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The ol' college try

July 5th, 2014

By most accounts, Brenden Urban is a good person, good student (pre-law studies) and good teammate.

By trade. Urban is a center. If he were asked to move to guard, he would — willingly and enthusiastically — sometimes with only minutes notice.

There was a numbers crunch last year, necessitating Urban's re-assignment to the scout team. He didn't grumble. Instead, he worked hard, and later was added to the 64-player travel squad.

But Urban, a Colorado resident who was at UH for two years after one season at Adams State, did not project to earn a football scholarship this coming semester. With yet another 7-percent hike in tuition, as well as the increasing cost of being a UH student, it appears Urban might not be able to afford to return to the Warriors this year.

That's a shame — for Urban and many students and families struggling to meet the cost of a college education.

For a non-resident, the tuition bill is $14,760 per semester. For WUE qualifiers, the discounted bill is $7,380 per semester.

According to the UH Web site, there are these additional per-semester fees:

• Board of Publications — $13

• Student Health — $88

• Campus Center Board — $15

• Campus Center Operations & Recreation — $175

• Student athletics — $50

• Student activity and program — $11

• Broadcast Communication Authority — $3

• UPASS Transportation — $30

• Associated Students of UH — $5

Also, according to UH, housing runs between $4,159 (for triple occupancy) to $10,550 per semester.

Then there are textbooks, lab fees, food, deodorant, toothpaste … well, you get the idea.

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