Mother's Day; Meatoga to Browns

May 11th, 2014

Much love to all the mothers.

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Former UH defensive lineman Vaughn Meatoga said he has accepted an invitation to participate in the Cleveland Browns' rookie mini-camp this coming weekend.

He said he will receive his itinerary tomorrow.

Meatoga had signed with the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League. But when a former Lion decided to return, B.C. canceled Meatoga's contract.

Meatoga then received a call from former UH assistant coach Tony Tuioti, who works as a quality-control coach with the Browns. Meatoga said he still was interested in playing football and, after that, an invitation was extended.

* * * * * *

Another NFL draft came and went without a former UH player being selected.

But that does not mean UH's 2009 recruiting class — the first full one under Greg McMackin — had a shortage of talent. Although none of the past season's fifth-year seniors will be in rookie mini-camps this week, the 2009 class produced two NFL draft picks (running back Alex Green and linebacker Aaron Brown), a three-year starting quarterback (Bryant Moniz, who joined as a walk-on), and this coming season's best player (running back Joey Iosefa, who grayshirted in 2009). Twenty-one players from that class started games.

Here's a look back at the 2009 class:


> George Daily-Lyles, linebacker

> Alex Dunnachie, punter

> David Graves, quarterback

> Corey Nielsen, quarterback

> Cayman Shutter, quarterback

> Billy Ray Stutzmann, wideout

> Aulola Tonga, linebacker

> Mike Wadsworth, safety

> Chauncy Winchester-Makainai

Junior-college transfers: 

> Rodney Bradley, wideout

> Aaron Brown, linebacker

> Lametrius Davis, cornerback

> Chizzy Dimude, running back

> Scott Enos, kicker

> Alex Green, running back

> David Hafoka, defensive tackle

> Tank Hopkins, cornerback

> Brett Leonard, offensive lineman

> Zach Masch, defensive lineman


> Justin Clapp, slotback

> Cory Daniel, linebacker

> Matt Kiel, wideout

> Kainoa LaCount, offensive tackle

> Bryant Moniz, quarterback

> Earvin Sione, defensive end

> Bronson Tiwanek, center


> Joey Iosefa, running back

> John Lister, running back

> Jordan Loeffler, offensive tackle

> Marcus Malepeai, defensive lineman

> Veni Manu, defensive end

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  2. Old Diver:

    Good luck to our veteran Warriors and their mothers.

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    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. tommui:

    Thank you, WAHINE softballers!

    Best wishes to the Seniors.

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    Happy Mother's Day!!

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    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day.


    Good Luck to the Warriors who got one notable Tsaiko states..."make memories...make memories!"


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    Happy day to all the Mothers out there. And Good morning Tsaiko's.

    Good luck to all the Warriors that got called up to the NFL.

  8. PurpleMaple:

    Besides Aaron Brown, Alex Green and Bryant Moniz, I thought Brett Leonard and Zach Masch were also really good players. Plus there's Marcus Malepeai and Joey Iosefa. That 2009 recruit class was pretty good.

  9. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Mother's Day Gangeez! :)

    Mahalo 2009 recruits. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

    Here's hoping Joey and the rest of the Warriors stay healthy and have a great season!

  10. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy for the Warriors who will be going to NFL rookie camps - hope they can make it happen for themselves.


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    Good morning everyone!

    Happy Mother's Day!

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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Go Warriors (past and present)!

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    To all the mother's on this magnificent planet called Earth - a Happy Mom's Day!!!!!!

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    To all mothers, past, present and future - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

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    Great Morning All! Especially to all the Moms!

    Have a terrific day!

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    Good for Vaughn!

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    Ditto, Judge Mui -

    Mahalo to Coach Tony T. for getting him a look!

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    happy mother's day!

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    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of our Tsaiko moms out there.... and if you are so blessed to still have your mother on this earth, please love on her, let her know how grateful you are for putting up with you all these years...make memories, make memories, make memories....

    Good luck to Vaughn, keep focused and represent the 808 and the Warrior black and green. Leave it on the field and know that God is in control.

    Have a blessed Sunday Tsaikos, let us be grateful for all we have and bless others who might not have as much .... you're too blessed to be stressed :)

    In HIS grace,

    Rev Bu

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    Happy Mother's Day and have a great evening tsaikos.

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    Wishing the very best to our Rainbow Warriors for continued success at the next level! Happy Mother's Day, Tsaikettes! Blessings on everyone today! If you still have your Mom, cherish every moment! Is it Football Season yet?! :-)

  23. A-House:

    Thanks to Coach Tuioti for helping Meatoga - sure hope he kept in shape for the mini-camp!!

  24. A-House:

    wow! can't recall when we had only 24 posts at 6:59pm

  25. R Smoke:

    Rodney Bradley also spent a season on the Balimore Ravens' practice squad. Had Bradley not broken his leg early in the 2009 season at Idaho, he would've been more of an impact player while at UH.

  26. SteveM:

    Attending a UH Football road game(s) this year? </b?
    ...even tentatively?
    Please post here which game here and/or email me for listing at the Tsai-ko Away Game Logistics page (useful for planning Cattle Calls and get-togethers, sharing, etc.).

    Be sure to note if you are on an organized tour (e.g. Panda) and let me know your hotel. You might be on the same tour or in the same hotel with other Tsai-kos you have not met yet. Only blog names are posted.

  27. tom-warriornation:

    Yes SteveM; and if anyone needs tickets to any road game--I aim to get 50 yard line seats right behind our Warrior bench--email me at:

    Previous years; I got 50 yard line seats at San Jose, Fresno, San Diego St. & UNLV; some so close you can reach out and touch our Warriors and see them do the haka! You will never get these awesome seats from the UH ticket office.

  28. A-house:

    hi tom!

    Colorado and Rice included for road game tickets?