Kudos to the band

April 6th, 2014

Another successful year came to an end last night.

The UH Band completed its 2013-14 schedule with the Rainbow Warriors' volleyball sweep of second-ranked BYU.

The band  played well every performance.

Hana hou!

* * * * *

The two-match sweep vaulted the Warriors into a strong playoff  position. The Warriors are in a three-way tie for sixth —only the top eight advance to the MPSF playoffs — with two road matches against Pepperdine remaining in the regular season. In case of a three-way tie, the Warriors own the tie-breaker because of the sweep of first-place BYU.

Click for Siki Zarkovic's kill at aloha point: UH sweeps video

Click for UH's dancing preparation for set 3: UH dancing 

* * * * *

Senior nights are about family, and for the post-match presentation, middle blocker Aniefre "Fre" Etim-Thomas included football players Bubba Poueu-Luna, Dee Maggitt and Kody Afusia as part of his ohana.


35 Responses to “Kudos to the band”

  1. whitey:

    go mw.

  2. Warrior Dave:

    Congrats Charlie and the Warrior VB players!!! Awesome sweep of BYU!!

  3. Pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka.

    Nice sweep of BYU.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  4. bowwar:

    Aniefre looks like he could play linebacker or safety.

  5. BigWave96744:

    So I guess Bubba is still playing football

  6. Haleakala:

    The Band deserves more recognition. They do a great job every year.

  7. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Last night's win was the chantilly icing on the cake. It was so sweet. Wiped the cocky looks off the kittycats' faces real quick.

    Got to chat with Fre's mom last night. This is the first time she's been here, but she will be back next month for graduation, which is whole point of college, right?

  8. Boya_jr:

    Awesome job volleybows

  9. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The Band was rockin outside the Stanley and inside they had the joint jumpin'!

    Then there were the Warriors... (cue "Jaws" music). Like JM said, the Kitties looked pretty mad at first, but by the end of the first set, there was blood in the water!

    That had to be one of the best college Volleyball moments ever!

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    Bubba said he has to take care of some school business this semester before knowing about his football plans. Afusia, Poueu-Luna, Etim-Thomas, Maggitt and Willis Wilson shared a house last semester.

  11. Kaleiboy:

    Only bad thing about UH wins this weekend is if they make the playoffs, they will again face BYU in Provo.....

  12. bowwar:

    ST: So, FB is a possibility for Aniefre.

  13. jm2375:

    Bowwar - not according to him. He wants to travel and play some beach vb before settling into a full-time job in finance or economics.

  14. jm2375:

    not sure if the reason UH wins the tie-breaker is because of their sweep over BYU, but more due to the head to head between the 3 teams.

    Here's the MPSF tie-break hierarchy:
    A. Head-to-head record in MPSF match play between tied teams.
    B. Highest percentage of MPSF sets won in the matches played between tied teams.
    C. Points scored divided by points allowed in MPSF matches between tied teams.
    D. Percentage of sets won in all MPSF matches.
    E. Total points scored in all MPSF matches divided by total points allowed in all MPSF matches.
    F. Coin toss.

    Head-to-head records:
    UH - swept UCLA and split with LBSU, 3-1
    UCLA - swept by UH and split with LB, 1-3
    LB - split with both UH and UCLA, 2-2
    SC can still sneak in. Their regular season is over.

    Not to state the obvious, but UH can make it easier on themselves by sweeping the Waves on Friday & Saturday.

  15. whitey:

    mw's nemisis are the par 3 and she has one bogey on the front. don't know why, but this has been a consistent problem whenever she is playing up with the leaders.

  16. whitey:

    mw at the turn was 5 down to lexi, but birdie 11 to be 4. seems lexi has this under control, but mw is going to have to make some birdies or eagle to finish strong.

  17. whitey:

    dang mw, did birdie the par 3. that's guud, but the uphill is still steep.

  18. whitey:

    4 holes down 3, now counselor get some excitement.

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    Oceanic's NBA package is amazing. I haven't left the house today.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    Rockets and Nuggets are going into overtime.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Only weird thing is Hawaii is in Golden State's area, so those games can be blacked out here even if they're not shown on any other channel.

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    Omer Asik has 23 rebounds. Who needs Dwight Howard?

  23. tommui:

    WHITEY: Sad ... but $160,000+ may compensate.

    Who knows, what was once a promising career may now come to fruit.

  24. kev-1:

    It is disappointing to see a player with as much promise as Bubba not getting it done in the classroom. We got a little taste of what he is capable of last season, and now this. Hope he gets his "school business" taken care of.

  25. Slugger:

    I'm "HAPPY" about the UH VolleyBows sweep of BYU. Miss watching those guys play.

  26. Ipu Man:

    Kudos to the UH Band. Music minded students tend to be smarter...

  27. el burro sabio:

    Is Bubba trying to graduate this semester so he can tranfer?

  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Twenny Ate!

  29. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Main teeng Vball Mens are in the playoffs...

  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  31. SteveM:

    Fourth decade!
    ...just paraphrasing wafan... :)

    Wow...only 30 comments so far. Haven't seen this since 2006 until Al and DPK first started posting...

  32. ai-eee-soos:


    me firss

  33. maddog50:

    3Prong, just find a way to "break" the others......this Warrior green is the best!!!!

  34. wafan:

    Good morning!

  35. wafan:

    Uhhhh, still the 3rd decade.