The Warrior Beat

On the bright side ...

May 18th, 2014

The NCAA is investigating the men's basketball program.

The athletic department might finish as much as $2 million in the red this academic year.

There are projects to be built but not enough money to pay for them.

Coaches' contracts are still moving along.

But on the bright side, of UH's 475 student-athletes, 21 have 4.0 GPAs and 59 percent have GPAs of 3.0 or better. That success has a lot to do with the support of coaches and administrators; a lot to do with the student-athletes, and, of course, a lot to do with the late Bob Nagatani, for whom the academic center is named.


* * * * *

Injuries ended Jordan Loeffler's UH football career. Maybe when he is finally pain free, he can give it a shot at next year's pro day. Maybe not. But he has lost 60 pounds since last year, and feels better — although not completely healthy — than he has in a long time. He earned a bachelor's degree yesterday, and he plans to pursue a master's. Life's a journey. But several years — and proverbial miles — from now, at least Loeffler will be walking without discomfort. Good health is under-rated.


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