, soggy but a little blue peaking out.

  23. NorthShoreFan:

    Dang this blog is making my stomach make strange sounds...

    me thinks if I get a sample sandwich it would fill me up...could anyone finish one of those????

    Lynn's Deli used to be good...

    wanna see good hs basketball...Iolani Tourney...saw many nba players while in hs play there.

  24. boolakanaka:

    Pono...no, you are right. What I was suggesting was, one the AAU teams have become a bigger showing piece for college recruiters, as the competition, generally speaking is much tougher, and two, many kids do a prep year or two, as it allows them to get their scores up, fill-in a bit, and not compromise years of college eligibility.

    In fact, many Ivies use this for their athletes as well. So, when a kid may have a borderline score say of 1930 on the SAT ( very very solid anywhere else, its in the 91-92 percentile) they place him/her at prep school, get the score up another 100 points, put on a little muscle, and get more reps in their sports--voila--admitted the next year.

  25. boolakanaka:

    23..NorthShore...Lynns use to be my twice a year treat growing up from my Moms....God, I love the way that place use to smell!

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    It's always tough trying to recruit Punahou volleyball.

  27. al:

    deli sandwiches...
    storto's on waialae ave and andy's in manoa.

    the best one closed down...new york deli in kaimuki suffered from rule number one...location, location, location. i miss those mile high pastramis and the equally tall cheesecake.

  28. al:

    bishop gorman = punahou

    please note: neither of whom recruits athletes, just trying to give under privileged kids a chance at success.

  29. al:

    what about kupono fey as setter?

  30. Old School Dave:

    Maybe not as good as the East Coast establishments, but a little bit closer for Hawaii folks - Canter's Deli in LA. Always go there, along with In-N-Out when I visit the continent.


  31. Warrior Dave:

    #30 Old School Dave,

    I agree that Canters is very good! They opened a location in one of the Las Vegas hotels. I don't know if it's still open. But if it is, it's worth a visit next time you in Vegas.

    ST's question was pastrami in Hawaii. I have been able to find a decent place since the one in Kailua closed down.

  32. Turfwar:

    Gee A Deli in Kailua was great in it's time.

  33. jm2375:

    Al - #29 - leave Kupono at OH. The Bows are looking for someone younger to back up Jennings.

  34. NorthShoreFan:

    OK now....keep da deli location specific to Honolulu...seeing all these fantastic sands. making me nutz! and no can go eat one!..because on da west/east coast...

    reminds me wen I was small...used to get in my wagon and tied my doggie to um...den wen get one fishing pole wit one hot dog tied to da shugi...hang um in front da dog and...free ride....now me tinks I was pretty sick fo do dat to my doggie.

  35. Luki:

    In my neck of the woods (Aiea/Halawa), Brandy's in Stadium Mall has a pretty good pastrami sandwich...Pretty good food overall actually...

  36. al:

    teddy's bigger burgers has an awesome pastrami n burger combo that works for me. best of both worlds.

  37. al:

    speaking of teddy's...i love the sandwiches with those fresh baked rolls/buns at ted's bakery at sunset beach area. those rolls are just heaven to your mouth.

  38. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Arghhh...now ' have a craving for a grilled pastrami with cheese from the Ft. Shafter bowling alley... probably not the tall pastrami being described though.

  39. NorthShoreFan:

    gotta go Wahiawa way today...so...teddy's it is!....mahalos al...errytime I go teddy's gotta get me dat aiea burger and fries...today...pastrami!

  40. Kapahulu:

    Anybody try Giovanni Pastrami in Waikiki on Lewers?

  41. Kapahulu:

    Most Hawaii Banks should be open today as they now follow a Federal Holiday Schedule!

  42. WWF:

    37 I thought you were going low carb? Or is that on cheat day?

  43. PONO:

    Boola I agree that the prep schools are being used as another year to get the players ready for college ball while not burning a year. Now you are getting 19-20 year old freshman with 5/4 eligibility. In some cases its warranted that the kid needs to sort our academics but in many cases it's just like a 5th year of high school. I like and despise the AAU system at the same time. It gives kids the exposure needed b/c it puts all the good players in one place which makes it easier for recruiters but only last year did they start background checking coaches and the whole process of recruiting players to make elite teams is horrible. I run an AAU program and also coach at the high school level so I see it on both sides and they are both necessary right now but I wish there was an alternative to AAU.

  44. nostra:

    PASTRAMI!? I GOT A PLACE........when we used to take kids to play in the winter HI-PAL tournament in Hilo, my friend, another coach, took us to this small little mom n pop store. They sold these small hot pastrami sandwiches for a cheap price. They were the best pastrami sandwiches i ever had, they were fatty, oily, a little bit messy. The last time I ate there was over 10 years ago so it could be closed and i forgot the name of the store. Ya know thinking about it again, i don't know if the pastrami made it the best i ever had. Well, I ate like 4 of those sandwiches, but we were laughing, eating, talking, we were just having a really good time. maybe thats why it tasted so good. lol

  45. Buffoman:

    Does anyone crave a liverwurst on rye with a huge hunk of cheese? Had one when in NY. delicious. next best was at a deli up a block from the Hilton in SF. Here, they barely smear it on the bread. There, its so thick you can still hear the cow mooing.

