Travel day

July 21st, 2014

The blog is taking its show to Las Vegas for the Mountain West football media preview.

We 'll have expanded posts soon. For now, we're, um, doing research.

Joey Iosefa and Beau Yap arrive tomorrow morning.

57 Responses to “Travel day”

  1. Ipu Man:

    Excellent research hopes for you.

  2. T0fuzuke:

    Represent 808!

  3. kifi:

    Beau Yap. Is that former HPD Major John Gerard's grandson? Wow, apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  4. Shoko:


  5. tommui:


    Just WIN!
    (blackjack? slots?)

  6. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!




  7. kifi:

    Three great reps for Hawaii football, Iosefa, Yap, and Tsai. Kupa'a!

  8. Maddog50:

    Getting cloer

  9. Maddog50:

    Should be getting closer

  10. (Jesse)James:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!!!

    Been a long time...

    Ummmm....Do I go PASS or No Pass.....Maybe I need to ask gramps or D1....MWAHAHHAHA

  11. (Jesse)James:

    kifi....Is Beau related in anyway to Boyd??? Inquiring minds want to know??? LMAO :-)

  12. st. anthony trojan:

    if ST hits it really big in his research...will he solve BJ small problem ???

  13. gobows:


  14. Stephen Tsai:

    How come Boyd doesn't build a hotel in Hawaii?

  15. (Jesse)James:

    Oh you've done it ST....LOL

  16. tom-warriornation:

    Hawaii-SDSU road game tickets Oct. 18

    50 yard sideline seats right behind our Warrior bench in Field Sections 5 & 6 for $20 each.
    I got the last remaining block of 102 seats here so let me know if you need tickets.

    email me:

  17. Shoko:

    Legalize gambling in Hawaii and Sam Boyd would be the first to build a hotel casino.

  18. ALLAN:


  19. bpiccolo:

    How come Boyd doesn't build a stadium in Hawaii?

  20. bpiccolo:

    The NFL should help to build a stadium in Hawaii for the Pro bowl, combines and the draft.

  21. bpiccolo:

    Anyone who bus a home in Hawaii and doesn't live in it full time should be taxed a transient tax for to count for their non-community involvement. A portion of that tax should go to Hawaii sports for community enrichment.

    Mark Takai you really want to get elected? Get on it now dude!

  22. Down with....:

    #17 vegas comission and sam boyd corp would never allow hawaii to legalize gambling. Vegas would lose alot of income. When sam boyd lived here in hawaii he realized one thing...hawaii likes to gamble....hence "vacations hawaii".

  23. Shoko:

    Interesting development from Media Days.

    "Walk-on cornerback Promise Amadi also is no longer on the Boise State team. The Hawaii transfer sat out last season and was a redshirt junior this year. No reason was provided for his departure, either."

  24. Shoko:

    A valid point, but if Hawaii were to legalize gambling it wouldn't be up to Vegas or Boyd.

  25. Andrew:


    Agreed. Vegas would not allow it to happen here. Pretty sure there would be a lot of shady under the table stuff going on if it became even a possibility. Not that it doesn't happen already at the legislature.

  26. Lowtone123:

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...until you get lit up on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  27. Shoko:

    I think people believe that Vegas has the power to influence government in another state. Besides, I think its pretty clear that people of Hawaii and its legislature don't want gambling in Hawaii or the social ills that come with it. Yet, every year there is always a proposal to legalize some form of gambling in the state.

  28. Andrew:

    It would be nice though if Boyd sponsored a stadium here considering the amount of money Hawaii residents pump into their economy.

  29. tom-warriornation:

    Anyone know if Oceanic will do live-streaming of home games like 2 years ago? Didn't they stop it last year--they used to charge $12.50 per game--think they lost a lot of money by stopping it.

  30. d1shima:

    Whoa! Easy dere. Hawaii people represent a big chunka kala in the Cal but the LV economy as a whole? How you figgah?

  31. d1shima:


    More lessons needed for Gramps. :lol:

  32. Old School Dave:


  33. Shoko:

    29. Last season the Mountain West Network (Campus Insider) began streaming various conference games that weren't picked up by the major sports networks (ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, PAC12 etc.). There were a few Warrior home games that were streamed on the Campus Insider website like Fresno State, San Jose State and Colorado State.

    30. I don't think gambling in Hawaii would impact the Cal as much as folks think. These are two destinations that offer different things aside from gambling. Hawaii folks would still go to Vegas just like people in Reno still go to Vegas to gamble.

  34. jimmy the lock:


  35. nutmegger:

    The Pakalolo Bowl - light 'em up

  36. Kapaa Warrior:

    Yah.....bummers Oceanic Time Warner Cable stopped the live streaming of UH games! I know why they did it though? Because everybody was purchasing the live streaming and then using their HDMI cable to feed it to their flat screens! Well that's what we were doing anyway! A lot cheaper for us man!

  37. whitey:

    Gaming survey in the past for LV showed that income per capita for them was 1, California, and 2 Hawaii. Gaming in Vegas is already losing business from CA, but if Hawaii has gaming, a huge chunk of income for LV will be anticipated. Not to mention the lickings Hawaiian Airlines will take. The super side is that the money will remain in Hawaii.

  38. whitey:

    s a trojan, just saw jr and he said his grandson, cory tesoro, might be playing pro basketball in manila if he made the cut.

  39. whitey:

    3 prong and col, great fishing trip to the north country. tried to catch a halibut, but instead caught my first king. neva get sick this time.

