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On their own

April 8th, 2014

Remember the kids who would raise their hands to remind the teacher to assign homework?

They grew up to be UH football players.

This past Sunday was a mandatory off day in spring training. But several players went to the football office that day to study videos on their own. With new plays being implemented on offense and a new system being installed on defense, players were busy reviewing videos of Saturday's practice in preparation for yesterday's practice.

It's a sign of a team's determination when players think there isn't enough time in spring training.

* * * * *

The Warriors have remained true to a practice formula in which the quarterbacks are getting an equal number of reps.

"It's way too early to call," coach Norm Chow said of the quarterback competition, which will extend through the summer. "We have to give them all a chance."

The sleeper is Jeremy Higgins, who has made one start since transferring from Utah State in 2011. Ikaika Woolsey and Taylor Graham have better arm strength, but Higgins "moves the chains," Chow said. "He'll have the same opportunity as everybody else. He understands this style as well as any of those other quarterbacks."

Each of the quarterbacks is practicing as if he were the starter.

"Absolutely," Woolsey said. "When you come out here, you have to act like you're the No. 1 guy. We all know it's a tough competition, and they're all my boys. But on the field, it's business. Absolutely. You need that mindset of being that guy, taking over, and pushing everyone."



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