The ol' college try

July 5th, 2014

By most accounts, Brenden Urban is a good person, good student (pre-law studies) and good teammate.

By trade. Urban is a center. If he were asked to move to guard, he would — willingly and enthusiastically — sometimes with only minutes notice.

There was a numbers crunch last year, necessitating Urban's re-assignment to the scout team. He didn't grumble. Instead, he worked hard, and later was added to the 64-player travel squad.

But Urban, a Colorado resident who was at UH for two years after one season at Adams State, did not project to earn a football scholarship this coming semester. With yet another 7-percent hike in tuition, as well as the increasing cost of being a UH student, it appears Urban might not be able to afford to return to the Warriors this year.

That's a shame — for Urban and many students and families struggling to meet the cost of a college education.

For a non-resident, the tuition bill is $14,760 per semester. For WUE qualifiers, the discounted bill is $7,380 per semester.

According to the UH Web site, there are these additional per-semester fees:

• Board of Publications — $13

• Student Health — $88

• Campus Center Board — $15

• Campus Center Operations & Recreation — $175

• Student athletics — $50

• Student activity and program — $11

• Broadcast Communication Authority — $3

• UPASS Transportation — $30

• Associated Students of UH — $5

Also, according to UH, housing runs between $4,159 (for triple occupancy) to $10,550 per semester.

Then there are textbooks, lab fees, food, deodorant, toothpaste … well, you get the idea.

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  1. Ipu Man:

    Hmmm...Happy 5th everybody.

  2. whitey:

    Good morning Ipu Man and Tsaikos. Have a great day.

  3. Ipu Man:

    Brenden Urban lived two years in Hawaii so does not that make him a "resident"?
    Since he is studying "law".

  4. gobows:

    If he's been here for 2 years, why cant he be considered a resident?

  5. Ipu Man:

    GM to you, too, Whitey. :)

  6. A-House:

    Good question - what qualifies a student to be considered a "legal" resident of Hawaii? Is home of record the driving force? or, actually with "feet on ground"?

    and a belated 4th to all!!!

  7. whitey:

    Realistically, do we need to emphasize college education??? In this real world we need many other skilled workers who do not need a college degree, but need to have the basic education. We need alternative education program which will prepare the kids (or grownups) for jobs which do not require a college degree. In fact there are many more jobs in the community which pay more that do not require a college degree, i.e. tecnical mechanics, stevadores, etc. There is too much emphasis on college education and not enough on the alternatives. This includes the military which has an excellent program for many.

  8. Kapahulu:


  9. whitey:

    good morning col. will be going to the north country in a week and will think about you and 3 prong wen i am salmon fishing. hooooohaaaaaaa!!!!

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    True, a college education might not be necessary.
    But when I'm on the operating table, I would prefer if the surgeon attended a few classes, particularly the one focusing on hearts.

  11. tommui:


    WHITEY: If you catch more than your quota of Copper River ... well, you know where I live! :-)

  12. A-House:


    we leave in 12 days, but will be in the Juneau area

    nearly same time, but different place and different emphasis - looking for good size black cod and halibut

    two earlier groups came up with 100+ pounders, but no photo - only lodge shirt saying 100+ pound club

    Masaboy wants to beat his Aunty's 200# halibut!!!

  13. tommui:

    #10 - picky, picky, picky.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    I've got Alaska envy.
    I've been to Anchorage twice for the Great Alaska Shootout.
    I remember being in the rental-car lot, and I noticed that there was a certain saltiness to Alaska air in late November. Turns out my nose was running and I didn't even know it.
    But the food was really good. Particularly loved eating all the Disney animals —venison, buffalo, reindeer ...

  15. Stephen Tsai:

    Not as interesting as Louisiana food.
    At Ruston's Cajun Cafe, we had catfish, crawfish, alligator …
    Then again, maybe we didn't. Everything was deep-fried. We could have had deep-fried boogers and we would have believed it was a gator meat.

  16. Kapahulu:

    I also went to the grand opening of the H-Zone store. It is similar to the Rainbowtique Store with more room to move around between the racks. Did not see any Rainbow wear. They had the new Dave Shoji T-Shirts which looked nice and I understand were selling well.

    They said that they will have more items as we get closer to the season.

    Yes they are on POS, and it does have instant inventory information.

    There is a small stage for radio broadcasts, which they had on while I was there.

    The store is at the Diamond Head end of the ground floor of the Ward Shops.

    Still had the old Rainbowtique sign up outside the OLD store which may confuse some.

