Wittek might join UH as walk-on

July 2nd, 2014

Former USC quarterback Max Wittek said nothing is final yet — there are more "conversations" with family, as well applications to be submitted and then accepted — but he acknowledged there is a "good possibility" he will join the Warriors as a walk-on.

If it works out, UH would add an experienced quarterback at no cost. Wittek, who currently is not enrolled at USC, would need to redshirt this season. He then would be eligible to compete as a fifth-year senior in 2015.

Wittek, who visited Hawaii during a 48-hour recruiting trip in March, said he has a "good relationship" with UH coach Norm Chow. Chow has had a long friendship with Steve Clarkson, who serves as Wittek's quarterback mentor.

"I feel great with coach Chow," Wittek said. "He's awesome. He's been so helpful through this whole process."

UH has five quarterbacks. Taylor Graham and Jeremy Higgins will be fifth-year seniors in the fall. Ikaika Woolsey will be a third-year sophomore, and Beau Reilly and Eric Prater are freshmen. Aaron Zwahlen, who is serving a mission, joins next summer.

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74 Responses to “Wittek might join UH as walk-on”

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  2. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!
    You da man, Shoji!
    You too Stephan!

  3. Buffoman:

    I hope there is another like Dave. He is truly one of our UH athletic heroes.

  4. DaveLetterMan:

    Morning, Tsaikos!
    You da man, Shoji!!
    I agree with papajoe, you da MAN ST!!!

  5. Shoko:

    I think Shoji's 50th season has a better ring to it. If there was any coach that should receive a hefty tenure bonus it should be Shoji. Seems now days most coaches looking for greener pastures and concerned more about the Benjamin's.

  6. ponojr:

    Here's to a great volleyball season!

    You da man, Shoji!

  7. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day.

    H-Zone off and running...some complaints about not enough Rainbow gear....how long has it been since the name change?...anyhoo, time to sell, sell, sell, make some monay for the school now.

  8. PONO:

    You do man, Shoji.

    Might be the best of both worlds. Get a BCS level QB at no expense this year. He'll be able to run a great scout team and give our D a good look while learning the play book to compete next year. Hope it all works out.

  9. Watabozo:

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    You da man, Shoji!

    GO BOWS!!!!!

  12. hatakeman:

    It's a gamble for Wittek (to transfer to Hawaii), but it seems he may have run out of options.

  13. jackleg preacher:

    I'm glad we might get wittek for free at this point, but i wonder if the guy would better serve himself to transfer down to a D1-AA program and play two years rather than putting everything on that last season. It does work for some ppl (russell wilson, etc) but it's a risk....

    You da man, Shoji!

  14. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all! Crucial question, did he select Hawai'i or did all the other alternatives not pan-out?

  15. 310Braddah:

    You da man, Shoji!!!!

  16. islandman:

    Concentrate on the future young QB's, instead of Wittek, since he has only one year left to play. I think it won't be such a good relationship with Chow, if he hardly plays here. The only one year wonder was Dan Robinson, that i can remember.

    If he's not enrolled at USC now, does that mean he graduated ?

  17. islandman:

    Oh, i see he will be a fifth year senior at UH.

  18. Shoko:

    I think FCS would benefit Wittek's college career more than coming to UH. He would have a better chance of actual playing time during his two years if he went the FCS route. If he came here he would most likely fill a backup role given the mandatory sit out and one year eligibility. If he somehow manages to start the following season (2015), it would mean that we're in the same situation of who will fill the role of a starting quarterback after he leaves.

  19. chopsueyboy:

    Bought jersey & t-shirt from H-Zone. Great deal, spent $100, got 2 vouchers for tickets any event. It's like spending only $20 because of the football tickets value totaling $80. The 100% Chinese blood is showing again.

  20. boolakanaka:

    He needs to contact 3-prong, and see if he can become a wildcat.

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    Nothing to lose, I guess.

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    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

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  26. nutmegger:

    #14 Boolakanaka asks the right question.

  27. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    There's a "good possibility" I will be happy to see Wittek on the field and throwing TDs for the Warriors in '15. Until then, welcome to the Warriors, Max!

    Lotta guys at QB next year and the year after - may the cream rise to the top and kick butt! Nuff said.

  28. jeff:

    I dont care who is here next year on our roster. If He comes here he is way better than anything we have now. We dont even have a clear cut starter.

  29. midnight:

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    Football!!! Hi ya'll!

    Not 100 degrees yet...

