Morning period

May 27th, 2014

It rained.

It was early.

It didn't matter to the Rainbow Warriors, who showed up at 5:45 a.m. on the first day of the NCAA-approved offseason conditioning program.



The players rotated at workout stations. While a group lifted, one group ran shuttle drills, another worked on leg exercises, and so forth.

All but two players from the spring roster signed up for one of the three sessions — one is in California because of a family situation; another was not able to secure a stand-by seat in time.

Here's quarterback Ikaika Woolsey waiting for the start of his workout session:



Quarterback Jeremy Higgins (front left) and Woolsey (right) then led their group in drills:




56 Responses to “Morning period”

  1. marleysdad:

    Train hard warriors!

  2. truegreen:

    First again! Rise and shine all!

  3. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Work hard, in the gym and in the classroom!

  4. truegreen:

    Darn, guess not. But love the pics! Cool shoes

  5. tommui:


    Great shots!

    Guess the vertigo has gone?

  6. bowwar:

    Time for players to develop the "want to". What they do during the summer will pay dividends during the season. Go Warriors!

  7. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    Wow... just wow! Looking good Warriors!

    So is everybody, including walk-ons allowed to participate in the summer conditioning?

    I can't say for certain, but isn't this a record percentage of Warriors staying for the summer training? Do you know, Mr. Tsai?


  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Walk-ons are allowed to participate.
    The incoming freshmen, though, have to wait until June 6, the start of the session that runs through Aug. 1. Those freshmen can participate in the unsupervised workouts.

  9. A-House:

    those shoes reminds me of the Fab 5 green unis from the past

  10. A-House:


    your definition/criteria of the "holy grail" is surely different from mine - thus my quest to find out what your definition is so we can all celebrate with you!

    yep, Coltie may have been a "holy grail", but that designation was hung on him AFTER he completed his playing time at UH.

    and, the next "holy grail" could be someone other than a QB

  11. boya_jr:

    Go Warriors!

  12. Graham:

    Any word on any of the other transfer QBs?

  13. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Wow, top 15 today. :|

  14. whitey:

    go warriors. a new beginning

  15. al:

    10... therein lies our differences.

    its okay to also now have a holy grail.
    colt, reached holy grail status his junior year and then fumbled the "cup" in new orleans.

  16. al:

    dan robinson, timmy c, rolo, moniz nearly reached the "hg" pinnacle.

    samson, estes, edwards, the fantastic four all lingered in the hg room.

    offensively, skill wise, we have seen many qb's, wr's, however, for me i await another sherrer, fakava, and allen to carry that rock.

    on defense how about another noga or levi stanley that goes out and wreak havoc?

  17. whitey:

    am i assuming correctly that all the qb's slated for start of official practice in August are all enrolled in summer school??? if they are, wow!!!!

  18. A-House:


    one can conclude from the names you mentioned that your "holy grail" can be more than a single person or position, yet I would not put them in the same room

    perhaps my "holy grail" status is unattainable.

    today, I feel badly for Colt because he could be a NFL player if he had left after his Jr year - we will never know

  19. A-House:

    ""the difference between "exceptional" and "outstanding" is attention to detail""

  20. NotNasti:

    Al, were you there to see Pisa Tinoisamoa's 19 tackle performance against Alabama in 2002? He may not have reached Holy Grail status, but that was a Holy Grail performance.

  21. kimo browner:

    The "wait" is already starting to kill me.

  22. A-House:

    IT guy just dropped by and said my computer privileges will be severely affected if I continue to use the "company computer" for this blog.


  23. Manu:

    #22, six posts in the a.m. alone on company time? I would yank your internet privileges altogether. One of the worst thing that employers do is not monitor personal use of computers in the workspace. Btw, I'm retired. Life long lurker on this site.

  24. al:

    20...totally agree on that. an unintentional omission, pisa deserves to be a holy grail guy, no doubt, circle of honor, et al.

  25. al:

    18...well then, perhaps you should find your own cup of anointment to bestow upon no one.

  26. al:

    22...haha. busted.
    i hope a court martial won't be imposed.

    i guess i am very lucky to have a good boss.

  27. st. anthony trojan:

    A-House....when sumone goes on break or lunch...rush n use their computer...he he he

    if wireless...take a laptop 2 work maybe...

    good luck....always enjoy read ur informative posts...

  28. gobows:

    pisa is the best player to ever play for the UH not named Noga.