    Free Parking is available in the Parking Garage. They also have 30 minute free parking available on the first floor of the Parking Garage. Not too far away.

    Not too much foot traffic here.

    I think the new H-Zone at the Stan Sheriff Center may be more successful.

  17. whitey:

    col. that's super. this is our first attempt at going for kings and goal #1 is 50 lbs or bust. i not sure, but get one derby at the time, but i think to qualify or win the top prize, you need to top 50. that is mucho fish and not to mention dollars. and no need college education. hahahaha

  18. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    As the nation launches into its 239th year isn't there a practical solution to Urban blight?

    Best wishes to the young man...

  19. whitey:

    ok for counselor and host, will look for specialty fuud. st, you right, reindeer sausage is ono.

  20. whitey:

    d1, good morning and see that your mind is working. hahahahaaaa

  21. d1shima:


    Watching CFL (you know...the guys who need an extra man to git 'r done) and crackngup at the analyst's report.

    Every other line is punctuated with "'kay?"

    Dem Canucks...hilarious, eh?

  22. boolakanaka:

    With all due respect, the value of a college education, on a purely a nominal basis, more than pays for itself. Now, even in my own ohana, I have many relatives that are tradesmen, fishermen, law enforcement, and a couple of shady buggahs we won't talk about, but they all do well enough to own homes, put kids in school, and take a nice yearly vacation.

    That said, most studies, and there are a lot of them, say a BA is worth an extra 600-800K over a lifetime, a masters over a million, and a professional degree in the 2 million neighborhood. Now, education should always be about learning, but it also pays....

  23. d1shima:

    Howzit whitey! Have a safe and fun trip!

    You, too, A-house Ohana!

  24. d1shima:

    Big play for Mighty Mouse!

  25. lonomakana:

    I went up to Alaska, last summer to visit my wife's family. We did an overnight halibut trip out of Homer. Going overnight lets you fish your limit for two days for the price of one. We got a load of small ones but they taste better than the beasts, anyway. Up (way up north) in my wife's village, we caught Shiifish from the shore.

  26. d1shima:

    ...49 yard reception. Das 39 in 'Merica!

  27. d1shima:

    Isn't there someone with (808) ties on the RoughRiders?

  28. d1shima:

    ...not the one in Makiki

  29. d1shima:

    "Owt" of bounds. :lol:

  30. tommui:

    What residency requirements determine whether I pay resident or nonresident tuition?

    To qualify for resident tuition, you must have been a bona fide resident of Hawaiʻi for at least one calendar year (365 days) prior to the semester for which you want resident tuition status. This applies to adults 18 years of age or older. If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), your parents or court-ordered guardians must have been bona fide residents for the calendar year in question.

    In addition, whether you are an adult or minor, you must not have been claimed as a dependent for tax purposes by your parents or court-ordered guardians for the calendar year in question if they are not legal residents of Hawaiʻi.

    Return to top
    What is "bona fide residency"?

    Bona fide residency is similar to the legal concept of domicile. A person's domicile is the place where he or she lives permanently and returns to after any absence. To be a bona fide resident of Hawaiʻi, you must be physically present in the state and demonstrate during the calendar year in question your intent to make Hawaiʻi your permanent residence.

    Return to top
    How do I demonstrate my intent to make Hawaiʻi my permanent home?

    Intent for resident tuition purposes is based not on your future actions, but on what you have done in the immediate past (i.e., prior to the semester for which you want resident tuition status). The following documents may be required to help determine resident tuition:

    State of Hawaiʻi personal income tax, filing as a resident (required in all cases)
    State of Hawaiʻi Voter Certificate
    State of Hawaiʻi General Excise License
    Employment verification
    Bank account active in Hawaiʻi
    Lease agreement
    Proof of property ownership
    Other documents as needed

  31. d1shima:

    TD Owens!

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    Reindeer stew.
    I'm having flashbacks.

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, time to play, Our Favorite Canadians.
    Here are mine:
    1) Robin Scherbatsky
    2) Aubrey "Drake" Graham
    3) Dudley Doright

  34. Old School Dave:

    Don't know the specifics, but it is easier to claim residency in places such as Oregon, Washington, and even California. Know a number of local kids who claimed residency in those states in order to pay in-state tuition at universities and colleges on the West Coast (OSU, UO, UW, UCLA, etc) after a year there. In Hawaii it's more complicated due to our large transient population (I've been told). Alaska and Hawaii have a reciprocal program where residents of the two states can attend each other's state universities and pay resident tuition.

