Eight candles

July 24th, 2014

Happy anniversary to us.

The blog turns 8 today.

Thanks, everybody.

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With minimal notice — a single line in the media guide — it was confirmed  that Daronte' Jones has been promoted to assistant head coach.

Jones will continue to coach the Warriors' defensive secondary.

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  1. leron:


  2. d1shima:

    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Haaaapy Anniversary!
    (as sung on The Flinstones)

  3. d1shima:

    Congratulations Coach Jones! (single line)

  4. d1shima:

    "Coach Jones?"

    ...where have I heard that before? :twisted:

  5. d1shima:

    Is the Blog Host still doing "Research" in Lost Wages?

  6. al:

    congratulations coach jones!

  7. al:

    happy birthday wb!

  8. Pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka.


  9. d1shima:

    Happy Anny to the Blog Host and Mrs. Blog Host!

  10. hilosupaman:

    Congrats and thanks for a great 8!

  11. tommui:


    Happy Birthday Warrior Beat!

    Looking forward to meet Boolakanaka and seeing WAFAN again.

  12. whitey:

    Happy Birthday to ST's Warrior Beat. Unbelievable that it started 8 yrs ago!!!!!

  13. whitey:

    and a good morning to all the tsaikos.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    I might have a gambling problem. I was playing Deuces Wild when I heard "final call for group B"

  15. d1shima:

    ...as long as you heard the call!

    Safe flight!

  16. MattyBoy:

    Is Keith Kirkwood no longer with the team?

  17. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy Birthday to da blog!

    Happy Anniversary to ST and his better half, Wena!

    Congrats to Coach Daronte Jones!

  18. Lowtone123:

    Happy anniversary, congratulations and good morning!

  19. haka:

    Washington quarterback suspended for Hawaii game


  20. Ipu Man:

    Thank you hardest working writer of the Star Advertiser. :)

  21. islandman:

    Wittek red shirted in 2011 at USC and he transfers to UH and he has to sit out 2014, is that called a redshirt year or a sit out year ?

  22. C-Pop:

    Witteck is burning a year of eligibility due to not graduating prior to this season, only 1 year of redshirt allowed.

  23. C-Pop:


  24. Andrew:


    That's excellent news for Hawaii since their starting QB will not have even played a snap in College yet. Not saying he can't still light it up and smoke UH, but let's hope they have a shaky start to their college careers.

  25. tanman:

    Congratulations and Celebrations!

    Mahalo for hosting this awesome blog!!

  26. Turkey:

    What's up with Kirkwood?

  27. hawaiian:

    Congratulations to Daronte' Jones! He was my choice as DC but it's all good!

  28. tanman:

    #16. I hope Keith Kirkwood is still with the team. He is still on the roster. But let's wait for official comment from our blog host.

  29. islandman:

    23. I get the spelling mixed up too.

    24. Apparently the QB situation did not hinder UW much during their spring game. Their other soph QB did good. Hau’oli Kikaha gave the freshman QB are hard time.

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    As of this exact moment, Kirkwood is on the team.

  31. Hank:

    Congrats WB!

  32. Andrew:


    I don't know, I wouldn't put too much stock in a spring game. Can't really for sure tell how good a QB is until there is another team on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

  33. Andrew:

    Plus don't they not allow the QB to take hits?

  34. Old School Dave:

    That UW QB is not the brightest bulb in the room - running around and assaulting people on the street after the Super Bowl in Seattle. He'd probably be starting vs UH is Sarkisian was still the HC at UW.

  35. ai-eee-soos:

    Football: Woolsey to lead off QB camp
    By Stephen Tsai

    Quarterback Ikaika Woolsey will take the first snap of training camp, but that will NOT ensure being named the University of Hawaii's starting quarterback for the Aug. 30 opener against Washington.

    .... but, you gotta be a subscriber to read the story ...

  36. Old School Dave:

    That should be "if" Sarkisian was still the HC at UW.

  37. papajoe2:

    #19~I'm still bummed about the last 2 seasons. Didn't we make any replacement quarterback or 1st time quarterback look like all world every time. They seem to have a career game against us, and there were quite a few qbs too. Hoping things change for the better.

  38. Gsky:

    30 - "As of this exact moment"...that doesn't sound too good...

  39. papajoe2:

    I finally figured out why the sports center at UH took so long to complete. I watched a cable show last night. It said the Denver Airport took soooooooo long to complete because deep under the airport, the government was building multiple tunnels and caves to hide and study aliens to make sure we are ready for an invasion that is already taking place.

