Warriors add kicker

July 16th, 2014

Ryan_WeeseFormer Oklahoma State kicker Ryan Weese is transferring to  UH and is expected to participate in training camp next month.

Weese received preliminary approval, although his admittance has not been finalized.

If approved, he would be a sophomore this year, eligible to compete this season, and have three years to play three seasons.

This past spring, Weese joined OSU as a walk-on after transferring from Hutchinson Community College. A player usually has to redshirt a season after transferring between FBS schools. Weese qualifies for an exemption because he was an unrecruited walk-on at OSU and initiated contact with the Warriors. Weese said he has known Chris "Demo" Demarest, UH's special teams coordinator, for several years.

Weese converted his first nine field-goal attempts last year. But his overall stats were skewed after he went  1 of 7 against Butler in a late October game in which both teams combined  to miss 10 of 13 FG attempts. "It was one of those days," said Weese, who several times was called to race onto the field with the play clock at 10 seconds or less.

Weese was a three-year starter at receiver in high school. With a soccer background, he was summoned as a kicker, too. He then attended a kicking combine where he  finished in the top five, spurring a decision to compete as a kicker at the next level.

UH kicker Tyler Hadden will be a fifth-year senior this season.

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64 Responses to “Warriors add kicker”

  1. tommui:


  2. NorthShoreFan:

    hoooo...lots of "wanna transfers"...how much room we get?

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    Weese is joining.
    He has three years of eligibility remaining.

  4. hatakeman:

    Lots of transfers and/or potential transfers, but seems slow on 2015 recruiting front.

  5. Ipu Man:

    How do you pronounce his name? Wheezy? Or Whees?

  6. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    'Elima! Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    Welcome to the Warriors Weese!

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    Wheeze. Like the sound old people make when they walk up stairs quickly.

  8. Ipu Man:

    Or the sweet sound of the football rushing through the uprights...

  9. man eating apple:

    Don't have to worry about him missing 6 FG attempts in a game at UH.

  10. jimmy the lock:

    Waiting for the last minute, "Warriors add another QB" blog topic.

  11. Inyoface:

    We need a reliable kicker. 3 points is better than none.

  12. jimmy the lock:

    First you need to get in field goal range...

  13. begreen:

    okst did not play butler last season?

  14. Rodney:

    Have we ever had a football coaching
    staff recruit so much. Don't know
    results yet, but its exciting.
    Please JJ come back!

  15. sofaking_blk:


    Are the Warriors looking to add another QB or are they satisfied with the QBs they already have?

  16. boolakanaka:

    7--ST-Isn't Weezy, the nickname of George Jefferson's wife on the Jeffersons?? See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWmGslTBumo

  17. jeezy33:

    14. Recruit this much? Probably not.... But probably the worst strategic recruiting...

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: QB
    Wittek is going to walk on so, for now, UH is set at the position. By the way, Woolsey is lighting it up in workouts. His QB coach from NorCal was in town recently to help with unsupervised drills.

  19. Inyoface:

    Could Prater be a dark horse QB? We shall see.

  20. Rodney:

    #17 Ok. Like recruiting defense
    I think a couple O-line players are needed!

  21. jeezy33:

    20. Unless Tui Unga sticks on the DL, we will be thin after Samia, Yap, Malepeai leave. Tulimasealii is going to be really good, but depth is most important part of a strong D line. But for the most part, I think our defensive recruits are much better than offensive. I don't see a strong option behind Iosefa at RB. Verdict still out on DSJ. All the QBs going in are unproven which is unfortunate for season 3.

  22. boolakanaka:

    A little bit of blog news on ex Warrior Kealoha Pilares---After all the offseason talk about the Panthers wanting to give young wideouts Tavarres King and Marvin McNutt opportunities, Kealoha Pilares might have made the biggest impact among the holdovers at receiver. Pilares, who lost most of the past two seasons to injuries, showed good quickness on underneath routes and caught nearly everything thrown his way.

