The Warrior Beat

Long-snapper is no longer a long shot

July 15th, 2014

Remember Brian Hittner?

The Saddleback College long-snapper has battled for a year to earn enough transferrable credits to compete for the Warriors. Well, the struggle is nearly over, and Hittner is set to join.

If everything goes as expected, Hittner will be on the Warriors' 105-player roster for training camp, which opens Aug. 1.

The Warriors have reserved five spots for specialists. Placekicker Tyler Hadden, punter Ruben Guzman and long-snapper Brody Nakama already have claimed three spots. Hittner would take the fourth. Ceejay Santos  might be No. 5. Or UH might bring in a kicker from the mainland.

For now, it appears long-snapper Tyler Liana and kickers Aaron Novoa and Kainoa McDonald, a recent Punahou graduate, are in the "bullpen" — reserve players who might be activated on Aug. 26, the first day of UH's fall semester, when rosters are permitted to expand.

In calculating roster spots, UH is fortunate because punter/punt returner Scott Harding counts as a slotback and long-snapper Kawika Borden, who is recovering from various ailments, is grouped with the safeties.

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