  40. nutmegger:

    Things keep looking up.
    Woolsey taking the first snap.
    Washington QB suspended.

  41. nutmegger:

    39 Papajoe2 - made me laugh

  42. Warrior Dave:

    Happy Anniversary Stephen, Wena and this blog!

  43. leron:

    Another wrap up of UH at Media Days:

  44. jimmy the lock:

    Sure had plenty chatter about the Rainbow Warrior QB's after the spring fling game/exhibition/scrimmage. Same same, plenty positives and plenty negatives.

    Happy Anniversary to the WB.

    Congrats Coach Jones.

  45. RB:

    If Miles is the #1 QB, but sits out against Hawaii, what happens if Lindquist or Williams tears Hawaii apart (which is easy to envision, with Hawaii returning a defense that F/+ had ranked 67th)?


    Coach Clune should show this to the D or hang this in the locker room. Maybe it will hype the D up.

  46. ai-eee-soos:

    Promotion and pay raise for Coach Jones. Congrats.

  47. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    Happy Birthday Blog! Eight years old - the wonder years!

    Happy Anniversary to the top blog dog and his lovely wife Wena!

  48. jimmy the lock:

    There sure are a lot of candidates running for the 1st Congressional District.

  49. jimmy the lock:

    Speaking about aliens...An illegal alien walks into a bar and the bartender says, "What can I get you President Obama?" :lol:

    Figure I'd start off TGIF, stupid joke Friday a day earlier.

  50. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good for Coach Jones!

  51. Shoko:

    Pretty funny quote by Coach Pete regarding Cyler Mile's off-field shenanigans earlier this year.

    "The age group we're dealing with just happens to be the dumbest age group in America."

    Anyway, should be interesting who wins between Lindquist and Williams. Both have strong arms, well, stronger than Miles, and are mobile with Williams probably being little more mobile. Some Huskie fans thinking of a two-QB system if no one steps up. I don't think is too big on platooning quarterbacks but there's always a firs time.

  52. Shoko:

    Curious to know the reason behind the blog host grimace in this photo with Chow!


  53. Kapahulu:

    Congratulations to the Blog and all of you who make it what it is!

  54. islandman:

    How you going to deal with Hau’oli Kikaha of UW vs. UH ? In previous games, UH hasn't been too good when there is at least one terror harassing the passer and periodically in the UH backfield.

  55. Old School Dave:

    That #53 player (with the hair) for Nevada caused all kinds of problems for UH last season.

  56. papajoe2:

    41~nutmegger, Tommy Chong always says "you never know, man". LOL

  57. Hodad:

    I'm happy to announce that Time Warner came to terms with the SEC Network. (That means us). Now we can watch a lot more real football. It's already the fifth biggest sports network in terms of subscribers and it isn't even on the air yet.

    SEC schools gonna get even richer as they are predicting tv revenues to each school in the $40 million range annually. Direct TV is about the only real player that hasn't signed on and they will before launch date in mid August.

  58. jojo:

    Happy Birthday Warrior Beat!!

    Happy Anniversary Stephen and Wena Tsai!!

    So, where's the cake?

  59. Bulla:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WARRIOR BEAT, and I'm with that mysterious JoJo...where's CAKE?

  60. A-House:

    why do QB's always pump their legs before throwing the ball? seems like a waste of energy.

  61. A-House:

    Juneau, Alaska

    the Capital of Alaska and the land of eternal "pine trees"

    whether a small island, maybe10 - 20 yards across, or large island, say 25 miles long and 10 miles wide, they are covered by pine trees - they all seem to be the same height - as tho' someone or something dropped hundreds of millions of seeds, they germinated and grew into the 70-80' trees we saw the past 6 days

    pine trees at our lodge were over 90' tall with 12 - 15' trunks at the base

    we also saw humpback wales, orcas, black bear, deer with fawn, sea otter, and hundreds of "bald eagles"

  62. homey ℞:

    Wouldn't mind seeing jojo pop out of a cake... :shock: :cool:


  63. C-Pop:

    #54 isleman - many teams not very good when terrorized by disruptive defenders, strategies vs aggressive playmakers: Double teams, traps to, draw plays, screens to, run plays away.

  64. islandman:

    63. I sign you up for OC . But on double teams, that leaves someone unblocked ? Trap or run away from Hau’oli .

    60. I notice a man goes in motion after the QB pumps his leg . You think they should wiggle their okole or something else ?