    • Pilares, the only remaining member of the 2011 draft class besides Newton, is almost a lock to make the team because of his return skills. Pilares is the top kickoff returner, and also is in the mix to return punts.

  23. A-House:

    ST: #7

    how da heck did you hear me walking upstairs?

    do we have a capital rotunda connection?

  24. A-House:

    I am truly amazed at the interest in UH football by outsiders knowing that if UH has another "bad season", new coach will be on board......unless, they know something we don't

    ST, wots da drum beet on dis???

  25. A-House:

    I watched, with interest and heavy heart, the How Do You Remember Viet Nam last evening on Channel 2.

    Altho they only interviewed only 4 "vets", there are many, including Tsaikos, who went to Nam - brought back many painful memories - yes, there are many thousands of Nam vets who needed medical and social help, but there was very little support for those who returned with combat duty and all vets who went to Nam - just as there as many who will refuse to discuss what happened - just like many returning 100th Bn soldiers from WWII

    fortunately, America learned this painful lesson and treated Iraq and Afghanistan vets differently

    the "will of the people" is a tremendous mover and shaker and has absolutely nothing with NFL championships or MLB or World Soccer or Super Bowl

  26. A-House:


    thanks for the update on Kealoha as we have not seen his parents for a while!

    we knew he was injured the past 2 years and his mom was concerned.

  27. A-House:

    appears that "kicking" will be very competitive come August!

  28. boolakanaka:

    AHouse--no problem. Brudhha will make about 670K this year--so, plenty of motivation!!

  29. BigWave96744:

    Is Hadden 100% healed?

  30. 808WarriorFan:

    What is this guy's range for FG's ?????

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    Not sure.

  32. haka:


  33. gobows:


    Depends on the wind

  34. Inyoface:

    I still got faith in Taylor Graham, last year he played as if was scared of getting sacked. If he has faith in the O-line and the running back he should play and execute plays better.

  35. A-House:


    itsy, bitsy kine info - kicker's bio says he is a 2014 HS grad - did he grad early to go to CC and Oklahoma St?

  36. bowwar:

    I believe Graham will be the "wild card" in the QB race...I think Graham has the skillsets, but is still unproven due to injuries and a flaky offensive line. I do think that Chow needs to adapt his offense to compensate for a weak line, but resorting to more R&S principles and using a short passing game. Also, it would be nice to have our QBs use a better and varied cadence to forestall any defense cheating on the counts, etc.

  37. bowwar:

    Any word on that rumored RB transfer???

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, legal people, explain this one to me.
    John McEnroe's son was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of drugs.
    Another guy, the alleged dealer, was arrested on suspicion of criminal possession with intent to distribute.
    "Intent" indicates he wanted to distributed but yet hadn't completed the transaction. If it wasn't completed, then the drugs still belong to the dealer, right? It seems only one of them — the dealer or the recipient — can be charged with possession.

  39. 3-Prong:

    Cool event at the Hulilau today.
    Manti Jersey autographed: check
    Mariota football autographed: check
    Humble guys, Hawaii should be proud.

  40. Ralph:

    #38 Stephen, if the dealer had a load of drugs and sells one unit to McEnroe, McEnroe is in possession of drugs, dealer with a pocket full is also in possession with intent to distribute to any other buyer.

  41. Down with...:

    Intent....could also mean having product on you that is broken down to be sold. In Hawaii if you have a medical marijuana card, you can have 3 ounces of dry "smokeable" material on you legally without being arrested. Have that same amount with a medical card and the 3 ounces broken down into 1/8's or 20 sacks and individually packaged then that's "intent" to sell and distribute.

  42. A-House:


    eye no dat wea u sta no mo inta net

    but hope U catchin da beeg one!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    I suppose there should an insanity clause if you're related to John McEnroe, Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal.

