New (fiscal) year's eve

June 30th, 2014

Today is the last day of UH's fiscal year, which means:

> The music has stopped, and  UH's financial net for the past academic year— pending a thorough audit, of course — is set. Impact? There probably will be more memos to tighten budgets.

> This is the first day of the bridge program, two three-credit classes that run through the Aug. 1 opening of training camp. All the Warriors' incoming freshmen are enrolled in the program.

> The NCAA allows each football team eight weeks for a supervised conditioning program during the offseason. UH's offseason is nine weeks, which means this week is essentially a bye week. Returning players may train  on their own, as well as initiate contact if they seek guidance from conditioning coaches, but there are no mandatory sessions. Expect all the players to continue training on their own. It also is final-exam week for Summer Session I, in which every returning scholarship player is enrolled.

> This is technically volleyball coach Charlie Wade's final day of the original five-year contract he signed in 2009. Wade signed a letter of intent on a two-year extension, but as of this past Friday, had yet to receive — and sign — an actual contract. Consider this to be like the stoppage time in soccer. Work will go on as usual, no matter what the clock/calendar shows. Wade leaves this week on a recruiting trip.

* * * * *

The secondary:


Front: Barry Higdon, Daniel Lewis.

Standing: Marrell Jackson, Damien Packer, Jerrell Jackson, Ne'Quan Phillips, Jalen Rogers, Dee Maggitt.

46 Responses to “New (fiscal) year's eve”

  1. Smyczynski:


  2. Kukui High School:

    Good Morning!


    GO NUTS!!!

  3. Bigwave96744:

    Also the last day for Rainbowtique, as we know it.

  4. tommui:


  5. Last Call:

    Ben Jay is on the economic situation folks, effective immediately UH will switch to 1 ply toilet paper in all venues and locker room bathrooms.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    I know it was a staffing/demand problem, but it was disappointing when they closed the arena's RainBowtique during non-event hours.

  7. PONO:

    Oh boy, if we have to tighten the waist again that will spell trouble long term for the Athletic Dept. Turn the lights down low ....

  8. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day.


  9. NorthShoreFan:


  10. hatakeman:

    Secondary looks in great shape !!! Looking for big things this season from this group.

  11. Old School Dave:

    UH DBs look "lean and mean."

  12. Old School Dave:

    Boise State implementing yoga into their summer workouts:

  13. jeezy33:

    10. Year 3 now.. Marrell needs to get in the weight room and work on that diet.

  14. Warrior Dave:

    The bookstore on campus will remain being run by a vendor called Rainbowtique. I think the vendor at Aloha Stadium is also Rainbowtique. Not sure why that is but the new venture is under UH control, meaning bigger profits. Wish they could get out completely from Rainbowtique.

  15. maui warrior:

    12. Old School Dave

    Even University of Minnesota implementing yoga to their offseason, was on espn last week, thought it was interesting, gotta be good for injury prevention

  16. Inyoface.:

    Let's bring back Hawaii's "no sked um, go get um" football back. Lets go Bows!

  17. Old School Dave:

    Maui Warrior:
    I can just imagine some of those 300 lb linemen falling over trying to hold a yoga pose. However, it can prevent injuries, then it's gotta be good. Doing Olympic style snatches and full squats also requires flexibility, but of a different nature.

    I got a pulled muscle just going for a walk :-(

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great pic Stephen! They look ready to rumble.

  19. ponojr:

    13. I was thinking the same

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The contract for Wade - what's the hold up?! SMH

  21. st. anthony trojan:

    # 20....contracts has always been a problem...even with is the 39 other stakeholders up in admin that it has to be run by first... n Mr. BJ on a trip top europe i guess....

    wonder how a recruit n coach really feels like...when the coach knows he has no contract...n the player he is trying to recruit knows that also ? remember red he was treated...donovan...who else...bruce?

  22. PONO:

    Marrell looks like he's been hitting the plate lunches harder than the weight room.

  23. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Wishing the UH Athletic Department a Happy (fiscal) New Year.

  24. jimmy the lock:

    Just another manic Monday.

    Boy did I have a crush on Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles.

  25. st. anthony trojan:

    # 24 ur in luck.... she is coming to the stanley in august...wire me $200,000...will save you a special reserved seat...if not enough funds...ask BJ ....or ne one there up at UHAD admin... they should have that as petty cash now....(new fiscal year) hurry she is busy....many dates ahead...n may cancel if no kala is sent...hurry seal the deal....