  65. islandman:

    60. Oh, before throwing the ball, i guess to keep their footwork going good or something.

  66. bowwar:

    Happy Birthday Fellow Tsaikos! I hope there's nothing wrong with Kirkwood, as I'm expecting Big things out of him this year...

  67. turkey:

    Wrs gonna have to step up. Major blow...

  68. C-Pop:

    #64 - we outrun unblocked guy lol, actually hope to combo up after securing stud DE.

  69. C-Pop:

    #64 - both trap & away - keep off balance-honest. If he plays trap well-he gives up aggressive upfield disruption, becomes suceptible to Playaction.

  70. islandman:

    55. Yah, and the 2008 Georgia game, Colt had a hell of a time from their DE's rush, especially when they had a head start off sides.

    68. You will have a running scared QB, if Hau’oli is charging in.

  71. SteveM:

    Happy 8th Birthday to The Warrior Beat !!!

    a bit of history: the first blog entry and the first comment (as officially published)...

    [photo of ST] The Warrior Beat
    Stephen Tsai knows University of Hawai'i sports, down to the last decimal of a 40-yard dash. He's lived UH sports since 1987. Few reporters get the inside information like he does. What Tsai writes is a daily must read.
    Reach Stephen at stsai@honoluluadvertiser.com.

    Posted on: July 24, 2006 at 12:31:52 am
    Meet the couch potato

    Thanks for stopping by.
    This might not look like much now, but once this place is fixed up, we hope it serves as a meeting place to discuss all things that are University of Hawai'i sports.
    There will be updates, behind-the-scenes stories of UH figures and the people who cover them and guest contributors. If I can figure out the equipment — and that's an "if," considering my VCR still blinks "12:00 ... 12:00 ...: — we'll post sound bites and videos.
    This will be your blog, too, so please send suggestions, questions and gripes. I'll try to find the answers. I might be a couch potato, but I've got a press pass, a fat Rolodex and a thick skin (mostly around the mid-section).
    See you in a bit.

    18 comments • Permalink • Report offensive comment


    Comment from: Mel DeLaura [Visitor]
    How can we attend your feed and thickness camp?
    07/18/06 @ 17:37

  72. 3-Prong:

    To Mr & Mrs ST and the blog ( re: D1's #2)


  73. boolakanaka:

    DPK and bruddha KAY and all the Maple Garden crew....big big mahalo!

  74. laulauhead:

    Happy birthday WB!!! This blog has been like a bday gift to me everyday for 8 years

  75. Down with...:

    Does any know what all this rumor of Keith Kirkwood could be? a few people posting but nobody saying anything....he showed signs of being/becoming a very good receiver for UH.....anyways hope Kirkwood is fine/staying and Happy B-day blog/Tsaikos and Go Bows/warriors!

  76. Derek:

    UW doesn't need Miles for the first game. They think it will be a cakewalk anyway,, whoever is the QB. The Vegas line back in early June was about 23 1/2 points. It won't change much in late August. Peterson, under his tenure at Boise State never lost to Hawaii except in 2007 when Jones, Brennan, etc. went undefeated in 2007. It will be a shock if Hawaii pulls the upset and if so, it will be one of the greatest in UH history. The Huskies will be ranked in the top 25 or close to the Top 25 in the pre-season poll, while UH is pegged to finish in last place in the MW. Like UW, UH does not have an established QB also, but UW has PAC 12 caliber athletes on all sides of the ball and has better depth. Early prediction, UW 38, Hawaii 20.

  77. Andrew:


    Anyone know how their defense looks? and if they are returning a lot of players?

  78. Andrew:

    Since their QB will be new and untested, hopefully Clune's defense can get to him early and often to rattle him up and throw him off.

  79. oregon duck:

    Dylan Kane commits to ducks.

    he no like be one rainbow. he like be one DUCK.

  80. C-Pop:

    Tough to get "top prospects" in state to stay home unless "Profile" to stay home which usually includes "Family" overriding all top colleges/conferences involved. JSapolu, LGoeas, Tulimasealii are some of top local talent to stay home. I'm a firm believer that most "private" school kids will choose to go to the continent, unless not heavily recruited or offer pulled etc.

  81. Andrew:


    Well after seeing their facilities and the amount of money that gets poured into their football program, who can blame him?

  82. C-Pop:

    81 - many programs have outstanding facilities, UH recruits stay home because of opportunity for convenience of family and friends watching him play along with all other advantages of being home.