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    Awsome!!!!!! Welcome Max!!!!
    Love it!!!! Awsome news!!!

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    Good morning everyone!

    Great to have a Coach Shoji for 40 years at UH!
    His 41st year shirt image should be in color. ;)

  33. jimmy the lock:

    After Shoji retires he has the perfect name for a sliding door business.

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    33. Dave's Doors? You're right!

    And since I think the shirt should go to a more deserving person (than me). You Da Man ST!

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    Now that's funny NotNasti :lol:

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    You da man, Shoji!

    Looking forward to seeing Max Wittek a future Warrior.

  38. Lurker#8:

    You da man, Shoji!
    A respected and successful coach too.

  39. orioles fo eva:

    You da man, Shoji.
    Go Bows

  40. whitey:

    You da man, Shoji!!!

  41. st. anthony trojan:

    You da man, Shoji!

    He has been down in the quarry for so long...that me thinks he has seen it all....the good...the bad...and the ugly at UHAD...and his book should be very a interesting take on UHAD ...his previous players...and fellow coaches...

    My dream of his retirement would be a match at Aloha stadium (maybe his last) even maybe as a exhibition maybe, against the Japanese national team...or China...of that caliber...and preceded by two other team of same caliber....to set the Guiness record of "most spectators at a women's match"...and to have a sold out stadium...plus infield..if price is right...as a tribute to his dedication to the sport and also to his dedication to UH and all the fans over the 40 years...he has devoted to Hawaii volleyball as player, coach and father.

    Be a great big slap in his face...and embarrassment, to him and his family to see him go with just a "monkey pod bowl"....You da man, Shoji!....

    Is a good thing they did with the t-shirt...now just put the "icing" on the cake when the time comes...let the planning begin...

  42. whitey:

    if Coach Shoji is under the old system, this would be his maximum year. But the most important thing is that he decides when to retire, not anybody else making that decision.

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    you da man, shoji.

  44. al:

    shoji's shoji's

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    You da man, Shoji.

    I think Dave should be the new AD, as he has the experience, the direction, vision, and competancies you'd expect...Time for a change...Bring on Dave!

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    # 46...second that motion...with gusto

  48. Pete Jek:

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  49. jr98665:

    You da man, Shoji!

  50. nutmegger:

    Couldn't Wittek take classes at UH in the summer to finish the requirements for his USC degree and then have 2 years to play?

    I've known people that went to college A for 3 years and then went to state university B for a year and got their diploma from college A.

    Seems like Wittek may not be the brightest bulb in the box.

  51. RatMin:


  52. innocent observer:

    why would anyone would want to pick-up a QB with only one year of eligibility? especially one, who is not that great. by the way, if her waits until next year, chow will be gone. well maybe he can go to the next school who might hire chow after his miserable performance with UH.

  53. Turfwar:

    nutmeggar if you don't think a kid who is on the verge of graduating from SC in three years hasn't already thought out that scenero then your bulb must not be burning much brighter.

  54. Tarheel warrior:

    You da man, shoji !!

  55. I Wear Size XL:

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    Ya he is. Cant wait for fall camp to start up and catch the Warriors in Houston.

  57. Warrior Dave:

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    You da man, Shoji.

    Eh boo and d1, I'm sure the Cats would give him a shot! hehe

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    Found the shop...next to Olive Oil...
    Popeye's goil friend.

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    #53 Turfwar - I should not have impugned Wittek's brightness in the box, that was wrong.

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  68. whitey:

    good morning wafan. saw ed m last night and he sends his best to you. he said it's been a long time when he last saw you.

  69. Shoko:

    Lagafuaina seems to be a nice nose tackle addition. Does that mean Penitito will be on the move again?

  70. kkobi425:

    Story of former base Bow in Seattle Times.


  71. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    3-prong, boolakanaka,

    No doubt! The last D1 "ringer" led 'em to a NC!


  72. Shoko:

    Sounds like the Sacramento Police Department just landed a top prospect for their softball team.

  73. Dennis Halloran:

    Max Wittek, a fellow Monarch.
    Remember the Last Hawaii QB from Mater Dei and keep your fingers crossed.

  74. A-House:

    Seems my grand nephew got a baseball scholarship offer from Stanford - just completed his junior and is a pitcher for some high school in Seattle area - over 6' and is in the 90+ range for his fastball - has not accepted because he wants to be close to home and is waiting for an offer from Udub

    I told my brother that he has tons of blood relatives on Oahu and Kauai if he wants to attend UH.