The Warrior Beat

Tight situation

April 17th, 2014

Every scrimmage-like session last week, tight end Jordan Pu‘u-Robinson  caught a touchdown pass or made a sensational play. Twice, he made sensational plays on touchdown catches.

All of which the coaches kept mum.

Pu‘u-Robinson is smart, works hard and is well-liked. But similar to the silent treatment given to a pitcher throwing a no-hitter, nobody wanted to jinx his seemingly good health. Because of injuries, he had missed all or parts of 22 of 24 games since transferring from Washington State in August 2012.

Pu‘u-Robinson suffered a broken finger this week and is expected to need four weeks of rehabilitation. Spring training ends April 26. Pu‘u-Robinson's injury prompted Tui Unga to end his tryout at defensive end after one practice and return to tight end.

Still, the Warriors should be in good shape this summer at that position. Pu‘u-Robinson will be healthy. Harold Moleni, who recently became a father, has experience as a starter. Unga has played well there at times. Josh Long has recovered from injuries that forced him to redshirt in 2013. Justin Vele also can play tight end. And Dakota Torres joins the mix this summer.


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