  26. ALLAN:


  27. st. anthony trojan:

    # 5 n 26....bunch a laughs here...small kid time...if playing in pasture far to go home...just use leaves...n after get the "cream" out.. just bend the leaf to clean the finger nail.. then go iao stream n wash ....he he he

  28. A-House:

    making a stadium appear fuller than actual - close selected section(s) and ask fans to move down or fill up another section

    many unhappy fans who love their seats even if in the "bleed nose" section(s)

    unhappy fans who paid boku $$ only to see minimum pay individuals move into their "high-mucka-mucka section(s)

    build a smaller stadium or face the wrath of long time fans - heck, when Aloha Stadium was being built, UH said we would get 1st crack to seats - neva happen when individuals gathered their friends and began to put in orders for 15 or 20 or 25 seats - guess who got 1st crack at the new stadium?

    we were on the 40 yard line, about half way up, at Termite Place and we got seats on the 15 yard line at Aloha Stadium to open the 1975 season - UHAD refused to provide us an explanation why we got our sets when they promised us 1st crack!!!!!! ha!

    big buck talks and small potatoes walk/get trampled on

  29. 3-Prong:

    Just thought of something. I have a gift card from Rainbowtique. Sure hope it's transferable. Should be huh BJ? Hope so, went by Ward Center Store that was shut down.

  30. st. anthony trojan:

    # 28.....longevity is not a strong 'suit' at UHAD....what is promised 2 day...may never be acceptable by future admin or the AD IN THE QUARRY...n when calls are thank for ur work etc...a 'stranger' will make the call...maybe 2 busy on europe vacation ?

  31. jimmy the lock:

    st. anthony trojan, shoots! Let me get my Miami connection and they'll contact you.

  32. Down with...:

    ...#28-i understand why they color code the seats in the "Aloha Stadium" where the "Rainbow Warriors" play....but why not make all the seats green? that way when the stadium empty at least it would seem less empty by seeing green instead of red, yellow, blue, and especially orange....If not the whole stadium then atleast the orange section should be changed to green instead (for tv purpose)....

    I also think they should allow the season ticket holders who have held seats for "X" amount of years to have plaques put on their seats, they could do it for a fee...might help generate some revenue, and also give the "true" supporters some "seat" recognition. we've had the same seats since 1975...great, good, bad, terrible, 1-11, 0-12 we still there to support the boys and that's my seat....GO BOWS

  33. Andrew:


    Yes, I agree that they should paint the seats green at aloha stadium. I thought that Les Murakami stadium looked much better once they painted all the seats green.

  34. Slugger:

    Hurrah for the secondary!

    Hi, ST!

    I no stay go cuz I no stay. So if you stay, you bettah stay go to da game cuz I no can.

    GO BOWS!

  35. Buffoman:

    #32 Very good ideas all. You feel appreciated as a fan when your loyalty is recognized. This way, it also forces UH athletics to pay attention to their fan base as people do change (get older and have to give up seats for lack of mobility among other reasons). Make it 7 years, 10 years, 15years, 20 years and so on and recognize the loyalty. I betcha the folks would stay, as you say through the hard times and the good times.

    Hey, even get to the point where you change the color of the seats with each "graduation" of years of loyalty.

    Do something. It's much better than treating loyal fans as simply numbers. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get folks to support the team year after year and even contribute beyond being season ticket holders, simply because they were given a personal level of appreciation.

  36. Kalani:

    #13, 19, 22 - I don't totally disagree but sometimes you can be in shape but still have a big opu, especially if you are eating a lot because you are trying to build muscle. I'll give Marrell the benefit of the doubt. That said, I am disappointed by lots of the players' physiques, especially the linemen. Hope that they are strong, fast, and have endurance and durability despite the extra body fat and lack of size/shape in some cases. Ultimately, I hope they can play and win without injury.

  37. Kalani:

    Wanted to add that I have been in the best shape of my life, running all over, benching almost double bodyweight, never tiring out, while having my belly stick out past my chest because I just eat a darn lot. This is at below 9% body fat. At least Marrell (and Nequan) don't have much excess body fat.

  38. NotNasti:

    33. Andrew: the seats at the "Les" were not painted green. The old colored seats were replaced with green (color infused) plastic seats. But I agree with you that the single color scheme (in the case of the "Les" & "Stanley") does look better.

  39. NotNasti:

    In order to unitize the color of the seats at Aloha Stadium, they must ALL be replaced. 50,000 x $$$? =?????

  40. Inyoface:

    Painting all the seats forest green would have a psychological effect on the visiting team.

  41. kapakahi:


    The orange seats were replaced over the past few probably never going to be replaced again.....for the remaining life of the stadium.

  42. oneseason:

    #28 ... And sometimes "big buck get comp'ed" ...

    UH was giving away about $2.5M in tickets per year (2010-2012 seasons) according to a 7-15-2013 SA article by Ferd Lewis. A portion of those seem to go to legitimate donors, but lots seemed to be going in ethically challenged directions. It would be good to see what has changed because that level of revenue could get UH athletics back in the black.

  43. el burro sabio:

    Eh we go sit in the green section

  44. st. anthony trojan:

    that is a lot of revenue spread out over the 6 sports... wonder what the percentages
    were 4 each sport of freebies ?

  45. kapakahi:

    BYU actively attempting to poach UH verbal commit JC LB Jonah Moi.....

  46. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day.

    Interesting that a "church" school would not honor a young mans "commit" and try to get him to change his word...imho