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A running start

March 29th, 2014

WAYNEMOSES150_0530One of the tricks of controlled publicity is to announce transactions on Friday afternoon because that evening's newscasts and the next day's newspaper editions are the least watched and read, respectively.

That's why yesterday's timing is curious, because Wayne Moses' hiring as running back coach is good news that UH should have celebrated widely.

With a small window — Chris Wiesehan resigned a little more than two weeks ago to coach Temple's offensive lineman — UH was able to fill a vacancy in time for Tuesday's start of spring training.

Moses is a respected coach in the college and pro ranks. He has worked for three schools in the past three years; the moves were prompted by each head coach's termination. The optimist's view is he is experienced in adapting to new programs. That's key for a UH program that had to adjust to Wiesehan's surprising departure.

It should be an easy adjustment for Moses, who coached the running backs at USC and UCLA when Norm Chow was the offensive coordinator at both schools. The relationship will remain the same. Chow, unofficially, is the Rainbow Warriors' offensive coordinator.

Moses' greatest value will be in the offense's meetings. Last year, Wiesehan filled the void of wise soul on a staff of young coaches (Chris Naeole, Phil Rauscher and GAs Jordan Wynn and Luke Matthews). Wiesehan, who had worked with Chow at UCLA, provided wisdom, calmness and diplomacy in those meetings. Moses — older, more experienced, and with deeper ties to Chow — should offer the same intangibles. That will be good for Wynn, who will have expanded play-calling duties as the new quarterback coach, and Naeole, who enters his second year as o-line coach.

It is a solid move that comes, so to speak, just in time.

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