On the bright side ...

May 18th, 2014

The NCAA is investigating the men's basketball program.

The athletic department might finish as much as $2 million in the red this academic year.

There are projects to be built but not enough money to pay for them.

Coaches' contracts are still moving along.

But on the bright side, of UH's 475 student-athletes, 21 have 4.0 GPAs and 59 percent have GPAs of 3.0 or better. That success has a lot to do with the support of coaches and administrators; a lot to do with the student-athletes, and, of course, a lot to do with the late Bob Nagatani, for whom the academic center is named.


* * * * *

Injuries ended Jordan Loeffler's UH football career. Maybe when he is finally pain free, he can give it a shot at next year's pro day. Maybe not. But he has lost 60 pounds since last year, and feels better — although not completely healthy — than he has in a long time. He earned a bachelor's degree yesterday, and he plans to pursue a master's. Life's a journey. But several years — and proverbial miles — from now, at least Loeffler will be walking without discomfort. Good health is under-rated.


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  1. Luki:


  2. tom-warriornation:

    Let's focus on the bright side; GO WARRIORS!

  3. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody! Top 5.

  4. 3-Prong:

    It's gonna be a hot one today Sportsfans. Time to hit da beach and bahdah da tako.

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    It's supposed to be above 85 degrees today.
    Little wind, lots of vog.
    But it's better than being on any other place on the planet.

  6. Haleakala:

    Young people including athletes do need to think about what they need to do to be successful in life. It looks like many of the UH athletes realize that by working hard on their academics. All the best to them!

  7. tommui:


    And best wishes to Jordan Loeffler!

  8. Ipu Man:

    Gambatte Jordan. Grin and bear it. You did good.

  9. bowwar:

    UH athletes gotta realize the dividends in getting their degrees.

  10. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  11. obachan:

    And speaking of degrees (not da academic kine) how ironic that we who live on the Hilo side and at the higher elevations despite being closer to Kilauea crater, escape both the vog and high temperatures.

  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Love the news about our scholar athletes! Playing collegiate athletics and cracking the books gives them a a great leg up on their future. Drive and discipline are key.

    Here's wishing a complete and speedy recovery to Jordan.


  13. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Kindly disregard the extra "a" in my post above.

  14. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #5 - Rajah dat! ;)

  15. 3-Prong:

    The NCAA is wasting time investigating a 2 day loan of a 10 year old car when it should be looking into offers of cars for signings at Alabama instead. Sheesh.

  16. kev-1:

    Last time I checked, a 2004 Porsche is still a pretty flashy car. Pretty foolish for this guy to be characterizing himself as just a "fan." It is clear that he is more than that, given the fact that he has one to one "counseling" sessions with players and potlucks for them.

    This whole investigation may seem manini to us considering the fact that programs with bigger boosters and budgets are guilty of far more, but that doesn't mean rules weren't violated. This "fan" should have kept his mouth shut and declined the interview with the SA. His relationship with the team and players is exceedingly suspicious, something I (and many others) knew nothing about yesterday.

    Not to mention the fact that he is friends with BJ and Coach Gib has his number? Come on.

  17. kev-1:

    BTW . . . If you bought season tickets "maybe 20 years ago" you would remember. Saying stuff like that makes you sound like you'e hiding something.

  18. kev-1:

    3-prong . . . It's rarely the big dealers that get busted, just the guys selling small bags.

  19. nutmegger:

    It is not clear to me if the focus of the article on the "fan" is really the focus of the NCAA investigation. I thought there was a form that was changed... I understand that the investigation can lead to other violations being discovered, but what happened to the original issue?

  20. Old School Dave:

    NCAA sends an investigator to Hawaii. They HAVE TO find some type of violation or else it looks like a pleasure trip/vacation.

  21. Last Call:

    I offered to let him use my 1977 Datsun Honeybee but the Porsche won.

