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Spring break: New York Metro

March 26th, 2014

Special teams coordinator Chris "Demo" Demarest knows how to evaluate — and  not just in football recruiting.

Demarest, who is doing work on the East Coast this week, has managed to swing by the New York metropolitan area, where he was raised.

"On the East Coast, there's a deli, bagel joint and pizza shop on every corner," Demarest said. "It would be unjust to name just one (as the best) because there are so many great places to eat."

When it comes to pizza, Demarest's taste is simple.

"Plain pizza," Demarest said. "That's what I got the other day. Sometimes, I'll get sausage on it. The difference between (New York pizza) and anywhere else is the sauce and the cheese. They're unbelievable."

At the deli, he will order turkey and Swiss cheese on a hoagie roll.

"They cut the meat right there for you," he said. "Everything is sliced and fresh. The bread is fresh. It's nice bread."

He said he does not have to go far to find his favorites.

"They're all over the place," he said. "It's like getting a plate lunch or loco moco in Hawaii. They're everywhere."

* * * * *

Former UH punter Alex Dunnachie is on the move.

After competing in a regional combine in Seattle this past weekend, Dunnachie will be training in Memphis. Dunnachie hopes to be invited to the super regional in Detroit in a couple of weeks.


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