Catching on to coaching

June 17th, 2014


Former UH receiver Billy Ray Stutzmann will be joining the Western New Mexico coaching staff.

Stutzmann said he will be working with the defensive backs.

The school is located in the Silver City, N.M. The Mustangs are members of  NCAA Division II Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

Stutzmann completed his UH eligibility after the 2013 season. He earned his bachelor's degree in December. He did not participate in UH's pro day in San Diego in March.

His brother, Craig Stutzmann, a former UH receiver and coach, is the offensive coordinator at Emory & Henry College, a Division III school in Virginia.

43 Responses to “Catching on to coaching”

  1. 3-Peong:

    Good morning!

  2. Ken:

    Good morning. Best to Billy Ray.

  3. tommui:


    Congratulations Billy Ray!

  4. jimmy the lock:

    Wonder what his coaching responsibility is and title?

    Good luck.


  5. MattyBoy:

    So no news on any possible transfer quarterbacks?

  6. ponojr:

    Regarding QB transfers, is it realistic to think they would be able to come in and compete for a starting job?

  7. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Good Luck Billy Ray. One door closes, another one opens.

  8. boya_jr:

    Good luck Billy Ray. Thanks for being a Warrior - you and your brother.

  9. al:

    congratulations billy ray!

    mahalo for representing the state so well.
    from kapahulu raiders to hawaii warriors to giving back to the youth of our country.
    wow, what a legacy for both stutz1 and stutz2. (although i always contend that papa bill is stutz the first.)


  10. al: could happen and if it does then you know you got something special going on.
    after all, this year "we need a hero!"

  11. boolakanaka:

    Aloha All--Good luck to Billy! My father-in-law is born and bred from Silver City, which is a small mining town on the foothills, bordered by the Gila Forest and just east of the continental divide. Beautiful and quaint, albeit, very isolated....I'll have to drop brudhha off some fish and poi, when I am there next.

  12. boolakanaka:

    3 one peong now??

  13. al:



  14. al:

    11...i'll take some of that too.

  15. al:

    which brings to mind...
    what is your favorite thing to put into the poi bowl?

  16. Inyoface:

    Anyone can compete and have a successful season at qb without previous starts, even freshmans. Look at Manziel, Hundley & Mariota to name a few.

  17. jimmy the lock:


  18. C-Pop:

    Usually Redshirt freshmen have better chance for success

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    It's all going to depend on the o-line, anyway. We'll see how that works out. I am impressed with Kaiwi Chung. He's a natural center.

  20. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats and good luck to Billy Ray Stutzmann!

  21. chopsueyboy:

    Great win for USA over Ghana. Wish we spent less time on our half of the field, but glad we're able to score the winning goal.

    We had the opportunity to have former Notre Dame's Mens Soccer Coach, Mike Berticelli, here around the year 2000 to coach our son's team during Easter vacation. He shared his view that soccer wouldn't be as creative in US until the kids just play. Too often with organize soccer, that's all the kids have and don't learn to problem solve by just playing around. They need to be more like basketball where you go one on one in a pickup game, or just play catch in football and baseball. Until kids in US grab a friend to go outside and kick a soccer ball, we'll never move on.

    Here's a poem he wrote about a youth soccer coach...

  22. al:


  23. nutmegger:

    #21 Chopsueyboy. Great poem.

    As a kid I learned soccer by playing. What I learned from four years of being coached in high school was nothing compared to the five years of having fun playing before that.

  24. Bulla aka Rev Bu:

    aloha and GOD-Gratulations to Billy Ray,

    great opportunities who work hard, both Craig and Billy Ray are proof of that. must have got that from somewhere...hmmmmm, just kidding Mr. Stutzmann

    TSAIKOS, have a blessed day and remember, make memories, make memories, make memories

  25. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good news for Billy Ray. It will be fun to follow the coaching accomplishments of all our ex-Warriors. Manao DNA in another kind of way.

    Work hard in the summer Warriors. First game will be here before you know it!


  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    With poi? Sweety agrees with al - opihi! I like lomi salmon and kalua chicken myself. Kalua pig if I'm feeling really naughty!

  27. boolakanaka:

    Duck free-agent....see:

  28. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud afternoon Tsaikos...Bootiful day.

    #15...assuming got poi inside already.....dry aku...plenty dry aku.

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    If anyone is awake and near Waikiki Beach at 6 am tomorrow, come watch the Warriors work out.

  30. Boolakanaka:

    I'm old school. I love sour poi with corned-beef and Maui onions, and some scrambled eggs. Problem is Polynesian paralysis that ensues , and mrs. Boola getting pissed cause no chores get done???!!

  31. 3-Prong:

    boo: If you meant Peon,.....yup. Pau fada's day, pau birfday boy. Jus took out da trash and now gotta get my own beer. Was good while it lasted....hehe

  32. 3-Prong:

    Hey UH Box Office, you guys gonna call me soon? Itchin to upgrade. Heard I should have some good choices!

  33. al:

    i guess i am all of the above...
    two day old poi
    lomi salmon
    kalua pig
    dry aku
    any kine poke
    limu eleele

    gotta try the corned beef n onions one day.

  34. 3-Prong:

    Oh, hehehehehe. I neva catch till now when I looked back at #1. Waz making fass to be #1. hehehe. Getting too slo-mo in my old age.

    ......on da topic, limu ahi with opihi inside. Oh yah!

  35. Balut:

    two words for ya, Beau Reilly!

  36. DCHawaiiboy:

    fried portuguese sausage

  37. ponojr:

    Corned Beef straight out of the can with onion is da winnah! Lomi Oio with limu kohu and opihi (if get) is also a nice treat.

  38. tommui:

    #37 - the corn beef with onion got to be with white rice - brown rice doesn't cut it.

    And good morning Hawaii! Guess ST is down at Waikiki Beach this AM!

  39. C-Pop:

    Poke & Vienna always Ono pupu.

  40. Buffoman:

    #28 and #33. If you get neighbor island family or good friends who can hook you up then try this for the "side" with your day or two day old poi. guess got to be one diver and know where this stuff stay. Dry Kala strips (box dry, not oven) then throw on one old school hibachi so get that burn marks (little papaa marks). get some enenui, some limu kohu, inamona, chili pepper, onion hawaiian salt and make poki (this one will taste like the ocean). Some chili pepper water. All pau.

    When I go home to neighbor island, get this from the family. Got to admit that the enenui poki is something you had to have grown up with as it is very chewy and does not taste like the store bought ahi poki. They do lot of gathering from around the reefs.

  41. Inyoface.:

    Where's the new post?

  42. 3-Prong:

    ........sardines (in da oil) and maui onions.

  43. Shoko:

    Spam, Vienna sausage, and corned beef. Only in Hawaii where a mystery meat can be seen as a delicacy.

    I remember my uncle would dry his own aku using a wooden frame enclosed with a protective screen. Also remember the huge amount of flies that would accumulate on the screen during the dehydration process. But, when you put that on a Hibatchi and eat it when its hot, oh man, that was ono!