Erie tale

May 15th, 2014

Cleveland's best quarterback — at the moment — is not named Manziel.

Former UH quarterback Shane Austin is having a breakout season in the Arena Football League, leading the Cleveland Gladiators to a 7-0 record (including 5-0 in games he starts).

Austin told the Warrior Beat he's having a blast — playing fast-break football, hanging out with teammates and, even, spreading things he learned in Hawaii. He  and former Warrior receiver Royce Pollard performed the haka for teammates. Austin also randomly speaks Samoan to strangers.

Austin has always been a good guy and better teammate. He never grumbled as a five-year understudy at UH. He led outings with the offensive line, including a training session at Camp Timberline. His parents were equally supportive, often coming to Hawaii to watch practices on the hill overlooking the grass practice field.

Cleveland, obviously, is in first place. Sometimes nice guys do end up there.

* * * * *

Speaking of Austin — c'mon, let's ride this segue — Austin, Texas, no longer is a destination for USC quarterback Max Wittek, who plans to transfer. USC completed its spring semester yesterday, and if Wittek met all the requirements for a degree, he is free to transfer without restrictions. Hawaii emerges as Wittek's best option — if he earns a degree. UH has been holding open a couple of scholarships for possible transfers.

* * * * * *

Speaking of Max, the UH School of Architecture Alumni Association has not maxed out on the number of golfers and sponsors for its scholarship golf tournament.

Proceeds go to an endowment that awards an annual scholarship to a deserving high school graduate to attend UH's School of Architecture.

The tournament is Friday, May 30, at the Ewa Beach Club.

Go to the UHSAAA page on Facebook — click here for link —  for details and an application.

Your participation/donation will make UHSAAA, a worthy student and JoJo very happy.


88 Responses to “Erie tale”

  1. el burro sabio:

    Ekahi Uno Ichi One

  2. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Congrats to Shane Austin.

    Belated congratulations to Wahine softballers Leisha Liilii, Jazmine Zamora & Sarina Jaramillo on their All-Big West selections.


  3. Shoko:

    I wonder if Pitt is still in the picture. They look a little thin at that position and Paul Cryst runs that same type of offense, and offered graduate transfer Russel Wilson while he was Wisconsin's offensive coordinator.

  4. Warrior Dave:

    Wonder what's taking Wittek so long to announce. Not a good quality in a QB. I don't think he's the answer but tune for all parties to move forward.

  5. Shoko:

    Anyway, its good to hear that Austin is having a successful career after Uh football.

  6. Luki:

    Top 10...maybe 5

  7. Luki:

    5 not so much

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Oh, come on, "Erie tale" is punny.
    Tough audience.

  9. tommui:


    A pun my word!

    Good going SHANE!

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    My favorite pun:
    You think it's rubber cement, but it's not.

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    It's not = it's snot.
    Oh, c'mon people, let's pep things up around here.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: On-campus stadium
    On-campus stadiums are great. Except there aren't that many people living on campus to make much of a difference and I just don't think UH can handle the parking/traffic.
    For now, UH should focus on finding ways to pay for the travel subsidies.

  13. rage777:

    I see what you did there. Nice segue (not the two wheeler kind).

  14. rage777:

    That reminds me of the SNL Jeopardy skits with Sean Connery.

    Sean: "I'll take swords for $200, Alex"
    Alex: "That's S-words, Sean"

    Sean: "I'll take the rapists for $400, Alex"
    Alex: "That's Therapists, Sean"

  15. traitmanz:

    Sooner than later BYU will join a conference:

  16. Boolakanaka:

    True story, 4th grade at Alvah Scott I gave this 15 minute presentation on "child molesters", about how children should beware, to tell parents and adults if you feel threatened, about how they can be everywhere. The teacher commended me on the presentation, but then took me to the side.

    Boola, "excellent presentation", but "you know you mispronounced the name--it's a child moles your" You see, being a local kid from Halawa, I did not hear child molester---I thought it is was one single person named--Charles Molestor...for many years Charles Molestor was my worse fear.