  22. 3-Prong:

    Thats right Kev-1. Let the dealers like Cam Newtons dad off the hook but go after Hawaii. NCAA = Not Consistent At All. (Exit Soapbox).

    ....Let's Go Bows.

  23. nutmegger:

    Shouldn't the reason he needed to borrow a car be more important than what kind of car it was? Say he needed a car to get to a doctor's appointment or speak at an elementary school, would that make the issue different from if he needed the car to pick up his girlfriend for dinner at Zippy's?

  24. NotNasti:

    Did I miss something? Can someone post a link to the S-A article?

  25. NotNasti:

    Never mind. Got it. I always check the blog first, then read the paper.

  26. tommui:

    Unless the opportunity to borrow the car is open to any student, it is considered a violation by NCAA.

    A 2004 Porsche Carrera sells for around $35,000 per the Kelly Blue Book. A basic 2013 demo Lexus (the cheap model) sells for around the same price. A tad more expensive than my Nash Rambler.

  27. nutmegger:

    Thanks, best explanation of NCAA rule I've heard so far.

  28. Stephen Tsai:

    A Porsche means nothing without a UH parking pass. Now a pass would be worth a forward.

  29. st. anthony trojan:

    Keep positive to day here...little off topic but sports related me thinks...and a great big feather in the papale...of the voyaging canoe hokule'a...

    Thanks to myron "pinky" thompson...for his foresight...n marvelous thinking as to put the hokule'a on the international map with its round the world voyage....me i just admire people with plans that show all skeptics how positive thinking works....(compared to closing the yellow section)

    if he had been our president there or AD...we would already be in asia playing a game there....n have a leg up on everyone else...we can fill ne stadium there.with fans....10 years from now the pac 12 will probably have a game there...n we are left out again....super conference...hope so...

    we have many 'heavy' hitters there...n a former governor....along with our sumotori who can all work for the UH ohana n get her done...

    wishing for the safety for all thr crew...as they head for their journey...can wait to see the receptions they receive along there most advevterous routes...


  30. st. anthony trojan:

    MR. TM ..please...what was your first vehicle...? maybe a packard...henry jay...fargo...hudson ??

  31. Wittek:

    The Nash Rambler established a new segment in the automobile market and is widely acknowledged to be the first successful modern American compact car.

    The buggah look like one tank...how is it a compact?

  32. tommui:

    Aloha St. Anthony Trojan #30

    When I got into the Army (1954-56), I had a yellow Cadillac convertible - forgot the year but it was the first with the small fins. Got it for about $500!

    After law school (1959) it was a small MG-A.

    (But I do remember the Packard and the Hudson with enthusiasm; not so favorably with the Henry-J and what it is a Fargo - sounds like a truck).

  33. tommui:

    SATrojan - Of course when I was at UH and able to borrow Dad's car, he had a torpedo-nose Studebaker!

  34. SteveM:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Good luck to Jordan Loeffler in his future endeavors!

  35. st. anthony trojan:

    Thanks...you was a flashy bugga huh...me i had a chevy only....

    I had a teacher friend ...he had driver's education n sex education in the same car he he he...

    A friend... had a fargo truck....n one a henry jay...my older brother had a packard...
    the hudson was built like a tank....the chevy powerglide was funny to hear...n when olds came out with the 88 n 98...them were speed burners....

    Can't remember what gas was...those days...but remember the pumps with glass on top...

  36. st. anthony trojan:

    Yea...them were kindy classy n sleek looking then studebakers...

  37. nutmegger:

    Studebaker Avanti was sleek, I think it was early 60s.

  38. boolakanaka:

    33--My dream vehicle is a 59 Porsche Speedster--strictly for Sunday driving. Mrs. Boola has yet to provide me permission for such a purchase--oh well.

  39. boolakanaka:

    Oh, the late famous local artist John Young has matching twins, a white one, and a black one. He even let drive it back in the day...I was working the valet at Nicks Fishmarket back in the day.

