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Demo model

May 20th, 2014

Turn the volume down — way, way down — during games and practices, and  special teams coordinator Chris "Demo" Demarest resembles Billy Martin or Lou Piniella arguing a missed call. There's stomping, arm-flapping and dirt-kicking.

Beyond the madness, there is a mad genius, and former Warriors Brenden Daley and Charles Clay credit their current NFL employment in part to the Demo-strations.

Of his first weekend with the Atlanta Falcons, Daley said: "Coach Demo and his teaching style made it a nice transition."Daley said the Falcons' meetings were not as "intense as coach Demo's meetings."

Daley and Clay said their work on UH's special teams improved their pro stock. Daley said the Falcons and Warriors use similar punt formations.

"The terminology they use I've seen before with coach Demo," Daley said. "I already have a leg up."

Today is the first day Daley will train with the Atlanta veterans. Of the nearby activities, Daley said: "You can chew gum, I guess, because Wrigley's is right next to us."

The Wrigley Manufacturing Company, like the Falcons' training facility, is located in Flowery Branch, Ga.

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And a happy 21st birthday to my son — Devon James Tsai.

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