  17. Rodney:


  18. JustAsking:

    11- and think of all those Volvos sold by Jim's Lemons....

  19. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day.

    Great news about Shane Austin. Met the man after the bowl game where he tossed a intercept and had the db jump over him on his way to a td.
    After the game, Shane and his family came over to the Tsaiko tailgate and I was able to get his autograph on a UH cap. We kidded him on the intercept and he was very gracious. His whole family was so cool.

    Best of Luck Shane and ....IMUA WARRIORS!

  20. Ipu Man:

    Cleveland is on Lake Erie?

  21. NotNasti:

    I remember this car lot on Nimitz many years ago with a bunch of old junks on it. The sign read,"Portagee Used Cars - Short Term Auto Lease."

  22. al:

    awesome for shane.
    great parents, too!

  23. al:

    21...thats random.

  24. al:

    warrior dave...he doesn't want announce until he has the parchment in hand.
    the final finals were yesterday. commencement exercises are tomorrow.

  25. NotNasti:

    Al: I couldn't think of a good pun off the top of my head. For some reason that's what rolled off of it.

  26. Lowtone123:

    Hope that Wittek comes here. Competition is good.

  27. Lowtone123:

    Is rubber cement an oxymoron?

  28. al:

    notnasti...okay, i think.

    by the way you seem to be a person who does not become your blog handle.

  29. al:

    and to all those who wanted to bet lunch that wittek would or would not become a warrior.
    you can be thankful that i didn't want to take all of tou guys' lunch money.

  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    Happy to read about Shane... makes me wonder if he could play in the NFL.

    With all this delay and uncertainty, Wittek looks like he'd be a perfect fit... for the Upper Campus or UH construction overseers. I kid, I kid.

    The more the merrier I guess, we'll see how it shakes out.

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    I met NotNasti.
    Nice guy.

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    If you think it's butter but it's snot... it's hana buttah! :lol:

  33. i will buy you all glasses:

    If you think that Max would have to compete for a job here. He was in competition at USC...not the same level of talent here at QB. At the spring game the last quarter was a guy who was like 5'5....Reily is 6-4 and like 80 Lbs....The army transfer is short, Higgans if he didn't go to school here would never be on the message boards and Woosley...Well you all saw them play last year and the talent would have shown. It does for other Freshman QB's...And Graham should be renamed Glassman.

    So let's all pray he likes the beach and being called a Haole. It's our only hope for the season

  34. Former UH Athlete:

    Segue machine

  35. jm2375:

    DPK - #32 - dat's so lame...

  36. jm2375:

    and it's hanabata. :roll:

  37. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Nobody like my pun? Too snotty?

  38. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Oh! At least the snot police noticed...

  39. gobows:


    not to be confused with puna buddah

  40. oldtimer808:

    #33 Well I was going to write a rebuttal but it would be a waste of time.

  41. gobows:

    i could use some glasses

  42. mo808:

    Lol @37 wut snot to like? :-)

    Good morning folks!
    Good news about Shane!

    Go Warriors!

  43. TheDeep:

    We need Wittek!

  44. al:

    notnasti...i apologize. i meant that you seem to be not nasty.
    i better go drink my coffee.

  45. al:

    36...jm411, thanks for correcting the haole boy.

  46. al:

    so, i am guessing that if wittek goes to the university of the ozarks instead, the next man on the list accepts.

  47. al:

    while many wait upon aaron zwhalen to arrive, myself believes that john ursua and gus lavaka could make a quicker impact upon returning from missions.

  48. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Go Shane Austin!

    ...speaking of Austin, Wittek not so much into Strong?

    ...speaking of Max, Good Luck JoJo, et al widda tournament.

    ...speaking of tournament, terrific showdown in the 808 Hi Skool BBall quarterfinals last night. Go Saints!

    ...going back to al, you wen tell ma lately?

    nuff said!

  49. 808WarriorFan:

    Just read on that Texas is "backing away" from Max Wittek. Apparently there is some type of "off field circumstance" that could impact getting his degree and immediate eligibility.