    Anyway, best of luck to Brenden Urban. I hope things work out for him.

  35. d1shima:


    Not sure about residency but in OR it is pretty easy for college students to claim eligibility for food stamps.

  36. hatakeman:

    I noticed that Regular Semester resident tuition for UH-Manoa increases about 8 to 9% annually from 2013-14 to 2016-17; $4575 ('13-'14) to $5688 ('16-'17). Semester tuition for Law-JD is $19,596 (2014-15) and Medicine is $33,600 (2014-15). You want to go to grad school-business, semester tuition is $9,624 (resident).

  37. d1shima:

    A Tsaiko who hasn't posted in a while would be partial to Michael Buble.

  38. Warrior Dave:

    No rainbow items at the new H zone sends a message that the true moneymaker is the Warrior H logo. Also tells me the athletic department is not totally bought in on running this store. You only have one grand opening to make a splash and get the word out. UH sounds like 8th failed with limited merchandise. They should have waited until August to launch just before Wahine VB and football and really bring in more merchandise. Just my opinion being an ex-retailer.

  39. boolakanaka:

    My favorite Canadians, in no particular order:

    Canada Dry
    Canadian Mist
    Canadian Club

  40. Shoko:

    I know some places require you to get a state drivers license, register to vote and have a residential address for one year in order to claim in-state tuition.

  41. Stephen Tsai:

    I think the bottom line is the bottom line: Public education is under-funded in Hawaii.
    Instead of giving the 4 percent raise to UH faculty, what about freezing UH tuition instead?

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    I think the idea of calling it the H-Zone is to emphasize that H is the brand.
    All of which goes back to that debate a couple of years ago. If there was going to be such a big noise about incorporating "rainbow" into nicknames, then make rainbow-themed merchandise. Or else, what was the point?

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    Someone once told me those self-serve Chevron stations make most of their money on their mini marts. That's what H-Zone needs: Snacks, drinks, coffee.
    If you want a quick drink/snack at Ward Centers, you have to go to a restaurant. (Or Bath, Bed and Beyond, which uses the self-serve-Chevron-station model.)

  44. 3-Prong:

    whitey & A-House: Oh man how I envy you guys. Good luck. Load "Em Up!
    King fishing ls my favorite. Years back got a #62 and that wasnt the biggest in our 5 man boat. Other guy got a #65 Kenai slab! Good luck on the halibut too. Big one for the pics, smaller ones #25-#35 for the table. Cheeee!
    No forget to smke some reds too.

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    H-Zone also needs mannequins. Even the headless ones (found at Ala Moana stores) would do.
    You just can't put all the jerseys clumped together on a rack.

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    Some things need translations.
    Board of Publications = Ka Leo.

  47. Stephen Tsai:

    Suppose UH-Manoa's enrollment was 14,500 for the 2013-14 academic year.
    That equates to $377,000 a year for BOP, which means — dammit — time to give Ka Leo writers/editors more money.

  48. d1shima:

    Halftime Question

    Thinking back on all the fuud you ate yesterday, where did all the blue in the fuud go this morning?

  49. Old School Dave:

    ST: I like the idea of putting a mini mart or a coffee shop in the H Zone. Gas stations saw the value and revenue potential of a mini mart instead of a repair garage years ago. Nice to have a place for people to grab a bite or cup of coffee.

  50. d1shima:

    The problem with selling fuud in the H-Zone is gonna be some "voices" in the university community will argue for "healthy" choices. Trust me, no one buys healthy snacks/drinks.

  51. boolakanaka:

    ST, you make solid points, but nationally, and this is what most data says, that full-time faculty salaries have been stagnant, and an increasing proportion of instruction is being shifted to part-time faculty members who are poorly paid, and not provided with benefits.

    As a result, the paradox is that the proportion of higher-education spending that goes to instruction has been declining. Thus, it begs the question, what the hell is driving tuition hikes?

    In short, and again, generally speaking, tuition prices have been rising, in part, because state funding is providing a smaller proportion of revenues, and institutions have shifted more of the burden to students and their families, Adding to all of this, is that financial aid awards have not kept pace, and have been converted primarily into loans rather than grants, thus increasing the student debt burden.

  52. nutmegger:

    Yesterday St Anthony Trojan wondered if I'd comment on the Guam G-Spot. Surprisingly enough I have been on Guam several times for work at the Navy Base. We were working on the proposed move of the Marines on Okinawa to Guam, but for a variety of reasons that got put on hold.

