Not so fast

May 25th, 2014

Let's suppose you're a UH head coach and you want to hire an assistant coach, graduate-assistant coach or, even, an administrative assistant.

UH rules require the position to be advertised for 11 working days. Because tomorrow is Memorial Day, the advertising period would begin on Tuesday. The 11th business day would be June 10. But the next day is Kamehameha Day, a state holiday. After that, about five finalists must be interviewed. That can be done through telephone interviews on Thursday and Friday, June 12 and 13. After that, background checks, which take about five business days, will be performed.

If a coach wanted to begin the search today, under the current format and barring any complications or red flags, the position would not be filled earlier than June 23.

Just sayin' …

55 Responses to “Not so fast”

  1. truegreen:

    Yay, first! Happy M weekend everyone!

  2. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    First... to post second!

  3. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Morning truegreen!

  4. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos

  5. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Please, Stephen, which position needs to be filled? I forget which.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    I must have overslept. Did I miss thunderstorms?

  7. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good morning whitey-san!

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    We had some on this side.

  9. papajoe2:

    Michele Wie tied for 1st after 6 holes with -3 so far.

  10. papajoe2:

    Oh, and good morning everybody!

  11. whitey:

    on this weekend we pay tribute to the past and present warriors who through their service has given us the freedom to enjoy and live our everyday lives. i humbly bow and say thank you. You all have more than earned the right, you are our heros'.

  12. whitey:

    dpk, good morning and enjoy the weekend.

  13. tommui:



    Stephen - all is well?

  14. truegreen:

    Good morning DPK, thanks!

  15. kev-1:

    Why doesn't that stupid hiring policy have exemptions? Head coaches should be allowed to hire whoever the heck they want.

  16. A-House:


    the "plantation mentality" is alive and well in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!

    it's an attitude amongst legislators, past and present, who deem it necessary to "control" Hawaii's hiring practices - for most of the present, they did not experience the "Big 5" and its dominance of all of Hawaii's affairs - personal and otherwise.

    yet, they cling to outdated practices which can hurt or others will opine that it's needed to keep out the "riff-raft" from outside

  17. joanne2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Hope you're all having a good Memorial Day weekend.

  18. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all! And a memorial day shout-out to one my ohana since passed, Uncle Larry T., a career guy (25years) in the US Army, local boy from Honumu, and one of a very very small number of men, ever, who served in both WWII, Korea and Vietnam....all in forward positions. RIP and respect Uncle Larry.

  19. al:

    well, those hiring practices are atypical SOP for any government positions.
    put in place, in reality by the public who bitched about who got hired. claims of favoritism, pre-selection, discrimination, and the like.

    its the poor losers hiring rules.

    ...nuff said.

  20. Shoko:

    Could have sworn the assistant coach position closed last Thursday according to UH's website. The graduate assistant position for strength and conditioning closed the week before that.

    Might hear about hirings within the next couple weeks?

  21. Shoko:

    Anyway, time for mow grass.

  22. Inyoface:

    Any good movies out?

  23. Old School Dave:

    I hope that the team can have some decent accommodations during fall camp. I recall last summer, the UH Housing people were not very cooperative, this in spite of the dorms being empty. Rest and recovery is very important during camp.

  24. boolakanaka:

    On outside related sports news, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer , is in secret, well, not so secret discussions to buy the Clippers. The big twist, is whether he packs them up, and re-settle them back in Seattle. S-is for super--supersonics.

  25. whitey:

    Should the hiring of assistant coaches at UHAD changed or be streamlined??? IMHO, absolutely!!! All head coaches should be able to hire their own assistants without going through the normal procedure of hiring providing they meet the minimum requirements. The head coaches are responsible for their assistants and should not be shackled by outside interference. When a head coach is terminated, all the assistants lose their job, so why do we need to continue the present system of hiring assistant coaches. An asisstant coach can also be terminated by the HC.

  26. make some money:

    vegas has over under for UH at 2.5

  27. SteveM:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I agree with whitey on #25. Even in the real world outside athletics, the boss of a small outfit usually has someone in mind, and if a head coach truly doesn't, then he is really in trouble and disarray.

    It is well documented that the hiree is automatically terminated with the head coach, unless the replacement coach decides to rehire him... which implies that he was well qualified and suitable for the job to begin with... :|

    Easy come, easy go in a volatile and emotional win-loss business of coaching.

  28. justsomeguy:

    While these policies may be cumbersome and heavy handed, I believe they are in place to curb the rampant nepotism here in Hawaii. While this makes sense for administrators and high level university personnel, It does seem to be a bit unnecessary in the athletics department.

  29. st. anthony trojan:

    if ur president of the senate...n 'pressure' the president of UH to accepts your son's law school....what does fall under ? ? politics as usual ? ?

  30. A-House:

    even with the current hiring laws on the books, it has not stopped any nepotism or favoritism in Hawaii politics or how to find a way around existing laws to build structures where they are not allowed or asking for "grants" for which a legislator has a definite interest or you name it!

    so, keep the current hiring practices in place? why???

  31. A-House:


    point of clarification - did she "force" UH to enroll her son or ask what happened and she was told that he did not apply for law school?