  40. tommui:

    #35 - the Packard was THE car back in the late '30s - the Cadillac of its era. I recall it had a 12 cylinder engine.

    #39 - heresy, perhaps, Boola, but the Speedster reminded me of a bathtub with a motor in the back!

  41. tommui:

    #37 Nutmegger

    A replica Avanti was manufactured up to 2006!

    A fully restored 1963 Studebacker Avanti would be around $35,000! Wish I had the price of the Avanti back then. Forgot what it was, but it was more than I had!

  42. nutmegger:

    Tommui - I did not know that a replica Avanti was made. That is amazing. It was ahead of its time in the 60s.

  43. papajoe2:

    s.a.t. On the radio show Ben Jay mentioned a college petitioned the NCAA for a game in August and was granted it's wish (I forget who will be playing). He then mentioned that UH is/will petition the NCAA for a football game in August in 2015 in the Orient. With the conferences having championship games usually the 1st week in December, we no longer can have a "marquee" team to end our year. I suggested for a former AD to help UH by petitioning for UH to start every year, 1 week earlier than the rest, so that we could schedule such a game, or sign a contract with the BCS conferences, rewarding their 3rd place teams with a trip to Hawaii to play the Rainbow Warriors on that date. Being December and BCS schools, they could afford to do it and I'm sure their wealthy boosters would like to be here at that time of the year. No luck.

  44. A-House:

    if the Hughes Corp can ask the Architecture students at UH to submit their designs for consideration, why can't UH do the same for a "stadium"? or other "on-campus" buildings?

    and all the Engineering students such as civil, structural, electrical, etc. to assist.

    also, Honolulu Community College has a carpentry, plumbing, electrical programs and they should have an input

    wha, wha, the construction industry and architects goin grumble?

  45. st. anthony trojan:

    boolakanaka---set up a web site for tsaiko's to give donation...but keep it hush hush....like UHAD does...you may get flooded with donations...he he he...being facetious of course...

  46. boolakanaka:

    st. anthony--I am already doing that, that's why I'm living in the lap of luxury. All the pancit and lechon, I can handle...hehheh

  47. st. anthony trojan:

    papajoe2---wow...thanks for that...hope the petition is approved to play there....why not save sum bucks n play a game there of their local players...that not possible cuz they are getting paid n pros...?....be a gd game n home coming i guess 4 some warriors...

  48. st. anthony trojan:

    me here cannot see the difference of lechon n liempo...but at sm city mall here...have like a plate lunch for liempo n rice for a buck...

  49. st. anthony trojan:

    boolakanaka---water it down with sum lucky lager or acme...judge will explain 2 you or whitey maybe if he wake up ---he he !!

  50. st. anthony trojan:

    A-House:it all sounds to logical....won't work....politicians not think that way...he he he

  51. nutmegger:

    I think UH School of Architecture would consider a design project on campus. Typically a topographic site plan would be provided with surrounding existing buildings, parking, roads, walkways, etc. Maybe UHAD can select the site.

    A "program" for the facility would have to be provided. A program consists of a list of activity spaces required, the size of each space, the equipment each space is to accommodate and the relationship between spaces. It is very time consuming to create a program, UHAD might provide an outline and perhaps the students could flesh it out through an interview process. it is asking a lot to have the students create the program and do a design in one semester.

    With a site plan and a program, the architecture students could do preliminary design work. It would take a full semester to complete this design project. It really wouldn't make sense to include engineering students, unless it was an self-directed independent study kind of thing.

    The design projects tend to have more complicated programs than a classroom building or a stadium, but if I remember one of the Tsaiko's suggested including restaurants, shops. etc within the stadium footprint so it was in use 7 days a week. That might make if more appealing for a design studio project.