  46. chopsueyboy:

    love the pastrami melt sandwhich with cheese, lettuce & tomato at Sure Shot Cafe on Wilder Ave.
    lots of moist meat for only $6.75???

  47. A-joe:

    40. Yup. Several of us Tsaikos went there for UH football and NFL playoffs. Good service and atmosphere. Great food. Valet parking.

  48. chopsueyboy:

    Ft. Shafter bowling alley has great creamed ground beef on toast or rice. Usually get side of crispy bacon (they deep fry it). Usually sold out by lunch time

  49. Old School Dave:

    My cholesterol has increased just by reading some of these posts about sandwiches :-)

  50. jm2375:

    chopsueyboy - #48 - is that what is known as SOS?

  51. boolakanaka:

    And this place in NJ is just plain ridiculous, been there twice, both times resulting it me getting angioplasty...ono.



    I had the same thought as Old School Dave. My cholesterol has climbed a few points just reading about pastrami and liverwurst and cheese sandwiches.

  53. jalansky:

    #46 chopsueyboy . . . I am not familiar with East Coast food, but enjoyed the pastrami sandwich at Sure Shot Cafe.


    The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that football players at Northwestern University are employees and can unionize. NW plans to appeal. This could change the landscape of NCAA football. The NW president said that if football players are successful in forming a union, that he could see his school giving up Division 1 football. That does not sound good.


  55. SteveM:

    RE: #48
    chopsueyboy -- auwe, didn't know since I never went there before lunch time. Yes, jm2375, creamed ground beef is SOS. :-) Love it with crispy hash browns....

    Best S.O.S I had since the USCG galley in Yorktown was aboard the Hawaii cruise ship Pride of America a few years ago. But it was dropped from their buffet menu years back. :evil:

  56. gobows:

    48, 50

    sure sounds like shit on a shingle…the old army breakfast


    Here is another story about the Northwestern football players move to unionize. The United Steelworkers Union is subsidizing the legal costs. The NCAA opposes this move.


  58. Andrew:


    I have a feeling in the end this is going to hurt the college athletes rather than help them. They should think twice before they leap.

  59. A-House:

    best blue berry pie I ever ate was at the Fort Devens mess hall - chock full of ripe berries with a somewhat sweetness to it - ate one 3 meals a day for weeks on end and the chef finally broke down and baked me a whole pie every day! oh, happy days!

  60. NorthShoreFan:

    Hoooo!...BURP!....melt I yo mouth bun, pastrami pile, swiss cheese, lettuce, sweet onions, pickle and one great teddy's sauce....and Real French fries....was..Gooooood!
    Time fo nene now...

    Shet On a Shingle....guud stuff....like shepards pie..its all guud..

  61. NorthShoreFan:

    boola...u no can make me nutz now...I got my fix of pastrami fo da day...time fo nene...aloha.

  62. graham:

    Any word on what part of New York Coach Demo was in?

  63. Kapahulu:

    Wahine Softball sweep double header 7-4 and 4-3.
    Congratulations, great job.

  64. st. anthony trojan:

    union in ncaa sports...wonder how that would work out...union shop...n non schollies have 2 pay union dues ??

    no schollies students in minor men n women sports.....no union dues ? ?

    sum where sum one must be licking their chops...to begin to represent all athletes....talk about mucho bucks...
    maybe j. hoffa will be reincarnated...

    can see some of our show boaters there in our esteemed legislature will use
    this as there "sports" platform ....he he...takai...dk...? ?

  65. KannakAttack:

    There is NO WAY Wittek is coming to UH... Tyrone Swoopes is sucking it up in spring ball. I wish he was coming just to add to the competition, but to be honest he has show what he can/can't do at the college level... (not too impressed). I'm just ready for this 7 QB battle to begin!!!


  66. Kevin:

    If this unionizing thing catches on somehow and expands across the country and the colleges like a fungus then people should stop and think about the time they called HPD or HFD or about the time they needed to go to the hospital and was tended to by a nurse and doctor or assisted by a medical technician. EMTs, military, public servants, etc.. the list goes on and on.

    Ask these types of people if they got their education for their field via a college and was paid for by a college scholarship. Then ask what sport it was. Not all will be non-football sports, but let’s be real here for a second considering the statistics of the fact that over 400,000 student-athletes exist in the NCAA annually and less than 8-10% of that 400K represents all divisions in football and even significantly less represent D1 football.

    Fast forward to this hypothetical future and take away the ability for young people to utilize their talents in their sport to get an education to TRULY contribute to society and what do you get?

    Not a f**king thing.

  67. Shoko:

    Pretty funny. As soon as there is a blog entry that mentions food, the blog traffic increases.

    Anyway, was in New Jersey and went to this local deli where they served pizza and other sandwiches. Ordered a pastrami sandwich and asked for mayonnaise and received some smirks behind the counter. Realized then that it was a big no-no for some reason. I suppose its like putting soy sauce on plain rice.