  50. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats to Shane Austin!
    Well deserved accolades.
    His parents and family attended a Tsai-ko tailgate or three. Very gracious people.

  51. Pukalani boy:

    Congrats Mr. Austin.......

  52. whitey:

    congratulations to da keed and uh vulcans golf team.

  53. Lowtone123:

    I need glasses...I hate drinking beer from the bottle.

  54. jm2375:

    Congrats to Leisha Li'ili'i on her All-West Region honors!

  55. RB:

    Another USC player to transfer. Would be nice to see this 6-foot-3, 225 pound tailback transfer to UH but we only can wish right?

  56. Rodney:

    We need Wittek and he needs Hawaii
    Just think no LA media pressure.
    Surround himself with Aloha!
    Just ball out!!!!!!
    We could use more positive news!!

  57. NotNasti:

    For today, I'm S.NotNasti.

  58. TheDeep:

    56. Raja Dat!

  59. Otto:

    Cayman Shutter was NOT drafted in the CFL draft earlier this week. He'll have to try and get a free agent deal...

  60. bowwar:

    #49: They are alluding to the possibility that Wittek may not be able to graduate...

  61. whitey:

    hoping for the best for those living in the san diego wildfires area. hard to believe mother nature can be so destructive, but hope everyone is safe.

  62. jalansky:

    #16 Boola, that was cute. Speaking of local lingo, I used to hear this growing up: "Eh, you like tango, o wat?" So, for the longest time, I used to think the phrase was "It takes two to tangle."

  63. d1shima:

    shave ice = shaved ice

  64. d1shima:

    skahinee = sky inning

  65. d1shima:

    gunfunnit = confounded

  66. d1shima:

    wot = (various)

  67. jojo:

    Hey everyone! I need golfers for UHSAAA!! It'll be a lot of fun! May 30, make it a 3 day work week and another 3 day weekend!

  68. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    DPK sees jojo and faints... wakes up and says "Hi jojo, long time no see!" :)

  69. jojo:

    Hey now DPK!! Howsit?? It stay one nice kine day, yeah?

  70. nutmegger:

    Jojo, are you a UH School of Architecture grad? What year? 1983 +/-?

  71. NotNasti:

    ice cake = hard ice (Kaua'i style)

    shave ice = ice shave (Big Island)

    Big Island (old) = Hawai'i Island (new)

  72. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Yes it is, jojo! Sorry that I don't golf. :(

  73. jojo:

    nutmegger, I graduated in 2005. Almost 10 years ago.

  74. jojo:

    It's ok DPK. I'm also looking for donations! Donations always welcome!!

  75. Giversgain:

    Local people like to shorten their phrases.

    Wassup my Braddah> Sup Brah

    and my favorite "chowt" was once known as "watch out".

  76. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    jojo - got a link? ;)

  77. nutmegger:

    Jojo, I was at UH from '78 to '83. Worked in a bunch of offices around town, a few that no longer exist. Good luck with the fund raising. I don't golf, but I'll pass on the link to a few that do.

  78. Andrew:


    '05? where did you grad from?

  79. al:

    d1...been too busy to wander out to tell ma's lately.
    but, funny thing is, its been on my mind.

  80. al: the kid do?

  81. al:

    jojo...i am a retired golfer.

  82. al:

    dpk...i know you want this info.

    hana = nose
    bata = butter

  83. orioles fo eva:

    #16 Boola, I attended Alvah Scott in the 50's and early 60's, my confused name story happened when my teacher talked about the revolutionary heroes Eth and Allen, and the green mountain boys. That stayed with me for a longtime.

  84. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thank you al, for 82. I'll sleep much better thank you.

  85. whitey:

    top 100

  86. duffer:


    Da kid enroute to Grand Rapids.........

  87. duffer:

    Good Morning TSAIKOS!!!!!!

  88. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day.

    busy day...get ready to make hulihuli chicken and sushi....thousands of em....tsai....