  52. nutmegger:

    Unfortunately, the usefulness of a student designed stadium would be only for public relations. Hughs Corp was being a good community partner helping out the School of Architecture. It is also possible that a few good ideas emerged from the student's design projects. However, to produce actual biddable construction drawings is way beyond the student's abilities. Further they aren't licensed and do not have insurance...

  53. nutmegger:

    If I recall, Ben Jay / UHAD has a contract with a mainland firm to scope an on-campus stadium. That will be much more useful than a student design.

  54. RainbowCliff:

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, could one of you bloggers be so kind to link the story on the "fan with car loan" as I don't have a paid account to the Sports Advertiser section ?

    Will appreciate it GREATLY !

    Mahalo !

  55. whitey:

    ok, i see that boola and satrojan are having lechon and rice and counselor had sum great cars. our first family car I remember was a 42 military jeep converted with a civilian canvas cover. that bugga can go anyplace with no problema. next family car was a DeSoto, 4 dr. now how's that for a car. all standard shift, no automatic. got my driver's license with the military jeep. had to u turn before happy valley, park parallel by Wakamatsu fish market on an incline, stop at top of wells st without using brakes (clutch and gas) and passed.

  56. st. anthony trojan:

    ha desoto...forgot that one...had a hill at upper end by the graveyard on vineyard st...cops used to make them stop half way up that small hill...then make them proceed again ...i think they allowed them to use hand brake...

    as kids we just lived there at end of street...n used to sit on stone wall n watch that..

    n when had many service man from NASKA walking with their gf's up that way...go bushes cuz no hotel...we used to go spuk them....he he he...


  57. whitey:

    sa, yeah can use hand brakes, but you every try using the hand brakes on a military jeep. gotta be careful or you pull da bugga out and then go oh oh. hahahahahha

  58. st. anthony trojan:

    Had the handle like in the dash ?

  59. whitey:

    that's da one.

  60. al:

    whoa...some of you guys get some years on you.

  61. al:

    52...you wrote what i was thinking.

  62. kapakahi:

    Some local boys in OL/DL one-on-ones at today's Oakland Nike Training Camp.....


  63. kapakahi:


  64. whitey:

    al, old, but at least can remember sum things. hahahahaaa

  65. tommui:

    #54 RainbowCliff:


    If this doesn't work for you, drop me an e-mail with your address. Unfortunately the Wooten site does not have your address listed.


  66. tommui:

    #57 Whitey:

    My brother taught me to drive in 1950 on the Pali Road (the area below the lookout) before the Wilson Tunnel was built. It was twisty-turney, two narrow lanes. The Studebaker, fortunately, was one of the first cars to have a hill-holder. That way, I didn't worry about stopping uphill on a slope! (or worry that the handbrake would not hold).

  67. whitey:

    counselor, you one lucky guy. but if you had kept the studebaker, it is worth quite a bit today.

  68. st. anthony trojan:

    yea good one tommy...our neighbor had a study...with that hill-holder...that was really sumthing that time....was about 52' or so ?

  69. 3-Prong:

    whitey: now that Wakamatsu closed is there anyplace you can still get the sakuraboshi?

  70. SteveM:

    Todays talk of first cars was a little before my time, but here's some cars of my teens...


    Largest car I ever owned was a '66 Plymouth Fury III with 383 engine with around 12 mi/gal. But could fit 3-4 people in the front seat and 5-6 in the back... :)

  71. st. anthony trojan:

    thanks steve 4 link...was nice to watch...

  72. boolakanaka:

    63--It looked like the young sole from Punahou was getting pushed around and a tad slower than his opponent...

  73. RainbowCliff:

    #65 tommui: Thank you for the link, unfortunately it would not let me log in to read the entire article. I will e-mail you my address and hopefully I may have better luck. Appreciate your effort !

    Home e-mail address: cliffsanchez(at)gmail(dot)com

    Wooten Center Address:csanchez(at)wootencenter(dot)org

  74. whitey:

    a new monday, so good morning tsaikos and may your work week be a good one.