  68. Shoko:

    And, yes, I did write soy sauce and not shoyu. Sorry, but when I moved to the mainland and I had to adjust my vocabulary.

  69. Old School Dave:

    I heard that the sushi master at Sasabune (on S. King, before the BOH) will scold customers who ask for shoyu or wasabi. Great insult. Some have referred to him at the Sushi Nazi (a la Seinfeld's Soup Nazi).

  70. Warrior Dave:

    Nothing wrong with shoyu or soy sauce on rice. Daily staple growing up.

  71. SteveM:

    Shoko -- Food is one of the original "5 F's" of the Warrior Beat blog (Feb. 11, 2007). While football is number 1, "food" brought us together in Cattle Calls and later tailgates in the football season.

    Everyone can contribute to the blog when food is being discussed... maybe not so much when discussing 40 times and 225 lb. reps... :roll:

    Football, food, friends, family and fun.
    "Fishing" added in 2008.
    "Faraoke" proposed by rasu begasu, but even though well attended, never was adopted.

  72. Jellybean:


  73. tommui:

    I saw a program - Food Channel - where the restaurant featured deep fried hot dogs and is located in Clinton, NJ.

    Went there and ordered their hot dogs. Can't figure why "hundreds" flock there for the hot dogs - they were ok but not out of this world.

    Now Haut Dogs down on Coral Street is something else. Heard their hamburgers are pretty good too!

    AL mentioned that Teddy's has a pastrami-hamburger combo - got to go there tomorrow to try it out!

  74. 3-Prong:

    Had a couple of American Coney Island dogs at their stand in The D hotel downtown LV. Nice snap and flavor but not that great, especially for the money. Costco dog with Zippys Chili would probably do better in blind tast test.

    ....back to the other Fs.

    ....congrats to the softball team for taking 2 today.

  75. Haleakala:

    I saw a program recently that the big tuna will over time be harder to get because they are being overfished. It already is very expensive in Japan, the original home of sushi. I told my wife that in the name of conservation, we should all start eating more California rolls instead of Maguro sushi.

  76. al:


  77. al:

    tommui...didn't you have one already?

    in fact, i forgot how it tasted. maybe, i should meet you there? pick you up perhaps?

  78. al:

    buffoman...you are my kind of guy. well, not that way but, liverwurst is good. i enjoy a bali sandwich with pate'.

  79. obachan:

    Reading this today has reinforced my decision to buy me a smoker & start learning how to make my own pastrami & corned beef.

  80. Haleakala:

    Otoro! Al: you are a high end sushi connoisseur.

    When I went to Tokyo in October, the only sushi I had was delivered on a moving belt. It was a very technologically sophisticated belt however.

  81. NorthShoreFan:

    #73....tommui...se review at #60...burp...

  82. whitey:

    al, sushi sounds good in april.

  83. NorthShoreFan:

    btw...grab a lot of napkins...only way to grind um is to just stuff it!..

  84. whitey:

    haleakala, true about the atlantic bluefin, but japan has their own wild bluefin and they have australia to supply them with antartica bluefin. i think the atlantic bluefin industry will die because the european countries are not worried about conservation or limiting take of bluefin.

  85. al:

    haleakala... one time we had otoro and it was $45!!!.

  86. whitey:


  87. whitey:

    3 prong, checked on the columbia chinook and steelies and it is very low catch, but get plenty around. count is very good, but just not biting. plus they not going pass bonneville in numbers yet.

  88. Haleakala:

    One day scientists will make an articially made product that will taste like good tuna. However the consistency will probably be like poi. You can never match the real thing.

  89. 3-Prong:

    whitey: Going up again in early May. Need to make contact w/classmate host. We 0 for 2 the last two years. Tell em no bite till I get there!! hehe

    Dis yea I gon Hanapa'a!! What site you getting data from?

  90. tommui:

    #77 - my wife can drop me off there around 11:30 (maybe earlier as she is meeting with her girlfriends at Holoholo about that time). Drop me an e=mail!

  91. tommui:

    NSF #81 - is that plain or with hamburger?

  92. whitey:

    3 prong, columbia river chinook fishing report. they reporting the daily catch and fish count thru bonneville. i not sure, but i think the water is high. they are also reporting that the smelts are piling up at Astoria and the sea lions are having a feast. going get one day of commercial netting on April 1, but get limit on chinooks and any native ones must be released. the steelies look good also. i think you got a good chance this year to score.

  93. whitey:

    3 prong, the water speed is way above normal. so far only 57 chinooks were counted at bonneville and 5 at willamette. looks like if water speed stays up, the chinooks will wait before going up, so hopefully when you there, get one pile.

  94. 3-Prong:

    Thanks whitey.

  95. NorthShoreFan:

    only one way to eat pastrami....eat da burger another time...

  96. wafan:

    Good morning!

  97. wafan:

    Dang. Still finding victims of the Snohomish mud slide.

  98. wafan:

    More rain making it tougher.

  99. wafan:


  100. wafan:

    Been a while . . . 100!

  101. NYUHTXSK:


    Will they get a union card?