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Dearly departed

May 4th, 2014

Kudos to "Ferd" on his column about the disappearing traditions at UH.

To add to his list, we're missing:

> The Rainbow Easter Baseball Tournament. Sure, only a handful were going to the noon games and scheduling conflicts made it difficult for it to work out, but it was fun while it lasted, and it lasted a long time.

> The Rainbow Classic. There's still a Rainbow Classic, but that's like saying the group touring as the Temptations and singing Temptations songs is really the Temptations. This four-team version isn't the same as the four-night, eight-team tournament of yesteryear.

> UH football post-season banquet. The initial thought was it would be more affordable to have a luau on campus than a  banquet at a Waikiki hotel. The lower the cost, the more friends and family could attend. But then UH learned that tent rentals and other expenses are not inexpensive. Plus,  there's something odd about Na Koa board members, coaches and players having to clean up after their own banquet.

> The Rainbow. It was widely celebrated — OK, it was not widely protested — when "Rainbow" was retained as a nickname adjective. But the bottom line is the bottom line, and the UH athletic department's trademark logo is "H." Thus, the scholar dinner is the H Awards, and the  Rainbowtique soon will be H-Zone.

> Andrews Amphitheater. There was a time when Granny Goose was on the radio and Joe Moore was a sportscaster that Andrews was used for concerts and graduation ceremonies. Now it's mostly a lunch spot.

UH Athletic Department Golf Tournament in Los Angeles. For 15 years, 208 golfers teed it up in an event that was more about goodwill and maintaining Southern California relations than profit (netted about $10,000 each year). It helped that it was played on a course once owned by the Alec Waterhouse foundation.

> Ka Leo's old building. R.I.P., dear friend.

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