    Marine Corps Drive certainly does have a number of gentlemen's establishments. I can't recall exactly where the bar was, but there was one that had a big sign for X-otic Girls, which we used to joke about. Anyway, what happens in Guam stays in Guam. No comment.

  53. Old School Dave:

    UH Athletics should strike up a deal with 7/11 Hawaii, like they have with the Hawaii Food Industry Association (Rainbow Fever Program). Pacific Beverages is another local company, but doing business with a liquor distributor may ruffle some feathers in the community.

  54. Gmoney:

    Did ST just say, 'by most accounts'? What did the other guys say? hehe...

  55. nutmegger:

    Community input can alter 7-11 policies. Kailua 7-11 near high school was asked not to sell alcohol by the neighborhood and they complied.

    They sell tons of spam musubi instead.

  56. Dennis Halloran:

    Toronto Argos look like a completely different team this week!

  57. st. anthony trojan:

    Whitey n A-House...have a good n safe trip....

  58. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Food and drink in a store that sells mostly apparel might not be desirable. People touch and examine clothing with both hands If you went to a rack to buy, say, a shirt and saw a liquid stain or a piece of rice stuck on it, most people will reach further back and grab a clean one.

    Soon, you will have at least one of everything somehow soiled with the food or drink you are selling. I wonder-- if you wash or dry clean (at additional expense), can you still sell it as "new"? How do clothing stores handle this?

  59. boolakanaka:

    Owens having a huge game......

  60. st. anthony trojan:

    "H-Zone also needs mannequins." is the new marketing mannequins seen in a clothing store...another first for UHAD ....maybe coming in August when other sports apparel come on board for their respective season..

    N 'zero' rainbow stuff ?....guess the cashiers not need to worry about getting 'finger cramps' from punching the olde register...guess in this case... scanning the tag...

    BigWave96744 # 69 yesterdays post...seems like they were doing "triple keystone" plus at windward mall a few years ago...maybe the same buyer...n no lessons learned...

  61. Stephen Tsai:

    I was going to say H-Zone needs dummies but I know what sort of comments that would lead to.

  62. nutmegger:

    Maybe the H stands for "haze" as in "purple haze". Might explain a lot, but not the G-Spot, hafa adai.

  63. st. anthony trojan:

    Well when a journalist...(aka sports columnist...chief Tsaiko) can walk into a clothing store...n notice it needs .... a full plastic dummy or half dummies or even just frontal his credit...
    n should behoove a "manager of said store" or Marketing manager up at UHAD...TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL N GET A JOURNALIST DEGREE...MAYBE huh ?

    Lighting n display...two very very important points in selling merchandise...

    Next time ne one goes to E. K. Fernandez carnival...look at the lights at night around the game tent...seems more lighted then days...worked at carnivals all over the USA at State fairs during the summer time...took wife n kids to Canada...n many states...n every one of them...
    had lights galore at night...sumone should have learned that in their marketing class...

    Walking around with Kane Fernandez one time at the Fair at Aloha Stadium...n one light bulb was burnt a game booth...he had a fit.. he he he something I learned from him n many other operators on the mainland...very good lesson...never forgot that..

    Crank up the lights the H ZONE....

  64. BigWave96744:

    A long time donor told me, "Why change the name to Rainbow Warriors, then abandon the name Rainbowtique and open a store with hardly anything regarding Rainbow Warriors?"

  65. BYee:

    The young man should get a hawaii driver lic. nd register to vote here.

  66. NotNasti:

    34. Old School Dave: States like Washington, Oregon and California have closed the loophole for allowing out-of-state students to establish residency. In those three states (currently), if the non-resident is a full-time student, they cannot obtain residency for in-state tuition purposes. The only way they an gain residency is to move into the state, establish residency, take no more than 6 credits per semester/trimester in addition to establishing residency by other means (driver's license, voter registration, paying taxes, etc.). I know this because my son just returned home after graduating from UW. Believe me, I am a lawyer and tried to figure out a way for him to gain residency while remaining a full-time student. My friend bought a house in Seattle, put the title in his son's name, had him move to WA right after graduation, and he still couldn't establish residency. No Can! The Mrs. didn't agree with my suggestion that he move out and work before attending school (and establish residency). I don't know about UH's policy for establishing residency.

  67. Ipu Man:

    Maybe a mannequin in UH football pads and gear...

  68. al:

    14...then, you don 't want to know where i am.