  83. Andrew:


    Right but his comment was comparing UH to Oregon. So on that note, who can blame him for going to the ducks, where they have outstanding facilities and even having all their meals paid for and the other possible benefits that may come from all those lawsuits going on with the NCAA.

  84. Andrew:


    Doesn't help too also seeing on the news how UH is having trouble getting those scholarship checks out in time for the players to pay their rent or even having trouble about the training tables for camp.

  85. C-Pop:

    Andrew: no one is blaming Kane for verbal commit to Ducks, I'm simply pointing out what profile needed/can "overcome" whatever shortcomings "home" team has, a strong family along with other influences can factor in (girlfriend, major/job etc).

  86. BigFan:

    Congrats to the blog and tsaikos. It's been a place to enjoy some sanity that you don't get from other sites.

    Though I did read from another site that kirkwood might have some family issues and looking at uconn.

  87. paki_park:

    Congrats to Coach D Jones. Too bad we won't be able to hear Coach Jones constantly yelling out "Bubba"
    anymore. For awhile there, I thought everyone in the secondary was named "Bubba."

  88. Loa:

    afternoon gang!

    happy anniversary WB

    nice to see some of the old posters peeking in

  89. Stephen Tsai:

    A Las Vegas reporter tells a coach: It looks like there are a lot of good linebackers in the league this year.
    He then says to another coach: Coaches seem to think that last year was the year of the quarterback and this year is the year of the linebacker.
    He then goes to another coach and says: People are calling this the year of the linebacker.
    Too funny.

  90. Wes'side Warrior:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday!

  91. Z:

    Udub returns all dline starters. D had 41sacks last season. 2nd best in pac12.

  92. whitey:

    st, with all the work you are doing in LV, hope you get your "reward".

  93. whitey:

    st, just a reminder, no reindeer sausage

  94. whitey:

    looks like the mwc media kick off was pretty good.

  95. whitey:

    as the blog turns, so does the world

  96. whitey:

    col, hope you are doing ok in the north country

  97. whitey:

    fall practice is just around the corner and should be the best for coach chow and his coaches.

  98. whitey:

    congrats to coach jones on his new title.

  99. whitey:

    and to help celebrate the warrior beat's birthday!!!!

  100. tom-warriornation:

    Happy anniversary WB! Thanks Stephen and everyone here who give us our daily fix of Warrior information-without you all, I might have to go into rehab, lol.

  101. whitey:

    Happy Birthday Tsaikos and Celebrate

  102. whitey:

    tom-warriornation, dang, beat me to the magic number.

  103. st. anthony trojan:

    Yea that looks good for there defense # 91... but is only about 3 sacks a game..

    There offense last year was good .. scored a bunch of td's..

  104. boya_jr:

    Can't wait to Football season. I love the Warriors!

  105. Derek:

    #77 UW has 7 returning starters on offense and 7 returning starters on defense. The strength of their team is their offensive and defensive lines where ALL starters are returning. Proposed weakness is the secondary where they return only 1 starter and also they have a new kicker and punter. But they have highly rated players competing. UW has 4 1st team pre- season all PAC 12 players, all on defense.

  106. 3-Prong:

    whitey, did I miss your update? #50?, or mostly reds, silvers, and halibut?

  107. 3-Prong:

    ST: Liked your article today. Looking forward to a more wide open offense with chow turning it over to the OC. Want to know your thoughts on the defensive side also.

  108. Shannon:

    8 yrs?? that's all?? seems like it's been a lifetime... either way, lurking or posting, I've always had good times with everyone on here... whether online or in person at all the road warrior games... Here's to a successful 14' - 15' season! IMUA!!

  109. hatakeman:

    Washington has to replace QB Keith Price (233 completions/2966 yards/352 attempts/66.2% completion rate) and RB Bishop Sankey (327 carries/1870 yards/20 TDs). Their offensive output has to drop off from last season, at least in the early going. This coupled with Hawaii's improvement on defense. I say Warriors are in the game.

  110. Dennis Halloran:

    OLine is returning all 5 starters though

  111. hatakeman:

    It will be interesting if Josh Shirley transfers to Hawaii, joining NT Lawrence Lagafuaina. That would make two players who played for Washington last season. On yesterday's Sports Animal radio show, DC Kevin Clune said he felt the front seven was the strength of the defensive unit. So it will be our "seasoned" defense against Washington's returning offensive line. Our front three comprise of DE Beau Yap, Sr; NT Moses Samia, Sr, and DT Marcus Malepeai, Sr. Can't wait for the game to start.