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Monday report

April 7th, 2014

From this morning's practice:

> Linebacker David Manoa has been diagnosed with a dislocated left kneecap. He will miss the rest of spring training. The estimated rehabilitation is six weeks.

> It's still too early to pick a No. 1 quarterback, according to head coach Norm Chow, but Ikaika Woolsey took all the reps with the first. But yet …

> … Chow praised Jeremy Higgins for having a strong practice. "He just makes plays," Chow said of Higgins.

> For the fourth consecutive practice, the No. 1 offensive line was: left tackle Elijah Tupai, left guard Kody Afusia, center Ben Clarke, right guard Dave Lefotu and right tackle John Wa‘a.

> Backup center Brenden Urban traveled to Colorado for a family funeral.

> Keelan Ewaliko practiced as the No. 1 nickelback.

> Benny Fonua received a lot of reps at inside linebacker.

> Slotback Quinton Pedroza was the No. 2 holder.

> Mililani coach Rod York watched practice.

* * * * *

Of course, UH deserves to have an on-campus stadium, maybe 30,000 seats or so, to which students can walk from the dorms to root-root-root for the home team. The athletic department could run it and keep all the receipts — ticket sales, parking stubs, food and merchandise.

I thought a lot about it while sitting in a car that was sitting on the H-1 on Saturday (when three events collectively drew more than 8,000 fans). It was during the vehicular crawl that it became clear that maybe an on-campus stadium just wouldn't work. Nice dream, good revenue potential, but no, it just can't overcome the traffic problem.

Unlike Aloha Stadium, you can drive (ewa bound) from the freeway directly into the lower campus. But the looping exit merges with the (up to) three lanes from Dole Street. And then three lanes become two en route to the parking structure. And there just aren't enough parking stalls in the structure.

For an on-campus stadium to be a possibility, the parking structure would have to expand. (To pay for the expansion probably means taking out another bond, which would have to be paid off with parking fees, negating the additional parking revenue the on-campus stadium was suppose to provide.) It also would mean re-designing the freeways on game day. (The decades-old question: Why, oh, why, are there on-ramps before off-ramps?)

Old-timers often look back at the old "Termite Palace" with fondness; perhaps the most nostalgic are the old sportswriters. They marvel at the intimacy of a stadium where you could hear a coach yell to officials or Howard the Vendor scream: "Hot Dogs!" Then again, the old sportswriters had access to the 12 or so parking stalls.

* * * * *

The Rainbow Warriors' fourth spring practice is this morning.

We'll have a report afterward.

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