  69. al:

    favorite canadians...
    pamela anderson
    pam...ops already said that
    celine dion
    neil young

  70. boolakanaka:

    66--You are correct counselor. Most state legislatures, saw that institutions were finding their own specific loopholes, and monopolizing for their own specific needs, like getting recruited athletic walk-ons, state residency after an academic year. Or like where I went to law school, they gave me a scholarship the first year, and then let me be a resident my 2nd year, which then allowed them to provide me with a tuition waiver, which only residents were eligible to receive for the last 2 years.

  71. st. anthony trojan:

    # 70 boolakanaka.... are you saying..College Presidents...AD's n Coaches "bend" the rules
    2 get athletes to their school....he he he he...

    In the end it is all good...for u ne way... cuz u used ur education to better ur-self n ur community...
    but me...i have one question please...if you care to answer... what was ur plan 'B' if that did not work out ?

  72. Former UH Athlete:


    You forgot to mention the ridiculous parking pass system and security all to quick to write up citations. Need to factor in a few hundred bucks for those items. Then they have the nerve to hold your degree hostage until you pay off parking fines.

  73. yes you need to go to college:

    Ever wonder why there are so few very successful people in hawaii between 25-40 in Hawaii? Thats because they go to college on the mainland and do not come back. Hawaii is the only place I know that being a cop, fireman, or at the shipyard is a families dream. Its a last resort for people that do not go to college. Anyone that thinks they should prepare their kids for real life jobs has one of those jobs listed above and cant afford college anyway.

  74. Boolakanaka:

    71---Prince of Maui no ka oi--Neva had plan b. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, and next thing you know, I had a little tail wind, and well, only one way to go-imua. But, will say there was a time when I was in my early 20s, like at 23-24, I was headed down a road, to a place which had three Cs in its name. Luckily, I had some ohana with HPD and others, and they literally pushed me in another direction-cause I was one punk at that point. Thank Akua for people with good hearts, but even stronger hands, if you know what I mean...

  75. Old School Dave:

    #66 - NotNasti: Thanks for that information update. Kind of sad to hear, but not surprised. With so many Hawaii and other out-of-state kids claiming residency after a year up there, those universities (in WA, OR, CA) administrators realized that they were losing out on some serious tuition money. As I mentioned, it was quite common practice and I knew of a number of local kids and their families who were gaining residency at West Coast schools that way.

  76. Andrew:

    73. Those aren't necessarily last resort jobs. And if I'm not mistaken don't shipyard workers make good money? There are a lot of college graduates that go for those careers as well. If they enjoy what they do why should it matter?

  77. nutmegger:

    No back-up plan gives you more motivation to make plan A work.

  78. al:

    73...what an idiot.

  79. papajoe2:

    How does the WUE work for some Pacific Northwest schools? Anybody know? Other states have that? Colorado?

  80. st. anthony trojan:

    Thanks # 74...most of us have some 'problems' when we get very smart..n begin to know it all...n this are new times ..n the old folks (parents, ohana etc.) not know what they talk about...n have to get "hand instructions'...for want of a better word..

    If you not end up in 'bulla bulla' land...where u think you would have gone...?? Did you have a hand in getting Mr. Sumida there ?

  81. Old School Dave:

    79 - PapaJoe: From my understanding not all eligible students are awarded tuition discounts and there is a limit on the number of out-of-state students given such discounts by participating schools (I assume it must be competitive). Noticed that none of the UC schools, along with UW, OSU, UO participates in this program. WSU does, though.

  82. boolakanaka:

    80--Kanaka Trojan...The irony for all of my "trouble-maker" days, is that during law school, I was actually recruited by the FBI, mostly they were looking for men of color, as in many instances they are in many instances the only one that can do real undercover work. Well, I just took the bar and had a job at a firm, and Mrs. Boola had just started medical school.

    I get a call, and lo-and-behold, I get a call in DC, and they say I am scheduled for a class in the coming fall in Quantico, at the FBI academy. Well, even though I have never been accused of being too akamai, I did know that I needed to talk to my wife about this decision, cause I was gung-ho about going. Well, for anyone that knows my wife, she is totally laid back, and all she really cares about is ohana and being a doctor--period. But, in this one instance, she made it clear and firm, that she felt uncomfortable about it--mainly the secrecy of it, and not being able to share that part of my life.

    Well, in retrospect, I made a very solid decision. I still have buddies in the FBI, and they are all divorced, some on their 3rd or 4th go-round--no judgement, but it does run havoc on your personal life. That said, they got the best stories around the campfire, and I think, I would have really enjoyed it--but, the path I took, turned out pretty good.