  32. boolakanaka:

    31--She should have learned from George W., who could not obtain admission to any of the state law schools in Texas. However, he had some "options", as he ended up as a "courtesy" admission at Harvard Business School.

  33. JustAsing:

    #31-According to reports, she said she was acting as a "mother" when she called the UH president to inquire about her son's application. Something that every mother is able to do-----make a direct call to the UH president to ask about a child's application. Right. Don't know what was worse: her abuse of her position or her arrogant reaction when the media reported her misconduct.

  34. boolakanaka:

    33---Exactly. Just making a nonchalant call to the President of the University--right.

  35. st. anthony trojan:

    according to m.c. greenwood...she was abusive on call to her.... plus a few more adjectives maybe to describe the call properly....where is ms. stivano when we needed her...he he he

    she denied it of course...but we have seen her 'rants' when things don't go her way...

  36. st. anthony trojan:

    maybe it fell through the "cracks" like that lady who applied 4 the bad mr. cayetano not a "mother"....he would have no problems getting through...n not waste so much time sending follow up letters checking on her application...

  37. nutmegger:

    If the state let every manager hire whoever they wanted there would be a loud cry from every corner of the state. All managers (coaches included) must be treated equally as all applications must be treated equally. It is an obstacle, but not insurmountable.

  38. st. anthony trojan:

    the arsonist ..."flew to San Francisco for a pricey fundraiser in his honor at the home of Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison. That's our governor in a nutshell: empty words, full pockets." quote from mr. Shapiro's article...

    am sure he is working on handing over aloha stadium to UH....

    but just in case...maybe mr. ellison will build one n retain naming rights...not to worry...
    neil will get er done...

  39. Old Diver:

    31. Donna Kim called Greenwood about a week after the acceptance and denial notices were sent out to find out why her son did not receive a notice either way. Greenwood cleverly worded her statement to give people the impression Kim tried to use back channels to get her son into the UH law school prior to final acceptance decisions were made by administrators. By many of the comments it's clear Greenwood's deception to the public was successful.

  40. Old Diver:

    The hiring law is a poor excuse why there is a position or two open. Why wasn't the process begun months ago when the openings occurred? If I remember correctly ST stated Chow was in no rush to fill the positions is why.

  41. islandgirl:

    It's possible the start of the application process of this open position may be timed to coincide with the new fiscal year, which begins July 1. I'm thinking once the open position is filled, the new hire will be on the job on or after July 1. Or I may be totally wrong!

  42. Biggestuhfan:

    #33 - Well said. Don't we all have M.R.C.'s phone number in our contacts? When my admission to graduate school was denied, I wish my mommy could have called her buddy M.R.C. too!

  43. BigFan:

    #39, how was the wording deceptive? Kim should have just talked to her son as it was found out that he did not even apply unless her relationship with him is not good.

  44. BigFan:

    Btw, Neither Kim nor Greenwood is on my favorite list. Just trying to be objective.

  45. whitey:

    37. a HC is not a manager nor a supervisor, he is a head coach who is hired, fired, retired by the AD. His assistants do not have any recourse unless like SteveM says, the next HC retains them. A manager can be terminated, but none of his assistants or staff is terminated. When the governor hires a director, there is no application process, he hires and the senate either accepts or rejects. So why can't a HC have the same privilege of hiring whom he wants on the approval of the AD? Not going belabor, but in the world of sports, the HC hires and fires his assistant, not the sport team unless it is on justified grounds.

  46. st. anthony trojan:

    ha ha guess her relationship with her CONSTITUENTS is same as with her son...strained...huh....

    n she is 'looking over' our tax dollars....n can't communicate her own son...gosh....hope they live in the same household...or in same district he can vote 4 'mama'....after all she tried 2 do 4 him...

  47. whitey:

    3 prong and col a house. if you are planning to fish in alaska in the kenai area soon, you got to check with the alaska fish and game. there is a huge fire on the kenai, called the funny river fire which is in the heart of the kenai river area. they are evacuating a lot of homes and hope for the best. doing prayers for the people who live there and also for those who own homes in the area. the fire is bigger than the seattle fire and estimated to be around 243 sq miles.

  48. whitey:

    sa trojan, sounds like the philippines, but then again she is filipino.

  49. st. anthony trojan:

    maybe she was a student of imelda ? he he he

  50. 3-Prong:

    whitey: that fire sounds like it is very close to the lodge we fish from. I am not going this year but a group from work goes every year in mid-july. Will pass on info. Hope the lodge won't be affected. Will be going up to oregon again in a week or so to give it the old college try for the elusive spring chinook....oh and my #2'a graduation, hehe. Thanks for the info.

  51. 3-Prong:


  52. A-House:


    we go to Shelter Island off Juneau and should not be affected by the Kenai blaze

    hope for the safety of all the people and animals in the affected areas

  53. A-House:


    altho you gave us "hope" that another American Samoa player would commit to UH - appears it fell through when the PAC 12 snoofers went the week after!!!

    or, can we still hope?

  54. A-House:

    I wonder what MRC said that made people believe her "words"

    don't like she and DKM - but, words are being written that may not be true; that would be a tragedy!!!

  55. A-House:

    Good Morning ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    beautiful day in the valley!