The Warrior Beat

Playing the percentages

March 30th, 2014

It's spring cleaning, which means putting away the football charts that have been collecting on a dining table no longer used for dining.

Among the notes:

> The Rainbow Warriors were in formations involving three or more receivers on 71.1 percent of their offensive plays in 2013.

> They were in five-receiver sets six times.

> They played at a relatively fast pace, averaging a play every 20.3 seconds.

> They are ranked 38th nationally in explosive drives at 15.8 percent, according to the Freemau Efficiency Index. That's a system that tallies full drives averaging at least 10 yards per play.

> They had explosive drives on 29 of their 184 full possessions (that were not abbreviated by the ends of halves.)

> In the final nine games, when quarterback coach Jordan Wynn took over as the lead play-caller, there were explosive drives on 26 of 145 full possessions, or 18.4 percent.

> The defense relinquished explosive drives at 12.9 percent.

> Opponents lost fumbles on 35.7 percent of the Scott Harding punts they tried to return.



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