  44. NotNasti:

    ST: Both the dealer and the buyer can be charged with possession of a single bag/bindle of drugs, if there is evidence (eyewitness, forensics) that prove that both individuals "possessed" the drugs. Possession with intent to distribute relates to the person's state of mind. Possession with intent to distribute probably warrants a stiffer penalty (it does in Hawaii). The fact that the drugs were sold/distributed to another person is evidence of the dealer's state of mind (intent to distribute).

  45. nutmegger:

    You can pick your friends, but you can't pick...

  46. jimmy the lock:

    Good ting no mo intent to DUI while carrying 4 6-packs to the car.

  47. Manoa Mist:

    #41. Not true. The medical marijuana card states you cannot be prosecuted in Hawaii for marijuana possession, regardless if the allowable limit is in 10,000 bags, 1 bag or in your sugar bowl. Since their is no marijuana dispensary, many patients ration out their supply to be sure they have the medicine on hand on a consistent basis to deal with their medical issue until they are able to resupply either thru growing or dealing thru the black market.

  48. jimmy the lock:

    Any Medical marijuana doctor in the house? Time to get a card.

  49. islandman:

    Ryan Weese kicked for Hutchinson CC last year, and was a walk on for only spring at Oklahoma St., if a few readers didn't get the gist of the blog entry.

  50. AllG:

    ST any news if any of the transfers you mentioned in previous post will actually be transferring to UH?

  51. BigFan:

    A House,
    How do you know Kealoha's mom? I used to work with her.

  52. Stephen Tsai:


  53. Stephen Tsai:

    They're working hard on the Oregon guy.

  54. A-House:

    Big Fan:

    We met them several years ago at the Colorado game - they were seated directly in front of us.

    Thereafter, we became friends and visited them several times at their UH tailgates at home - Mrs. Pilares often exchanged emails with Midori 7

  55. kapakahi:


    What about the Nebraska guy?.......or the U-Dub guy?

  56. kapakahi:

    UH website with an updated football roster.....including expected recruited newcomers.....except greyshirts (Furuta, Lambert, Riggins, Williams) and LDS missions (Richards, Lauaki).

    Updated roster even includes the expected walk-ons (DeMattei, Eldridge, Kauahi, Patton, Prater, Tuinei)......but does not include JC transfer candidates CBs Cesar Fermin (Moorpark CC) and Jamal Mayo (Laney CC).....nor potential U-Dub transfers (Lagafuaina & Stevenson).

  57. kapakahi:

    Coaches must feel that Poti will be special......'cuz he'll be wearing #54.

  58. kapakahi:

    BTW, just noticed that senior OT David Griffin is MIA from the updated roster.


  59. Stephen Tsai:

    Relax, people.
    I've got the real roster right here.
    I've been doing this for nearly 30 years. When things happen officially, I'll let you know.

  60. Ralph:

    Remember Stephen is on his vacation, if he gave up all of his scoops now he won't have much left to write about when he returns to work.

  61. kapakahi:


    Even so......still good to see all the newbies.......Stubblefield, Prater, Reilly, Lewis, Jackson, Rogers, Nelson, Small, Mageo, Eldridge, Poti, Fairchild, Tavai, Tuinei, Kauahi, Patton, Eli, Chung, Josey, Patterson, Torres, Gifford......in their nice green UH polo shirts.

  62. Stephen Tsai:

    There were some non-football-related issues that will influence the roster.
    But as we all know, things happen slowly at UH, so some things take a little longer to materialize.

  63. Stephen Tsai:

    But starting Tuesday, there will be enough stories every day that should satisfy everyone's football jones — although by jones I don't mean June.

  64. BigFan:

    #54 AHouse, thanks for the info. I used to know her from my Hawaiian telecom days. We had some big football names whose family worked there but cannot remember now. Nick Maafala's wife and sister in law who married one of the other ex UH players. I wish my memory was better but we had a lot of Punahou, St. Louis, and Iolani people there so bound to have some connections (although Kealoha was a Damien guy).