  40. whitey:

    st, checked the stores, but couldn't find any reindeer sausage for you.

  41. jimmy the lock:

    What's the new UH President plans for UH Athletics? Any peeps?

  42. st. anthony trojan:

    Glad to see you back safe there in Kula...must be a wee bit warm for you now..he he he

    will check out the PBA... see if he is still around..

    glad you got a "big" one...hope you n ohana enjoyed..

  43. boolakanaka:

    If gaming ever came to Hawai'i, it would not only rupture Las Vegas, it would turn the global market on its head. Because of it already being a destination spot, coupled with being an island, it would take significant market share away from both Macau and Las Vegas. The multiples that I have heard do not range in the billions, but rather in the tens of billions. Also, gaming could be contained in a singular away and thus attract capitalization directly back to wall street, private banking and hedge funds. While many talk about the potential influence of a criminal element, in actuality, they are just outliers considered against traditional banking interest.

    Now, having gaming approved by the legislature is an all-together different question....

  44. ALLAN:


  45. My take:

    Would it be possible to put a hotel/casino/stadium all in one. Pay an entry fee to get in the gates unless you stay in the hotel. Purchase a tickets if you want to attend football on game days. Boyd gets all the gaming rev and UH gets all stadium rev. Split the parking. Split any combo merchandise sales. It would be a first in the country. Inouye is no longer here. Let's make it happen.

  46. nutmegger:

    45 My Take - NCAA might have a little trouble with the relationship.

  47. Inyoface:

    Hope Chow speaks with confidence during the press conference and not play the tentative, "small fish in a big pond" role. It sucks when a coach is hesitant about a team its facing or the strength of schedule. I can understand if we were a D2 school facing a D1, but we're not. Hawaii will go into the belly of the beast, thats what we are about. One positive is we have the first 3 games at home, so we need to take advantage of that.

  48. 808lurker:

    #3 - Beau's mother is John Gerard's daughter.

  49. Shoko:

    I find it hard to believe that Hawaii legalized gaming would take a significant market share away from Macau and Vegas when you consider those are two destinations who's main attraction that drives tourism is gaming. The last proposal that I recall involved building just one casino on Oahu. I think Hawaii's attraction will always be about the climate and scenery where gaming is just another recreational option for visitors, and not its main allure like Vegas or Macau. I think the goal shouldn't be about turning Hawaii into a gaming mecca of the Pacific, but simply use gaming as a way of increasing tourism and extracting extra $$$ out of the pockets of tourist like Aruba or Nassau. I think that would work, but for some reason, the state just see's it as a potential problem rather than a viable solution to increased revenue.

  50. Shoko:

    That was my last comment about gambling. I think I have an uncontrollable craving to head out to the nearest casino and satisfy those so-called urges. Obviously it's been awhile since I gambled. No worries, though, football is about to start and to be in parlay heaven!

  51. Boolakanaka:

    Shoko...for the very reason you stated, at least has been told to me, by large gaming concerns, that makes Hawaii, so attractive. Thus, people already come here just for the island beauty and culture, now when you factor the added feature of gaming, well it really makes it singular in its appeal.

  52. Shoko:

    You know what's funny, when I was living in Reno and Vegas, gambling wasn't a big deal and I rarely, if ever, gambled. In fact, the only time I would go to the casino was either to eat at the restaurant or catch a show/concert. But when I moved away and decided to visit Reno or Vegas, the urge to gamble was pretty strong. It was pretty weird and I couldn't explain it. I finally figured it was the forbidden fruit thing where if something is illegal or not allowed, the urge only gets stronger its forbidden. Perhaps if gambling was ever legalized in Hawaii, locals wouldn't have the urge because its not considered a forbidden fruit anymore.

    Anyway, good night -sleep tight.

  53. Wes'side Warrior:

    Aloha, Gang!

    Safe travels and researching, ST and company!

    I like Shoko's #49...

    Have a great day, everyone!

  54. Wes'side Warrior:

    Agree, Shoko...

    We lived 15+ years in Michigan, followed by another 2+ years in Georgia, with casinos, scratch tickets, PowerBall & MegaMillions, and everything else... and yet... in all those years, I've never met a single person/family who lost his/their car/house/spouse/kid(s)/whatevas due to having to pay off a loan shark.

    Just because it's there... and so readily available... doesn't mean that everyone and their grandma has to become instantly addicted.

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    The format is different than the WAC years.
    The coaches sit at a table, and the reporters rotate for interviews.
    Well, except, for the Idaho writers. Petersen was so inaccessible in the past, the Boise writers would camp out at his table the entire session.

  56. Old School Dave:

    Sleeping on cots in the dance studios, late scholarship checks resulting in players sleeping in the locker room, and now no dinning area for team meals during fall camp. I really believe that there are people in admin and high positions at UH who would like the football program to go away and go back to having a club team playing the likes of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Marines, and The Prep All-Stars.

  57. st. anthony trojan:

    And the leader of the "pack" away for a few weeks...on vacation n work related duties...guess he is in Vegas keeping an eye on ST maybe....he he he

    Sorry guys... get ur own food...sorry guys no dining area...sorry guys no place to sleep...but we have cots...sorry guys no check..sorry hawaii no money...step up...

    Me always thought a "leader" was there to solve problems...and to build rapport n team work...In THE COMMUNITY...N AMONG ITS EMPLOYEES n show character...something is missing here...