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Taxing situation

July 12th, 2014

You know none of Scott Harding's punts resulted in a touchback last year.

You know Harding also is used as a slotback, punt returner, holder and offset kickoff returner.

But did you know that he pays taxes on his football scholarship?

As a non-resident alien, the Australian resident's scholarship is considered taxable wages and subject to U.S. federal tax withholding.

Remember to thank Harding if that rail is ever built.

* * * * *

Jerrol Garcia-Williams exited spring training as a No. 1 inside linebacker on the depth chart.

Now there are  plans to use Garcia-Williams as an outside linebacker in several situations. Garcia-Williams, a junior who has never redshirted, is considered as a top pass-rusher. He finished with 67 tackles, fifth best among the Warriors, in 2013.

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