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New (fiscal) year's eve

June 30th, 2014

Today is the last day of UH's fiscal year, which means:

> The music has stopped, and  UH's financial net for the past academic year— pending a thorough audit, of course — is set. Impact? There probably will be more memos to tighten budgets.

> This is the first day of the bridge program, two three-credit classes that run through the Aug. 1 opening of training camp. All the Warriors' incoming freshmen are enrolled in the program.

> The NCAA allows each football team eight weeks for a supervised conditioning program during the offseason. UH's offseason is nine weeks, which means this week is essentially a bye week. Returning players may train  on their own, as well as initiate contact if they seek guidance from conditioning coaches, but there are no mandatory sessions. Expect all the players to continue training on their own. It also is final-exam week for Summer Session I, in which every returning scholarship player is enrolled.

> This is technically volleyball coach Charlie Wade's final day of the original five-year contract he signed in 2009. Wade signed a letter of intent on a two-year extension, but as of this past Friday, had yet to receive — and sign — an actual contract. Consider this to be like the stoppage time in soccer. Work will go on as usual, no matter what the clock/calendar shows. Wade leaves this week on a recruiting trip.

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The secondary:


Front: Barry Higdon, Daniel Lewis.

Standing: Marrell Jackson, Damien Packer, Jerrell Jackson, Ne'Quan Phillips, Jalen Rogers, Dee Maggitt.

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