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    The new T-shirts hadn't arrived, so they had to open with the old ones.
    But the lime shoes are really nice.

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    A-House has an IT guy?

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    Here's my Pisa story.
    We were in the waiting area outside of Jim Donovan's office (when he was the associate AD). Pisa comes by, then jumps on the window — sticking like Spider-Man — smiles, and goes on. We're like, how the heck did he do that? He just stuck to the window. Maybe he is Spider-Man.

  32. BigWave96744:

    Freshman Pro Style QB transferring from Alabama

  33. st. anthony trojan:

    ST...he had poi on his hands...poi was used in place of paste n glue during WW II by many
    families during those years....rice also...but shortages of rice during the war, made poi a
    good substitute for school work etc. (elem school-cut n paste old way)

  34. SteveM:

    Sounds like A-Houses's IT guy has his (IP) number...or the WB blogs'. :)

    For those who don't know the background, A-House is a very senior semi-retired employee who doesn't really have to work there. In his case, the boss probably doesn't mind him on the blog in his spare time... the IT guys are concerned about their network and server security when employees go out into the wildly malware filled internet world.

    I have no more comment on this except to wonder why they open their network to the internet in the first place.

  35. jimmy the lock:

    The Fab 5 wore lime green unis? Before my time so I don't know.

    Posting on company time, aiyah. Oops, quick, press alt-tab...phew. :lol:

  36. jimmy the lock:

    Companies open up their network to the internet so they can see who is goofing around.

  37. jimmy the lock:

    Morning period sounds worse than monthly period.

  38. jimmy the lock:

    Back to my noc/soc room.

  39. Shoko:

    I don't think the WB is rife with malware. It's the adult website's A-House has to worry about visiting...haha.

  40. jimmy the lock:

    You mean the senior adult websites. Grannies and Grampas gone wild.

  41. Shoko:

    What's interesting, though, I read that surfing the internet is the number one way people waste time at work and usually cost companies some money. But, according to a recent study, when employees are told not to use the internet for personal use, the temptation requires so much willpower to resist that worker productivity decreases anyway.

    Then again, no one complained before the internet when folks would spend precious minutes at the water cooler bullshitting.

  42. st. anthony trojan:

    yea SHOKO and 2 hour 'power lunches' about bosses wasting time...

  43. jimmy the lock:

    And then they complain about government workers...pot, kettle, black. :lol:

    But then again this is the information age filled with social media so do what you like do.

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    The dream, apparently, is to turn Klum Gym into an all-purpose training center. Makes sense, I suppose, because the infrastructure is in place. Whatever the plan, it must include A/C.

  45. 3-Prong:

    A-House's IT guy is literally a BIG GUY. Think he's about 6'7"!

  46. shadow:

    I give thumbs up to Coach Chow & his staff for getting everyone to dress the same, work together, & show up to get ready for the season. It's Team all the way. Given the money, facilities, & support they have to work with, I know progress is being made. Biggest props too to the players who have chosen to become Warriors & represent our State.

    The past won/loss record was obviously disappointing, but they're moving forward. If we can get just a 1/4 of the positive support given to the Alabamas, Ohio States, Florida States, etc, good things will surely come to our Hometeam.

    Give, buy tickets, encourage, be positive!

  47. 3-Prong:

    Da Shadow Knows. You tell em shadow!

  48. Stephen Tsai:

    I love Kamehameha Bakery.

  49. what???:

    I think post number 34 should be removed before A-house's boss does get wind of this.
    It is somewhat damaging of a statement.
    If I were his superior I'd be calling him in on the carpet.

    Lets all be sensitive to what goes on in our real lives and keep our private lives private.

  50. al:

    kam bakery...gimme some poi malasadas.

  51. leron:

    No forget Kam bakery moving to a new location on Friday. City Square off Waiakamilo. Will be right across Young's fish market.

  52. Biggestuhfan:

    #44 S.T. - Regarding "The Dream" ...

    I just saw a commercial for Kapiolani Children's Medical Center. They have raised $35 million for an expansion of their hospital. Maybe UH should try and hire their fundraiser or firm to raise money for athletics. UH could use $35 million. They must be successful in selling the "dream."

  53. kruzen:

    Simply Sweets Bakery is open again in Wailuku.

  54. chopsueyboy:

    Kam Bakery doughnuts are so soft & yummy, who needs Krispy Kreme

  55. gobows:

    how come krispy kreme is neither crispy or creamy?

  56. Inyoface:

    I've never tried a cream flavored malasada yet.