    Oh, we have a Maui girl, living with us, her pops in an ex LT for MPD, last name Aiwohi, they still live in homestead. Nice having young energy around the house.....

  83. boolakanaka:

    Is the WUE, the old WICHE program?

  84. A-House:

    got an idea:

    can someone at the UHAD work with Larry Ellison's Island Air staff to offer an air fare, bus, ticket package for all UH home football games or just air and bus? fly in and fly out after the game - no baggage and no need hotel room. just fill plane with and without UH fans

    since Hawaiian Air will NOT put the "H" logo on its planes maybe Island Air will do for up to 3 of its planes for Kauai, Maui, and Big Island and call it the Rainbow Warrior Express. If can, arrive within 10-20 minutes of each other mid-afternoon and hop on the bus to Aloha Stadium

    publicize it to death over radio ( such as Perry & Price ) and TV early - like now!!!!!

  85. st. anthony trojan:

    Well...thanks for ur seemed to be living a very good n fruitful life there with the it seems obvious that both of you chose the right path..she still practice yet...???

  86. kapakahi:

    Hopefully Coach will seriously re-consider granting Urban a scholie......being that Urban was listed on the 2-deep on the Post-Spring depth chart......although probably the 3rd team center behind Afusia & Clarke......but still ahead of some scholie OL.....

  87. 99club:

    Best wishes to Mr. Urban. Hope things work out for him and he gets to play somewhere soon. Does he have to sit a year even though he wasn't on scholarship?

  88. kapakahi:


    Walk-on transfers don't need to sit out another redshirt season.....and can play right away.

    For example, Charles Clay walked on at SMU......but transferred to UH and played his first season without sitting out.....before being put on scholie by UH.

  89. st. anthony trojan:

    A-House is good... but better get hotel at airport one night.. n leave in morning back to respective island...or plane get there late at night... n crew have to stay over or come back empty maybe..fare would be to high me thinks..n can stay sunday go swap meet..then go need rent car..

    Hotel can take them to game.. n back.. n have free airport shuttle...

    I did that when we played Alabama...n was in the end zone in Alabama section...n lo n behold.. me get back to work monday...n was a celebrity of sorts.. as the camera panned the Alabama section when they lost... n there I was...all at work knew where i was that weekend...

  90. 99club:

    #88 Thanks, kapakahi.

  91. Stephen Tsai:

    So, I'm at a wedding reception and sitting at our table is ... Surfdog!!! Blog readers are everywhere.

  92. el burro sabio:

    Re: #84
    That's one of the problems in trying to fill up a larger stadium here, people cannot routinely pack everything in the truck and drive 250 miles to attend home games like on the mainland. We need a way to get thousands from the neighbor islands here on game day.

  93. oneseason:

    The H-Zone store in Ward Center seemed pretty dark (bordering on funereal) to me. The spotlights just don't provide enough light. Admittedly, I felt that way about most of the shops except for BB&Beyond. It probably doesn't help that the current H-Zone products are mostly dark green. As I recall, the Rainbowtique at the Stan Sheriff Center is much brighter; it probably doesn't hurt that more of the items are brightly colored.

  94. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Evening...Tsaikos...bootiful Evening.

    hmmm...Warrior Football night stay....plane fare...package..someone make it work....or

    build one bridge from the neighbor islands....or...super ferry!.......again?

  95. Papakolei-n:

    #73 is a bozo! People don't come back because the cost of living in paradise is 2 high! Obviously it is cheaper 2 live in the mainland, everybody says the cost of stuff in hawaii is so expensive! Of course it is, we can't just drive to another state, we have to ship it or fly it here! #73 get a clue!

  96. nutmegger:

    Remember the adds to buy land in Montana? The kid says, "Come be my neighbor. For sure."

    Land was cheap compared to Hawaii, that was why people bought there. The big sky country may appeal to some, but in January where would you rather be?

  97. 97.:

    97. .....

  98. Stephen Tsai:

    That kid was Kalani Dorian, right?

  99. st. anthony trojan:

    # 93 oneseason... did you buy stuff ? was the merchandise ok 4 ur taste ?

  100. BigWave96744:

    #88, if a walkon was an "Invited" Walkon, he would have to sit out if transferring to another D1 School. The question is, was Brenden Urban an invited walkon when he left Adams St to be reunited with his HS teammate Ben Clarke???

  101. Stephen Tsai:

    Make that Kalani Doroen

  102. st. anthony trojan:

    dang puka 100 already...