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June 12th, 2014



At the end of every football practice, head coach Norm Chow leads the Rainbow Warriors in a three-clap salute to athletic trainer Brian Wong.

Wong probably deserves a standing ovation during the summer.

At UH, tight budgets do not include room for student trainers during the offseason. For yesterday's beach workout, Wong loaded containers of water and ice to Waikiki Beach. He had to bring enough to supply water and a sports-drink mix  for more than 80 players working out for 90 minutes. That meant setting up a hydration station, as well as an area to tape ankles and treat injuries. At the end of the workout session — at 7:30 on a state-holiday morning —  he packed up the containers and headed back to UH to begin a  full day of work.




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Today's Rainbow Warrior Football Camp is at Roosevelt High School.

It begins at 10 a.m.

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